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XWe're especially heavy on New York sounds of the 60s and 70s -- Latin Soul, salsa, boogaloo, and more!

Yo Amaneci
Vampi Soul (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy
Andres Landero has a pretty wild look on the cover here – and the sound of his music is equally wild, too – a very raw, rootsy approach to cumbia – very much in the most hard-edged style of the genre, with a quality that often feels more ancient than the 70s recording dates of ... CD
Grossoi (Spain), Late 40s/1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 2 LPs
Incredible sounds by one of the hippest artists in Latin music during the postwar years – Cuban-born Arsenio Rodriguez, whose combo made a huge number of amazing records both on scenes in Havana and New York! This collection brings together a good number of those gems – LP sides, rare ... LP, Vinyl record album
Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1980
Latin Percussion Ventures/Bomba (Japan), 1980. New Copy
The Latin Percussion posse hits the Montreux Jazz Festival – in a sweet little set that offers up a live take on the label's hard-hitting sound! The group's a stripped-down combo that features Tito Puente and Patato Valdez on lead percussion, with backing by a trio of younger players that ... CD
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1974. New Copy
A legendary crossover Latin album from the mid 70s! Percussionist Rafael Cortijo leads a killer group that mixes Latin jazz, salsa, and 70's soul instrumentation into a groove that's still being touted highly today – a classic Nuyorican sound that's only slightly electric, but has a really ... CD
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1977. New Copy
70s work from Machito – still very much in the mode of his classics from earlier years, but with an undeniable punch on a few numbers, thanks to the smoking salsa groove of the Coco Records label! The album's got one really standout track entitled "Macho" – a 13 minute ... CD
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1973. New Copy
Eddie Palmieri and the Coco label were a team that couldn't be beat – and this beautiful album is complete proof of that fact! The set's a wonderful batch of tunes – expanded arrangements from Eddie with just the right touches of funk, jazz, or rootsy instrumentation, shifting moods ... CD
Salsoul/Big Break (UK), 1979. New Copy
A key chapter in the rich long legacy of Candido on record – a set that pushes the percussion maestro strongly into the disco generation – with wonderful results that are still massively strong all these many years later! Candido had always been one of the funkiest conga players around ... CD
Impulsos (Impulses)
Coco/Bomba (Japan), 1975. New Copy
A fantastic 70s session from Charlie Palmieri – featuring some of his best keyboard solos of the decade, and some very cool work on organ that almost makes us think Sun Ra is in the group! The style is quite unusual, even for Charlie – with a weird sound from his organ that really ... CD
Felito/Colombian Gold (Netherlands), Late 70s/1980s/Early 90s. New Copy 2LP
Sweet tropical grooves from the Colombian scene – pulled from 20 years of recordings by the Felito label, to showcase their very unique approach! The label was located on the nation's east coast, in Barranquilla – with a close link to the Caribbean scene, which really seemed to ... LP, Vinyl record album
Charanga & Pachanga!
Epic, 1961. New Copy (reissue)
A killer set of heavy Latin numbers from the great Hector Rivera – hiding under the guise of a simple dance record! Back in the late 50s and early 60s, Hector was always getting tagged for the big fads by labels – and made to produce albums that had him jumping on a dance fad bandwagon ... LP, Vinyl record album
Salsoul/Octave (Japan), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD
A rich serving of salsa gems from the legendary Salsoul/Mericana Records label – all hand-picked by Japanese DJ/collector/musician Raphael Sebbag! 20 years ago, Raphael worked similar magic with the huge Fania catalog – turning out a series of key compilations that also accompanied his ... CD
Salsoul/Octave (Japan), 1977. New Copy
An excellent batch of descarga tunes – very much in the same spirit as Cachao's groundbreaking Cuban work of the early 60s – but done here as a wonderful return to roots in the mid 70s – part of that key shift back towards tradition on the New York scene, yet one that was still ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), 1970s. New Copy
A completely amazing collection of sounds from the 70s scene in Venezuela – a really un-tapped legacy of fantastically creative music – most of it pretty darn groovy, too! Despite the "rock" in the title, the music here is more in a mix of funky jazz and other creative ... CD
Yemaya (Spain), 1960/1962/1963/1977. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.95
A set of mostly solo piano from Cuban legend Frank Emilio – a set of older danzas and danzones, played in a spare, but highly rhythmic style! Emilio's got more than enough command of the keyboard to hold up strongly on his own – and although a few tracks feature additional guiro from ... CD
Malanga (Spain), Late 50s. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.98
One of the greatest Cuban groups of the late 50s backs up some of the nation's greatest singers – a truly all-star array of talent, wonderfully presented in this set! All tracks here feature backings from the orchestra of Bebo Valdes – and singers include Omara Portuondo, Celeste ... CD
Areito/Malanga (Spain), 1975/1981. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.95
Wonderfully sweet work from trombonist Juan Pablo Torres – two albums issued under a "romantic" tag for the Cuban audience of the time, but which have a very wide-ranging set of styles! Mangle Instrumental is from the mid 70s, and has a sound that's a bit like an Italian soundtrack ... CD
Turi/Arturo Sandoval (1982)
Egrem/Malanga (Spain), 1981/1982. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.95
Early 80s genius from trumpeter Arturo Sandoval – 2 albums that were never issued in the US at the time! First up is the sublime Turi from 1981 – an album that mixes smooth spacey fusiony production with Sandoval's soulful trumpet style – and the result is a sweet grooving set ... CD
Yo Amaneci
Vampi Soul (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy
Andres Landero has a pretty wild look on the cover here – and the sound of his music is equally wild, too – a very raw, rootsy approach to cumbia – very much in the most hard-edged style of the genre, with a quality that often feels more ancient than the 70s recording dates of ... CD
Barry, Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)
A monster album of Latin soul – arguably the greatest record ever cut by Hector Rivera! The record's a rare cooker that never lets up at all – a non-stop boogaloo party that definitely lives up to its swinging cover image – and which is quite different than most other albums from ... LP, Vinyl record album
Take A Trip Pussycat
Speed, Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)
A wild wild album of Latin soul – one of the maddest albums ever recorded for the legendary Speed label! The group, like a rare few others of their generation, are an insane mix of Latin jamming, psychedelic soul, and stoner funk riffing – all sifted together in a blender, with a sound ... LP, Vinyl record album
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