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Island (Japan), 1978/1979. New Copy
2 great lost roots albums from the underrated Ijahman Levi! At the cusp of the 80s he appeared poised to achieve the level of dominance over the Jamaican scene like Burning Spear held in the early 70s, only to leave us with these 2 monumental recordings and labor quietly for the rest of his career. ... CD
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Jezebel/Just In Time
Island (Japan), 1976/1978. New Copy
A nice heavy platter from former Treasure Isle star Justin Hinds and his backing group the Dominos, with a double helping of rootsy goodness! Both of the albums on this set feature production by Jack Ruby and the backing of the Black Disciples band – with Robbie Shakespeare, Horsemouth ... CD
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Song/Pave The Way
Mango (Japan), 1980. New Copy
A wonderful pair of roots record from the great Pablo Moses – who came on the scene a little too late for his own good, as he came up during an era when the focus was beginning to shift away from roots and more towards the dancehall – but regardless of shifting trends, the man is a ... CD
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Mango (Japan), 1979. New Copy
One of the lesser-known Jamaican acts to record for Island Records during their big reggae years of the 70s – but a great one too, and well worth discovering through this overlooked gem! The album's the group's second (of two) – and has this great laidback approach to roots – ... CD
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Island (Japan), 1976/1977. New Copy
CD set combining the classic 70s Heptones sides Night Food and Party Time, two of the band's strongest records! The first set was cut at Harry J's, and is a bit more produced than some of their earlier sides, but has some great vocal harmonies and updates of awesome Studio One rhythms, which ... CD
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Island (Japan), 1984. New Copy
A strong mid 80s record by a reunited Skatalites – the legendary first wave ska group with roots in the early 60s, and somehow managed to sound just as vital as ever here some 20 years later! This is truly wonderful set from the masters, despite the very late recording date. The trademark ... CD
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Island (Japan), 1996. New Copy
A mid 90s comeback effort from the mighty Jimmy Cliff – not that he ever reallly left us for long – but a comeback in that it's is first in decades for Island Records, home to his most legendary records of the late 60s and 70s! It's got a handful of covers and new versions of past ... CD
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Slum In Dub
Burning Sounds/Secret (UK), 1978. New Copy
Gregory Isaacs' name is on the cover – but the dub component here means that there's maybe a bit less vocals in the mix – as the album's the dub companion to Gregory's late 70s classic Cool Ruler! This set is much more focused on the excellent instrumental work – laid down by the ... CD
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Get Wise
Pressure Sounds (UK), 1975. New Copy
Prime 70s work from Horace Andy – recorded in this laidback, soul-drenched style that almost recalls the Kingston sound of a few years before! The setting is very earthy and up-close – a perfect placement for Andy's really unique vocals, which almost approximate some of the more ... CD
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Musical Dub Attack
Channel One/Deeper Knowledge, Mid 70s. New Copy
A record that really lives up to its title – as it comes on with a sound so strong, so fierce, it can certainly be called an "attack"! The dub here isn't just the lazy-stepping, head-nodding variety – but very much on point and on the money – with the studio used almost ... CD
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Mr Perry I Presume
Pressure Sounds (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy
A wealth of unreleased tracks and unreleased mixes from the studios of the mighty Lee Scratch Perry – material that was mostly recorded during a very fruitful time in the mid 70s, when Lee was turning out a fair bit of tracks that were only issued on one-off dub plates, to be spun by only the ... CD
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Trojan (UK), 1970s. New Copy 2CD
A trio of legendary albums by Lee Perry – Super Ape, Return Of The Super Ape, and Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread – back-to-back-to-back in a great 2CD package complete with a handful of bonus tracks! Super Ape is the King Kong of dub albums – classic Lee Perry and an ... CD

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