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Thanks to everyone who has included links to our pages.

The-Breaks.com: Extensive listing of samples used in hip hop records -- everything from classic soul and funk to gospel to movie lines. You can search the listings by the name of artist being sampled or the artist doing the sampling.

Tropicalmusic.co.uk: U.K. based website devoted to all Tropical music styles plus events, parties, club nights, and links.

The Archive of Contemporary Music: A not-for-profit archive, music library and research center located in New York City.

SoBoMag.com: Home of Soulful Bohemian Magazine, covering soul, rock, hip-top and everything in between, featuring reviews, interviews and more.

Jazzmotel blog: Home of the Jazzmotel blog, focusing on 1960's and 70's jazz, featuring interviews and period photographs.

SouthernSoulRnB.com: Information about contemporary Southern Soul.

Chicago Reader: Daily updates on cultural events, music, performance, and more in and around the Chicago area.

JazzMotel Blog: Blog covering 60's and 70's jazz, soul, funk, Latin, and more.

HKFlix.com: Asian, European, Cult and Specialty DVDs and film reviews

Dome Records: Home of Dome records.

Freewebs.com/jazzlist: Jazz Recommendations: A guide to great recorded jazz.

Brigade Mondaine: Library compilations from German music publishers, with musical styles from Bossa Nova and Cocktail music to Funk and Disco rhythms.

Club Brasil: Home of the Club Brasil record label.

Tuff City: Home of Tuff City and associated labels including Funky Delicacies, Soul-Tay-Shus, Night Train International, and Ol' Skool Flava.

Ohio Soul Discography: Extensive discography of Ohio soul, jazz and funk labels and performers.

CDRacks.com: Supplier of wood cd racks and bookcases.

Afro Cuban Sounds: Latin Jazz, Latin Souls, Salsa, Cuban and Afro sounds.

Ed Motta: Includes live video footage, Ed Motta's radio show, a biography, discography and schedule of upcoming performances.

Cinevox: Home of Italy's Cinevox Records.

WhatMusic: Information about many recent brazilian releases, complete with sound samples and more.

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom: Home of jazz keyboardist and Hammond B-3 icon Ron Levy.

Ubiquity Records: Home of the Ubiquity, Luv N' Haight, and Cubop labels.

Tom Lord Jazz Discography: Extensive discography of 400,0000 jazz releases on 78, 45, LP and CD.

Record Store Directory: Comprehensive worldwide record store directory and reviews.

IAJO: The International Archives for the Jazz Organ

MrBongo.com: Home of the Mr. Bongo label.

Discover Lisa Ono: All about Japanese Bossa Nova singer Lisa Ono, with a biography and complete discography.

Silver Wrapper Productions: Bringing live funk, jazz, and improvisational jam bands to Chicago, plus listings of upcoming soul/funk shows in Chicago.

The Molemen: Chicago underground hip hop producers. Bios, discography, sound files, and more.

Blaxploitation.com: With sound samples, movie posters, plot summaries, biographies, and lots of links to all things related to the Blaxploitation movies of the 70's.

Acid Jazz Server: Much more than a collection of links. A web site that has real, up-to-date information, including a world-wide club listing, listing of on-line and printed magazines with address and subscription info and reviews of most listings. Also has a searchable archive of the Acid Jazz mailing list.

All Natural: Web home of Chicago's All Natural and related MC's. Discography, sound files, calendar, and more.

Crippled Dick: Web home of Crippled Dick records.

Barely Breaking Even Records: Home ofsome of the dope compilations we carry and the Beat Generation series.

Fog City Productions: Home of Fog City Records and Fog City Graphics, the people who designed all those cool Ubiquity/Luv'N Haight covers.

Funky Groovy Lexikon: Home of the Funky Groovy Lexikon of Funky 45s and LPs. You can find out about the new expanded full color edition.

Electronic Urban Report: Entertainment newsletter with gossip and industry information. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

FunkyJuice.com: Italian funk label.

JellyJazz.com: Web site for Jelly Jazz, a UK club claiming "The funkiest club south of the north pole".

21centurymusic.com: Specializing in Disco 12-inch singles, domestic and import, plus collectable LPs, CDs and other memorabilia.

Solar Radio: Internet radio with soul, jazz, funk, and more.

Beat Planet: Site dedicated to underground beat culture in San Francisco, with sound files and more.

HipHop-Directory.com: Selective directory of hip hop related sites from mc'ing to b-boying to graf to equipment.

Funk45.com: Samples of over 1000 funky 45's, with the first minute of each song in either RealAudio or MP3. With regular contributions from Keb Darge, so you know the selection's gonna be tight.

Randolph Street Market: Home of the world famous Chicago Antique Market and Indie Designer Market, a European-style indoor and outdoor shopping extravaganza in Chicago's historic West Loop (great for crate digging).

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