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Sell Used CDs Form

Strapped for cash? Looking to make some space for new music? Dusty Groove is always looking for used CDs to buy from our customers — especially in the sorts of styles we handle strongly on our website: Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, Brazilian, Soundtracks, Easy Listening, New Grooves, Neo Soul, Funky Compilations, Vocals, Global Grooves, and more. Because of our specialty in these styles, we like to think we can offer you a better price and more attention for your treasures than your local record store — who might not be entirely up to the level of your own hip musical taste.

The easiest way to sell used CD is to review how to sell us used CDs and send us what you have using our Sell Used CDs Form. As an alternative you can send your own file.

Please list any CDs you'd like to offer for possible purchase by Dusty Groove. Please include as much information as possible — as the more detailed information we have, the easier it is for us to make you an accurate, well-priced offer. Be sure to examine all of your CDs carefully — no marks or scratches on the playing surface will be accepted.

UPC Code 0 1343-14537-2 7 When entering UPC codes please include all digits around the barcode. There are usually 12 digits and you may omit spaces and dashes if you like. For example this UPC code would be entered as 013431453727 or 0 1343-14537-2 7 just be sure to include the first and last digits.

To add more items please submit the items in the current form first, or you can send your own file.

How To Sell Your Used CDs

The easiest way to sell us your Used CDs is by stopping by our Chicago store — where we buy used items 11am–6pm daily. However, if you're not in Chicago, we can also buy your used CDs through the mail.

We've got a few things we're looking for when we buy used CDs:

  • The CD itself must be in excellent condition — no marks, scratches, or other defects at all on the silver non-text side of the disc. Please examine all discs closely under a bright light — such as a desk lamp. Any CDs with marks will be refused when received — so check carefully before submitting them.
  • The booklet and all artwork must be in very good shape — hardly any wear, no marks, and no other damage.
  • Other packaging must be in good shape too — if the title is a non-jewel case version. (With jewel case CDs, we can always change the plastic case.)
  • All titles must be fully legitimate CD reissues. No mixtapes, bootlegs, or other illicit versions.
  • If you are submitting a promo copy, please include those details too.
  • All CDs must be the official versions of the release — no pre-release versions, CDr pressings, etc. When you're inspecting the discs keep an eye out for CDr pressings — the artwork and UPC are often the same, but they have a blue-green backing that is easy to spot. We will only take a CDr if it is the "official" and only release of the material — such as in rare cases where the artist might burn a CD themselves.
  • Try to offer CDs that might meet a basic Dusty Groove style of music. For example, don't worry about offering us Foghat's Greatest Hits — but feel free to submit rare imports, jazz reissues, funk classics, and other unusual releases like that.

With these things in mind our CD buying process works like this:

  1. Send us the information about your used CDs using the Sell Used CDs Form or your own file. Please give us as much information as you can for each release — as the more details we have, the more accurate our offers will be.
  2. We receive your information via email, and pass it along to one of our buyers who takes the time to go through your list and determine what we'll be able to use, and the prices we'll be able to sell at. Typically, we get back to you within 48 hours with a quote for your CDs and we respond via email, so that you have everything in writing.
  3. If our offer sounds good, it's then up to you to box up your CDs carefully, and mail them to us via a method of your choosing — at your cost. We assume no responsibility until we receive the CDs, so be sure to do a good job packing them up and addressing the package. Using a tracking number can help too — and even the USPS offers delivery confirmation with their Media Mail shipments. If you are sending multiple offers in one shipment, please try to coordinate each offer with those particular groups of CDs. Our pricing offers expire after 30 days and at that time will have to be resubmitted, so be sure to send off your shipments as soon as possible.
  4. When we receive the CDs, we inspect them carefully to confirm the details of the information you sent us and the condition of the discs. If any discs are scratched, missing, listed incorrectly, or the packaging or other components do not match, they are sent back to you and our offer is rescinded for that CD. Likewise, if you include any CDs that we have not offered a price for, those CDs will be refused as well.
  5. Once everything looks good we'll notify you via email — and give you the choice of either using the amount as a credit at Dusty Groove, or getting a check from us in the mail. (Obviously, the latter option is really best for US customers only!)

If you've got any other questions please include them in the comments on this form.

Send Us Your Own File

The easiest way to send us Used CD information is to use this Sell Used CDs Form. As an alternative you can email us a file with the CD information.

Used CD spreadsheetDownload our Used CD spreadsheet for Excel and other spreadsheet programs. This is a simple spreadsheet file requires no scripting or macros as is compatible with most versions of Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Also acceptable is a word processing document (Word compatible or a text document) with the information for one CD on each line. Make sure to include the following information with as many details as possible:

  • UPC Code
  • Artist Name (or "Various" or "Compilation" or "Soundtrack")
  • Title
  • Label
  • Country (only for non-US CDs)
  • Catalog Number
  • Condition/Comments

The more information you send us the better an offer we will be able to make, because we will be able to determine the pressing of the CD, which helps us determine the price. Check the details for each CD carefully — and again, be sure to examine all of your CDs carefully — no marks or scratches on the playing surface will be accepted.

Email the file to

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