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XLounge, exotica, bachelor pad, instrumental pop, and Hi-Fi gems!

Warren Baker with Paul Tanner & Andre Montero

Music For Heavenly Bodies
Omega/Modern Harmonic, 1958. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
There's two sorts of heavenly bodies on the cover – but the real charms of the record lie inside, as the set's overflowing with incredible early theremin recordings! The album features spacey orchestral settings arranged by Warren Baker, and conducted by Andre Montero – plus fantastic ... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA/Vocalion (UK), 1973/1974. New Copy
Two fantastic albums from Hugo Montenegro – back to back on a single CD! Hugo In Wonder-Land is one of Hugo Montenegro's best moog albums – and a killer batch of tracks written by Stevie Wonder – hence the title! Hugo and crew go to town with a host of electric keyboards – ... CD

Frank Chacksfield

All Time Top TV Themes
Phase 4/Music On Vinyl (Netherlands), 1966. New Copy
A sweet little take on the TV theme world of the 60s – served up by Brit maestro Frank Chacksfield at a level that's maybe a little bit more groovy than some of his other records from the time! Frank's still working with a very full orchestra, but the songs themselves have an inherently cool ... CD

Paul Page & His Paradise Music

Pacific Paradise
Subliminal Sounds (Sweden), 1940s/1950s. New Copy
A fantastic tribute to the enigmatic Paul Page – an exotic music genius from the west coast scene of the postwar years – but one who never reached the fame of bigger names like Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, or Webley Edwards! Page spent his later years in Hawaii, and right from the start ... CD
Herb Alpert, 2018. New Copy
Herb Alpert remakes himself again – taking all the best tunes from his classic years on A&M records, then fitting them to contemporary grooves – all at a level that's a bit like some of the Verve Remixed projects from years back, but even better! These aren't remixes, but new ... CD
Universal (Japan), 1995. New Copy
Gentle solo piano from Japan – a set that recalls older easy instrumental albums of the 60s and 70s, even though it was recorded in more recent years! The sole instrumentation here is piano, recorded in a lushly echoey style that has the same softly captivating vibe of later albums by ... CD
Columbia, Mid 60s. New Copy (reissue)
Wonderful stuff – way more than just an easy instrumental album, and a great batch of exotic tunes with lots of jazzy touches! There's enough of the Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman influence here – but Rex and group take the sound a lot further, by playing like a true small combo, and ... LP, Vinyl record album
El (UK), 1958. New Copy
CD...$3.99 13.99
A pretty groovy album of instrumental tracks from arranger Wally Stott – an artist who'd later craft the beautiful backdrops for some of Scott Walker's solo records! The style here is a bit more 50s instrumental – larger orchestrations with some touches of jazz, as Stott serves up a ... CD
Columbia, Early 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Si Zentner

Waltz In Jazz Time
Liberty, Early 60s. Near Mint-
A very swinging album from trombonist Si Zentner – done in a big band style, but with plenty of groovy touches that show the 60s period of the recordings! Si gets some great help on the records from Bob Florence – an arranger who really knows how to make a bigger band swing with the ... LP, Vinyl record album
Liberty, 1967. Near Mint-
A mod swinger from bandleader Si Zentner – a talent who's always ready to groove with the times – which in this case means that he's got a sweet 60s style that's mighty darn nice! Si's band is a big one, but they've got a lean Liberty Records feel here – really moving nicely over ... LP, Vinyl record album

George Wilson

Pay It No Mind
Uni, Late 60s. Sealed
Late 60s easy orchestrations from the George Wilson ensemble – arranged by Richard Rome, and kind of a blend of piano-styled numbers (ala Roger Williams) and more strictly orchestral ones. The cover's pretty nice – a beach girl with a lollipop – and the sound has enough hip ... LP, Vinyl record album

Walter Raim & Century 21 Orchestra

Brave New Concepts
New World Series, 1968. Near Mint- Gatefold
Groovy orchestral Now Sound stuff, conducted by Walter Raim for the Century 21 Orchestra – a band that's not associated with the realty company, but which is made up of a bunch of modern instruments. The tracks are mostly groovy reworkings of classical stuff, but they're given new titles ... LP, Vinyl record album

Franck Pourcel

World Is A Circle
Paramount, 1973. Near Mint-
One of his best records, and one that's a little bit hipper, and much less cheesy than his 60's albums. The set list includes Bacharach's "The World Is A Circle", plus a cool version of "Popcorn", and "Imagine", "Blue Bach", and "Ben". LP, Vinyl record album

Les Baxter

Sacred Idol
Capitol, 1960. Near Mint-
A real standout set from the end of Les Baxter's run at Capitol Records – originally scored for a film that was never released, but a great set of tracks that more than stands strongly on its own! The theme here is a Mexican/Latin American one – explored by Baxter with his trademark ... LP, Vinyl record album

Les Baxter

Capitol, Late 50s. Very Good-
A landmark album of exotica! Tamboo was cut with Les' orchestra and chorus – and it's a swirling mass of tribal drums, singing strings, and moody voices that would forever change the face of easy listening. Les' compositions are astounding – filled with all the sophsitication of a ... LP, Vinyl record album

Marty Gold

RCA, 1962. Near Mint-
An album with as much power as you'd expect from the title – and a set that's billed as featuring "Music To The Limits Of Audibility"! The limits explored are the farther ones in sound – not the lower tones at the end of hearing – and Marty Gold does a very good job of ... LP, Vinyl record album

Ruth White

Short Circuits
Angel, Late 60s. Near Mint-
Beautifully crazy moog material from Ruth White – an artist who could sit on both sides of the moogy fence – approaching the instrument with a bit less of the pop styles of her contemporaries, but in ways that are still plenty darn compelling over the years! Most of the work here is of ... LP, Vinyl record album

Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars

Teen Bossa Nova
MGM, Early 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Danny Davis & His Orchestra

Music From James Bond Motion Pictures
Metro, Late 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Andre Popp

Why Say Goodbye
MGM, Late 60s. Near Mint-
The groovy French composer of "Love is Blue" lays down a set of similar tracks in this album of instrumentals that he recorded for Verve in the late 60's. Tracks include "Le Lit de Lola", "A Comme Amour", "Bim Bom", and "Les Papillons". LP, Vinyl record album

Raoul Meynard

Passport To Pleasure
Warner, 1962. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA, 1964. Near Mint-
A huge range of groovy percussion – with guest drums from Joe Morello, vibes from Bobby Christian and Gary Burton, and guitar from Remo Biondi! Arrangements by Schory, Hoyt James, and Bobby Christian. LP, Vinyl record album
Dunhill, 1967. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
United Artists, Late 60s. Near Mint- Gatefold
Sweet and dreamy guitar instrumentals – with a nice Euro easy feel! Features a good take on "Man & A Woman" – plus "Love In The Open Air", "Strangers In The Night", and "Arabesque". LP, Vinyl record album

Horst Jankowski

And We Got Love
Mercury, Late 60s. Near Mint-
A fantastic album from the great Horst Jankowski – and a set that really points the way towards some of his groovy records to come for the MPS label! The sound here is maybe a bit more sprightly and upbeat than some of Jankowski's previous records – still a haunting blend of his grand ... LP, Vinyl record album

Brass Ring

Dunhill/ABC, 1968. Near Mint-
A more Latin-styled set than usual from The Brass Ring – as you might guess from the title and cover! The sound is slightly fuller here – a bit of brassy trumpets used sparingly, but just enough to fill out the groove at times – and other new elements too, like acoustic guitar, ... LP, Vinyl record album
Mercury, 1966. Near Mint-
Fantastic piano work from the very groovy Horst Jankowski – an artist who's really stepping into his own with this sweet mid 60s album! The set still follows the balance of electric bass and hard piano sounds from Horst – but it also fleshes out the music in a really great way, by ... LP, Vinyl record album

Charles Randolph Grean Sounde

Quentin's Theme
Ranwood, Early 70s. Near Mint-
Groovy album of instrumentals produced by Charles Randolph Grean, with versions of some tracks from the Dark Shadows TV show (like "Quentin's Theme" and "Shadows of the Night"), plus some other 70's TV stuff, and a few older tracks. LP, Vinyl record album
Mercury, Early 60s. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album

Mighty Accordion Band

They Said It Couldn't Be Done
Capitol, Early 60s. Near Mint-
Goofy accordion pop stuff, with a cover that has a gorilla holding the accordion and playing it in a number of different positions. We're assuming that the chimp doesn't play on the record, mostly because the playing's pretty skillful and peppy, especially on tracks like "Holiday for ... LP, Vinyl record album

Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble

Music To Break Any Mood
RCA, 1960. Near Mint-
Classic bachelor pad listening! Dick Schory's percussion ensemble lays out a bunch of wild loopy tracks with percussive touches, and the kind of hi-fi groove designed to split your speakers (or break your mood, as the case may be!) Lots of drums, bells, gongs, cymbals, and other percussive ... LP, Vinyl record album

David Carroll

Percussion Orientale
Mercury, Early 60s. Near Mint- Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
A&M, 1967. Near Mint-
A classic A&M collection, with an imagined picnic image on the front cover – featuring all the cool artists inside – a lineup that includes Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Tamba 4, Chris Montez, Wes Montgomery, Baja Marimba Band, Herbie Mann, ... LP, Vinyl record album

Sound Symposium

Bob Dylan Interpreted
Dot, Late 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Gordon Jenkins

Let's Duet
Warner, 1962. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Brass Ring featuring Phil Bodner

Disadvantages Of You
Dunhill, 1967. Near Mint-
A real gem from The Brass Ring – and an album that has a goofy cover designed to recall the famous TV commercial that used the title hit! The record itself is a work of pure genius – tightly compressed easy instrumentals, all in that unique Brass Ring mode – a sound that's ... LP, Vinyl record album

Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Orchestra

RCA, 1963. Near Mint-
Percussion-heavy bachelor pad music from the great Dick Schory – working here with his "Percussion Pops Orchestra" – and recorded with RCA's legendary Dynagroove sound! The music is plenty darn dynamic – and titles include "Krazy Kwilt", "The Brush ... LP, Vinyl record album

All Star Drummers

Cats Go Wild
United Artists, Early 60s. Very Good
"America's Greatest Drummers" in a percussion spectacular with a lot of loud exotic sounding tracks like "Boka Butu", "Ja Ki Lin", "Noma", and "Bambu". I don't know if we'd use the word "greatest" in describing the drummers – ... LP, Vinyl record album

Marty Gold

Sounds Unlimited
RCA, 1963. Near Mint-
Soaring sounds from RCA maestro Marty Gold – maybe not the totally unlimited record you might expect from the title, but definitely a key 60s entry in the genre of bachelor pad hi fi records! There's a fair bit of horns in the orchestrations, with solos by Don Butterfield, Joe Wilder, Phil ... LP, Vinyl record album
Hi Fi, 1962. Very Good+ Gatefold
Arthur Lyman's percussions were always pretty colorful, but they sound especially so on this set – a record that has the group coming off with a bit more sensitivity than usual! The music here is really great – a stunning array of percussion techniques, odd sounds, and some jazzier ... LP, Vinyl record album

Earl Grant

Midnight Sun
Decca, 1962. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol, Late 50s. Near Mint-
A masterpiece mixture of sound effects and loungey orchestration! Wild stuff featuring "found objects" from a surplus store – like saws, whistles, sirens, and other junk – plus the great arrangements of one of Capitol's best bandleaders. (In case you're not familiar with ... LP, Vinyl record album

Les Baxter & 101 Strings

Million Seller Hits
Alshire, 1970. Near Mint-
Excellent stuff – and a record that was cut during the brief time that Les Baxter was working in England, picking up some of the best elements of the Brit Easy/Sound Gallery scene, which gave his work a nice subdued funky feel! The tracks on here are right up there in the EMI Studio 2 mode, ... LP, Vinyl record album

Laurindo Almeida

Acapulco '22
Tower, Late 60s. Very Good
Excellent work from Laurindo – a truly wonderful album, played with small combo backing, which gives the set a jazzier feel than usual! Players include Jimmy Rowles on organ, Bob Cooper on tenor, Howard Roberts on guitar, and Shelly Manne, Milt Holland, and Chico Guerro on percussion – ... LP, Vinyl record album

Hugo Montenegro

Bongos & Brass
Time, Early 60s. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Les Baxter

African Jazz
Capitol, Late 50s. Near Mint-
One of the coolest, grooviest records we've ever heard from the great Les Baxter – and a real standout set, even amidst his other exotica albums for Capitol! This one really delivers on the "jazz" promised in the title – thanks to strong tenor solos from Plas Johnson, who ... LP, Vinyl record album

Kokee Band

Exotica 1970
Solid State, 1970. Near Mint- Gatefold
This is a massively overlooked album! Not only is it a great late-sixties take on Exotica, but it's also got some funky grooves and nice jazzy soloing, ala Sound Gallery or Sound Spectrum material. It's almost like the Chicharrones album, by the Latin Gents, if you know that one – and ... LP, Vinyl record album

Morty Craft

World Of Percussion
Warwick, Early 60s. Near Mint-
A pretty darn nice record, and one that's trying for sort of an Esquivel singing strings approach – with orchestrations that begin in a fairly standard mode, then swing out with these wild riffs on the string section that kind of get you in the gut and make the hair on your neck stand up! ... LP, Vinyl record album
Decca, 1958. Near Mint-
A classic session of music from the mighty Raymond Scott – performed here by a small combo led by Scott's old tenor player Dave Harris! All of the tunes here were written by Scott, and many are of the vintage that stretches back to his cool cartoon work – those jaunty, jagged little ... LP, Vinyl record album
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