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Out Sound — Recently Added

XOutside sounds in many styles -- musique concrete, electro-acoustic, minimalism, and many other experimental and avant modes!

Pierre Henry

Polyphonies (12CD set)
Universal (France), 1950s/1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s/2000s/2010s. New Copy 12CD set
Life-changing music from Pierre Henry – one of the key French electronic music composers of the 20th Century – and an artist who went on to have a big impact in the 21st Century as well! This set mixes together key Henry compositions with nine never-released works – all ... CD

Luc Ferrari

Solitude Transit
Transversales Disques (France), Late 80s. New Copy
Unreleased later work from the legendary Luc Ferrari – and music that almost represents a somewhat different side of his legacy than some of his more famous recordings! If we dare to say it, there's some surprisingly tuneful moments in the music – which was partly done for a modern ... LP, Vinyl record album

Hideki Matsutake, Masashi Komatsubara, & KOnae Imato

Columbia/Soave (Italy), 1977. New Copy (reissue)
Back in the 70s, there were plenty of records that mixed together the Japanese shamisen with more contemporary sounds – but of them all, this set might well be one of the wildest – as it features two side-long tracks that mix the acoustic strings of the ancient instrument with a mix of ... LP, Vinyl record album

Giusto Pio

Motore Immobile
Cramps/Soave (Italy), 1979. New Copy (reissue)
Amazing sounds from the 70s Italian scene! Giusto Pio was a contemporary and colleague of Franco Battiato, and this excellent recording was produced by Battiato, and it's got the same sort of fragile, beautiful, minimal sound that made his classic works so great! The album contains two long ... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, 1971. New Copy
One of Terry Riley's most enduring works, and a haunting record that contains two extended modal minimal jams – "Rainbow In Curved Air" and "Poppy Nogood & The Phantom Band". "Rainbow" features Terry interweaving cool keyboard lines on organ, electric ... LP, Vinyl record album

Arvo Part

Fur Alina
Mississippi, 2005. New Copy
A beautiful set of work that shows the more intimate side of composer Arvo Part – not his larger projects or vocal material – but instead a series of contemplative sonatas that feature piano, violin, or cello – or some combination of both! The performances here are handled by ... LP, Vinyl record album

Eugene Chadbourne

There'll Be No Tears Tonight
Parachute/Corbett vs. Dempsey, 1980. New Copy Gatefold
One of the most compelling albums ever recorded by guitarist Eugene Chadbourne – a set billed as "free improvised country and western bebop" – and which features Chadbourne serving up these wild variations on tunes by Carl Perkins, Roger Miller, David Allen Coe, Bobby Bare, ... CD

Horacio Vaggione

La Maquina De Cantar
Cramps/Dialogo (Italy), 1978. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
A really cool album from the legendary run of records on the Italian Cramps label of the 70s – a set of spare keyboard work from Horacio Vaggione, and one that falls somewhere in between American minimalism and some of the John Carpenter keyboard horror soundtracks of the time! Vaggione's ... LP, Vinyl record album

Alvin Lucier

Bird & Person Dyning
Get Back/Dialogo (Italy), 1975. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
A haunting performance of two different soundpieces by composer Alvin Lucier – recorded at the Electronic Music Center at Wesleyan University in the 70's, with assistance by Nicholas Collins and Ron Kuivila! "The Duke Of York" features a recitation by Lucier – slowly building ... LP, Vinyl record album

Costin Miereanu

Luna Cinese
Cramps/Dialogo (Italy), 1975. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
A fantastic record that's very much part of the strong legacy of sonic exploration we love in the legendary Cramps record label – served up in a space that goes way beyond music, and is still as groundbreaking now as it was when issued back in the 70s! Costin Mierenau is partly working here ... LP, Vinyl record album
Honest Jons (UK), 1950s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold
A long-overdue tribute to the legendary Moondog – one of the true visionaries of American music in the 20th Century! Moondog got his starts as a blind musician working the streets of New York at the end of the 40s, but he did so (as you'll note on the cover photo) with a range of unusual ... LP, Vinyl record album
El (UK), Late 40s/1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 4CD
A fantastic set that really lives up to its title – by presenting a variety of music that all represented the farther reaches of modern sounds in the middle of the 20th Century – electronics, avant classical, and even groundbreaking jazz and poetry as well – all put together in a ... CD

MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva)

Our Swimmer (Germany), 1967. New Copy
The title's a great one for this early recording from MEV – as the record's got so much electric energy at times, it does feel a bit like a Spacecraft in operation! The music was recorded live in Berlin, and features Alvin Curran on an unusual kalimba mounted on a ten liter oil can, plus ... LP, Vinyl record album
El (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 4CD
A really great idea for a collection – one that brings together postwar modern music in all of its many formats – from avant jazz, to early electronics, to Indian music, 20th Century classical, and even a bit of straighter jazz moments too! The package is very ear-opening – as it ... CD

Tiziano Popoli

Sull'Accordo Mimetico
Soave (Italy), Late 80s. New Copy
A sublime creation that was originally created for a sound installation on a street in Italy during a late 80s festival – music that seeks to draw out the noise of the street, and replace it with a warmer, more sensitive progression of music! Tiziano Popoli uses a range of Korg and Yamaha ... LP, Vinyl record album

JJJJJerome Ellis

NNA, 2021. New Copy 2LP
A stunningly beautiful project from JJJJJerome Ellis – one that deals with dysfluency in speech, but delivers the message in a mix of instrumental and vocal modes! Ellis himself suffers from a block stutter – but rather than see that condition as a disability he presents it as a whole ... LP, Vinyl record album

Prima Materia

La Coda Della Tigre
Ananda/Superior Viaduct, 1977. New Copy (reissue)
An amazingly weird little record – and we mean that in the best possible way – work served up by an all-vocal quartet who seem to draw from ancient Eastern styles, yet deliver their music with a 70s avant sensibility! Alvin Curran recorded the album – maybe a hint at the ... LP, Vinyl record album

Wolf Vostell

De-coll/age Musik
Multhipla/Soave (Italy), 1982. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
A collection of work drawn from decades of creations by Wolf Vostell – a founding member of Fluxus and one of the more radical musicians of the 60s – although crucially ignored in wider discussions of creative music! Vostell works here in ways that illustrate his "de-collage" ... LP, Vinyl record album

Meredith Monk

Lovely/Tompkins Square, 1971. New Copy (reissue)
Haunting early work by Meredith Monk – recorded in 1971, and performed by a small group of vocalists – all working with Monk in an incredible presentation of her new ideas for voice! The music is already at a place that's light years ahead of most – clearly marking the singer as ... LP, Vinyl record album
Bridge/Mississippi, 1975. New Copy (reissue)
Many folks have handled the theremin over the years – the strange instrument pictured on the cover – but few have ever handled it with the skill and instrumental virtuosity as the great Clara Rockmore! This set was recorded in the 70s, but has an instantly classic sort of vibe – ... LP, Vinyl record album
Prestige/Honest Jons (UK), 1956/1957. New Copy
Incredible work from the enigmatic Moondog – and a great CD that brings together his rare 2nd and 3rd albums for the Prestige label! The work here is quite different than some of Moondog's later, more serious compositions – in a mode that's much earthier, personal, and spontaneous ... CD
Important Records, 1960s. New Copy 11CD box set
An incredible collection of unreleased work from the early years of Pauline Oliveros – a massive package that might well double the entirety of her recorded output! The music within is worth all the hype, too – a fantastic demonstration of the way that Oliveros could bring both ... CD

Scott Johnson

John Somebody
Nonesuch, 1986. Near Mint-
A totally great, totally cool little record – one in which experimental musician Scott Johnson uses his guitar to trigger a set of spoken phrases! The approach is somewhere between early Steve Reich tape experiments and Frippertronics – as Johnson makes these great loops of sound that ... LP, Vinyl record album

Jefre Cantu Ledesma

Songs Of Remembrance
Pre Echo, 2014. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Philip Glass

Songs From Liquid Days
CBS/FM, 1986. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Experimedia, 2012. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Koen Holtkamp

Thrill Jockey, 2010. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Eliane Radigue

Opus 17
Alga Marghen (Italy), 1970. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Abul Mogard

Above All Dreams
Ecstatic, 2018. Near Mint- 2LP
... LP, Vinyl record album

Danny Jaeger/Bill Keenan

Incredible Sounds Of Synclavier II
New England Digital Corp, 1981. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Vinyl On Demand (Germany), 1986. Near Mint- 3LPs
A gorgeous package of this music from Hermann Nitsch – originally only released on cassette! LP, Vinyl record album
Epic, Early 60s. Near Mint- 3LPs
A great record for a baby – if you want to either mess that baby up for the rest of his life, or turn him on forever to the sound of electronic music! Billed as "an infant's friend in sound" these Soothing Sounds albums were issued in the early 60's as an electronic aid to mothers ... LP, Vinyl record album

Gamelan Son Of Lion

Gamelan In The New World
Folkways, 1979. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Island, 1969. Sealed
A wonderfully spaced-out album of electronic rock from the early days of Island Records! White Noise are a bit like Silver Apples – mixing trippy rock with odd electronic twists that are all very much in a heady late 60s sort of way. But the "rock" component of the album is a very ... LP, Vinyl record album
Alga Marghen (Italy), 1969/1970. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Folklore Venom
Hospital, 2013. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Past Inside The Present, 2020. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Harry Partch/John Cage

Harry Partch/John Cage
New World, 1978. Near Mint- Gatefold
A nice record, with one side devoted to some lesser known pieces by Partch, and the other featuring David Tudor performing Parts III and IV of "Music Of Changes". The Partch pieces are "The Rose", "The Wind", "The Waterfall", "The Intruder", "I ... LP, Vinyl record album

Gordon Stout

Gordon Stout II
Studio 4, 1981. Very Good+ (pic cover)
With Karen Ervin (marimba), Carol Roberts (piano). LP, Vinyl record album

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Plant With Many Faces
Hospital, 2013. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Melodiya (Russia), 1980. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Alga Marghen (Italy), 2010. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Entourage Music & Theater Ensemble

Folkways, 1973. Near Mint-
Beautiful sounds from the Entourage ensemble – a record that's got a really meditative blend of acoustic elements with a few electric touches – used in ways that start in jazz, then move way beyond! Instrumentation includes guitar, flute, keyboards, violin, and mbira – coming ... LP, Vinyl record album

Arne Nordheim/Alfred Janson/Bjord Fongaard

Response – Electronic Music From Norway
Limelight, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Pieces include "Epitaffio (For Orchestra & Tape)" and "Response I (For Two Percussion Groups & Tape)" by Nordheim; "Canon (For Chamber Orchestra & Tape)" by Janson; and "Galaxy (For Three Electric Guitars In Quarter Tones)" by Fongaard. LP, Vinyl record album

Elliott Schwartz

Music For Instruments & Tape
Orion, 1980. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

JK Randall/Barry Vercoe/Charles Dodge

Computer Music
Nonesuch, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Lots of nice early computer music stuff, realized in the computer centers of Princeton and Columbia, by J.K. Randall, Barry Vercoe, and Charles Dodge. Lots of nice spooky bits, and spare analogue snippets – and the kind of sound that makes these early recordings so great! Includes "Quar ... LP, Vinyl record album

Lawrence English

Experimedia, 2011. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Pauline Anna Strom

Angel Tears In Sunlight
Rvng Intl, 2021. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Harry Partch

World Of Harry Partch
Columbia, Early 60s. Near Mint-
Classic Harry Partch, and the kind of record that's a great introduction to his music. There's lots of Partch's weird invented instruments – like chromelodeon, diamond marimba, mazda marimba, cloud-chamber bowls, gourd tree, and the crazy "spoils of war". The titles are long, and ... LP, Vinyl record album


Below The Horizon
Cordelia, 1983. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Updated September 30, 2022

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