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Spoken Word — Recently Added

XSpoken word -- plus sports records and even some Folkways oddities!

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Marshall McLuhan/Jerome Agel

Medium Is The Massage
Columbia/Five Day Weekend, 1967. New Copy Gatefold
CD...$6.99 17.98
A real mind-trip – and an incredible document of the times – not just ideas floating around in the late 60s, but also new ways of making records too! The album is loosely based around ideas and writings from The Medium Is The Massage – McLuhan's important 1967 book, co-written ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), Late 90s/2000s. New Copy 3CD
CD...$8.99 29.99
Maybe not our usual bag – and we'll be honest, we mistook the general concept for the album – but if you speak French, and you're interested in contemporary art, there's plenty to love in this 3CD set! The set features interviews and discussions with a number of contemporary artists ... CD
Folkways/Fantome Phonographique (Italy), 1964. New Copy (reissue)
A fascinating little record – and one of the oddest releases ever issued by Folkways Records! The set is exactly what it promises in the title – human speech, but after the voice box has been removed from an individual – so that vocalizations have to take the form of noises and ... LP, Vinyl record album
Omni (Australia), 1960s/Early 70s. New Copy
Completely bizarre work from Brother Theodore – a strange postwar cultural figure who'd arrived in the US from a rescue of the holocaust hellhole of Dachau, then reinvented himself as an offbeat actor and monologist! Theodore's got a very strange voice, one that's partly inflected by his ... CD
Folkways, 1955. New Copy
Great work from Tony Schwartz – one of the most compelling artists to ever record for the Folkways Records label, and almost more of a filmmaker than anything else! The set's a compelling audio documentary on the new and growing community of Puerto Rican residents in New York – ... CD

Tony Schwartz

New York 19
Folkways, Mid 50s. New Copy
A very cool document of New York in the 50s! Tony Schwartz turns the Folkways ethnographic microphone to the streets of the city – and comes up with amazing sounds and audio documents of life in the Big Apple – specifically, all material recorded in postal zone 19 – hence the ... CD
Folkways, 1957. New Copy
A vivid audio document of New York City in the late 50s – put together by creative sound recorder Tony Schwartz! The set's one of a few amazing albums put together by Schwartz – who spent a lot of time on the streets with his microphones and recorder, then really got creative putting ... CD
Folkways, 1981. New Copy Gatefold
One of the coolest records we've ever heard from beat legend Allen Ginsberg – not just a record of his famous poetry, but one that also features him on harmonium as well! There's a really weird, dark sound to the record – as Ginsberg plays harmonium and sings/speaks his own words ... CD

Langston Hughes

Voice Of Langston Hughes
Folkways, 1950s. New Copy
A wonderful collection of work from Langston Hughes – material pulled from a handful of albums recorded for the Folkway labels in the 50s, all of which are pretty darn great and long out of print! Hughes' writings are well known – part of a rich tradition of African-American expression ... CD


Episodes 144-156
Spot, 1960s. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album

Martin Luther King

American Dream
Dooto, Mid 60s. Very Good
Supposedly one of the first records of Dr King's speeches to be recorded – put together by Dootsie Williams in LA, and the forebearer of what would become a very popular genre in the 60s! The album was issued after King's death, but was recorded years before – and themes include the ... LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1965. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Langston Hughes & Margaret Danner

Writers Of The Revolution
Black Forum, 1970. Near Mint-
These two important African-American writers share thoughts about their work – in a relaxed setting that also features them reading bits and pieces from time to time. As with most of Langston Hughes' recordings, his voice is incredible, and it's great to hear him present his own poems in his ... LP, Vinyl record album

David Shoenbrun

Who's Right In Vietnam?
Private, 1968. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Melodia (Russia), Late 10s/Early 20s. Very Good+ 2LP
The man himself – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – talking at length about his turn-ons, and turn-offs! LP, Vinyl record album
Warner, 1940s. Sealed 2LP
... LP, Vinyl record album

Arthur Miller/Repertory Theater Of Lincoln Center

After The Fall (3LP set)
Mercury, Mid 60s. Sealed 3LPs
Features performances from Hal Holbrook, Faye Dunaway, Ralph Meeker, and Jason Robarts – directed by Elia Kazan! LP, Vinyl record album
AEI, 1980. Sealed
The most famous stripper of the 20th Century talks about her many years on stage! LP, Vinyl record album

Charles Boyer/Victor Young

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite
Decca, Late 50s. Sealed
Charles Boyer reads the works of Victor Hugo, Georges Clemenceau, Francoise Voltaire, and Charles DeGaulle – all set to music by Victor Young! LP, Vinyl record album

William S Burroughs

Dead City Radio
Island, 1990. Near Mint-
... LP, Vinyl record album

Laurence Oliver

Othello Highlights
RCA, 1964. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

John Gielgud/Irene Worth/Edith Sitwell

A Program Of Poems By Edith Sitwell
RCA, 1966. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

Chicago Conspiracy Trial
Capitol, 1980. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
IRC, 1965. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Caedmon, 1954. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

William S Burroughs

Call Me Burroughs
ESP, 1966. Very Good
The first-ever record to capture the amazing voice of William S Burroughs – the author who helped transform fiction forms in the 60s, but also somewhat of a public figure too – thanks to albums like this! The set's was recorded in France, and given wider circulation in the US by ... LP, Vinyl record album

William S Burroughs

Break Through In Grey Room
Sub Rosa (Belgium), 1960s/1970s. Near Mint- Gatefold
One of the greatest albums of material by William S Burroughs – and one of the few to really show his groundbreaking tape techniques! The album compiles a wealth of archival recordings – including obscure performances and experiments from the 60s, as well as Burroughs' own readings on ... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol, Early 60s. Near Mint-
The man responsible for Lights Out takes his craft into the 60's, and this album's an attempt to bring his older radio style to a number of contemporary settings. Lots of sound effects and spooky moods! LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1965. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album
Cornucopia, 1977. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1964. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins

Lex, 2010. Near Mint- 3LP/3CD Box Set
... LP, Vinyl record album

Glenda Jackson

Mind Of Emily Dickinson
Argo (UK), 1976. Sealed 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, Late 60s. Very Good+
A strange one – but a relatively famous album of wine instruction – and one that's got a great presenation of the material! The record has been famously sampled by the Beastie Boys, on that part of "Check Your Head" where they talk about being in the townhouse of the guy in ... LP, Vinyl record album
Lectern, 1961. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Silhouettes In Courage, 1969. Near Mint- 2LP Box Set
... LP, Vinyl record album
Mark 56, 1973. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album
MGM, Mid 60s. Very Good-
... LP, Vinyl record album

George T Johnson

Harlem Of My Childhood
No Label, 1968. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album

Noel Coward & Mel Ferrer

Decca, 1960s. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Jesse Jackson

Our Time Has Come
MCA, 1984. Near Mint- Gatefold
Jesse's speech at the Democratic Convention in 1984! LP, Vinyl record album
Pelican, Early/Mid 40s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album

Siobhan McKenna & EG Marchall

Ulysses – Soliloquies Of Molly & Leopold Bloom
Caedmon, Mid 60s. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1974. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Folkways, 1973. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
Kalmar, 1941. Very Good+
... LP, Vinyl record album
RCA, 1971. Sealed
... LP, Vinyl record album

Rod McKuen

Listen To The Warm
RCA, 1967. Near Mint-
Incredible work from Rod McKuen – raspy-voiced pop poetry – served up in a style that's completely sublime! The album's the sort that should make us wince – Rod, the best-selling author of quirky crossover poems – working here both as a speaker and singer to deliver his own ... LP, Vinyl record album
Landmark, 1970. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold
... LP, Vinyl record album
Columbia, 1956. Very Good
... LP, Vinyl record album
Updated June 05, 2020

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