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Books — Recently Added

XA special selection of disc guides and discographies, music history, record art books, graphic novels, and some nicely-priced remainders!

Taschen, 2019. New Copy
A beautiful look at the American love of the exotic –a book that's overflowing with full color-images and a wealth of tiki-styled history! This book is way more than just another fluff piece on postwar tiki culture – and instead digs deep into the US fascination with Pacific culture ... Book
Wax Poetics, 2007. New Copy
The first 5 issues of the legendary Wax Poetics – the one-and-only genius publication dedicated to the art of crate-digging, aka funky soul & hip hop vinyl archeology – collected in this massive hardcover tome! Anthology Vol 1 tackles the essential chore of bringing those earliest ... Book
Goldmine, 2015. New Copy
A really useful little book – as long as you don't pay attention to the prices! Instead, think of this one as a discography of records worth collecting – hundreds of pages, with tens of thousands of listings – all with release dates, labels, and catalog numbers! In the pre-Discog ... Book
1984, 2019. New Copy
A hell of a great idea for a book – a collection of newspaper ads for horror films from the 90s and 00s – served up with page after page of striking images, as well as text from the author about each film, and snippets of press reviews from the time! The book is a beautiful tribute to ... Book
Freddy Fresh, 2007. New Copy
If you liked the first volume of this essential book, you'll love this revised edition – because it's almost 3 times bigger, and stuffed with great new features! The book's a lifetime labor of love for Freddy Fresh – an extensive discography that's got to be the most definitive book on ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2014. New Copy
Way way way more than just another book of album cover images – and instead, a stunningly huge volume that offers up key images from the disco generation, plus a wealth of knowledge and information too! The book really lives up to the "encyclopedic" promise of its title – as ... Book
Reaktion (UK), 2020. New Copy
A deep look at the music and genius of Ornette Coleman – one that offers up so many different aspects of his career that go way past the records that we know and love – including lots of details of Coleman's early life, and his ties to other non-music communities as well! Author Maria ... Book
Aurum (UK), 2014. New Copy
A really cool look at albums that never happened – planned projects that were almost produced, but which fell apart at some point in the creative process – leading to a surprisingly large legacy of lost albums by some of rock music's biggest stars! Sure, everyone knows a few of these ... Book
Picador, 2018. New Copy
The story of the Wu-Tang Clan has been told often over the years – but this time around, it's told by one of the group's founding members – Lamont "U-God" Hawkins, who blends his own personal journey from the streets of Brooklyn with the rise of one of the most important hip ... Book
David C Driskell Center, 2012. New Copy
A well-done monograph for a show that ran at the University Of Maryland – and one that stands well enough on its own, given the amount of history and information included with the images! The book follows the spirit of the exhibition – and not only includes a timeline of creative ... Book
Yale University Press, 2016. New Copy
Ralph J Gleason might just be one of the coolest cats to ever write about music – a key part of the San Francisco scene during the postwar years – where his talents helped illuminate both the worlds of art and music during the beat generation – then really helped shine a spotlight ... Book
Pantheon Books, 2018. New Copy
A refreshing look at jazz in the early years of the 21st Century – served up by Nate Chinen, who spent most of that time working as a jazz critic for the New York Times, and contributing to NPR! Chinen's been at the grass roots level, and does a great job here of noting key changes in the ... Book

Robbie Robertson

Three Rivers, 2016. New Copy
Robbie Robertson has always spoken volumes with his guitar, but this well-written memoir reveals him to be quite a man of letters, too – over the course of nearly 500 pages that chart Robertson's long musical career – from early work with Ronnie Hawkins, to his time with Bob Dylan, and ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2014. New Copy
Images of the Caribbean in many styles – from the striking color image on the front, to vintage black and white shots throughout the book – all at a level that really illuminates the criss-crossing cultures of the island scene! The book's got a wonderfully sharp sensibility – as ... Book
WW Norton, 2013. New Copy
Not the first book on the groundbreaking comedy of the National Lampoon – but a very detailed document of the fantastic story of the magazine – a publication that not only shaped our sensibilities in the 70s, but also had a pretty big impact on radio, recording, and film as well! The ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy
An amazing collection of 40s and 50s jazz drawings by Gene Deitch – the complete anthology of his work for legendary jazz magazine Record Changer! Gene was an amazing artist and cartoonist, whose work helped solidify the legacies of some of the most famous cartoon characters in the American ... Book
WW Norton, 2011. New Copy
A very well-written book – especially in comparison to the fluffy Bob Marley books that usually litter the market – and a much deeper look at the role of The Wailers, and the triangulated sense of character that hung between Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer! The book gives equal ... Book
Chicago Review Press, 2000/2009. New Copy Book
The story of one of greatest soul singers of all time, and also one who is living a fascinating journey, to say the very least – the great Al Green! The Arkansas born, Memphis soul legend tells his story to music writer Davin Seay, from his years reinventing southern soul music through his ... Book
Indiana University Press, 2011. New Copy
A beautiful portrait of one of the most important jazz clubs on the west coast scene of the 70s – the legendary Keystone Korner, a name you might recognize from the dozens of great albums that were recorded at the venue! The book has a very cool approach – in that it lets the many ... Book
Back Beat, 2004. New Copy
Dig jazz on the screen? Here's a great book to help you spend your jazz video dollars wisely – filled with reviews by All Music Guide essential writer Scott Yanow! Reviews are Yanow's life, and he really does a great job here of summing up jazz performances both on music-specific videos and ... Book

Julius Wiedemann & Joaquim Paulo

Funk & Soul Covers (hardcover XL edition)
Taschen, 2015. New Copy
One of the funkiest coffee table books you'll ever hope to own – a massive collection of rare funk and soul album covers – beautifully put together, and with a wealth of information too! The set's way more than just a stash of cool-looking images – as the folks at Taschen have ... Book
Fuel Design (UK), 2005. New Copy
An incredible guide to sound library music around the world – one that features artwork from countless different labels, and brief notes on their history and output! The package is quite unique – not really a discography, not really an art book – but kind of a mix of both – ... Book
Reel Art, 2021. New Copy
A totally cool book – and one that goes way past the familiar Led Zep images you may know from their classic records of the 70s – as this hefty volume is filled with strange an unusual covers for records that contain music by the band – rare imports, unusual pressings, and a huge ... Book

Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, & Others

EC Archives – Crime Illustrated (hardcover)
EC, Mid 50s. New Copy
A lost chapter of the legendary EC Comics – and a fantastic magazine that's kind of a mash-up of postwar crime fiction and the gritty comics that EC was putting out in the pre-code years! In a key part of comics history, the Comics Code arrived in late 1954, and drove many of the more adult ... LP, Vinyl record album

Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, & Others

EC Archives – Shock Illustrated (hardcover)
EC/Dark Horse, Early 50s. New Copy
A beautiful look at a rarely-seen side of the EC Comics legacy – pulled together here in a few issues of a magazine the company published after the Comics Code forced them to stop putting out their famous crime and horror comics of the early 50s! The format of the magazine is heavy on the ... LP, Vinyl record album
Reel Art, 2018. New Copy
Beautiful work from the glory days of the adult film – hundreds of posters that were used to publicize erotic cinema – often themselves a masterpiece in erotic aesthetics! Given that most of the posters were outside the theater, open to the public, there's a fair bit of hide and seek, ... Book
Mike Reed, 2019. New Copy
A beautiful book on the Chicago jazz scene, and the things that make it really special – not the Windy City world of years back – when Ramsey Lewis and other big names were dominating things – but Chicago in more recent years, when the city has been a non-stop hotbed of continuous ... Book
MIT Press, 2021. New Copy
A fantastic look at a legendary radio station – and one that, as such, may well also go justice to the overall power of radio in the 70s – as WBCN did a heck of a lot more than just play music over the airwaves! This richly detailed book follows the rise of the important radio station ... Book
Fuel (UK), 2022. New Copy
Sometimes you don't realize you've been holding something great in your hands until you let it go – and for us, that's definitely the case with this beautiful book – a compendium of record store bags from the 20th Century – presented here in vivid images that remind us that the ... Book
1984, 2019. New Copy
A fascinating look at a world of cinema from the last 20 years of the past century – served up in a host of rare newspaper ads that were painstakingly collected by the author! Yet Michael Gingold isn't just some guy who snipped his way through the paper for decades – as he also ... Book
Macmillan, 2022. New Copy
A really well-done book on one of the greatest figures in hip hop during the past few decades – a genius who was taken from us all too soon, and who finally gets the deep attention he deserves in this hefty volume! The book is neither one of those salacious tales of a hip hopper who went too ... Book
Taschen, 2015. New Copy
A super-huge book of classic album covers from the 60s, 70s, and beyond – not just famous images, like the one pictured on the cover – and instead a very thoughtful collection of rock record shots from both the mainstream and the underground, with an especial eye for the kind of ... Book
New York Review Of Books, 2021. New Copy
A fantastic overview of little-seen work – kind of a secret history of black cartoonists on the Chicago scene, presented here in a mixture of images and supporting text! The book was done in collaboration with an exhibit at the MCA in Chicago – but it's much more a comic collection ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2019. New Copy
A tremendous achievement from music writer Aaron Cohen – a book that finally gets at the deeper, richer story of Chicago soul – the spirit of empowerment and pride that have always made us so honored to be part of the Windy City legacy! Cohen picks up where other soul writers have left ... Book
Duke University Press, 2022. New Copy
Maybe the best book so far in the recent run of work from musician/author David Grubbs – a volume that follows a similar pattern to the previous longform works The Voice In The Headphones and Now That The Audience Is Assembled – but one that has a very different vibe overall! The ... Book
Duke University Press, 2021. New Copy
A masterful call for a fresh look at a key side of black artistic creation – the use of the studio in art creation, especially in the blend of words and music that came out of some of the important jazz/poetry experiments from the late 50s through the late 70s! The book mixes theory and ... Book
KMW, 2016. New Copy
Lloyd Ziff has a great eye for the city of New York – one that's presented here in dozens of photographs from the late 60s onward, all offering up a vision for the city that's surprising unified over the decade! At some points, Ziff is a "moment" photographer – capturing a ... Book
KMW, 2016. New Copy
Los Angeles looks completely wonderful here – represented in images that really get at the diverse landscapes in the city, and partly at the vibrant community within! These photographs are maybe more open and spacious than the images that Lloyd Ziff shot in New York city at the same time ... Book
Thomas Dunne, 2018. New Copy
Drummer Kenney Jones finally gets his time in the spotlight – a fantastic force on the drumkit, and maybe one of the few who could replace the late Keith Moon in The Who – not to mention a core element in the great sound of both The Faces and Small Faces, plus some of the early Rod ... Book
Houghton Mifflin, 2016. New Copy
We're ultra-proud to be Chicagoans – and one of the many things that makes is proud is The Chicago Defender – our city's famous African-American newspaper, easily one of the best and most important in a long legacy of progressive 20th Century publications! This very hefty book tells ... Book
Goldmine, 2016. New Copy
An overstuffed edition of the Goldmine Jazz Price Guide – filled with great information! First off – forget the prices in this one, because we hate price guides, and we don't suggest that they actually have any correspondence to the real world – because people buy records at all ... Book
Norton, 2016. New Copy
Italy was hit hard in the postwar years – as you've no doubt seen in the urban landscapes of neo-realist directors from the time – but the city of Rome was one of the first places to really bounce back, and was ablaze with new cultural activity during the 50s! The story of that scene ... Book

Ted Lewis

GBH (hardcover)
Soho, 1980. New Copy
A great lost book from the man who gave the world Get Carter – and like that classic, a seminal bit of British crime from one of the masters of the genre! Ted Lewis doesn't write drawing room mysteries – he writes the kind of gritty, street-sensitive stuff that we love in the films of ... Book
Pantheon, 2017. New Copy
One of the greatest writers on singers presents his essential collection of albums from the 20th century – all served up with the kind of loving detail that's always made the prose of Will Friedwald so great! Will's written the book on Frank Sinatra – literally – and on Tony ... Book
Duke, 2013. New Copy
The future of jazz is now, even if it's in the past – as the editors here bring together a selection of essays that document the forward-thinking movements in jazz from the mid 60s onwards – some of which are only getting full appreciation all these many years later! There's a nice ... Book

Tony Wilson

24 Hour Party People
Channel 4 (UK), 2001. New Copy
If the cover image here looks familiar, it once graced an early 7" single on Factory Records – the legendary label started by the book's author, Tony Wilson! Wilson was not only a musical genius, he was sharper than most – and although his star had fallen a bit by the time of the ... Book
Duke University Press, 2011. New Copy Book
The best (truly – they got this book right) of Roctober gets a classy rock 'n' soul book compilation from Duke University Press – an incredible collection of interviews that were featured over the years in the great DIY magazine over the years! Interviews with musical legends who ... Book
Liveright, 2015. New Copy
A hefty book on the great Otis Redding – one of the best soul singers of all time, even though he left this planet all too soon! Redding's career on record was less than a decade long, but marked by a huge amount of work – not just time in the studio, with the legendary Stax Records ... Book

Max Allan Collins

Skim Deep
Hard Case Crime, 2020. New Copy
A great return to form for the Nolan character by Max Allan Collins – a master international thief who gets the chance to live again in a book that offers up perfect pulp presentation for the story! Like others in the Hard Case Crime series, the book has a way of really getting past the ... Book

Erle Stanley Gardner

Shills Can't Cash Chips
Hard Case Crime, 1961. New Copy
Great work from Perry Mason scribe Erle Stanley Gardner – one of the few books he wrote under the name of AA Fair, and snuck out at a time when his real name was associated with the popular series on TV! The book features the team of male/female detectives Cool & Lam, pursuing plenty of ... Book
Updated May 25, 2022

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