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Take a trip back to the 80s with this overlooked format!

Delicious Vinyl/Bicycle Music, Mid 90s. New Copy 2 Cassette
A compilation of pivotal mid 90s Dilla productions and remixes – classics and rarities from the Pharcyde, N'Dea Davenport, and the Brand New Heavies with guest appearances by Q-Tip and Mos Def – great stuff from the prime Delicious Vinyl years! It's full of bedrock jazzy funk from Jay ... Cassette
Burger, 1977. New Copy
A notorious, and we'll admit it, super catchy blast of late 70s glam metal – led by a Candadian bodybuilder posing as the Norse thunder god! Subtlety is just not a thing in Thor's world – the title track "Keep The Dogs Away" literally has a chorus of barking dogs alongside the ... Cassette
Redefinition/Piecelock 70, 2016. New Copy
Strong work from the always solid People Under The Stairs – the complete instrumentals for The Gettin Off Stage EPs 1 & 2 – focused squarely on the sharpest Thes One production in years. Titles inckude ncludes "100 Miles", "Runaway", "#asapfreedumwillyum$&qu ... Cassette
Updated January 16, 2017

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