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New Arrivals ✈

Items added June 22 - 26

Chad & Jeremy

Painted Dayglow Smile
Columbia/Legacy, Mid 60s. Used
A great little look at the dreamy pop talents of Chad & Jeremy – a British pop duo who first arrived on the US shores in 1964, and went onto record some great work for Columbia in years to come! The set does a great job of tracing the pair's evolution from folksy vocals to trippier, more ... CD (Rock CD)

Charlie Parker

Accord (France), Mid 40s. Used 2CD
CD (Jazz CD)
Star Creature/Tugboat Editions, 2019. New Copy
If you don't know by now, the Star Creature/Tugboat Editions camp are delivering some spaciest club grooves around – and this gem by Ourra and vocalist Alena is another gem! "Don't You Know" has a lean, though plenty propellent beat and snapping bass line under cosmic keys and sweet ... 7-inch, Vinyl record (Funky 45's 7-inch)
Ocha, 2019. New Copy
A nicely bubbling, languorous club jam from Coflo & Lady C! "Easy" as an easily gliding tempo with uncommonly strong touches – from the breezily soulful vocals, to the Rhodes grooving in the mix to searing electric guitar in the mix. Includes the vocal & instrumental. 12-inch, Vinyl record (New Grooves 12-inch)

Guillo Rivera Y Su Orquesta

La Linea
Performance, 1981. Used
CD (Latin CD)

Amerigo Gazaway

Endless Summer
Amerigo Gazaway, 2019. New Copy
LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)
Luv N' Haight, New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Rare classic work from Gloria Ann Taylor – working in a soaring setting with the Walter Whisenhunt Orchestra! "Deep Inside You" has this unusual flow – almost stop/start in energy, but with Taylor really soaring out on her vocals, as some cool vibes and other sweet touches ... 12-inch, Vinyl record (Soul 12-inch)
Blak Muzik, 2019. New Copy
Rare underground tracks from Anthony Nicholson's archive! 12-inch, Vinyl record (New Grooves 12-inch)

Mama's Gun

Golden Days
Ubiquity, 2019. New Copy
Funk-tinged modern soul from Mama's Gun – the London based combo who've been making waves across the globe for close to a decade leading up to Golden Days, which sounds right at home on Ubiquity Records! The songs and overall sound blend vintage inspiration with sly modern touches, from a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
La La Land, Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD
A motherlode of cop and crime soundtracks from the 70s – none of which have ever been commercially released before! All the music here comes from the mighty holdings of Quinn Martin Productions – the wellspring of so many great hour-long TV detective shows in the 70s – often well- ... CD (Soundtracks CD)
Luv N' Haight, 1975. New Copy (reissue)
A monster set of work by one of the funkiest guitar players ever! Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones recorded a number of sides for Prestige Records during the early 70s – but this rare gem came out after all those, in 1975, on the tiny Joka label, and never really got into proper circulation at the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Ropeadope, 2019. New Copy 2CD
CD...$9.99 16.98
These are definitely toxic times, and we're happy we've still got the Last Poets on hand to transcend them – especially as the group here sounds maybe better than we've heard them in a long, long time! There's as much music as there is poetry to the record – some of the songforms they ... CD (Soul CD)

JB Ritchie

Power Blues
Teardrop, 1997. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Giovanni Damico

Boogie Tracks
Star Creature, 2019. New Copy
A sweet set of largely instrumental Italo electro funk and spacey 80s synth soul inspired grooves from Giovanni Damico! Giovanni delivers what's really becoming a something of a signature Star Creature sound – a deep love for the 80s era synth and drum programming, but strongly resonant of ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)

Popul Vuh

Egg/BMG, 1978. New Copy
The spooky soundtrack to Werner Herzog's remake of Nosferatu from the late 70s – featuring a spare, moody score that's quite different than some of Popul Vuh's other work. The music almost seems to bubble out of the ground like Nosferatu himself coming out of his coffin in the minutes after ... CD (Rock CD)
Liberty/BMG, 1970. New Copy
The incredible first album from Popul Vuh – some of the coolest, moogiest work to come from the German scene in the early 70s – and a record that's filled with loads of wonderful analogue electronics – spun out over these long, spacey extrapolations – and magically mixed ... CD (Rock CD)
Nighthawk/Omnivore, 1973. New Copy
A never-issued live performance from the great Johnny Shines – best known for his work on the Chicago scene in the 50s, but heard here in a fantastic recording that was done in a St Louis chapel during the early 70s! The sound quality is amazing – and although most tracks just feature ... CD (Blues CD)
Luv N' Haight/Ubiquity, Late 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)
Rare material from the legendary Ramp – two tracks produced by Roy Ayers after the group's classic first album – issued here on a limited 7" single! "Old One Two" sounds like something that would have been right at home on Come Into Knowledge – a bumping groover ... 7-inch, Vinyl record (Funky 45's 7-inch)
Luv N' Haight, Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)
Funky work from Detroit's Dee Edwards – a tune that's almost a fuzzy take on earlier Motown soul modes – still romping, but with lots of trippy guitar around the edges – and echoey production that's almost got a Westbound vibe, as does the guitar! "I Can Deal With That" ... 7-inch, Vinyl record (Funky 45's 7-inch)
Ropeadope, 2019. New Copy
CD...$9.99 13.98
A really great showcase for the continuing evolution of Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah – a musician who's become so much more than just a straight jazz trumpet with a soulful vibe – as you'll hear on this really compelling set! The music is even more expansive than Christian's recent ... CD (Jazz CD)

Henry Gray & the Cats with Paul "Buck" Sinegal

Live In Paris
Lucky Cat, 2003. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Liquid Pegasus

Toby Glider EP
Star Creature, 2019. New Copy
Spare, simple grooves from Liquid Pegasus – but surprisingly sweet as well – with a warm Cali finish that glows with the sunny vibe of the cover! Most tracks are just beats and keyboards, but used in very catchy ways – kind of a neo soul instrumental style, and one that's not ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)

Eddie Palmieri

Mi Luz Mayor
Ropeadope, 2019. New Copy
A hard-driving set from the great Eddie Palmieri – and a record that's maybe his strongest salsa effort in years, even though it's still filled with lots of the edgey, jazzy touches he's also brought to his best material in recent decades! The album's got a very strong lead vocal presence ... CD (Latin CD)

Michael Hill's Blues Mob

Alligator, 1994. Used
CD (Blues CD)
Pye/Sanctuary, 1968. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
One of the greatest albums from The Kinks – the kind of material that pulled them strongly past their bluesy, garagey roots – into a role that has them giving some of the clearest, keenest visions of 20th Century British society – with all of its joys and worries! The tunes here ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Don Redman

Dance Dance Dance
Urania, Late 50s. Near Mint-
LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Coco Montoya

Alligator, 2000. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Terrance Simien

Positively Beadhead
Tone Cool, 1999. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Paul Rishell & Annie Raines

I Want To Know
Tone Cool, 2001. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Tommy Castro

Live At The Fillmore
Blind Pig, 2000. Used
CD (Rock CD)

Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings

Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings
Blind Pig, 1999. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Yusef Lateef

Part Of The Search
Atlantic/Collectables, 1974. Used
One of Yusef Lateef's more ambitious albums for Atlantic – kind of a "history of jazz" in styles and expressions, performed with a large set of players that runs the gamut of talents available at the time – all of whom come together strongly under Lateef's greater vision! The ... CD (Jazz CD)

Shirley Brown

Soul Of A Woman
Malaco, 1997. Used
CD (Soul CD)

David Bowie

Station To Station
RCA, 1976. Very Good-
The second half of Bowie's Thin White Duke years in the studio – a record that's more cool and condense than his Young American album – but equally sublime in its own sort of way! The format here is much more compact – with a small group working alongside Bowie, still with some ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Mel Waiters

Woman In Need
Waldoxy, 1997. Used
CD (Soul CD)
Young Turks, 2018. New Copy 3 CDs
Truly tremendous work from saxophonist Kamasi Washington – a set that may well even blow away his groundbreaking Epic album – given the scope of soul and spirit in the music! As with the previous project, this one's double-length, but maybe feels even more fitted to the mode – as ... CD (Jazz CD)
Ubiquity, 2018. New Copy 2LP
Maybe the strongest album so far from Bosq – and certainly one of the most wide-ranging too – given that the group have a strong global bent to their groove, and they've also made space for a host of guest stars who include Nicole Willis, Bruno Morais, Monolog, and Kaleta! The music is ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)

Eddie Palmieri

EP/Ropeadope, 2017. New Copy
The genius of Eddie Palmieri never seems to dim at all as the years go on – and, if anything, the genius only seems to flower even more – finding new ways of expression that maybe even blow away some of Eddie's classic work from the 60s and 70s! This set is amazing – a ... CD (Latin CD)


Invictus (UK), 1971. New Copy (reissue)
An insane bit of fuzzed-out funk! This is Parliament's rare first album – a trippy batch of tunes that come off of Clinton's experimentation in the Detroit soul scene, infused by the rock-heavy energy of the city at the time, and probably a heck of a lot of cannabis, too! The record is ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Ace (UK), 1950s/1960s. Used
Oh how we love novelty rock – a tremendous genre that really boomed in the 50s and 60s, and which has sadly almost faded from view these days! Novelty tunes were all based around a gimmick – a high-pitched alien voice, strange sound effect, offbeat interview, odd instrumentation, weird ... CD (Rock CD)

Mark Isham

Windham Hill, 1989. Used
CD (Jazz CD)
Buddha, Early 70s. Used
CD (Rock CD)
EMI, Late 70s/Early 80s. Used
CD (Soul CD)
Ruf, 1999. Used
CD (Blues CD)

Har-You Percussion Group

Har-You Percussion Group
ESP/CuBop, 1969. New Copy (reissue)
A legendary bit of Latin from the New York scene of the 60s – recorded by a host of youthful players working under the direction of percussionist Montego Joe! The group's name is a contraction of "Harlem Youth" – a program in which all players participated, as part of an ... LP, Vinyl record album (Latin LP)
Luv N' Haight, 1978. New Copy (reissue)
A funky treasure from the 70s – a record that hardly made waves at the time, but which has lived on strongly for years – thanks to a great sample history and key interest from generations of groove diggers! Mighty Ryeders have a sound that's clearly influenced by Earth Wind & Fire ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)


Bus Stop
Imperial, Mid 60s. Very Good-
Bus Stop from 1966 finds the group working a fairly raucous, but still pretty sweet Brit rock mode. A more of a straight forward rockin' vibe and the tracks include "Bus Stop", "Candy Man", "Baby That's All", "I Am A Rock", "Sweet Little Sixteen", ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Ryko, Late 70s/1980s/1990s. Used
CD (Rock CD)

Michelle Willson

Tryin To Make A Little Love
Bullseye Blues, 1998. Used

Christopher Komeda (Krzysztof Komeda)

Rosemary's Baby (with bonus tracks)
Dot/La La Land, 1968. New Copy
An amazing little soundtrack – one that's as spooky and eerie as the film for which it was written, and which was also one of the few American recordings issued by Polish jazz great Krzysztof Komeda! The core of the album is an especially haunting theme – one hummed as a lullaby by Mia ... CD (Soundtracks CD)

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