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Inventory & Online Shopping

Product Availability & Fulfillment

How do I know if the items I order are in stock?

Our inventory of records and CDs is in stock now, coming soon, or has just recently sold out. Items available for preorder are shipped or ready for pickup as soon as logistics and street date allows — everything else we list is available here in Dusty Groove's warehouse and retail store in Chicago, IL USA.

We update our inventory throughout the day to reflect new additions and recent sales, so if you don't see an item in our inventory that means we're out of it. If you see an item with the button "Add to cart" next to it, that means it's in stock. For some rare items, the record or CD may sell out online (or more commonly, get sold in the store itself) and we update inventory as soon as possible to take those items out of stock. Shopping cart orders are processed and items are retrieved for shippping or pickup throughout the day.

How do I get specific information about an item for sale?

We recognize that record and CD collecting involves attention to details such as catalog numbers, labels, pressings, physical condition and so forth. To greatest degree possible we include that information in the item listing. If you have specific questions about an item we have for sale please email us at with the item number shown in the listing near the title, such as (Item 7743) and we will do our best to answer your question. Generally we are not equipped to take additional photographs of items in inventory.

How fast do you ship orders?

All orders are shipped the day we process your payment. If you choose "Ship my order immediately" your order will be charged and shipped the day we receive your order or the next business day. Most orders charged by noon Chicago time Monday-Friday are shipped the same day.

Can you ship the records to my business address?

Yes we encourage you to have the order sent to your business address, particularly for FedEx Next Day and 2nd Day shipping which is often less expensive than shipping to a residential address. USPS delivers to all US business addresses.

Using The Shopping Cart

How do I use the shopping cart?

Click the "Add to cart" button next to an item's listing. To view your shopping cart click the cart button [Shopping cart] on the top of every page. Once you have finished adding items, click the "Checkout" button to enter your contact, shipping, and payment information.

How do I remove an item from my cart?

Click the "Remove" button [Remove item] next to the item in your shopping cart or during checkout. Please remove all unwanted items before checking out because all orders are final and all items in your cart will be added to your order at checkout. To remove all the items, click the "Empty your cart" button [Empty your cart]. To save an item for later, click the "Save" button [Save] next to the item in your shopping cart; however, saving an item for later does not reserve you a copy and the item may sell out if you do not purchase it.

How do I buy more than one copy?

If we have more than one copy available, you can enter the quantity you would like in your cart under "Quantity" or during checkout. If you are ordering an additional copy when combining orders, specify the total quantity you would like in your second order. Do not simply order another single copy.

For example, if you previously ordered one copy of an item for combined shipping and would now like two copies (perhaps an extra as a gift):

  • submit a new order for two copies [2] under "Quantity" in the cart or during checkout
  • wait for your order confirmation email which will reflect the total quantity for your order (in this case, 2 copies)
  • if there is only one copy is currently available, there will be no option to increase the quantity due to limited stock

If you order a single copy of an item multiple times when combining orders, you will only receive a single copy when your order is consolidated and shipped. This is to prevent the common problem of accidental product duplication when combining multiple orders for shippping.

If you have any problems with the shopping cart, please let us know by sending us a message using our Comments & Feedback form.

Contact Dusty Groove

Dusty Groove
1120 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622 USA

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