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Turntables & Supplies — Recently Added

XVinyl cleaning products, CD sleeves, LP sleeves, and 45 sleeves -- plus LP jackets and record bags too!

Otona No Kagaku

Toy Record Maker
Otona No Kagaku (Japan), 2020. New Item
Maybe one of the coolest things we've ever stocked here at Dusty Groove – a totally cool record making machine – one that has a lathe-like process that actually lets you cut your own records! The machine also doubles as a small turntable – so you can also play 7" singles if ... Turntable
Stokyo (Japan), 2011. New Item
Very very cool! If you've never seen this baby before – either as the Soundwagon from the 70s, or as the Vinyl Killer from the 90s – here's the scoop: It's a cool little Hot Wheels-type van that actually drives around your record and plays music out of a self-contained speaker! It's ... Turntable
New Item
A crucial piece of plastic that you'll treasure for years! This 45 adapter may be tiny, but it provides a key function when you're out spinning in clubs – as it easily allows you to slide 45s on and off a conventional turntable, thanks to its unique cone-shaped top! The adapter fits on the ... Misc

Record Cleaning Sponge

Record Cleaning Sponge – 2 pack
New Item
A super-absorbent sponge that's great for cleaning records – made of viscose, and highly absorbent – and wrapped in a lint-free cloth that keeps away the dust! The sponge is a great one for wiping down dirty records – and it's machine washable too, so you can throw it in the wash ... Record Care
Misc, New Item
Nice high gloss cardboard sleeves for those LPs and 12"s whose covers have been lost or damaged along the way! Record Care

45 Paper Sleeves

100 Paper 45 Sleeves
Misc, New Item
A bag of 100 regular weight 7" paper sleeves, the same as we use around here! Square, white paper, hole in the middle – just right for rewrapping your funky 45s! Record Care

LP Paper Sleeves

100 Paper LP Inner Sleeves
Dusty Groove, New Item
A well-made, nice and heavy LP paper sleeve – rock-solid, and ready to use to replace your old dirty inner sleeves! We change our sleeves for just about all the used records we handle here at Dusty Groove, and these are the ones we use – a great way to keep a clean record staying clean ... Record Care

45 Plastic Sleeves

100 2.5mil Plastic 45 Sleeves
New Item
These are the same style we use for our 45s here at Dusty Groove! The sleeves measure 7.5" x 7.25", with no flap – and are perfect for protecting those rare ol' 45s! Record Care

LP Plastic Sleeves

100 Plastic LP Sleeves 3mil
Misc, New Item
These are the same style of sleeve we use for all our LPs here at Dusty Groove! The sleeves measure 12.75" x 12.75" – and they'll protect all your LPs from getting scuffed up covers when sliding them in out out of your shelves or crates! Heavy to ship, but worth the price if you ... Record Care
Dusty Groove, New Item
A lean, clean inner record sleeve – one that will fit in the tightest of record covers, and can even slip inside most printed inner sleeves too – able to serve as an extra layer of security for keeping your vinyl safe! These sleeves are made of high density polyethylene, and have a ... Record Care
Updated May 28, 2024

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