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Classic sounds on 45rpm 7 inch singles -- Northern soul, deep soul, funk, breaks, rare groove, sample tracks, modern soul, and jazz!

Modern Harmonic, 1958/1984. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Two rare slices of Sun Ra – one of them originally unissued! "Saturn" is a late 50s charmer from the Chicago scene – a tune that bears the same name as Ra's legendary label, and which features fantastic baritone work from Charles Davis and Pat Patrick – on a groove that ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
My Love Is True/Still Calling
Funk Night, 2017. New Copy
A contemporary tune, but one that almost feels like an underground indie single from the late 60s – from the sharp funky backings to the nicely raw production! Coko's a great singer, with a sound that's a lot more individual than some of the retro-styled female vocalists on singles of this ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Colemine, 2017. New Copy
Double dose of Orgone in prime funky hero mode! "Bulletproof" is a tight jam with a bit of a 70s cinematic funk feel with tight horns courtesy of their friends in Ikebe Shakedown and some really cool, unpredictable changes as it rolls along – really ratcheting up the percussion ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Curitiba Strut/Hanging On
Transistor Sound, 2017. New Copy
A pair of solid jams from to the better bands in the post-millennium funky underground! Ikebe Shakedown's "Curitiba Strut" finds the group making a solid homage to live band funky disco, with handclaps-accented percussion, funky flute and other dancefloor soul touches with losing the grit! ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Fragment (7 inch EP)
Moscovitch (UK), 1965. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Totally great soundtrack material from the great Johnny Scott – working here in more of the jazz mode in which he began his career, but already with an ear for some of the deeper, darker sides of the spectrum! The music's maybe a bit in the mode of some of the great Kenyon Hopkins ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Now Again, 2016. New Copy
The best single yet from modern Afro Funk mastermind JJ Whitefield (Whitefield Brothers, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Rodinia and more) and his storming combo Johnny! "I'm Gone" has fuzzy guitar groove that gives it sound that crosses over nicely into psychedelia without compromizing ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Now Again, New Copy
Killer blend of raw funk and fuzzy guitar from Johnny! – spearheaded by neo-classic funk heavy J Whitefield! Whitefield's is a key contemporary funk player to say the least – busting regional and stylistic boundaries with Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Whitefield ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Big Crown, 2016. New Copy
Lady Wray will definitely have you smiling by the end of this great number – or maybe even at the start, because the sound of her voice is such a great compliment to the funky drums that kick the whole thing off! The tune's got a mid-tempo stepping vibe and a classic soul sound – and ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Melodies International (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 3x7 inch
A fantastic package of rare soul from the Detroit scene of the 70s – all of the extremely rare singles by Aged In Soul, brought together in an excellent triple 45 collection! The music here has a very spare, indie sort of clubby vibe – a bit like the groove over at P&P Records, but ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Big Crown, Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Rare raw funky soul from early 70s Texas! The Soul Explosives take a loose, swaggery approach to the period funk that's pretty great – with a looseness that really feels like a Lone Star State funk pedigree, but also indicative of the group's youth – as there were just high school ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Colemine, 2016. New Copy
Nobody's pacified here – as Soul Scratch leap right into the fray with lots of energy right from the very first note – setting up a fast funk frenzy that's matched only by the righteous energy of their excellent lead singer! The cut feels like a message cut 45 from back in the day ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Smile/Tuck N Roll
Colemine, 2015. New Copy
"Smile" has this nicely heavy bottom – drums that almost come on with the power of a contemporary beat, which really underscores the deep soul vocals of Durand Jones – a singer with almost a Lee Fields approach to the music! "Tuck N Roll" is funky too – but ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Colemine, 2012. New Copy
Fast guitar steps out quick on "Firewalker" – setting a groove that's followed by fast congas and some heavy riffing horns – all burning together with just the right sort of intensity you'd guess from the group's name! "Chalupa" continues with a sweet tropical ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Colemine, 2012. New Copy
A killer – and one of those tunes you'd swear you heard back in the day – but which is even greater given that it's a contemporary recording! There's a bursting power to "Comencemos" that almost feels like "Jungle Boogie"-era Kool & The Gang – a way of ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Hard Steppin/Prisoner
Colemine, 2009. New Copy
An Afro funk steeped workout from Brooklyn's Ikebe Shakedown – tight, hard charging and "Hard Steppin" – doing their thing with abundant classic stateside instro funk influences, too! "Hard Steppin" is a heavy, unstoppable number – the drums, percussion and ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
You Got It Right/Solar Blast
Funk Night, 2016. New Copy (pic cover)
This sweet sound combo has definitely got it right – as they've cooked up a very sharp, tight, funky groove for this excellent single – a style that really lives up to the image on the cover! The music's got a mod romping approach to funk – organ swirls over the funky drums, a ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Funk Night, 2016. New Copy
Oakland gets a mighty heavy vamp here from M-Tet – a wicked funky instrumental groove that kicks it right from the very first note – with a massive drum part that breaks strongly about a minute into the cut – while an organ burns and bubbles in the background, then takes a very ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Escalator/Lunar Sleepwalk
Funk Night, 2016. New Copy (pic cover)
Heavy funk with a nicely exotic vibe – all served up with a nice degree of echo that only seems to make the whole thing sound even better! "Escalator" features a wicked bassline that directs the groove – around which you'll find fuzzy guitar, sweet sax and flute, and plenty ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Funk Night, 2016. New Copy
The bassline starts things out right away – setting out a few bold notes for itself, then remaining very high in the mix, on top of riffing guitar and snapping drums – and still staying right out in the lead when the offbeat vocals come into the mix! The vocals almost feel more like ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Planetarium/Offbeat Comet
Funk Night, 2015. New Copy (pic cover)
Heavy funk from Estonia – but a tune that could easily win over any fan around the globe! "Planetarium" has this wicked mix of moogy keyboard lines and full-on funky rhythms – a rock-solid bass and drums at the core, which then get this moog sound over the top – but in ... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Updated January 16, 2017

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