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Blues — Recently Added

XOur Chicago roots run deep here, with plenty of postwar Chicago blues -- plus delta blues, folk blues, electric blues, pre-war blues, and more!

John Lee Hooker

Urban Blues
Bluesway/BGO (UK), 1967. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.99
A fantastic late 60s set from John Lee Hooker – one that has the legend working in a mode that echoes some of the funkier soul styles of the time, but with a vibe that's still very much in the best spirit of his classic work! The groove is slightly amped up by the electric bass of Eddie ... CD

Howlin Wolf

Change My Way
Chess/Traffic, Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy
CD...$6.99 14.98
Almost a decade's worth of great work from Howlin Wolf – late 50s and early 60s recordings done for Chess Records in Chicago, nicely packaged up here in an archival series album with full notes on the sessions and music! Nearly all tracks are originals by Wolf – aka Chester Burnett ... CD

Big Joe Williams

Piney Woods Blues
Delmark, 1958. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
The first-ever full length album from Big Joe Williams, despite a much longer legacy as a blues singer in the south – captured in a few different intimate settings in St Louis by the then-fledgling Delmark Records! The approach is very lean, of the sort that made the record a key statement ... CD

Big Joe Williams

Blues On Highway 49
Delmark, 1961. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Blues recorded in St Louis, but with a sound that's much more rural overall – maybe no surprise, given the countless travel by Big Joe Williams on the highways of the south! The setting is lean enough to be recorded out in the field – Big Joe on these wonderfully expressive vocals and ... CD
Delmark, 1962. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Piano blues from the legendary Curtis Jones – a Texas player who first rose to fame in the late 30s, and who here still has a way with the keys and a vocal style that nobody else can touch! It's a bit hard to put the distinctness of Jones in words, but it definitely comes through on the ... CD
Delmark, Late 60s. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
They don't call Jimmy Dawkins "fast fingers" for nothing – and the first few minutes of the record are definitely testament to his mighty power on the guitar! The instrument is electric, and recorded with this sense of powerful echo that easily has Dawkins blowing away some of the ... CD
Delmark, 1974. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Junior Wells was already a rising star when he cut this album for Delmark in the mid 70s – but the session's got a great back to basics vibe, one that's dedicated to Junior's home turf at Theresa's Tavern on the south side! The groove is great – with twin guitar work, by Sammy Lawhorn ... CD

Junior Wells

Blues Hit Big Town
Delmark, 1953/1954. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Some of the first recordings ever from Chicago legend Junior Wells – made for the small States label in the Windy City, many years before Wells exploded out with much greater national fame! The music here has Junior stepping into the same early electric space that Chess Records was cutting ... CD

Sleepy John Estes

Legend Of Sleepy John Estes
Delmark, 1962. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
A key record in the establishment of Delmark Records as a powerhouse in blues – a session that began as something of an expedition to find the near-lost Sleepy John Estes – who was brought to the studio to record this really well-done comeback set in 1962! Although Delmark's best known ... CD
Delmark, 1964. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Sleepy John Estes was rediscovered in 1962, and made a key journey to Europe a few years later – captured here with a lean sound that's maybe even more haunting than some of his famous early records! The set just features Estes on guitar and vocals, with Hammie Nixon on harmonica and jug ... CD
Delmark, 1962. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Fantastic material captured during the moment of Sleepy John Estes' rediscovery in 1962 – a session that mostly has Sleepy on vocals and guitar, with just a bit of additional support on a few tracks! The approach is perfect for Estes – easing him back into recording at a level that's ... CD
Pearl Records/Delmark, Early 50s. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Overlooked work from the Chicago blues scene of the postwar years – great material from an important early electric player – but one who never got the large exposure of some of his contemporaries on Chess Records! And yet, back in the day Robert Nighthawk was as important to the ... CD

Magic Sam

Magic Sam Legacy
Delmark, 1967/1968. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Never-issued material from the sessions for two classic Magic Sam albums – Black Magic and West Side Soul – not alternate tracks or demos, but really great material that stands strongly here as an album on its own! If you know those records, you'll now the raw power here – that ... CD

Stan Mosley

No Soul No Blues
P-Vine (Japan), 2022. New Copy
The title's not right – as there's plenty of soul and plenty of blues throughout – just the sort of thing we'd expect from Stan Mosley's long legacy of indie recordings from the contemporary underground! We first started hearing Stan's music on the Malaco label at the end of the 90s ... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, 1965. New Copy (reissue)
A great return to recording for Son House – a musician who'd stopped playing the guitar in the postwar years, but rose again to fame during the great folk blues revival of the 60s! The style here is every bit as classic as some of Son's earliest music – just recorded a lot better, too ... LP, Vinyl record album

Lightnin Hopkins

Great Electric Show & Dance
Jewel, 1969. New Copy (reissue)
Classic blues from Lightnin Hopkins – a set that's far rootsier than you might expect from the "electric show" in the title! Hopkins plays mostly acoustic guitar here – and sings with very spare backing overall – just a bit of keyboards, bass, and drums, plus some ... LP, Vinyl record album

Magic Sam

Give Me Time
Delmark, 1968. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
Incredible rare work from Magic Sam – a set recorded at his home in Chicago during the late 60s, and which has Sam coming across maybe more like a soul singer than ever before! The setting is very lean – just Sam on electric guitar and vocals – and it's that laidback approach ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), Late 60s. New Copy
CD...$4.99 19.99
BB King at his late 60s best – working here in the company of producers Johnny Pate and Quincy Jones, and serving up a great blend of blues and soul in the process! The set's less a "best of", than a collection of ABC work that doesn't seem to be on the other full albums of the ... CD

Champion Jack Dupree

Sings The Blues
King/Gusto, Early 50s. New Copy
Early King Records material by Champion Jack Dupree – a hell of a pianist, and a heck of a great singer too – working almost as a raconteur on some of the best songs on this collection! The music has deep roots in New Orleans, where Jack must have really honed his piano skills – ... CD
Colemine/Remined, 1969. New Copy Gatefold
Raw funky blues from the Cleveland scene – unreleased recordings from the obscure singer Fred Davis, who hardly ever set his music to wax back in the day! The album's got a gritty blend of blues inflections and soulful expressions – similar to some of the hippest west side work from ... LP, Vinyl record album
Vee Jay/Craft, 1962. New Copy (reissue)
A set that's maybe not the first record from the great John Lee Hooker – but one that definitely helped push him over the top, and forever cement his place in the legend of 20th Century blues! The vibe here is a bit different than some of Hooker's earlier, rawer material – as he gets ... LP, Vinyl record album

Muddy Waters

After The Rain
Cadet/Get On Down, 1969. New Copy (reissue)
A gem of a record from the funk-heavy period of Muddy Waters – a moment that once made the traditional blues fans mad, but which has gone onto become the stuff of legend – thanks to a real criss-crossing of Chicago talents in the studio! The set was co-produced by Chess Records talents ... LP, Vinyl record album
Kent/Ace (UK), Late 60s. New Copy
Fantastic west coast blues from the 60s, none of issued at the time – collected together here in a set that really shows the continuing evolution of the sound of LA! During the 60s, the city's blues took on some of the transformations that were happing in Chicago – with similar roots ... CD
Herald/P-Vine (Japan), 1954. New Copy (reissue)
A rare follow-up to the famous album that Lightnin Hopkins recorded for the Herald label in the mid 50s – all the other tracks he cut for the company at the time, brought together as a record for the first time ever! The sound is wonderfully raw – that wickedly spare style that always ... LP, Vinyl record album
Cadet/Anagram, 1968. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)
A really fantastic chapter in the career of the great Muddy Waters – a set that was initially dismissed as "inauthentic", but which has gone on to much-deserved fame over the years! Part of the genius here is the great Charles Stepney – that hip Chicago arranger who did so ... LP, Vinyl record album
Shelter/Elemental (Spain), 1971. New Copy (reissue)
A pivotal album in the career of the great Freddie King – his first in a set of records done for the Shelter label in the early 70s – and the kind of material that catapulted King from the underground to superstardom! The label was a project of Leon Russell, who produced the set with ... LP, Vinyl record album
Shelter/Elemental (Spain), 1972. New Copy (reissue)
Freddie King first rose to prominence in the 60s as a hell of a guitarist with a penchant for searing licks – but 70s records like this really put him over the top as a vocalist too! The set was done for Leon Russell's Shelter label – and Russell produced and plays piano and organ on ... LP, Vinyl record album
Craft, 2023. New Copy 2CD
A nicely rootsy set – one that mixes vintage work with new material done in a similar mode – all at a level that criss-crosses between rural blues, trad jazz, and a range of other older styles! The package is maybe less a full compendium of the roots of black music than it is a set ... CD
Fat Possum, 1964. New Copy
One of the most legendary bluesmen of the early 78rpm generation – heard here in a wonderfully-recorded set from 1964! The session came at a time when Skip James was hardly getting any mainstream attention, but had been rediscovered by a younger generation – which led to the fledgling ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fat Possum, 1969/1971. New Copy
Rare work from the legendary Honeyboy Edwards – a blues guitarist who was a key force in helping the music make the transition to an electric mode in the 40s – but an artist whose talents were eclipsed by so many others he worked with at the time! This set's got a real back-to-basics ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fat Possum, 1964. New Copy
Rare recordings of delta blues legend Mississippi John Hurt – captured solo and beautifully well on 3 dates in late 1964, recorded by Gene Rosenthal – with Hurt's distinctive way of a somehow gentle melodic acoustic blues guitar sound, coming from hard-strummed and plucked strings as ... LP, Vinyl record album

Percy Mayfield

Walking On A Tightrope
Brunswick/Demon (UK), Late 60s. New Copy (reissue)
Great work from R&B legend Percy Mayfield – one of the singer's most obscure sessions, and really more of a soul record overall! The album was done for Brunswick at the end of the 60s – and has lots of work from Chicago soul arrangers like Johnny Cameron and Willie Henderson – ... LP, Vinyl record album
Fat Possum, 1962/1967. New Copy (reissue)
Fantastic recordings of the legendary Furry Lewis – a musician who may be pictured in a bathrobe on the front cover, but who comes across with all the sharp edges and bold tones of his classic work! The material is part of that legendary George Mitchell series of blues recordings, and may ... LP, Vinyl record album
Mississippi, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy
Folk soul guitar player, singer, songwriter, storyteller and genuine character Abner Jay's brilliant home recordings – the first release of his "terrible comedy blues" in far too long – courtesy of the always deep digging Mississippi label! Abner takes on the topical issues ... LP, Vinyl record album
Big Town/P-Vine (Japan), 1978. New Copy
A bit later than some of Lowell Fulsom's funk work for Kent Records – but a set that's almost more vintage overall! The album's recorded for the short-lived Big Town imprint – a late 70s venue that took older R&B artists back to the sounds of a few decades before – never too ... CD
Kent/P-Vine (Japan), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy
A great document of the early genius of BB King – a set that brings together material recorded just over the space of a decade for the RPM/Kent label in LA – the company who gave BB a wonderful showcase in the years before he hopped over to a larger label and bigger fame! The material ... CD

Elmore James

Find My Baby
Flair/P-Vine (Japan), Mid 50s. New Copy
Seminal sounds from Elmore James – a cool collection that brings together material recorded in California, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Chicago – all with an amazing focus on Elmore's stunning talents on electric guitar! The music here mixes sides that have tight band backing with ... CD

Lightnin Hopkins

Jake Head Boogie
P-Vine (Japan), Late 40s/1960/1968. New Copy
A really well-done collection, and one that gets right to the heart of the genius of the great Lightnin Hopkins – bringing together key early recordings that were issued on the Modern/RPM label, plus seminal sides for Fire Records at the start of the 60s – and even a few rare later ... CD

Memphis Slim

Memphis Slim Rocks
Bear Family (Germany), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy
A package that definitely lives up to the title – as it presents the hardest-wailing work recorded by Memphis Slim in the postwar years – including plenty of cuts that were a huge influence on early rock and roll, and many that have him in more of an R&B mode than usua! Slim's ... CD

Joe Turner

Boss Is Back
Sunset Blvd, Late 40s/Early 50s. New Copy 2CD
A very hip collection of work from the great Joe Turner – material that hasn't been easily issued elsewhere, and which fills in a key chapter of Joe's career! CD1 features vintage material, and is heavy on work from the postwar years, but before Turner rose to a second wave of fame on ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), Late 70s. New Copy
70s BB King back to back – two full albums in one set! Midnight Believer is one of the most tightly-produced of BB King's albums for MCA, but a set that's still filled with undeniable charm – and which really shows King more than able to step up to some well-deserved superstardom! ... CD
Checker, 1960. New Copy (reissue)
Have guitar, will travel – and back in the day, Bo Diddley was going pretty darn far with great material like this! The album's a real standout, even in the classic Chess catalog of the early years –no filler, no covers, just all original material by Bo Diddley – done in that ... LP, Vinyl record album

Smokey Smothers with Freddy King

Smokey Smothers Sings Back Porch Blues
King/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy
CD...$9.99 18.99
A Chicago blues gem – and some of the rarest material issued by King Records in the 60s – very gritty, earthy blues from singer Smokey Smothers – who gets plenty of help in the studio from a young Freddy King! Smothers has this raspy, almost casual style of singing – one ... CD

John Lee Hooker

Sittin Here Thinkin
Muse, Late 50s. New Copy (reissue)
Great gritty sides from the mighty John Lee Hooker – material with a slightly obscure origin, but recorded in the late 50s, right in a stretch when he was cutting some of his classics! Hooker's guitar and vocals are center stage – both growling with a hell of a lot of soulful power ... LP, Vinyl record album
Flying Dutchman/Ace (UK), 1969. New Copy
CD...$8.99 14.99
A sweet funky set from the mighty T-Bone Walker – a record that still includes loads of his wickedly sharp guitar lines, but which also gives him a tight groove with electric bass and great drums from the legendary Paul Humphrey! The bottom end here kicks as much as Walker's work on the top ... CD

John Lee Hooker

On The Waterfront
Wand/Gusto, Late 60s. New Copy
A really unique album from the great John Lee Hooker – done for the mostly-soul Wand Records label, and with a feel that's quite different than some of Hooker's other records! There's a distinctly jazzy undercurrent running through the record at times – sometimes with some moody, ... CD
Black & Blue/Delmark, 1968. New Copy
CD...$6.99 12.99
A really unusual setting for the legendary T Bone Walker – one of those fantastic records he made while hanging out on the French scene in the late 60s and early 70s – a time when he was able to work in a crossroads of styles that really opened up his sound! That's definitely the case ... CD
MCA/BGO (UK), 1965. New Copy
CD...$5.99 19.99
An excellent set by BB King – one of his best from the 60s, and a smoking live set recorded at Chicago's legendary Regal Theatre! The enthusiasm at the venue shows that BB's Memphis-honed style is a perfect fit for the electrified Chicago sound of the 60s – and the recording really ... CD

BB King

ABC/BGO (UK), 1968. New Copy
CD...$5.99 19.99
One of the first records to feature BB King's famous guitar, Lucille, in the spotlight – an instrument he'd played for years, but which took on legendary status over the decades! The guitar's handled perfectly here by King – with a tone that still holds on to all the gritty edges of ... CD
Chess/Traffic, 1950s/1960s. New Copy
CD...$4.99 14.98
A late 60s album on Chess Records – but one that serves to bring together all the best early work that Muddy Waters did for the label – including lots of original 45s and 78s! The range of music is really wonderful – the kind of tracks that first got Waters noticed in the first ... CD
Updated June 01, 2023

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