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X Record bags, tote bags, canvas bags, reusable bags, and more -- most with the Dusty Groove logo -- plus some other surprise gifts too!

Dusty Groove Gear, 2015. New Item
The ultimate bag for shopping for records – one that's big enough to handle dozens of pieces of vinyl – yet small enough to fold away easily! The bag is 100% cotton, all natural, with a Dusty Groove logo on one side, and text on the other – and it's got a very full, wide gusset ... Bag
Dusty Groove Gear, 2016. New Item
A lean little bag for toting around town – smaller than the usual grocery-styled bags, and perfect for just bringing a few small things from point A to point B! The bag's square, and actually big enough to carry a few records – but it's also nice and light, easy to stash in a pocket, ... Bag
Updated December 12, 2017

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