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X Record bags, tote bags, canvas bags, reusable bags, and more -- most with the Dusty Groove logo -- plus some other surprise gifts too!

Dusty Groove Gear, 2016. New Item
A brilliant update of the Dusty Groove tote bag – one that's super-big, super-wide, and able to carry a few dozen albums or CDs at once! With a flat bottom you can spread the gusset wide, and slide in whatever you've got to carry – and while the overall design is somewhat lightweight ... Bag
Dusty Groove Gear, 2015. New Item
The ultimate bag for shopping for records – one that's big enough to handle dozens of pieces of vinyl – yet small enough to fold away easily! The bag is 100% cotton, all natural, with a Dusty Groove logo on one side, and text on the other – and it's got a very full, wide gusset ... Bag
Peoples Potential, 2016. New Item
A sweet little shoulder bag for holding your 12" singles and albums – strong enough to tote around 20 to 30 pieces of vinyl, yet lean enough to fold up and stash away when you're not using it! The bag's made of nylon, and is nicely stitched – with reinforcement on the seams, and a ... Bag
Updated March 23, 2017

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