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X"Wax Poetics, Wire, Mojo, Uncut, Oxford American, Ugly Thngs, Shindig, and other publications you won't find at your local newstand! "

Wire, 2017. New Copy
That's the great Nicole Mitchell on the cover – one of our hometown heroes in Chicago, and one of the few jazz musicians who've really been able to push the agenda of the AACM forward in the 21st Century! Mitchell's music continues to develop in wonderful ways over the years – and the ... Magazine
Issue 1
Kicks, 1979. New Copy
The first issue of one of our favorite music magazines of all time – the legendary Kicks, a publication that was years ahead of its time when it first hit the racks in 1979! Kicks is an important precursor to current magazines like Mojo, Flashback, Ugly Things, and Shindig – and like ... Magazine
University Of Central Arkansas, 2017. New Copy
The coming of summer opens up the south as a territory for some of the greatest road trips you'll ever take in your life – and this issue really covers a lot of territory through fiction, poetry, and prose! As always with Oxford American, the writing is excellent – and the balance of ... Magazine
Issue No 120
Echoes Of The Past, 2017. New Copy
Always-great work from the magazine that goes deeper than most – and maybe one of the few publications that's truly dedicated to collectors of rare group singles from the 60s! This issue features articles on Vito & The Salutations, Philly soul group The Twilights, and singer Danny Ugarte ... Magazine
Mojo, 2017. New Copy
This issue looks back at the way that U2 took America by storm on the Joshua Tree tour – and also features a nice look at Byrd-man Roger McGuinn, plus articles on the Rolling Stones In The South, The Last Poets Vs The KKK, and the legend behind Ziggy Stardust – plus lots more too, ... Magazine
Issue 464 – March 2017
Record Collector, 2017. New Copy
A young, fresh-faced Emerson Lake & Palmer are on the cover – and this issue is packed with loads of great pieces – including a previously unpublished interview with Wilson Pickett, Status Quo, the story behind a super 60s Brit jazz rarity by Don Rendell and tons more! Loads of ... Magazine
Wax Poetics, 2015. New Copy
Wax Poetics is pulling out a big talent roster this time around – covers with Raury and Gary Clark Jr – and inside articles on Leon Bridges, Boz Scaggs, Marilyn McLeod, Kamasi Washington, Onra, John Simon, and others! As usual, the coverage is as eclectic as the artists included – ... Magazine
Ugly Things, 2017. New Copy
A huge amount of content from a magazine that we can always trust to blow our minds about sounds from the 60s – one of the few publications to really dig deep into the farthest reaches of the hinterlands – often going past the kind of heavy information that you'd get from the best sort ... Magazine
Issue 61
Shindig, 2016. New Copy
The great Tim Buckley may have left our planet decades ago – but he's alive and well here in a cover feature that looks at his never-ending influence over the years, and some great releases of unheard music too! The issue's also got big articles on Lee Hazlewood, Syd Barrett, Steve Hillage, ... Magazine
Wax Poetics, 2016. New Copy
Wax Poetics looks back at the legacy of Yo! Mtv Raps – the pioneering video show that made huge strides in bringing hip hop from the inner cities to the masses back in the day – plus a back cover feature on The Intenret – who've grown in just a few short years from Odd Future ... Magazine
Updated June 23, 2017

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