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Books — Recently Added

XA special selection of disc guides and discographies, music history, record art books, graphic novels, and some nicely-priced remainders!

St Martins, 2020. New Copy
There have been plenty of Prince books written over the years, but Neal Karlen was the journalist that the singer first let get really close to him in his early days – a status that really comes through here in the details of the book! As the title indicates, the volume is more about the ... Book

Renee Hytry Derrington

Formica Forever
Metropolis, 2013. New Copy
Formica may seem like an everyday surface to some – but at the time of its creation, it was a pretty revolutionary development – one that allowed household and business spaces to step free from longer-term care – giving the workers and residents lots more time to pursue their ... Book
Fuel (UK), 2024. New Copy
A crazy idea for a book, but a great one too – and maybe the coolest so far from Jonny Trunk, the man who's given us lots of visual pleasure with his volumes on record store bags, candy bar wrappers, and automobile advertisements! This really beautiful book features four decades' worth of ... Book
Lansdowne (UK), 2024. New Copy
A stunning book – even more amazing than we were expecting, and we were really expecting a lot! This is a heavy, hardcover, full color volume that takes a deep dig into the world of British jazz during some crucial modern years – presented with oversized images throughout, in the ... Book
Thames & Hudson, 2017. New Copy
A beautiful book of images – not just for record lovers, but for all fans of sonic delights – as the author starts from the earliest days of recorded sound, then moves up through decades of representation – following images of record players, radios, cassette tapes, albums, 78 ... Book

Adam White with Barney Ales

Motown – Sound Of Young America
Thames & Hudson, 2016. New Copy
A gorgeous visual celebration of the legacy of Motown – a huge full-color book that features rare photographs, magazine ads, record jackets, labels, and lots lots more – all presented with a history of the label as well! And yes, there have been plenty of books written about the ... Book
Thames & Hudson, 2014. New Copy
A nicely global look at the history of comics over the past 50 years – one that assumes from the start that the graphic medium is a worldwide one, which allows the authors to quickly move past overdone coverage of American giants from the time! The book begins in 1968 – a time when ... Book
Grove Press, 2020. New Copy
We're not normally ones to stock urban fire books here at Dusty Groove – but as you probably know, our hometown is Chicago, a city with a pretty incredible history – part of which is a fantastic fire that burned the whole place to the ground back in the 19th century! This huge book ... Book
Grove Music, 2021. New Copy
BB King is a blues musician with a much richer story than most – one that's captured here in very vivid detail by the author, as he mixes together a wealth of historical research with quotations from interviews and other materials too – all of which really makes the long journey of BB ... Book
Black Cat, 2005. New Copy
The story of Guided By Voices – a group who labored in the American underground for quite some time before finding big fame – a story that makes the group's success far more interesting than most! The book details all the work and time that Robert Pollard put into getting the group ... Book

Chan Ho Kei

Black Cat, 2014. New Copy
Chinese detective fiction, but with a fascinating twist – a series of separate, but related crime stories – all involving a single detective – presented in reverse order from the present to the past! Written that way, the story takes on a completely different perspective than in ... Book
Secret History, 2023. New Copy
The lovely Jane Birkin is maybe most famous for her late 60s duets with Serge Gainsbourg, but the singer's also got a huge legacy of great music as well – both with Serge and on her own! Author Gary Simons digs deep into the long legacy of Jane Birkin's recordings – from those late ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2012. New Copy
A fantastic collection of images from Times Square, pulled from the years before Disney took over – at a time when the action moved 24 hours a day, and at a non-stop pace! Bill Butterworth was right on the streets during the early 80s – and presents stunning full color shots of a range ... Book
Gingko Press, 2013. New Copy
Think you know hip hop records? Think again – because if you only know the commercially released and vocal versions of the material, then you only know half the story – because among true collectors, the instrumental wax can be even more in-demand! This book opens up that secret world ... Book
Little Brown, 2019. New Copy
The title's a reference to one of the greatest hits of Booker T & The MGs, the legendary Memphis group that featured Booker T himself on organ – a hell of a player, and an individual with a much longer legacy than just his early recordings for Stax Records! Booker has roots that go way ... Book
Random House, 2021. New Copy
John Lurie rose to fame from the New York scene of the late 70s – soon to become a world-class musician, actor, and even TV personality – but definitely someone who spent time in the trenches, and earned his stripes along the way! The book is written in very honest, down to earth ... Book
Faber, 2021. New Copy
Paul Morley wrote famously for the NME during the key years of punk, post-punk, and new wave – which makes him very able to draw a rich portrait here of contemporary and scenemate Tony Wilson – the man behind Factory Records, The Hacienda club, and a huge legacy of music in the 80s and ... Book
Cicada, 2017. New Copy
An unusual little book – one that's partly an instruction guide, but also a great look at the power of posters in the 20th century – filled with historical examples that are used alongside the oversized pages on instruction! The text within is relatively loose and open – ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy
An amazing collection of 40s and 50s jazz drawings by Gene Deitch – the complete anthology of his work for legendary jazz magazine Record Changer! Gene was an amazing artist and cartoonist, whose work helped solidify the legacies of some of the most famous cartoon characters in the American ... Book
Ten Speed Press, 2020. New Copy
A biography of one of the key creators in comics in the 20th Century – done in the format that he helped pioneer! The book is written in the first person – so more of an autobiography – although writer Tom Scioli provides all the words, and traces Kirby's evolution from a young ... Book
Pennsylvania State University, 2014. New Copy
Part one of a massive two volume set that looks at the growth and change in African American sacred music from the Civil War onwards – shifts that occurred for years before the music became to be known as gospel, but with an ear towards all those elements that would really come to the ... Book
Faber & Faber (UK), 2020. New Copy
The music of Robert Wyatt often comes across with a surprisingly poetic quality – one that finally gets its due here in a well-presented book that mixes words from his songs with images and other writings – most done in collaboration with Wyatt's longtime creative partner Alfie Benge! ... Book
Harper, 2015. New Copy
Some of the earliest work ever written by Elmore Leonard – a range of short stories from the 50s, some of which were even created while Leonard was working in the advertising business! The later Leonard style is definitely in effect here, but the stories are also shorter, more focused, and ... Book
Repeat, 2021. New Copy
Witer Kit Mackintosh begins with the use of auto-tune in the first decade of this century, the uses that as a springboard to look at a the underground genres listed in the title! Kit's trying very hard to be current, and add in a chapter of musical history that's sometimes overlooked by more rock ... Book
Black Lizard Books, 1954. New Copy
A great bit of noir from the legendary David Goodis – a lesser-known gem that was penned in the 50s, and delivers the kind of tight, stark story that makes Goodis so great! The tale follows a down-and-out character who's not really a thug at heart – trying to get back in the green with ... Book
Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2021. New Copy
An incredible package – one that brings together four rare publications by Sun Ra – printed words that are every bit as groundbreaking as his music – and which together represent the farther-flung corners of his vast cultural enterprise! The set represents each of the texts in ... Book
Fuel Design (UK), 2005. New Copy
An incredible guide to sound library music around the world – one that features artwork from countless different labels, and brief notes on their history and output! The package is quite unique – not really a discography, not really an art book – but kind of a mix of both – ... Book

Ahmed Abdullah with Louis Reyes Rivera

Strange Celestial Road – My Time In The Sun Ra Arkestra
Blank Forms, 2023. New Copy Book
Trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah has made some great music of his own, but over the years he was also a key player in the legendary Arkestra of Sun Ra – and this unique volume is maybe one of the first books ever to really get at what life was like as a member of that legendary ensemble! The book is ... Book
Stephen Guarnori (UK), 2023. New Copy
An insanely fantastic book on one of our favorite record labels of all time – the All Platinum family of labels from the New Jersey scene of the late 60s/early 70s – a precursor to the later Sugar Hill hip hop empire, and home to The Moments, Whatnauts, and countless other great groups! ... Book
Reel Art, 2018. New Copy
Beautiful posters from a huge legacy in film – 100 years' worth of images that were used to promote black cinema – with entries that run from the early silent era, through unusual mid-century material, 70s blacksploitation movies, and both mainstream and indie films from later decades! ... Book
Steidl (Germany), 2023. New Copy
The biggest book we've ever seen to focus on the photography of Jamel Shabazz – a Brooklyn photographer who was out on the streets in the glory days of the old school – famous for his work capturing key sides of the early hip hop scene, and plenty of other New York culture as well! The ... Book
Thames & Hudson, 2022. New Copy
You may not know the name of Barney Bubbles, but you're likely to have seen his artwork – important images that graced key records in the post-punk years – vinyl from Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Devo, Hawkwind, and dozens of others – all presented here in very vivid color! Bubbles ... Book
Thames & Hudson, 2022. New Copy
One of the most lavish, loving books on hip hop that we've ever seen – a huge volume that manages to be a history of rap music, a photo book, a guide to key albums, and also a personal journey as well – all served up with a vivid, non-stop array of images that make the whole thing even ... Book
Rittor (Japan), 2015. New Copy
One of the most essential discographies we've ever seen – mostly because we own almost none of the records in the book, which makes it an essential volume to use for digging in the crates! This time around, the folks at Rittor – who've given us other great record books over the years ... Book

Kevin Strait, Kinshasha Holman Conwill & Others

Afrofuturism – A History of Black Futures
Smithsonian, 2024. New Copy
A hefty paper presentation of the fantastic Smithsonian exhibit of the same name – filled with images from the important showcase at the Museum Of African American History & Culture – and balanced with new essays penned for the book! The book is filled with striking images ... Book
Duke University Press, 2023. New Copy
A well done book about the continuing importance of soul and R&B in black culture over the decades – one that begins its journey in the 70s, and moves right up to the present with a key chapter on the music in the post-George Floyd landscape in America! Author Alexander Ghedi Weheliye ... Book
Feral House, 2021. New Copy
About 30 years back, Joseph Lanza first turned us on to an amazing array of 60s easy listening records that we'd never fully given their due – and here, he continues the journey, but with a key shift into the world of psychedelia too! The book is a wonderful look at the way that easy ... Book

Terry Burrows & Daniel Miller

Mute – A Visual Document
Thames & Hudson, 2017. New Copy
Mute Records was one of the most striking British labels of the post-punk years – second maybe only to Factory Records for the way it mixed art and design to package modern music – a legacy that began with the label's very first 45, and continued through countless great albums and ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy
A beautiful treatise on the lasting power of classic soul music – yet a book that also goes way beyond the simple readings and overdone cliches that are often attached to accounts of the music! Instead, author Emily J Lordi looks at not just the source recordings, but also the evolving ... Book
Duke University Press, 2024. New Copy
A really no-holds-barred look at contemporary hip hop – one that focuses on the way the music continually deals with topics of death, and in a way that's very different than more mainstream concepts that would be found in white America. The author uses Afropessimism and black moralism to ... Book
Duke University Press, 2024. New Copy
A great look at a format that was very near and dear to our hearts back in the day – especially in the pre-digital world, when the cassette tape was the easiest way to circulate music! As you can guess from the title, the author takes this topic and really runs with it – showing how ... Book
Almighty & Insane Books, 2020. New Copy
The secret history of Chicago house music – a side of the scene that's even more obscure than its many rare records or long-departed clubs! The book is a fantastic follow up to the first volume – and like that one, features rare flyers, posters, and ads for some of the underground ... Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2024. New Copy
This issue's got a special feature on unusual and noteworthy jazz record covers – served up by a host of different critics, who each pick three different records that are represented by small black and white images, along with label, artist, and title in English – and a longer essay in ... Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2018. New Copy
An issue that definitely delivers on its promise of great hard bop records – as it offers up a visual discography of classic albums in the format – plenty of Blue Note gems, plus some overlooked records too – all with images of the covers in black and white, details in English, ... Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2019. New Copy
There's a big discography of postwar jazz from the west coast scene inside – including classic records like the Gerry Mulligan 10" LP pictured on the cover, and lots more unusual and obscure albums too! The issue serves things up in Japanese "disc guide" format – with a ... Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2021. New Copy
That's the great bassist Charles Mingus on the cover – and this issue of Jazz Critique acts as a mini-discography of some of his greatest recording sessions – with listings of dozens of key albums, including sideman sessions, rare live material, and other gems that work together to ... Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2021. New Copy
The cover image features a classic quartet date from trumpeter Blue Mitchell – and the issue looks at important records in a similar format – all of which feature either a saxophonist, trumpeter, or trombonist with a rhythm trio for backing! The issue follows the Jazz Critique mode and ... Book
Faber & Faber (UK), 2019. New Copy
A mighty hefty book – but that's maybe no surprise, as it contains the collected lyrics of the great Lou Reed – from his early years with The Velvet Underground, through his decades of standout solo material! Reed picked up some unique diction during his solo career, but the book is ... Book
MIT Press, 2007. New Copy
A career-spanning retrospective of the photographic side of Chris Marker – an artist who's probably better-known for his work in film, such as the seminal La Jetee – a movie that is really just a set of photographs too! The title gives away part of the approach here – as a good ... Book

Gregor Muir & Yilmaz Dziewior ed

Andy Warhol (paperback)
Tate (UK), 2020. New Copy
Way more than just another art book on the creations of Andy Warhol – although there are plenty of those inside, too – as the large volume is part of an exhibition at the Tate in London, which looked not just as Warhol's artwork, but also his past, his ties to the larger scene, and some ... Book
Updated April 14, 2024

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