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XLounge, exotica, bachelor pad, instrumental pop, and Hi-Fi gems!

Larry Page Orchestra

Kinky Music
Richmond/Trading Places (UK), 1965. New Copy (reissue)
Larry Page was a big figure in the British music scene of the 60s – manager of the Kinks, and a growing force in record production too – so much so, he decided to put himself in the limelight as the leader of this all-instrumental set of songs by his most famous group! Ray Davies ... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol/Captain High (Germany), 1959. New Copy (reissue)
One of our favorite albums ever from the mighty Les Baxter – and one of the few from his Capitol years that really has a strong jazz component! The approach here is similar to Les' classic African Jazz set – with lots of rootsy percussion at the core, maybe more than usual for Baxter ... LP, Vinyl record album
El (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2 CDs
CD...$3.99 13.99
Two very different slices of work from the Brit easy scene at the start of the 60s – TV music from arranger John Gregory, and a set of swinging vocal sides from the great Mike Sammes Singers! Gregory dominates the first record – which is split between an album of western themes, mostly ... CD

Warren Baker with Paul Tanner & Andre Montero

Music For Heavenly Bodies
Omega/Modern Harmonic, 1958. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
There's two sorts of heavenly bodies on the cover – but the real charms of the record lie inside, as the set's overflowing with incredible early theremin recordings! The album features spacey orchestral settings arranged by Warren Baker, and conducted by Andre Montero – plus fantastic ... LP, Vinyl record album

Dr Teleny's Incredible Plugged In Orchestra/Ettore Stratta

Stolen Goods – Gems Lifted From The Masters/Viva Vivaldi
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1972/1974. New Copy
A pair of very unusual albums – back to back on a single CD! Stolen Goods is a totally cool, totally groovy album from the 70s – one that features large orchestral arrangements of themes from the classics – but all augmented with plenty of wild contemporary touches! There's ... CD
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1970/1974. New Copy
A pair of Henry Mancini gems from 70s RCA – back to back on a single CD! Hangin Out is very cool work from Henry Mancini – and one of the key 70s albums to feature the maestro himself playing an Arp! The added electric presence of the instrument really brings a lot to the usual ... CD
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1968/1972. New Copy
A pair of RCA Records gems from Hugo Montenegro – back to back on a single CD! First up is Theme From The Godfather – a sweet 70s update of the moogy groovy that Hugo Montenegro first started crafting in the 60s! The album's got both moog and Arp – the latter of which brings in ... CD
Kapp/Elemental (Spain), 1965. New Copy
A great batch of early work from Burt Bacharach – one of the first albums to be issued under his own name, and proof that Mr B was head and shoulders above most of the other arrangers and composers of his time! At some level, the style here is a bit more traditional than some of Burt's later ... CD
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1973/1974. New Copy
Two fantastic albums from Hugo Montenegro – back to back on a single CD! Hugo In Wonder-Land is one of Hugo Montenegro's best moog albums – and a killer batch of tracks written by Stevie Wonder – hence the title! Hugo and crew go to town with a host of electric keyboards – ... CD

Frank Chacksfield

All Time Top TV Themes
Phase 4/Music On Vinyl (Netherlands), 1966. New Copy
CD...$9.99 15.99
A sweet little take on the TV theme world of the 60s – served up by Brit maestro Frank Chacksfield at a level that's maybe a little bit more groovy than some of his other records from the time! Frank's still working with a very full orchestra, but the songs themselves have an inherently cool ... CD
Herb Alpert, 2018. New Copy
CD...$7.99 13.99
Herb Alpert remakes himself again – taking all the best tunes from his classic years on A&M records, then fitting them to contemporary grooves – all at a level that's a bit like some of the Verve Remixed projects from years back, but even better! These aren't remixes, but new ... CD
Columbia, Mid 60s. New Copy (reissue)
Wonderful stuff – way more than just an easy instrumental album, and a great batch of exotic tunes with lots of jazzy touches! There's enough of the Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman influence here – but Rex and group take the sound a lot further, by playing like a true small combo, and ... LP, Vinyl record album

Burt Bacharach

Make It Easy On Yourself
A&M/Elemental (Spain), 1969. New Copy
Fantastic work by maestro Burt Bacharach – subtle genius, and an album that offers more to us every time we listen to it! Burt's work has been recorded by many – but few ever gave it the kind of treatment that he did – as you'll hear in this brilliant array of sweeping strings, ... CD

Milt Raskin

Exotic Percussion
Crown, Late 50s. Very Good
A surprisingly great little album – and a lost exotica relic of the late 50s! Crown was sort of a knock-off label that didn't always produce the best stuff, but this LP is one of their gems! Milt Raskin lays down ten tunes of prime exotica, with a feel that is like some of Les Baxter's best ... LP, Vinyl record album

Laurindo Almeida

Guitar From Ipanema
Capitol, Mid 60s. Very Good
Breezy bossa nova – Hollywood 60s style! The album's one of the best cut for Capitol by guitarist Laurindo Almeida – and has a sweet groovy little style that features Laurindo's lovely guitar work over some lightly dancing small combo backings that include flute, harmonica, organ, ... LP, Vinyl record album

Martin Denny

Latin Village
Liberty, 1964. Very Good
Martin Denny changes the rhythms from tropical to Latin here – but the overall groove is still highly in his best exotica mode, and nicely augmented by some additional instrumentation! There's some traces here of the shift in production for instrumental music from the time – a bit of ... LP, Vinyl record album
Essex, Early 50s. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album
Essex, Mid 50s. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album

Percy Faith

Black Magic Woman
Columbia, Early 70s. Very Good
One of the few fantastic records that Percy Faith cut in the 70s, and one with a groove that's very different than his earlier sleepier albums! There's a distinct Latin theme here, and the tracks have a deep rumbling electric bass sound, and lots of cool organ, underpinned by soaring banks of ... LP, Vinyl record album

Harry Breuer

Happy Moog
Pickwick, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Man, this moog sure is happy! And who wouldn't be? The groovy lil' instrument's got some excellent backings here – all spare, rhythmic, and filled with cool electronic effects. The overall level of the electronics is more sophisticated than Perry-Kingsley, but in the end the sound is ... LP, Vinyl record album
United Artists, Late 60s. Sealed
The great guitar of Al Caiola takes on the theme to "Return Of The Seven" – plus "Duel At Diablo", "Maya", "Rat Patrol", "The Spies", "Sand Pebbles", and "Cast A Giant Shadow". LP, Vinyl record album
Somerset, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
A knockoff version of the Thunderball soundtrack – but surprisingly groovy in parts! LP, Vinyl record album

Abdul Alexi Freeman & His Enquirers

Belly Dancer
Time, Mid 60s. Near Mint-
Better than the usual belly dance cash-in record of the 60s – thanks to instrumentation that incudes percussion from Larry Bunker and Emil Richards! LP, Vinyl record album

Philip Green

Moods Of London
Capitol, Early 60s. Near Mint-
A nice little instrumental fantasy of postwar London! LP, Vinyl record album

Goodwin Goodload

Tower, Late 60s. Near Mint-
A record that might have made Susan Sontag regret everything she ever said about camp! LP, Vinyl record album
Epic, Late 60s. Very Good+
A very early album by this seminal songwriter from the late 60s! The record's the first we can find by Jimmy, and it's got him singing in a kind of pop vocalist style, with arrangements by Hank Levine, and backing on some tracks by a small vocal group. The record lacks the off-beat hipness of his ... LP, Vinyl record album

Milton DeLugg & His Orchestra

Man From UNCLE & Other TV Themes
Metro, Mid 60s. Very Good+
Milton DeLugg and his orchestra play the groovy "Theme From UNCLE", plus some other incidental music from the show, like "Illya" and "Night People". The set also includes tracks from other 60s shows, like Mr. Novak, Flipper, Bonanza, and Peyton Place. Plus, Richard ... LP, Vinyl record album

Martin Denny

Quiet Village
Liberty, Late 50s. Very Good
An undisputed classic in the exotica genre – and the record that yielded Martin Denny his biggest hit! The title track "Quiet Village" was originally written by Les Baxter, but it was Martin Denny's approach that really managed to send the tune over the top – using spare ... LP, Vinyl record album

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Beat Of The Brass
A&M, 1968. Very Good+ Gatefold
Beautifully compressed pop from Herb Alpert – a session that's still got the traditional Tijuana Brass style, but which also displays a more restrained, more adult approach to instrumental pop! The rhythms are nicely changed out more than before here – stretching out with interwoven ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ferrante & Teicher

Painted Desert
United Artists, 1968. Sealed
Groovy late 60s work from the twin-piano giants – featuring unique takes on a host of western themes! LP, Vinyl record album

San Sebastian Strings/Rod McKuen/Anita Kerr

Spring (promo)
Warner, 1973. Near Mint-
A really unusual version of this final entry in the cool "seasons" project from Rod McKuen and Anita Kerr! LP, Vinyl record album

Jackie Gleason

Velvet Brass
Capitol, 1957. Near Mint-
Titles include "Skyliner", "You're Driving Me Crazy", "Cherokee", "Am I Blue", and "What's New". Great alto solos from Toots Mondello, too! LP, Vinyl record album

Jackie Gleason

Riff Jazz
Capitol, Mid 50s. Near Mint-
We're not exactly sure what "riff jazz" is, but we can definitely say that the album's one of Jackie Gleason's jazziest from the 50s – a really hard-hitting affair that gets past the sleepier arrangements of other records, and makes great use of breakout solo work from Jimmy ... LP, Vinyl record album

Billy Strange, Les Baxter, Hall Daniels & Others

Secret Agent File (80s pressing)
GNP, 1960s. Very Good
Although there were plenty of easy and studio musicians who tried to cash in on the success of the Bond-era spy soundtracks, few did it as well as Billy Strange! He gets a helping hand here from Les Baxter and a boatload of west coast session greats like Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco, Dennis Budimir, ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ruth Welcome

Zither Magic!
Capitol, Late 50s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Jean De Vres & His Afro Drums

Exciting Voodoo!
Palace, Early 60s. Very Good-
Jean De Vres presents this collection of drum songs that use the traditional drums of Haiti. The songs are meant to invoke the happy gods of voodoo rather than the dark, black magic gods outsiders normally associate with voodoo. Tracks include "Ao-Mao", "Fire Dance", "Drum ... LP, Vinyl record album

Leo Diamond & His Orchestra

Subliminal Sounds
ABC, Late 50s. Very Good+
While not exactly "subliminal", this one's a nice set of moody instrumental tracks, played by Leo Diamond in the same spooky harmonica style that he used for his Skin Diver Suite. Unlike other harmonicists, like The Harmonicats, Diamond doesn't use the instrument for a lot of goofy ... LP, Vinyl record album

Joe Harnell

Rhythm & The Fire
Kapp, Early 60s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Alex Stordahl

Jasmine & Jade
Dot, Late 50s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Bob Rosengarden & Phil Krause

Hollywood Sound Stage
Decca, 1961. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol, Mid 60s. Very Good+
An excellent concept for a bossa album from the 60s – a set that mixes together a bunch of different great guitarists – all with some light and lovely rhythm backings that really hit a groove! Jack Marshall put the set together – and in addition to his own guitar, the record ... LP, Vinyl record album


Hawaiian Holiday
Morgan (UK), Late 60s. Near Mint- 2LP
An obscure UK set of Hawaiian music – with steel guitar from Don Sanford! LP, Vinyl record album

Ferrante & Teicher

Love Themes From Cleopatra
United Artists, 1963. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Mystic Moods Orchestra

Emotions (Original Master Recording)
Mobile Fidelity/Philips, Late 60s. Near Mint-
One of the best early albums from the Mystic Moods – largely because it really ups the use of sound effects that was begun on the group's first album. The record is a smooth blend of train sounds, beach sounds, night sounds, and a million other weird noises – all filtered through late ... LP, Vinyl record album

Billy Strange

Secret Agent File
GNP, 1965. Very Good
Although there were plenty of easy and studio musicians who tried to cash in on the success of the Bond-era spy soundtracks, few did it as well as Billy Strange! He gets a helping hand here from Les Baxter and a boatload of west coast session greats like Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco, Dennis Budimir, ... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA, 1961. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album

Lady Nelson & The Lords (Portia Nelson)

Picadilly Pickle
Dunhill/ABC, Late 60s. Very Good+
A very weird, and very groovy record from Portia Nelson – who most folks know just as a singer and actress! This set has Nelson playing the Vox organ – using its weird sounds on a mix of cool pop instrumentals – including "Soho Strut", "Call Me", "March ... LP, Vinyl record album

Tony Mottola

Superstar Guitar
Project 3, 1972. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Reg Guest Syndicate

Fontana, Late 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, Early 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
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