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Huge weekend for new arrivals!

Funk Night, 2024.
The spacey sound of the title definitely gets the groove right here – as the funky currents of the great Misha Panfilov are trained on some more cosmic elements than usual – almost as if his group here is trying for the sort of territory you might expect from Sun Ra! The music has lots ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Ogun (UK), 1988.
A really key moment in the career of drummer Louis Moholo – already a legend for his work in The Blue Notes, and participation in other key projects on the London scene – here starting a new chapter of creation with his Viva La Black combo of younger moments from the diaspora! A key ... CD (Jazz CD)

Nat Birchall Unity Ensemble

New World
Ancient Archive Of Sound (UK), 2024.
Spiritual jazz saxophonist Nat Birchall works here with an even more expanded version of his Unity Ensemble – in ways that make for a record that's even more righteous and expressive than ever before! Nat's got this way of spinning out solos over a modal groove that just gets better and ... CD (Jazz CD)

Johnny Dyani

African Bass
Red (Italy), 1979.
One of the most beautiful moments on record from bassist Johnny Dyani – a set that's very different than both his famous work in the Blue Notes group, and some of the more avant explorations he'd been doing on the London scene in the 70s – as the performance is nearly solo, save for ... CD (Jazz CD)
Paula/P-Vine (Japan), 1972. (reissue)
Harmony soul heaven – and the only full album from The Montclairs! The group were a sublime vocal group from the 70s – one with a sound to rival The Whatnauts or The Moments, but which also had a bit more of the super-dope touches you'd expect from their look on the cover of the record ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Monica Lassen & The Sounds

Sony/Lawson (Japan), Late 60s. Gatefold (reissue)
A set that's definitely all woman – thanks to the sexy sounds of Monica Lassen on vocals! The singer works at a wordless level here – breezily scatting alongside these slinky, jazzy lines from The Sounds – a Japanese group who've clearly drunk deep from the well of bossa nova and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists LP)

Chet Baker

Red (Italy), 1985.
Completely sublime late work from the great Chet Baker – recorded in the kind of stripped-down setting that we love so much from Chet during these years! Some folks were often claiming that the worn-out Baker would drop out some of the elements used in a quintet or bigger group because he ... CD (Jazz CD)
Verve, 1957. (reissue)
Late work from the great Billie Holiday – the kind of mature set that made Verve Records such a perfect home for the singer in the 50s! Where other labels might have pushed too much to try to get Billie into more commercial, or more straightforward modes – Verve just relaxes into the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists LP)
Empire/P-Vine (Japan), 2024.
A stunning jazz set from the LA scene – and one that's got even more spiritual, forward-flowing energy than some of the studio sessions recorded by Terrace Martin! The performance continues Martin's strong move into jazz over the past decade plus – with lots of alto solos from the ... CD (Jazz CD)

Bobby Watson

Appointment In Milano
Red (Italy), 1985.
A tremendous little record from Bobby Watson – one of the brightest young artists in jazz back in the 80s! The album features Watson grooving with the Italian Open Form Trio for the session – but all players come together with the cohesiveness of some of Watson's best work with Curtis ... CD (Jazz CD)

Mohammad Reza Aslani & Sheyda Gharachedaghi

Chess Of The Wind
Mississippi, 1976.
A near-lost soundtrack for a near-lost film – music done for a movie that was banned in mid-70s Iran for a range of controversial themes – and one that has some equally controversial-sounding music! The style here is a darker inflection of more familiar Mid-East modes – lots of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Clifford Jordan

Beyond Paradiso 1969
Nederlands Jazz Archief (Netherlands), 1969.
An incredible live performance from the great Clifford Jordan – one recorded overseas, with a batch of non-American player – but a set that already shows the spacious, spiritual territory that he would open up in the 70s! Even when swinging in more familiar jazz territory, Jordan's got ... CD (Jazz CD)

Art Pepper

Art Of Art
Red (Italy), 1981.
Beautiful live work from Art Pepper, and a set that somehow seems to have Art blowing with a bit more edge in his horn than usual – that really sharp sound that marks a small handful of his best performances from later years! The group here is very well-matched – with the great George ... CD (Jazz CD)
BYG/Charly (UK), 1971. Gatefold (reissue)
The first album from Gong – and a weird little masterpiece that's left an undeniable imprint over the years! There's a definite proggish feel to the set, and some jazz rock elements too – but the overall approach is considerably madder than most at the time – hardly headed for ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Monica Lassen & The Sounds

La Jouissance
Sony/Lawson (Japan), Late 60s. Gatefold (reissue)
A totally wonderful little record that's every bit as sexy as you might guess from the cover – and which also has some of the groovy French elements you might expect from the title! The set's got this slinky, erotic vibe that's almost in Serge Gainsbourg territory – save for the fact ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists LP)

James Williams & Dennis Irwin

Red (Italy), 1977.
A really beautiful showcase for the piano talents of the young James Williams – done right around the time he joined up with the group of Art Blakey, but in a very different style that really lets you hear the already-sparkling magic that Williams could bring to the keys! The album features ... CD (Jazz CD)

Takehiro Honda

Salaam Salaam
East Wind (Japan), 1974.
Brilliant work from one of our favorite Japanese jazz artists of the 70s – and a warmly soulful batch of acoustic tunes from pianist Takehiro Honda! The sound here is much more far-reaching and exploratory than most of Honda's other work – a bit in a McCoy Tyner, post-Coltrane mode ... CD (Jazz CD)

New Regency Orchestra

New Regency Orchestra
Mr Bongo (UK), 2024.
A contemporary Latin group from the London scene, but one who really focus on the strongest modes of the past – as you might guess from the way they interpret songs by older giants like Chico O'Farrill, Tito Puente, and Kenny Graham! The ensemble is large and bold, and work with a great ... CD (Latin CD)

Bobby Watson

Love Remains
Red (Italy), 1986. (reissue)
A classic Bobby Watson set from the early solo years of his career – just the sort of standout set that shows why he was one of the brightest new jazz voices of the 80s! The album's got a sound that's even more open-ended and exploratory than some of Watson's US releases – cuts that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Denny Zeitlin

Sunnyside, 2024.
The great pianist Denny Zeitlin works here in three wonderful ways – solo, duo, and trio – and comes across sounding wonderful throughout! The solo pieces are especially beautiful, as they were captured at a piano studio in the Bay Area, and have a wonderfully resonant sound – a ... CD (Jazz CD)
Modern/P-Vine (Japan), 1950s/Early 1960s.
Mighty nice work from the early years of BB King – tracks from the 50s and early 60s stretch when he was recording for the Modern/RPM label in the years before he hit bigger fame at ABC – really keeping things raw, and showing off the special Memphis side of his music! BB's already ... LP, Vinyl record album (Blues LP)

Chitinous Ensemble

Dream/Cosmic Jazz (Italy), 1971. (reissue)
The name of the group may be obscure, but it's one of the key ensembles who recorded as part of the legendary Deram jazz series at the turn of the 70s – directed by cellist Paul Buckmaster, and featuring trumpet from Ian Carr and soprano sax from Brian Smith! The style here mixes together ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Kenny Barron & Buster Williams

Complete Two As One
Red (Italy), 1986. 2CD
A wonderful little date from pianist Kenny Barron – one that has him working in drumless duo mode, with only the bass of Buster Williams for accompaniment! The tunes are often quite long, and it's beautiful to hear the way Kenny stretches out on the keys – buoyed up warmly by Williams' ... CD (Jazz CD)

Akio Niitsu

Philips/Lawson (Japan), 1978. (reissue)
A totally cool record from Akio Niitsu – a late 70s effort that's a bit before some of the more electronic work of the 80s scene in Japan – and a set that almost feels like a bridge between earlier prog and later electro pop! The tunes are short, but instrumental – and have a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)

Anthony Braxton

Solo Bern 1984
Hat Art (Switzerland), 1984.
A really great setting for the reedwork of Anthony Braxton – and a record that reminds us that although he can be a great composer and a really inspiring leader – at the heart of it all, he's still a masterful musician on the alto saxophone, one whose improvisational skills are maybe ... CD (Jazz CD)

Masabumi Kikuchi

East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1976.
An excellent mid 70s Japanese fusion set, led by the Gil Evans protege Masabumi Kikuchi – with a very similar group to the one on his awesome Susto LP! The vibe isn't quite as funky on this outing – in fact it's a bit more reminiscent of Miles' spacey electric explorations – ... CD (Jazz CD)
Holidays (Italy), 1980. 2CDs
A very cool Sun Ra performance from 1980 – recorded in Rome, and a wonderful summation of all the new directions the Arkestra took during the 70s! There's a wonderful balance here between intimate vocal tracks, sung by June Tyson, and some fuller ensemble numbers – mixed up in ways ... CD (Jazz CD)
678 Records (Netherlands), 1977. Gatefold (reissue)
A definite Dutch treat from a hip jazzy group – a cool combo from the Netherlands, and one that features some superb work on Fender Rhodes and other keyboards from the great Jan Huydts! You might know Jan from other sound library and jazz work – and here he works in a combo with Hans ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Nduduzo Makhathini

Blue Note, 2024.
A trio outing from pianist Nduduzo Makhathini, and one that both shows off a more intimate side of his music, and does a great job of linking his sound back to the older years of the South African jazz scene! The trio features Zwelakhe Duma Bell Le Pere on bass and Francisco Mela on drums – ... CD (Jazz CD)

Luis Bacalov

Roma Bene
Quartet (Spain), 1971.
A very groovy film about a very decadent scene in Rome – which you might expect from the image on the cover! The music is filled with lots of the best touches that Luis Bacalov brought to his cooler soundtracks of the time – some jazzy bits, some inspired by bossa nova, and then a few ... CD (Soundtracks CD)
BYG/Actuel, 1969. Gatefold (reissue)
Don Cherry really breaks out here on his classic Mu sessions from France – using the new freedoms of post-68 Paris to explore themes at a level that would set the tone for generations to come! The album's very spare, and very improvised – with Cherry on pocket trumpet, piano, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Markus Holkko

Eye Of The Universe
Jazzaggression (Finland), 2024.
Warm and wonderful work from the Finnish scene – served up by reedman Markus Holkko, and in a way that resonates strongly with some of the best Finnish jazz of the 70s – especially work from the Love Records generation! A key part of the set is the electric piano work of Samuli ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1975.
A real lost treasure from trumpeter Terumasa Hino – a warm and wonderful live set, and one that's neither too free, nor too smooth – just perfectly set up right down the middle to open up on these beautiful long performances! The lineup is all Japanese – a great array of players ... CD (Jazz CD)

Good Rockin' Charles

Good Rockin' Charles
Mr Blues/P-Vine (Japan), 1976. (reissue)
The only album ever cut by Charles Edwards – a harmonica player who'd been on the Chicago scene since the mid 50s, but only made this full record in the studio during the 70s! The set's got a nice raw vibe – maybe rawer than most other material on the Mr Blues label at the time – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Blues LP)

Jorga Mesfin

Kindest One
Muzikawi (Sweden), 2007.
Really beautiful Ethiopian sounds from Jorga Mesfin – a saxophonist and composer who was an early studen of Mulatu Astatke, and who also went on to form the important Ethio jazz group Wudasse! Here, Mesfin's working in a mode that's very ambitious – using his own reeds in a blend of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
BYG/Actuel (UK), 1969. Gatefold (reissue)
Don Cherry really breaks out here on his classic Mu sessions from France – using the new freedoms of post-68 Paris to explore themes at a level that would set the tone for generations to come! The album's very spare, and very improvised – with Cherry on pocket trumpet, piano, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Mikio Masuda

East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1974.
A majestic set of spiritual jazz numbers – performed by a core trio of Japanese pianist Miko Masuda, bassist Tsutomu Okada, and drummer Motohiko Hino – with guest performances by Terumasa Hino on trumpet, Takao Uematsu on tenor, and Hideo Miyata on flute! The added horns really push ... CD (Jazz CD)
Burchette Brothers/Numero, 1975. (reissue)
A record that promises meditation as a function, but one that's maybe so unsettling, we'd find it hard to ever really get down to business! For this set, Wilburn Burchette uses a very spare drum machine alongside his electric guitar – not really as beats, but more as these spaced out pulses ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Kohsuke Mine

East Wind (Japan), 1976.
Lots of funky keys and choppy sax passages – on this sweet Japanese fusion session headed up by reedman Kohsuke Mine! Mine plays both soprano and tenor on the record, and it's got a feel that's halfway between some of the harder jamming European fusion sides of the 70s – like mid 70s ... CD (Jazz CD)
New York Review Of Books, 2024.
The creative journey of Sonny Rollins is presented here in all its glory – in a series of notebook entries that date back as far as 1959, with a strong focus on the 60s and 70s – then continue briefly into more recent years as well! Even as a young man, Rollins made it clear that his ... Book (Book)

Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitefield, & Igor Zhukovsky

Cosmos Giants
Broc (France), 2024.
Cosmos Giants, served up by some funky giants too – a tight trio that features legendary sound library wizard Janko Nilovic, JJ Whitfield of the Poets Of Rhythm (and many other projects too), and Igor Zhukovsky of the Soul Surfers too – all united as a funky supergroup for this ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Transition/Blue Note, 1956. (reissue)
A great session – and one of the few lost ones on the legendary Transition label! The album was originally recorded in Boston in 1956, and it features a group led by bassist Doug Watkins, with Donald Byrd on trumpet, Hank Mobley on tenor, and Art Taylor on drums – really a Blue Note ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Ogun (UK), 1989.
The title's a bit hokey, but the group's a great one – a saxophone quartet, led by Elton Dean and augmented by bass and drums, for a very unique sound! The style here is quite different than that of the over-used 80s sax quartet style – as the bass and drums propel the group into a ... CD (Jazz CD)
BJL (Japan), 2010. Gatefold (reissue)
Jim O'Rourke already demonstrated an earlier love of Burt Bacharach with his sublime version of "Something Big" cut back in the 90s – but here, he really pushes that Bacharach love over the top – working with a group of very hip singers and musicians, and turning out one of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
British Progressive Jazz (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
The title gets it right – as the set features some of the coolest, hippest British jazz of the late 60s and early 70s – served up here in a special package that features nine never-issued tracks! The work here is all by giants who really helped open doors and let British jazz musicians ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Khan Jamal

Give The Vibes Some
Palm/SeriE.WOC (France), 1974. (reissue)
Maybe the hippest record ever cut by vibist Khan Jamal – and that's saying a lot, as all of his records are pretty darn hip! This rare date was originally done for the French Palm Records label run by avant jazz giant Jef Gilson – and the approach is very loose and free, but also not ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Jazzaggression (Finland), 2024.
A set with a great improvised groove – music that's created on the spot, yet often nicely rhythmic too – although not without some farther-out moments as well! The set really gets a lot from the keyboards of Virginia Genta and guitar of Topias Tiheasalo – both players whose ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Jamie Finlay

Sun Dogs
Wah Wah (UK), 2024.
A really cosmic album from UK artist Jamie Finlay – one that swirls together spiritual fusion and soulful vocals, all at a level that takes us back to the 70s work of Lonnie Liston Smith! The style and instrumentation are a bit more contemporary, but there's a definite depth here that easily ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)
Im-Hotep/P-Vine (Japan), 1973. (reissue)
Amazing sounds from drummer Roy Brooks – very spiritual work that's quite a change from his straighter soul jazz of the 60s! The album's right up there with Roy's better-known (though still rare) live performance at Town Hall – or his classic Free Slave session – and like those ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Sefi Zisling

Tru Thoughts (UK), 2024.
Trumpeter Sefi Zisling has a background in funk, but also really showcases his jazz chops here – in a set that's maybe his deepest, most personal record to date – a set that really takes its time and space to find its voice, not just from the leader, but from the other musicians as well! ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Impulse, 1968. Gatefold (reissue)
Early work by Alice Coltrane – somewhat under the shadow of her late husband, as you'd guess from the use of his name on the front cover – but really stepping out here with a voice of her own! The Monastic Trio of the set features Alice on harp and piano – alongside bass from ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

El Comite

Universal (France), 2024.
A Latin jazz group, but one with a real difference – as the approach here moves very far from familiar Afro-Cuban roots, and instead embraces a whole host of more contemporary rhythms and instrumental phrasing! The group's a French one, and have a quality that echoes some of the older criss-c ... CD (Latin CD)

Dee Felice Trio

In Heat (with bonus tracks)
King/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1969.
A killer album of soul jazz piano instrumentals – produced by James Brown! The Dee Felice Trio were a groovy combo from Cincinnati, and James Brown took a shine to them at some point in the late 60s. They backed James on one record, but their big moment was this album – which had ... CD (Jazz CD)

Rick Clarke

Time Keeps Moving On
Raven/Freestyle (UK), 1988. (reissue)
A rare bit of UK soul from Rick Clarke – a sweet little set that's got a nicely lean feel – part of that 80s UK style of R&B that really seemed to set the scene for the coming years that would give the world artists like Omar and Soul II Soul! The groove here definitely echoes some ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Record Album Frame

Black Record Album Frame
Beautiful! This is a cool little frame that lets you put a favorite record cover on the wall, without damaging the cover or the record! The frame is much much better than some of the others on the market – and has a black matte aluminum body, with a clear plexiglass front to display the ... Misc (Turntables & Supplies Misc)

Charlie Mariano

Charlie Mariano Quartet
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1955.
Insanely wonderful early work from Charlie Mariano – some of the freshest, cleanest alto sax work of its time – blown with a tone and sense of soul that goes way beyond some of Mariano's contemporaries at the time! The album was recorded for Bethlehem Records, and is relatively ... CD (Jazz CD)
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1959/1960.
One of the coolest jazz vocal albums you'll ever find! Frank Minion sings this suite of tracks billed as an "Introduction To Black Opium Street", and he puts the music together with little recitations in between the tracks, so that the whole thing sounds like one of the great Langston ... CD (Vocalists CD)

Yoshiaki Masuo

111 Sullivan Street
East Wind (Japan), 1975.
One of the only albums we've ever seen from Japanese guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo – and an unusual record that features very small, spare groupings – either solo, or with some slight accompaniment from a set of musicians that includes Bob Mover on alto, Bob Cranshaw on bass, and David Lee ... CD (Jazz CD)
Belby Wetterman/Mad About Records (Portugal), 1980. (reissue)
Belair is a combo led by guitarist Michael Belair – who works here with a very cool California group, in a style that's different than some of the other work of his generation! The feel is definitely 70s, but the style echoes older gypsy swing – an acoustic mode served up with ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Horizon/Verve, 1977. Gatefold (reissue)
Bassist Charlie Haden in a really wonderful mode – stepping out here in a set of spare duets, each with a different hip player on each of the album's four long tracks – a masterful setting not just for his own work as an improviser, but also for the collaborative spirit that's always ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Ryusei Tomoyose

Dah Nah
Union/Lawson (Japan), 1979. (reissue)
The only album as a leader from this tremendous tenor saxophonist – a player with a very rich tone, and a deeply spiritual vibe – flowing out effortlessly here on a session that really makes us wish he'd given us more record! There's a strong modal sensibility to the record – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Tamla/Elemental, 1973. Gatefold (reissue)
Fantastic solo work from Smokey Robinson – recorded a few years before his monumental Quiet Storm album, but with a very similar high level of quality! Willie Hutch co-produced the album with Smokey, and working with arrangements by Hutch and Gene Page, they transform Smokey's sound into a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Art Farmer

Summer Knows
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1976.
Gently graceful work from Art Farmer – and a wonderful example of the way he was expanding his talents in the 70s! The set's got a slow burning sensuality that seems to bring even more soul out of Farmer's work on flugelhorn than before – especially on the mellower cuts, which seem ... CD (Jazz CD)
Nederlands Jazz Archief (Netherlands), 1970.
A long-lost performance by Sun Ra and the Arkestra – recorded in Amsterdam at the start of the 70s, when the group were brought in by avant saxophonist Hans Dulfer for a special performance! This album marks the first-ever issue of the material, from rediscovered tapes that finally present ... CD (Jazz CD)

Staples Jr Singers

Luaka Bop, 2024.
A long-overdue second album from this very spiritual group – one recorded almost 50 years after their first, and with a sound that's maybe even deeper overall! Over the course of decades, it's clear that the Staples Jr Singers have lived a lot of life – which really comes through in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Gospel LP)
Atlantic/Sundazed, 1969. (reissue)
The second tripped-out set from Ars Nova – an under-remembered late 60s group who had a great talent for blending together a range of different styles! At some level, Ars Nova share qualities with some of the harder-jamming groups of their time – but they've also got a sound that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Numero, Late 1960s/1970s. 2LP Gatefold
Over a decade back, the Numero Group put out a groundbreaking set of funky 45s – 45 of the little 7" single gems, all packaged in a special case – and billed as the Eccentric Soul Omnibus! Here, the label revisits that limited and long-gone package, but in a Minibus version – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Conte Candoli

Sincerely, Conti
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1954.
One of the tightest, sharpest sessions ever from trumpeter Conte Candoli – an early date done for Bethlehem Records, with a quartet setting that gives Conte plenty of room to cook! The solos are bold and fierce right from the start – with an energy that goes beyond even Candoli's work ... CD (Jazz CD)
Motown/Soulmusic.com (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s. 2CD
Four classics from this legendary Motown group – including 2 albums on CD for the first time ever! First up is What Love Has Joined Together – excellent work by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – recorded with a super-heavy vibe that's very different than his sweeter 60s work! ... CD (Soul CD)

James Sayer

Legere (UK), 2024.
A warm set of blue-eyed soul from the UK's James Sayer – a singer with a raspy charm that comes through right away – almost a classic quality from the AOR generation, but served up here with a vibe that's much more down to earth! While some folks are trying hard these days to echo ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)

Ahmed (Pat Thomas/Antonin Gerbal/Joel Grip/Seymour Wright)

Wood Blues
Astral Spirits, 2024. 2LP
An album-length improvisation, but one that has a surprising amount of swing at times – some very old school jazz-based changes, which are then pushed aside for freer moments of expression in a really great way! The quartet have this really magical way of coming together, and often spin out ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Walter Bishop Jr

Old Folks
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1976.
A lost little session from pianist Walter Bishop – one that has the pianist working at an all acoustic level, and in a trio format that's a bit different than his other 70s sessions – but still totally great! The group features wonderful work from Sam Jones on bass and Billy Higgins on ... CD (Jazz CD)
Dusty Groove Gear,
The ultimate bag for shopping for records – one that's big enough to handle dozens of pieces of vinyl – yet small enough to fold away easily! The bag is 100% cotton, all natural, with a Dusty Groove logo on one side, and a vintage phone book ad on the other – and it's got a very ... Bag (Dusty Groove Swag Bag)

Ryo Kawasaki

East Wind (Japan), 1975.
Excellent early work from guitarist Ryo Kawasaki – a set that's got a leaner, meaner feel than some of his more polished later work – at a level that really lets Kawasaki shine throughout! The vibe is maybe a bit like CTI, but looser and more free – with wonderful colors and ... CD (Jazz CD)
Ace/Kent (UK), 1960s/1970s.
Classic tracks from one of the greatest songwriting teams in soul music during the 60s and 70s – the legendary trio of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland – two of whom started out as soul singers, and all three of whom left behind a huge legacy on the Detroit scene! And ... CD (Soul CD)

Mike Nyoni & Born Free

My Own Thing
Now Again, Mid 1970s.
Wonderfully trippy sounds from Mike Nyoni – one of the funkier talents in the Zamrock scene of the 70s – even though he also works with lots of the slight psychedelic touches of other contemporaries too! Mike's style on guitar is a bit too loose to be funk, but it's also got this nice ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Terumasa Hino

Into The Heaven
Takt/Le Tres Jazz Club (France), 1970. Gatefold (reissue)
One of our favorite albums ever by this inventive Japanese trumpeter – and a really that really lives up to its title! Terumasa's entering his spacey period here – but not too spacey – and he's playing in a stretched out style that takes his trumpet into warm soulful lines that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra

Live At IUCC 3/25/79
Nimbus, 1979.
A set that's overflowing with genius from the LA scene of the 70s – a larger lineup of key players, all directed by pianist Horace Tapscott at a time when he was doing some of his greatest music on the planet! Tapscott is great in a trio or solo – but we really love him when he's able ... CD (Jazz CD)


Guitorn/Mad About Records (Portugal), 1980. (reissue)
A soulful, spiritual set from the start of the 80s – served up by a group who seem to have only recorded this one rare album, yet who come across like a combo with a much longer legacy! There's a laidback approach to the music that reminds us of similar work from the Cali scene in the 70s ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Charlie Rouse & Paul Quinichette

Chase Is On
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1957.
A killer – and one of the greatest records ever cut on Bethlehem! Charlie Rouse and Paul Quinichette go head to head in a hard-blown session that's very different than most of the work on Bethlehem – grooving in a free-wheeling "chase" mode, as you might guess from the title ... CD (Jazz CD)
Janus/Partisan, 1974. (reissue)
Cymande hit some well-deserved heights on this massive third album – working with a complicated groove that's even more compelling than their earlier albums – in a righteous blend of heavy bass and tripped-out guitars that's unlike anything else we've ever heard! The music's a unique ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Jimi Tenor & Cold Diamond & Mink

Is There Love In Outer Space
Timmion (Finland), 2024.
Jimi Tenor is always a wonderfully collaborative artist – and depending on his partners on a project, he can effortlessly move between the worlds of funk, club, and spiritual jazz! Here, he works with Cold Diamond & Mink in this beautifully laidback take on soul – music that's got ... CD (Deep Funk CD)

Sam Jones

Seven Minds
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1974.
A strong 70s recording by a group that was mostly known as the Cedar Walton trio – the group of Sam Jones on bass, Walton on piano, and Billy Higgins on drums – recorded only for the Japanese market, and a heck of a record! The set's got one standout feature that sets it apart from ... CD (Jazz CD)
Salsoul/Soulmusic.com (UK), Late 1970s. 8CD
Vince Montana might look a bit hokey on the cover – but over the course of a few short years, he helped transform the sound of the soulful dancefloor with the huge amount of music on this set – a stunning legacy that's presented here with expanded versions of the group's full albums ... CD (Soul CD)
Cherry Red (UK), 1980s. 4CD
A really deep dive into the darker side of electronic music in the 80s – a package that begins after the first few years of post-punk experiments, and moves into a time when some groups were really helping to find a new global outlet for their sounds! That doesn't mean that the music here is ... CD (Rock CD)
Crown/We Want Sounds (UK), 1970. Gatefold (reissue)
Wicked funk from Japanese keyboardist Norio Maeda – also a hell of an arranger, too – as you'll hear on this superb set from the start of the 70s! The record's one of those key albums that took a 60s groovy Japanese sound much further into the future – giving the whole thing a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
BBE (UK), 2024. 2LP Gatefold
A really fantastic projects from Jake Ferguson, who you'll know for his work in the Heliocentrics – working here with excellent funky beats from Malcolm Catto, and in a style that's a lot more hip hop than some of his earlier work! There's strong guests throughout – a lineup of singers ... LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)
Native Rebel (UK), 2024. 2LP
A record with a fantastically beautiful sound, and one that's fantastically difficult to describe in words as well – which is maybe great praise for the amazing combination of vocals and instrumentation that's taking place over the course of the record! Ganavya sings in Tamil, with this ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)


Issue 152
Shindig, 2024.
The mighty Rascals get some great coverage here – in a deep feature that looks at their "Young" years on Atlantic Records! There's also a great look at Margo Guryan, timed perfectly for her great box set from Numero – and the issue also has a great feature on the way that the ... Magazine (Magazine)

Remi Kabaka

Roots Funkadelia
BBE (UK), 1979.
Super-soulful work from Remi Kabaka – a set recorded in LA, where Remi added in some great Cali soul touches to his Afro Funk groove! The tracks are longish, and have some sweet riffing guitar, driving percussion, and keyboards and vocals from Remi himself – topped with some guest ... CD (Global Grooves CD)


Lee, 2024.
We've been digging the music of Lee for years, and he just seems to get better and better with each new record – effortlessly working in a mature blend of soul and jazzy currents, in a style that's a real cut above so many of his contemporaries on the indie scene! Lee has a great way with a ... CD (Neo Soul CD)

Terumasa Hino

Speak To Loneliness
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1975.
A classic set from Japanese trumpeter Terumasa Hino – and a record that's filled with long, open-ended tracks that rank with his best work of the time! Hino's got all the boldness of his best early years here – none of the smoother sounds that marked some of his albums in the US, and a ... CD (Jazz CD)

Olli Ahvenlahti

Mirror Mirror
WeJazz (Finland), 2024.
Finnish keyboardist Olli Ahvenlahti cut some wickedly funky work back in the 70s – and here, he's playing Fender Rhodes and sounding completely stunning – on an album that's every bit as great as his classics from back in the day! The record has a lean vibe, with Olli on Rhodes and a ... CD (Jazz CD)


Janus/Partisan, 1972. Gatefold (reissue)
The fantastic first album by one of the most unique funk groups of all time! A key part of the crumbling British colonial network that produced some excellent music in the postwar years, Cymande was comprised mostly of West Indians who'd emigrated to England in the 60s, eventually meeting up ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Motown/Elemental, 1970. (reissue)
One of the last albums the Four Tops ever issued on Motown – but also one of the best, and a set that really has the group taking off in a strong new direction for the 70s! Frank Wilson's at the production helm, and the set has all these cool little twists and turns that work perfectly with ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Gilbert Holmstrom

Moserobie (Sweden), 2024.
Swedish tenorist Gilbert Holmstrom is fantastic here – recording decades after his groundbreaking debut album in the 60s, but with a style that's equally vibrant, and still committed to the modern jazz legacy he helped ignite! The tunes have a sense of structure, but one that's very ... CD (Jazz CD)
Brain/Made In Germany (Germany), 1975. 2CD
A set that features two really fantastic side-long pieces by electronic music genius Klaus Schulze – both supposedly performed live in the studio, with no dubbing or editing – which maybe makes the music even more amazing overall! Schulze is using a sequencer to create a sense of ... CD (Rock CD)


Moserobie (Sweden), 2024.
Beautifully hard-driving work from this cool Norwegian combo – a lineup who have a wonderfully unified groove that really sets fire at the start of each new track, before things explode with wonderful solos that really make things soar! The great Kjetil Moster plays saxes on the set, and has ... CD (Jazz CD)

Dave Rempis/Tashi Dorji

Aerophonic, 2024.
Very striking improvisations – served up on a record that features the great reedman Dave Rempis on soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax – plus Tashi Dorji on some mighty mean guitar! Dorji can improvise like a jazz musician, but he's also got influences from the worlds of punk, ... CD (Jazz CD)

Lonnie Smith

Funk Reaction
LRC/Mr Bongo (UK), 1977.
A sweet 70s groover from the great Lonnie Smith – a soulful little session that has the keyboardist really stretching out in some great ways! At the time, Smith fares a lot better than some of his late 60s jazz organ contemporaries – as he's got a great lean style, perfect for the ... CD (Jazz CD)

Eternal Triangle (Trevor Watts/Veryan Weston/Jamie Harris)

Jazz Now (UK), 2024.
A young group, but one that features some key older members of the British jazz scene – Trevor Watts on alto and soprano, Veryan Weston on piano, and Jamie Harris on percussion – all working together in a loose, open style that's really wonderful! Weston's playing a Nord keyboard, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Ankh Arts/Native Rebel (UK), 1985. (reissue)
A really fantastic take on the tradition of spoken word in reggae – a set that's got a much rootsier vibe than you'd expect from the release date, and instrumentation that's very acoustic overall – mostly strong use of percussion to back up the righteous words of AnkAnum! The set has ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)

Chapman Whitney (Roger Chapman & Charlie Whitney)

Streetwalkers (with bonus tracks)
Reprise/Esoteric (UK), 1974.
A great post-Family project from singer Roger Chapman and guitarist Charlie Whitney – working here in a way that really seems to hone in on the individual charms that both musicians have to offer! Chapman's vocals are every bit as distinct as before, but nicely tuned towards different styles ... CD (Rock CD)

Roy Brown

Roy Brown Rocks
Bear Family (Germany), Late 1940s/Early 1950s.
Killer postwar work from the great Roy Brown – one of the giants in the new groove of R&B at the time, and an artist who really helped pave the way for later rock and soul music as well! Roy's got a groove that's every bit as hard and heavy as King Records labelmate Wynonie Harris – ... CD (Soul CD)

Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra

Live At IUCC 4/29/79
Nimbus, 1979.
Soaring spiritual sounds from this legendary ensemble – finally given a longer look at their famous series of performances at the Immanuel United church in LA! The mighty Horace Tapscott is at the lead of the group on piano – and the list of other players is almost an all-star lineup ... CD (Jazz CD)


Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2024.
The name of the group is a reference to Zen culture – but their sound is very different than that might make you expect – as the trio has a very searing, very intense sound on the album's two long tracks – as much an exercise in noise as it is in improvisation! The lineup ... CD (Jazz CD)
Soul Jazz (UK), Early 1980s.
The resurgence of one of the most groundbreaking periods in recent groove history – the almost-forgotten post-punk years in England, a time of incredible musical convergence! In the heady days of the early 80s – a time when much music was being lost under a gloss of big hair, tinny ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)
Salsoul/BMG (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s. 2LP Gatefold
Vibes, strings, keyboards, and vocals – the heavenly sound of the Salsoul Orchestra, one of the greatest disco outfits of the 70s! At the time, the group were ubiquitous on the dancefloor scene – but the amazing thing to our ears is how great these tunes still sound after all these ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Colemine, 2024.
A contemporary group, but one who bring out a classic Cali soul vibe – particularly that sound that played very well in East LA back in the day – when mellow sweet soul was the biggest thing on the scene! The sound here is wonderful – fragile but strong at the same time – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)

Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra

Live At IUCC 9/30/79
Nimbus, 1979.
Beautifully righteous work from this legendary ensemble – and a performance that features vocal work from both Linda Hill and Adele Sebastian – better known as instrumentalists with records on Nimbus from the time, but artists whose voices really bring a special sort of soul to the ... CD (Jazz CD)

Howard McGhee

Dusty Blue
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1961.
One of the best of the early 60s comeback albums by the legendary bop trumpeter Howard McGhee – and a record that really has the player finding a whole new groove in his music! At this point, Maggie's got a fantastic tone that was missing from his earlier records, filled with pain and raw ... CD (Jazz CD)
Third World/Music On Vinyl (Netherlands), 1977. (reissue)
A really great 70s album from The Ethiopians – done in a strong roots style that's given lots of great production touches from Niney The Observer! There's great use of percussion at the bottom of most cuts – and the set begins with a cut that's less reggae than most, which really sets ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)

Jim Rotondi

Cellar Live (Canada), 2014.
A really beautiful setting for the trumpet of Jim Rotondi – a stunning large ensemble session that has his horn sparkling out strongly amidst a whole host of other wonderful musicians! The larger backings are arranged and led by Jakob Helling – who brings together a blend of trumpets, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Cellar Live (Canada), 2024.
Eric Alexander plays here in a setting that's both a nice change, and a familiar one too – familiar in that he's on tenor throughout, instead of the alto he's been treating us to on recent albums – but changed up in that the players are less familiar musical partners for Eric, which ... CD (Jazz CD)


Thema Maboneng
Mavuthela/Jazz Room (UK), 1975. (reissue)
A brilliant set of funk from the South African scene – a record that's very different than some of the other SA jazz of the time, and which maybe has both a bit of influence from The Meters, and some of the organ-driven instrumental work of the Jamaican scene from a few years before! The ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Bruno Berle

No Reino Dos Afetos 2
Far Out (UK), 2024.
Bruno Berle's titled this album in a way that's similar to his debut – but it's way more than just a "part 2", as the Brazilian singer has really grown a lot since that release! There's a rock-solid sound to the record that takes us back to some of our favorite MPB work of the past ... LP, Vinyl record album (Brazil LP)
Loud/Get On Down, 1999. 2LP Gatefold (reissue)
A Memphis hip hop classic – the debut of Project Pat, and a set that was supposedly partially written behind bars! Pat's in sharp form here – and working with a really sinister sound on the bottom end – that shift from bouncy Miami bass to some of the darker, fatter styles that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)

Cal Tjader

Crystal Clear/Liberation Hall, 1978. (reissue)
One of the most obscure albums of the 70s from jazz vibes legend Cal Tjader – a set that was originally done as a direct-to-disc session for an audiophile label, but one that has Tjader recording with some of his grooviest modes of the time! The group here is wonderful – and the album ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Enrico Rava & Aga Taura Confab

El Convidado
Svart (Finland), 1975.
CD...$9.99 18.99
One of the most obscure albums ever recorded by Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava – and one of the greatest as well! The set is a rare meeting between Rava and some key players on the Argentine scene of the mid 70s – a great quartet that features Fernando Gelbard on Fender Rhodes, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Cuneiform, 1971. 4CD
A stunning live performance from this legendary group – presented here in its entirety for the first time ever – spread out over a total of four discs that really let the lineup stretch out and do their thing! Soft Machine are at their jazz/rock best here – with Mike Ratledge on ... CD (Rock CD)
Savant, 2024.
Trombonist Conrad Herwig has a great way of reworking older jazz tunes with a bold Latin Jazz vibe – a project he's done with the music of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and others – and which here really explodes with a great soulful sensibility on the music of McCoy Tyner! Given the oft- ... CD (Jazz CD)

Lau Ro

Far Out (UK), 2024.
A wonderfully evocative solo set from Lau Ro – an artist raised in Brazil, working in London, and at a level that really has a sound that both reflects and transcends those roots! You might know Lau from their work in Wax Machine, but the performance here is much more personal and intimate ... CD (Brazil CD)

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

Cosmic Funk (clear vinyl pressing)
Flying Dutchman/Real Gone, 1974. Gatefold (reissue)
A real gem from Lonnie Liston Smith's early years in the studio – and a record that's perhaps a bit more "cosmic" than it is "funk" – but that's why we like it so much! The session has Lonnie stretching out a bit more than usual – borrowing some of the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Saturn/Superior Viaduct, 1964. (reissue)
Landmark work from Sun Ra – a rare 1964 performance that features some very early work from Pharoah Sanders, a good deal of which is appearing here for the first time ever! The material was recorded at Judson Hall – and marks a great large venue performance by the Arkestra on the New ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Kevin Figes

You Are Here
Jazz Now (UK), 2024.
A contemporary British jazz combo, but one who pay tribute to some of the modern giants of the past – working here in a set of tracks that includes a number of compositions by Keith Tippett, plus other tunes by Harry Miller, Elton Dean, Dudu Pukwana, Hugh Hopper, and even King Crimson! The ... CD (Jazz CD)

Gastr Del Sol

We Have Dozens Of Titles
Drag City, Mid 1990s. 2CDs
A great addition to the too-short legacy of Gastr Del Sol – that legendary pairing of the young David Grubbs and Jim O'Rourke, at a time when both were poised between earlier work in more rock-based music, and a famous future to come in much more experimental modes! The special balance that ... CD (Rock CD)
Flying Dutchman/BGP (UK), 1973.
One of Lonnie Liston Smith's most spiritual sessions, and the record that most clearly shows his roots with Pharoah Sanders! The vibe here is much more jazz-based than on some of Lonnie's other records for Flying Dutchman – with Smith playing as much acoustic piano as he does electric, using ... CD (Jazz CD)

Ron Geesin

Basic Maths
Trunk (UK), Early 1980s.
The mad British arranger Ron Geesin has made many crazy records over the years – but this obscure set from the start of the 80s might well be one of his wildest – a batch of very cool, unusual tunes that were recorded for a math education program on British TV! Yet despite any sort of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)

Wolfgang Valbrun

Flawed By Design
Jalapeno (UK), 2024.
Wolfgang Valbrun has a sound that's as striking as his image on the cover – an old school sense of majesty in soul music, which he uses to deliver work on some very powerful themes! The production is crisp and tight, but also matches the majesty in the music – with additional singers ... CD (Neo Soul CD)

Joe McPhee with Ken Vandermark

Musings Of A Bahamian Son
Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2024.
A very different side of the talents of the great Joe McPhee, and a great one too – a set of spoken word passages that are provided with occasional saxophone contributions from Ken Vandermark – all coming together in a way that's maybe even more righteous than some of the instrumental ... CD (Jazz CD)

Herbie Mann/Sam Most

Herbie Mann/Sam Most Quintet
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1955.
Twin-flute magic from the quintet of Herbie Mann and Sam Most – both of whom play the long, thin instrument here – in intertwining lines of sound that are totally great! There's a style here that's often a bit more frenetic than usual for Herbie – one that's possibly picked up ... CD (Jazz CD)
Epic/Get On Down, 1974. (reissue)
An insanely wonderful album! Shuggie Otis is the son of Johnny Otis – the LA R&B maestro who was moving heavily into funk at the end of the 60s – and he has this tripped out, super-dope guitar style that he played to strong effect on Johnny's albums of the late 60s and early 70s, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Atak (Takuya Kuroda)

Atak (Japan), 2024.
A very cool large ensemble – one led by trumpeter Takuya Kuroda, and with a sound that's very different than his own work as a leader – as the groove here is a wonderful blend of inspirations from older Afro Funk, inflected with more of a sense of contemporary groove – all served ... CD (Jazz CD)

Francis Lai/Pierre Barouh/Nicole Croisille

13 Jours En France
Saravah/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1970.
Genius work from French composer Francis Lai – one of his greatest soundtracks ever, and done during the same period as Live For Life and A Man & A Woman! The feel here is very similar to the work of those films – and was also done for a project directed by Claude Lelouch – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)
Night Dreamer (UK), 2023. 2LP
A really bold step forward for Chicago tenor genius Isaiah Collier – and maybe the first record to showcase his emergence as a multi-instrumentalist instead of just a spiritual jazz musician! There's clearly a lot of improvisation going on here – not just from the larger ensemble, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
EM (Japan), 1970.
An insane bit of noise from the Japanese scene at the start of the 70s – a legendary performance from Expo 70, one put together by artist Yoshimura Masunobu – who unites the freewheeling fuzz of the Flower Traveling band with the sound of 50 different motorcycles, and some other ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

94 East Featuring Prince

Dance To The Music Of The World
Charly (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s.
A classic set of grooves from the Minneapolis scene – work that comes from the early days of Prince, when he was an up and coming talent on the scene – and which also continues a bit into early 80s years as well, even after he'd been signed to Warner Brothers! The exact nature of these ... CD (Soul CD)

Joe Lee Wilson

Hey Look At You
East Wind (Japan), 1969.
A rare early gem from Joe Lee Wilson – the singer who's probably best known to the world for his performances on Archie Shepp's late Impulse recordings. The vibe here is similar to his work on Shepp's albums of the time – but it's also mixed with a hip and mellow approach that has Joe ... CD (Vocalists CD)

Finn Rees

Dawn Is A Melody
Mr Bongo (UK), 2024.
Keyboardist Finn Rees works here in a really cool blend of spiritual jazz elements and warmer, more soulful touches – mixing his own work on Fender Rhodes, piano, and other keyboards with some acoustic elements that create a wonderfully swirling, searching sort of groove! The album's a bit ... CD (Jazz CD)
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1961.
A fantastic sextet session recorded in 1961, shortly before Booker Little's death – and filled with all the promise and power he ever packed into his playing! There's a sharp, angular groove to many of the numbers here – that mix of modern and hardbop that was cresting best in the ... CD (Jazz CD)
Liberation Hall, 1975.
Cannonball Adderley left the planet all too soon during the year of 1975 – but he's still going fantastically strong in this live date from the same year – a set that maybe shows us what sort of directions that Cannon might have taken had he stuck around for another decade or two! ... CD (Jazz CD)

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

Sweet For K
Somethin Cool (Japan), 2024.
An album with a really beautiful sound – not just from the core work of the piano trio, but also from the guy who recorded the whole thing too – the legendary engineer for the Three Blind Mice label in Japan, Yoshihiko Kaminari! It's not often that the engineer gets billed on the back ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note (Japan), 1968.
One of our favorite Lee Morgan albums, and one of his least known – a set recorded in the crucial last five years of his life, and a sparkling mix of hard bop, soul jazz, and slight bits of modernism – that magical mix that Lee was hitting as he reached farther and farther with his ... CD (Jazz CD)

Toshiyuki Honda & Soichi Noriki

Hon Nori
Pit Inn (Japan), 2024.
A beautiful set of duets from these two mature players in Japanese jazz – recorded with a wonderful sense of room that seems to really enhance the quality of both instruments in the lineup! Soichi Noriki plays piano, and Toshiyuki Honda plays alto and soprano – the latter using the ... CD (Jazz CD)
El (UK), Late 1940s/1950s/Early 1960s. 3CDs
The title here is a reference to a classic song by Scott Walker – and the tracks within are presented as a showcase of the rich array of different singers and styles that had an influence on the music that Walker created on his classic albums of the late 60s! As with other sets in the really ... CD (Classical CD)

Christer Bothen

Organic Music/Black Truffle (Austria), 1984. (reissue)
A really heady set of globally-influenced jazz – music that has some fusion energy at the core, but which is expanded with all sorts of great percussion and horns – the latter of which hang nicely between jazz and styles that almost have a West African sort of vibe! The album's very ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Timeless/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1986.
A really bold, really freewheeling performance from the great McCoy Tyner – an 80s live album that may well stand as one of his most powerful of the decade! The group here is billed as an All-Star one – and it's a tight quintet that also features Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Joe ... CD (Jazz CD)
Acid Jazz (UK), 2024.
Sean Khan's given us some more groove-oriented music in the past – but here, the saxophonist has this great way of laying back into more of the jazz-based energy of his work – blowing soprano and flute in a tight combo that blend the jazzy currents in the music with some of the folk ... CD (New Grooves CD)

Moon Haewon with Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

Midnight Sun
Somethin Cool (Japan), 2024.
Korean vocalist Moon Haewon is a really great singer – one who's got this old school command of her voice like an instrument, and a way of finding a range of expression that really makes these tunes come alive – but also while still hanging strongly to the energy of the group! That is, ... CD (Vocalists CD)
Fremeaux & Associates (France), Late 1940s/1950s/Early 1960s. 7CD
One of the coolest collections of work related to Ray Charles that we've ever seen – a huge box that brings together both some of the music that inspired Ray, then his own recordings, then tracks that he did that inspired other artists too! The first four CDs feature work from a generation ... CD (Soul CD)
Transition/Blue Note, 1955. (reissue)
A wailer! This rare 1955 album is one of Donald Byrd's first records as a leader – recorded for the tiny Transition label in Boston, but with a hardbop groove that's right up there with his early work for Savoy and Blue Note. The record is practically a Jazz Messengers session – as it ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Electric Bird/We Want Sounds (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s.
Sweet funky fusion from the Japanese scene at the end of the 70s – work that's all from the mighty Electric Bird label, an imprint who were as important to Japan as CTI/Kudu were in the US! As with that famous pairing of labels, Electric Bird helped artists find a new groove with a sweet ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)
Mercury/Lemon (UK), Late 1970s. 3CD
Great work from the second chapter in the career of Lindisfarne – three full albums, and lots of bonus tracks too! First is a double-length live album – a set that definitely has some Magic In The Air – as it features a re-formed lineup of Lindisfarne, sounding nicely different ... CD (Rock CD)

Jon Muq

Flying Away
Easy Eye Sound, 2024.
Jon Muq hails from Uganda, and he's got a very unique sound here – singing in English, but with a voice that's different than more familiar soul singers on the US scene – a really fresh approach, and one that's filled with all these really great twists and turns, and a sense of ... CD (Neo Soul CD)

Selenites Band

Live From The Moon
Stereophonk (France), 2024.
The Selenites didn't actually record these tracks on the moon – and instead the set brings together tracks from a number of different live performances – all of which resonate strongly with the group's really wonderful blend of Ethio Jazz inspirations and more funk-based performance! ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Jin Ono

Kakuba Rhythm (Japan), 2024.
A record with an AOR-styled cover, but a groove that's much more stripped-down overall – lean and soulful, and with a mixture of Fender Rhodes, other keyboards, and spare Maestro Rhythm King grooves – all topped with these easygoing vocals from Jin Ono! Given the use of the drum ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Modern Harmonic, 1984.
One of the most unique Sun Ra performances ever recorded – a live date recorded in Atlanta on New Years Eve, 1984 – and one that has the keyboard giant playing a massive pipe organ that was so big, it had its own name! As you might imagine from his work on piano and other more unusual ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Contemporary/Craft, 1958. (reissue)
A great set by Hampton Hawes – really one of his best ever records, and for a number of reasons! First up, Harold Land's playing tenor on the record, opening it up a lot more than some of Hamp's regular trio sides – blowing with that soulful distinction that made him one of the most up- ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Beat Rocket, Mid 1960s.
Searing work from this legendary group – and a set that stands as a stunning tribute to the raw power of the Northwest scene at its best! Don & The Goodtimes cut some material later that was a bit more produced in the studio – but much of the music here is raw, raunchy, and very ... CD (Rock CD)
Blue Note (Japan), Late 1960s.
Lyrical beauty from trumpeter Blue Mitchell – one of those records that really has him coming into his own, sounding fantastic on Blue Note in a way he never did on his earlier albums as a leader! it's clear that Blue learned a lot while playing in the group of Horace Silver – a way of ... CD (Jazz CD)
Trojan/Doctor Bird (UK), Late 1970s. 2CD
Four classic roots albums, all produced by Niney The Observer – one of which appears here on CD for the first time ever! The set begins with Slave Call – a really great 70s album from The Ethiopians – done in a strong roots style that's given lots of great production touches from ... CD (Reggae CD)

Winston Edwards

Natty Locks Dub
Studio 16 (UK), 1974. (reissue)
Wonderfully earthy dubs from Winston Edwards – tracks recorded both at Black Ark and the studio of Joe Gibbs – and delivered in this lean style that's really wonderful – and a bit different from more familiar material of this mode! The bass is heavy enough, but the focus here ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)

Thiiird Place

This Is Thiiird Place
Toyokasei (Japan), 2024.
An excellent funk group from Japan – one who pick up some of the fuller horns of the Stax Records or Afro Funk generations, mix it with some leaner rhythms at times – and also make a strong nod towards contemporary funk modes as well – but all without sounding like anyone else at ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Analog Africa (Germany), Late 1960s/1970s/Early 1980s. 2LP Gatefold
A really incredible compilation, and one that's a great reminder of why we love the Analog Africa record label so much! Sure, there's been collections of Congolese music before – but this one's got that special something extra that Analog Africa can bring to play – an ear for just the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Carlos Nino & Friends

International Anthem, 2024.
The music of Carlos Nino just seems to be getting deeper and deeper with each new release – and even on a record like this, which has a birthing concept that's tied to its title, the overall sound is much more sophisticated and mindbending than you might expect! Things are still very much in ... CD (Jazz CD)

Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges

Back To Back (180 gram pressing)
Verve, 1959. Gatefold (reissue)
Duke Ellington makes a rare Verve appearance on this classic album – and works strongly in the mode of earlier sides recorded for the label by Johnny Hodges! There's a relaxed, small group feel going on here – one that's a bit different than some of the tighter Ellington work on ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Relax In/We Want Sounds (UK), 1987. (reissue)
A really enigmatic blend of Mid-East styles and more contemporary modes – and one of the hippest 80s albums from Lebanese artist Ziad Rahbani – a record that seems to cull together all the best albums of previous records, and lift them together to something even more magnificent and new! ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Diggers Factory/Wnts (France), 1979.
One of those great overseas sessions that Chet Baker cut in the last decade of his life – material that's so different than his older work, and which shows the maturing trumpeter really in search of a new sort of groove! Here, the album features key work from Jean-Paul Florens on guitar ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Heart Soul & Inspiration

Heart Soul & Inspiration
Viscojon/Tidal Waves, 1974.
A great indie soul set from the west coast scene – one that's got a lot more richness than you might expect from the cover, and an approach that's a lot like a stripped-down take on the territory of Barry White! There's definitely a few of Barry's songs on here, mixed with some other funky ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Henson Cargill

What's My Name
Monument/Iron Mountain Analog Research (Australia), Late 1960s. Gatefold
Really great work from the overlooked Henson Cargill – a country singer with a great way of commenting on changes in society in the late 60s – often with a wry wit, and the kind of sharpness that makes this music a nice change from other Nashville sounds at the time! Henson's got a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Folk/Country LP)

Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis

Squadra Antifurto
Four Flies (Italy), 1976.
That's the great Tomas Milian on the cover – looking like a slightly comedic undercover cop – which is a good way to highlight the music on this soundtrack! The work is definitely in the cop/crime territory of the Gudio and Maurizio DeAngelis team, but there's also a lighter feel to ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)

Saigon Soul Revival

Moi Lu'ong Duyen
Saigon Supersound (Germany), 2024.
Totally great work from this ultra-hip group – a combo who serve up their version of 60s and 70s sounds from Vietnam, but with a deep funk current in the background! The approach is great, and unlike anything else you'll ever hear – with lead vocals by a very seductive female singer, ... CD (Global Grooves CD)
Dusty Groove,
A lean, clean inner record sleeve – one that will fit in the tightest of record covers, and can even slip inside most printed inner sleeves too – able to serve as an extra layer of security for keeping your vinyl safe! These sleeves are made of high density polyethylene, and have a ... Record Care (Turntables & Supplies Record Care)
Numero, 1970s.
A sweet selection of mellow grooves – served up here in a package that's got a beautiful image of our hometown on the cover! The sunny shot of the Windy City in the 70s is perfect for the vibe of the album – as the whole thing brings together overlooked tracks from the vast reaches of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

State of Emergency
Joe Gibbs (UK), Late 1970s. (reissue)
Crucial work from Joe Gibbs – a set with a social message on the cover, but one that delivers its righteous energy with an all-instrumental groove! The core group here are wonderful – Franklyn Waul and Errol Nelson on piano and organ, Tommy McCook on tenor, Vin Gordon on trombone, Sly ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)
Seven Seas/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1976.
A sleazy film, but one with some really great music from Francis Lai – the composer better known for his mainstream contributions to classics like A Man & A Woman and Live For Life! In any setting, Lai displays an amazing genius for spare tunes that hit a lyrical chord and a warmly ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)
Blue Note, 1962. (reissue)
One of the greatest albums ever from Blue Note tenor giant Hank Mobley – a set that really explodes in all the new directions Hank was taking in the 60s! Mobley in the 50s was already the stuff of legend – a tremendous soloist on tenor, and every bit his own man – firmly focused ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Stop Point (UK), Mid 1970s. (reissue)
A great collection of overlooked grooves from the Kingston scene of the 70s – material that comes from the vaults of producer Keeling Beckford, who handled just about every track on the set! There's a strong early reggae vibe going on here, but with plenty of roots elements too – as ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)

Tidiane Thiam

Africa Yontii
Sahel Sounds, 2024.
A set with a really cool concept, and one that takes the acoustic guitar sound of West Africa into very different territory – as Tidiane Thiam plays here with some great help from producer Makhtar N'Diaye, who adds in some percussion, samples, and other elements too! The aprroach is great, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Blue Note, 1968. Gatefold (reissue)
A brilliant collaboration between vibist Bobby Hutcherson and reedman Harold Land – the first Blue Note album to feature the talents of the pair together, and a stone classic from the very first note! Hutcherson had already been making big waves for the label with his earlier sides – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Elemental, 1969.
A killer combo from saxophonist Cannonball Adderley – a group that features George Duke on both acoustic and electric piano, stretching things out, and helping the Adderley brothers find an even more soulful groove than they had in the 60s! The George Duke approach really makes for a cool ... CD (Jazz CD)

La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela

Dream House 78'17"
Shandar/Superior Viaduct, 1973. Gatefold (reissue)
Important 70s work from the great La Monte Young – a set that takes off strongly on his exploration of tones and sonic waves – heard here in two very unique settings! Side one features a quartet – with Young on voice and sine wave generator, alongside Jon Hassell on trumpet, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Out Sound LP)
Iron Mountain Analog Research (Australia), Late 1950s/1960s/Early 1970s.
There's always something great afoot in the Hillbillies In Hell series – usually way more than you might guess from the theme hinted at on the cover, as the scope of songs within tend to deliver a lot more too! As with the other volumes, the music here is from the farther reaches of country ... LP, Vinyl record album (Folk/Country LP)
Soul Jazz (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s. 2LP Gatefold
An amazing second foray into the world of punk rock 45s – and the British chapter to the previous American volume from Soul Jazz! Like the first set, the track selection here is superb – no overdone punk "oldies" or overplayed classics – and instead a great range of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Acid Jazz (UK), Late 1960s.
Genius work from the British scene of the 60s – a set rare tracks from that first mod movement in the UK – a time when the young sound of London burst forth in ways of soul, psych, garage, and R&B! This package brings together some of the most stunning tracks from the Rare Mod CD ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Subliminal Sounds, 1987.
Really lovely work from Japanese musician Shiho Yabuki – a set of keyboard ambient tracks that come across with a very subtle sense of beauty – really taking their time to find their way amidst the sonic space of the record, as Yabuki does more with less – but all in a way that ... CD (Out Sound CD)

Ryojiro Furusawa with Shigeharu Mukai

You Wanna Rain (SHMCD pressing)
Frasco/Universal (Japan), 1975.
Searing, soulful energy from this overlooked Japanese combo of the 70s – a crack quartet led by drummer Ryojiro Furusawa, working here with some great guest work on trombone from Shigeharu Mukai! The tunes are often very simple, but with a groove that's totally great – a bit of a modal ... CD (Jazz CD)
Raadio Kohila (Estonia), Late 1960s/1970s/Early 1980s.
An unusual set – not the pop you might expect from the title, and instead a whole host of short, mostly instrumental tunes from very obscure Estonian animated films! The styles here follow a bit of the modes of Polish work from the period – lots of electronics, used in very cool ways ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)
Alfa/Sony (Japan), 1980s. 2LP
A totally cool look at a totally cool label – the early home of YMO, and an imprint that was host to some of the coolest Japanese music in the 80s! Some of the artists on the Alpha label were already rising stars by the time the company launched in 1980 – but they found a new outlet ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Freedom/Muzak (Japan), 1967.
Genius early work from reedman Marion Brown – an album that was originally only issued overseas, where it was recorded – as part of that legacy that's always had Brown getting a lot more attention in Europe than back at home! Yet the record's a monster that stands equally with Marion's ... CD (Jazz CD)

Meiko Kaji

Gincho Wataridori
Teichiku/We Want Sounds (UK), 1972.
The debut album from Meiko Kaji – an artist most folks knew first as an actress, but whose voice finds a wonderful setting in this record! There's a gentle current of funk to most tracks – stepping electric bass next to soaring strings, a bit of horns, and great use of koto from time ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Soul Note (Italy), 1979. (reissue)
Seminal work from Billy Harper – one of his few albums to get wider exposure in the 70s, and searing set of righteous power all the way through! By this point in his career, Billy's really got a handle on his sound – and reaches forth here on tenor with a sense of majesty we'd rank ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)


Reggae Time
Studio One, Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
It's reggae time from Studio One – which is maybe no surprise, as the legendary Jamaican imprint really helped get the music going before the big labels took over! This set's an obscure compilation from the best years of Studio One – and mixes rocksteady and early reggae tracks that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)

Katsumasa Kusunose

Jazz Kissa 2022/2023
Jazz City (Japan), 2024.
Beautiful photographs of beautiful spaces – and a really lovely book that shows that the Japanese jazz kissa scene is still going strong into the 21st Century! Jazz kissa are small bars and coffee spots that have superb sound systems and amazing record collections – vintage jazz vinyl, ... Book (Book)
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 1970s.
A whole new world of grooves we've never heard before – music from a short stretch on the Italian scene when local artists were really taken with the new developments in Afro Funk, and started to serve up some fresh styles of their own! The music here is maybe a blend of West African sounds ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Joe Cuba Sextet

Hangin' Out/Vagabundeando
Tico/Craft, Mid 1960s. (reissue)
Killer combo work from the great Joe Cuba – a set recorded a few years before his big fame of the Latin Soul years – but in a way that shows how Joe was already shaking up the Latin scene in New York! After a generation when larger bands were seen as better, Joe works here with just a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Latin LP)
Reprise/Sundazed, 1966. (reissue)
A very cool later album from Duane Eddy – done at a time when his old wonderproducer Lee Hazlewood was having great success at Reprise Records – where he invited Eddy for an update of their previous style! The album's totally great – with more fuzz and distortion than previous ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Sadao Watanabe, Masahiko Satoh, & Others

My Wonderful Life
Ratspack (Japan), 2009.
You might know the work of Masahiko Togashi as a jazz percussionist – one who could sometimes make archly modern music – but the artist was also a great composer, especially of mellower ballads, of the sort that are featured on this set – a really loving set of remakes of his ... CD (Jazz CD)
Three Blind Mice/Sony (Japan), 1970. (reissue)
Early work from this tremendous Japanese saxophonist – working here on both alto and soprano sax, in styles that are sharply angular, but also quite warm and soulful! Kosuke Mine's got a quality that's a bit like Joe Henderson at the same time – obviously informed by earlier hardbop, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Sven Wunder

Natura Morta
Piano Piano, 2024.
Sven Wunder evokes an older European style of painting with the cover and title of this set – and the tunes themselves are painterly, but also in a funky way too – a great mix of gentle grooves and larger instrumentation, all filled with the sorts of charms we love in older Italian film ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)
SST/Superior Viaduct, 1983. (reissue)
Fast and loud sounds from The Dicks – an Austin band, but one who released this killer classic during the glory days of SST Records – as a set that could easily go head to head with the most hardcore work on the LA scene! The set shares plenty with its labelmates' efforts – a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Soundway (UK), 1980s/Early 1990s. 2CDs
A long-overdue follow up to the legendary first Ghana Special collection – and one that presents a second chapter of work – not just from the regional scene, but from a time when some of its best artists were also recording in other nations too! The result is a more powerful, soulful ... CD (Global Grooves CD)
Nicole/SeriE.WOC (Netherlands), 1974. (reissue)
A really fantastic record – a righteous blend of jazz and spoken word, served up at a level that rivals some of the famous collaborations between Langston Hughes and Charles Mingus! The tunes have a similar introspective quality to that work, but are delivered with a style that's maybe more ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Omnivore, 2024.
Rare work from the late Maurice White – a really great solo set that follows the strong legacy of albums he spun off on his own when stepping aside for a moment from Earth Wind & Fire! The album's a collaboration with Preston Glass – who'd made great contributions to EWF as well, ... CD (Soul CD)
Blue Note, 1957. 3LP Gatefold
The complete recordings of sessions that led to one of the greatest Sonny Rollins records ever – and a genre-defining record that really introduced the world to the concept of a tenor saxophone trio! Rollins is incredible here – really at his best and most adventurous, and almost light ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Verve, 1965. Gatefold (reissue)
A standout session from guitar giant Kenny Burrell – and a set that's maybe one of his most modern albums of the 60s! The record features backings from arranger Gil Evans – most famous for his work with Miles Davis, and working here in a style that's nicely different with Kenny – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis

Squadra Antifurto
Beat (Italy), 1976.
That's the great Tomas Milian on the cover – looking like a slightly comedic undercover cop – which is a good way to highlight the music on this soundtrack! The work is definitely in the cop/crime territory of the Gudio and Maurizio DeAngelis team, but there's also a lighter feel to ... CD (Soundtracks CD)
Colpix/Sundazed, 1965. (reissue)
A really great chapter in the 60s career of guitar giant Duane Eddy – a set that still has him working with Lee Hazlewood, the original producer who first brought him fame – in a set of all-Bob Dylan tunes that really sparkle with the twang heavy approach of Duane! There's some more ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
RCA/BGO (UK), Mid 1960s. 2CDs
A trio of early RCA albums from vibes genius Gary Burton – all brought together in a single set! First up is New Vibe Man In Town – the first-ever album from vibist Gary Burton – a very young player at the time of recording, but one who's definitely worth the "new vibe ... CD (Jazz CD)
Argo/Verve, 1959. (reissue)
A hip live date from Kenny Burrell – and a record that really showcases his amazing tone in a stripped-down trio setting! Burrell has a way of mixing chromatic chords with leaner lines that's simply breathtaking – qualities that really come out in the intimate space of the Village ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Sdban (Belgium), 1980s. 2CDs
Cool cuts from the 80s – a really well-done collection of under-discovered grooves from the scenes in The Netherlands and Belgium – music that we never would have heard otherwise! Some of the cuts here echo better-known UK work of the period, especially those which feature keyboards ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)
Mr Bongo (UK), 2024.
A contemporary set, but one that may well be destined to become an instant classic in the world of Brazilian music – as the young Rubel has a way of embracing so many traditions of his culture, while also finding a way to move things forward boldly! The approach here is different than some ... CD (Brazil CD)

Trans Europa Express

Il Gatto Dagli Occhi Di Giada
Digitmovies (Italy), 1977.
An unusual group that we only know from this one Italian soundtrack – and a combo who's not nearly as electronic as you might guess from their Kraftwerk-sounding name! Instead, the approach here is a bit like that of Goblin on their horror scores from the same time – a style that uses ... CD (Soundtracks CD)
Fantasy/Craft, Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
Great work from a series that always delivers excellent music – one with a hokey title and concept, but a rock-solid set of grooves from the Fantasy/Concord catalog! There's an especially righteous vibe to this edition of the series – which you might guess from the title – tunes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Motohiko Hino Quartet + 1

Ryuhyo – Sailing Ice (with bonus tracks)
Three Blind Mice/Craftman (Japan), 1976.
A record with a really beautiful title – and a sound that definitely lives up to the "Sailing Ice" on the cover! The music is very much in the best post-Coltrane mode – played by a group led by the great Japanese drummer Motohiko Hino, and featuring Mabumi Yamaguchi on tenor ... CD (Jazz CD)

Chet Baker & Jack Sheldon

In Perfect Harmony – The Lost Album
Jazz Detective/Elemental, 1972.
Two of the coolest trumpeters from the LA scene of the 50s – reunited here in a never-issued album from the start of the 70s! At the time of the set, Jack Sheldon was the real star of the date – big on TV, and a very confident, cool player – as well as a singer with a wonderfully ... CD (Jazz CD)

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

Live Oblivion Vol 1
RCA/Soul Bank (UK), 1974.
Really hard-jamming work from keyboardist Brian Auger – the first of a 2-part live set from the US, and easily some of his greatest work on record! The tracks are all very long and stretched out here – an extrapolation of the territory Auger was already exploring on studio sides, taken ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Gearbox (UK), 1980s/1990s/2000s. 2CD
A really great dive into the city pop years of Japanese music – and a collection that's a bit different than some others, in that it not only presents gems from the 80s, but also follows the evolution of city pop modes into later decades as well! There's a nice variety of styles here – ... CD (Japanese CD)
Dusty Groove,
A stunning image of our legendary Chicago outpost – the three story building where Dusty Groove has resided since the start of the 21st Century, and a building that's chock full of music, every day of the week! The sleek images gets at the charms of our Wicker Park location, and our ... Photo (Dusty Groove Swag Photo)

Pat Smythe

New Dawn
British Progressive Jazz (UK), 2024.
A fierce, full-on session from British pianist Pat Smythe – a player you might know from more conventional settings, but who really lets loose here in this unreleased live set from the early 70s! Pat plays plenty of Fender Rhodes in addition to piano – and the set's got an especially ... CD (Jazz CD)

Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few

Division 81, 2024.
An album that really lives up to its title – as the record sets out to prove to the world that Isaiah Collier is one of the most almighty talents on the saxophone in recent years! The album has a spiritual majesty that tops even the previous album with the Chosen Few group – as in ... CD (Jazz CD)
Madlib Invazion, 2024.
One of the most keyboard-heavy sets in the excellent Madlib Invazion sound library series – a set that has all sorts of vintage keys and synth over lightly tripping grooves that are mighty nice! The approach is spacey and dreamy, yet still very funky – as the keys handle as much rhythm ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library LP)

Kazumi Watanabe

Infinite (SHMCD pressing)
Far East/Universal (Japan), 1971.
The first album recorded by Kazumi Watanabe, the Japanese guitarist whose firey style would go onto play a big part in the growth of that country's jazz scene during the 70s! This album's quite different from the later smoother work from Kaz – a pretty intense set, and it features Watanabe ... CD (Jazz CD)

Yann Jankielewicz

Keep It Simple
Local Tree (France), 2024.
Saxophonist Yann Jankielewicz got the title of the record as advice from the late Tony Allen, when working with Tony in the studio on a project – and Yann definitely takes that advice here, on a set that's partly jazz, but also channels some of the experience he had with Allen! The music is ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)
Perfect Toy (Germany), Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
The Perfect Toy label has an amazing way of coming up with grooves we've never heard before – really rare tracks that make us dig each new release from the label – just as they keep on digging for more rare records to make their releases great! We've been Hammond fans for decades ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

Live Oblivion Vol 2
RCA/Soul Bank (UK), 1974. 2LP Gatefold (reissue)
The second smoking Live Oblivion set from Brian Auger and crew – twice as long, and maybe even twice as funky as the first! The tunes on here all really push the ten minute mark – stretching out the original Auger conception on studio sides, and featuring plenty of room for really ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Sdban (Belgium), 2024.
A nicely expanded edition of this great series – one that still presents the contemporary cuts from the European scene that we loved on the first two volumes, but which also goes beyond jazz-based modes to include some very hip sounds in a variety of styles! The music this time around moves ... CD (New Grooves CD)

Terri Walker

My Love Story
Wings Of A Hummingbird (UK), 2024.
Terri Walker's every bit as great here as when we first fell in love with her music many years back – so much so that it's hard to believe there's been any passage of years, as the album's got all the freshness and sense of promise of the neo soul generation from back in the day! As before, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)
Houseplant, 1970s/2024. 3LPs
Classic funk, rare soul, and contemporary goodies too – all served up in a beautiful package designed by the folks at Seth Rogan's Houseplant! As with the previous set, this one is divided into three modes – one record sativa, one indica, and the third a hybrid – capturing ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Monday Michiru

Don't Disturb This Groove
Grand Gallery (Japan), 2011.
A great one from Monday Michiru – sweet, soulful, and totally right on the money! The set's almost a return to the warm soul territory that first won us over in Monday's work from the 90s – as she takes on a whole host of older American soul tunes by Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)
Jazz City (Japan), 2023.
A beautiful Japanese publication, one that looks at the long legacy of bars and coffee shops that focus on presenting quality jazz vinyl with high end sound systems – really amazing spots that are presented here in a special edition with full text in English! As with other issues of the ... Book (Book)

Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit

Ethiobraz (colored vinyl pressing)
PNL, 2024. 2LP Gatefold
A huge ensemble, and one who create sounds that we never would have expected from avant jazz drummer Paal Nilssen-Love many years back – as the whole performance resonates with Ethiopian and Brazilian elements that are very different than some of the more improvised music that we usually ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Studio One/Soul Jazz (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s. 2LP
A killer collection of early work from Studio One – and a set that focuses on the ska and rocksteady that were the initial famous calling card of that legendary Jamaican label! Soul Jazz originally issued a smaller 7" single box set under the same title – but this version is ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)
Tammy/Numero, 1960s/1970s.
Killer soul from a tiny label on a tiny scene – the small Tammy Records imprint, not to be confused with Motown partner Tamla – a really great indie from the Youngstown scene in east Ohio, and a company who cut some killer soul in the 60s and 70s! The label seem to have an especially ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Takeru Muraoka

Takeru (SHMCD pressing)
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1970.
A really landmark album from the Japanese scene at the start of the 70s – one of the key records in which musicians like Takeru Muraoka were helping to discover something new and unique – a fantastic hybrid of modal jazz, freer solo moments, and some nice electric touches on keyboards ... CD (Jazz CD)
BYG/Charly (UK), 1969.
The Art Ensemble at the height of their powers – really letting loose on the Parisian scene of the late 60s, where they found a great audience for all the new ideas they'd been brewing up back home! The album's definitely one that has the group's unique ethos coming into focus – that ... CD (Jazz CD)

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio

Misty (SACD DSD)
Three Blind Mice/Sony (Japan), 1974.
Not "Misty" in an Errol Garner sense – although Tsuyoshi Yamamoto serves up his own version of the tune here – and instead a hip set from the Three Blind Mice scene of the 70s, with a very open, freewheeling approach to piano trio work! Yamamoto's a bit straighter than some ... CD (Jazz CD)


Look Out
Gearbox (UK), 2021. 2LP Gatefold
Maybe the most majestic album from this very majestic group – a righteous combo of musicians whose sound is far more than the simple "cookers" name might imply – as they really reach for the skies with a masterful blend of talents from an all star group! Trumpeter David Weiss ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Mo Kolours

Original Flow
We Release Jazz (Switzerland), 2024.
A genre-stepping set of soul work from Mo Kolours – aka Joseph Deenmamode – a singer with roots in many styles, which he wraps together here wonderfully! At some level, the album takes the approach of a collaborative hip hop production, but in a way that uses live musicians – but ... CD (Neo Soul CD)
Motown/Elemental, 1965. (reissue)
A great tribute to the late Sam Cooke – recently departed at the time of this 1965 album, taken from the world all too soon! The set features a host of tunes associated with Cooke's too-short career in soul music – done by The Supremes in a way that makes great use of their harmonies, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Three Blind Mice/Sony (Japan), Mid 70s. 2CDs
A great overview of work on the legendary Three Blind Mice label from 70s Japan – a crucial imprint that gave exposure to the new generation of Japanese jazz musicians who were forging a fresh sort of ideas apart from their counterparts in the US! Three Blind Mice was always a label that was ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Dining Rooms

Songs To Make Love To
Schema (Italy), 2024.
Maybe the most sensitive work we've ever heard from this Italian duo – a group who can sometimes be clubby, but who here lay back a bit more in the pacing of their rhythms, which allows for more introspection and careful consideration in the music! There's a range of different singers on the ... CD (New Grooves CD)
Philips/Universal (France), 1971. 3CD
French rocker Johnny Hallyday hits the 70s, with a sound and style that's a bit funky, and a bit touched by some of the crossover American trends coming out of the LA rock scene. This one's arranged mostly by Mickey Jones and Tommy Brown, who'd done some excellent work with Hallyday on earlier ... CD (French CD)
Elemental, 1972. 2CDs
A never-issued live set from spiritual reed genius Yusef Lateef – one that was recorded during the years he was recording for Atlantic Records, but with a nicely different vibe! The tracks are all long, loose, and very open – Yusef blowing tenor, soprano sax, and flute – shifting ... CD (Jazz CD)

John Fekner City Squad

Idioblast 1983 to 2004
Modern Harmonic, 1984. 2CD
The overlooked legacy of John Fekner – a New York artist who works here in the world of hip hop and electro soul – on tunes that are sometimes infused with lyrics that refer to the art concepts that inspire his creations! The sound is spare – just drum machine beats, bits of ... CD (Rock CD)
Marlin/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978.
Tight work from this famous disco trio – a set recorded at Sigma Sound in NYC with lots of soaring strings, thanks to the disco perfection of producer Jacques Morali – who really found a great outlet for his talents with the group! And the album's also got some surprisingly soulful ... CD (Soul CD)
Astigmatic (Poland), 2024.
A keyboard-heavy set by a group of musicians who all have roots in the London jazz scene – working together here in modes that are a bit more spacey and electric overall! The music has amazing drums from Chiminyo at the core – playing funkily, but also with some elements that almost ... CD (New Grooves CD)

Lucas Arruda

Favorite/P-Vine (Japan), 2024.
Wonderful music from Lucas Arruda – an artist who embraces some of the warmest, most soulful styles of Brazilian music from back in the 70s, but manages to deliver them with a crisp contemporary spin! There's a lot of vintage Azymuth-styled grooves here – wicked rhythms, excellent ... CD (Brazil CD)

Alessandro Alessandroni

Open Air Parade
SR/Sonor (Italy), 1972. (reissue)
A gem of a sound library record from one of the all-time greats – and maybe one of the few artists who gave his equal all, whether he was cutting a full film soundtrack, or just a discreet batch of tracks like these in the studio! The music is as groovy as groovy can be – sometimes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library LP)

Shades Of Brown

Shades Of Brown EP
Albina Music Trust, Late 1960s.
Fantastic funk from a totally obscure group – Portland's Shades Of Brown, a combo not to be confused with the Chicago group who recorded for Chess Records – but one who share a very similar sense of righteous soul! There's a heady groove to the record right from the start – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Jack McDuff

Ain't No Sunshine
Cellar Live, 1972. 2CDs
Rare material from one of our favorite jazz musicians of all time – legendary Hammond hero Jack McDuff, heard here in a really wonderful setting! McDuff in the 60s was already great – an organist who played in ways that really stood out, with a sense of rhythm that was completely ... CD (Jazz CD)

De Beren Gieren

What Eludes Us
Sdban (Belgium), 2024.
A keyboard trio, but one with an approach that's very different than traditional modes – partly because they've always had a very inventive sound, but also because they're working here this time around with production from Jaga Jazzist! All the familiar elements are in place – bass ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Bill Frisell

Blue Note, 2024.
A stunning setting for the guitar of Bill Frisell – and an album that's maybe even more beautiful than we might have expected! The record features Bill's core trio – with Rudy Royston on drums and Thomas Morgan on bass – but the real genius of the set may well come from the great ... CD (Jazz CD)
Gearbox (UK), 2021.
Richly spiritual work from a group of London musicians who combine jazz modes with larger orchestrations – all at a level that's maybe somewhere between earlier projects from Cinematic Orchestra, and some of the LA jazz work of Miguel Atwood Ferguson! But as with so much London music of late ... CD (Jazz CD)

Tomasz Stanko

Wooden Music II
Astigmatic (Poland), 1972.
Beautiful improvised work from legendary Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko – work that's much more powerful and bracing than the atmospheric recordings he would do for ECM in later years! The work here comes right at a key moment for free jazz on the European scene – and Stanko works with ... CD (Jazz CD)

Stanley Turrentine

Let It Go (SHMCD pressing)
Impulse (Japan), 1966.
A rare non-Blue Note 60s date as a leader from Stanley Turrentine – recorded for Impulse when his (then) wife Shirley Scott was contracted to the label – and featuring the talents of both players on some very groovy tracks! The quartet features both Stan's tenor and Shirley's Hammond ... CD (Jazz CD)

Kamasi Washington

Fearless Movement
Young Turks, 2024. 2LP Gatefold
Kamasi Washington opens the door to a bit more collaboration here – while also really managing to stay true to the vision that he's given us on his previous instant-classic albums! In just a short span of time, Kamasi has become a saxophone voice for a generation – linking past ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Shabaka (Shabaka Hutchings)

Perceive Its Beauty – Acknowledge Its Grace
Impulse, 2024.
A very different album than you might expect from London reedman Shabaka Hutchings – a set that's got a very peaceful, meditative vibe a times – and one that has Shabaka looking inside for righteous inspiration, then spinning things out in a beautiful way! Hutchings put aside his more ... CD (Jazz CD)

Karin Krog/John Surman/Albert Mangelsdorff/Others

Open Space – Down Beat Poll Winners In Europe
MPS/Endless Happiness (Italy), 1969. (reissue)
A fantastic album that brings together all of the European winners of the recent Downbeat polls of the late 60s – a massive all-star lineup that features Karin Krog on vocals, John Surman on baritone and soprano sax, Albert Mangelsdorff on trombone, Francy Boland on piano, Niels Henning ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Impulse, 1971. 2CDs
A fantastic live performance from Alice Coltrane – and one that features a very heavy-hitting group – stretching out here in a beautiful performance of extended tracks that maybe takes off even more than some of Coltrane's famous albums for Impulse Records! The group is great – ... CD (Jazz CD)

Ananda Shankar

Sa Re Ga Machan
Life Goes On, 1981. (reissue)
A great bit of jungle exotica from funky sitar player Ananda Shankar – composed as a full piece with an "atmosphere of twilight and the feeling of watching animals at a water hole", but with a sweeping soundtracky feel that makes it more like some lost 70s film gem in the best ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Charles Tolliver

Connect (Japanese edition)
Gearbox (UK), 2020.
CD...$9.99 19.99
A stunner of a set from legendary trumpeter Charles Tolliver – and a record that shows that he's lost none of his brilliance since the years of his 70s recordings for the Strata East label! The format here is a bit like those – long tracks by a small group, with an outward appearance ... CD (Jazz CD)
Impulse, Mid 1960s. (reissue)
Wonderfully groovy work from drummer Chico Hamilton – one of his hip 60s albums for Impulse, done in a style that's completely different than his work of the 50s! Here, Chico's clearly in love with a modal groove, and also sets things up with more romping rhythms that are upbeat in a way he ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Robert Hood & Femi Kuti

M Plant, 2024.
A really different setting for the saxophone of Afro Funk legend Femi Kuti – as instead of working with a large group, he just blows here alongside the keyboard creations of Robert Hood – in a mode that makes for a really wonderful album all the way through! The tracks are each just ... CD (New Grooves CD)
Mississippi, 1930s.
A great set of rural blues and folksy modes, presented here with little in the way of information – which then maybe makes the whole thing a completely delightful musical discovery – as if you've found a whole stack of vintage 78rpm singles with the labels rubbed off, and have to drop ... LP, Vinyl record album (Blues LP)

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly

International Anthem/Nonesuch, 2024.
We first fell in love with the work of Frank Rosaly when he was a drummer here on the Chicago jazz and improv scene – but this album is something completely different overall, and a real evolution of Frank's talents both as a percussionist and musical visionary! The album's a collaboration ... CD (Jazz CD)
Doctor Bird (UK), Mid 1970s. 2CDs
Two classic Lloyd Charmers albums – both new to CD, and presented here with lots of first-time CD bonus tracks too! First up is the great Gold Connection album – an obscure little record, but a soulful one too – a rare 70s Federal Records session that mixes together reggae and ... CD (Reggae CD)
Cellar Live, 1958/1966. 2CDs
Not just jazz from the Northwest, as the set also features some California material too – brought together in this great double-length set of unissued material from this legendary jazz drummer! The set begins with Shelly Manne leading a quintet at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1958 – ... CD (Jazz CD)


Angola 72/74
Morabeza/Lusafrica (France), Early 1970s. 2LP Gatefold
A pair of classic albums, served up here in a single set! First up is the sound of Angola, circa 1972 – served up here in a beautiful album of songs from Bonga! The music is relatively spare – mostly just lead acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion – the latter of which is played ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Timeless/Music On Vinyl (Netherlands), 1983. (reissue)
Chet Baker blows trumpet here with one of the tightest rhythm sections of his later albums – a killer trio led by pianist Kirk Lightsey, who also gets in some great solos here too! The session's led by Kirk, and has a nicely different vibe than some of those issued under Baker's own name ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Elaine Brown with Horace Tapscott

Seize The Time (purple vinyl pressing)
Vault/Real Gone, 1969. (reissue)
A righteous treasure from the end of the 60s – an album of vocal tracks recorded by the Minister Of Information for the Black Panther Party, set to backings from the legendary jazz visionary Horace Tapscott! Elaine Brown's less of a soul singer than a powerful speaker who delivers the lyrics ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Modern Harmonic, Early 1970s.
Never-issued performances from Sun Ra and his legendary Arkestra – recorded live at Slugs in New York, and featuring the group in two very different modes! Side one features "Calling Planet Earth/We'll Wait For You" – from the same performance that also gave the world the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Vault/Friday Music, 1966. (reissue)
A beautiful set of modal jazz tracks – recorded by the great LA pianist Jack Wilson with a young Roy Ayers! The set is amazing, and features haunting piano and vibes interplay between Ayers and Wilson – in a style that could best be summed up as LA modern modal, but which is also ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Impulse, 1963. (reissue)
A wonderful session of 60s Hammond jazz – a record that was somewhat overlooked at the time, but which has really gotten the attention it deserves over the years! The album's one of a rare few cut by organist Gloria Coleman – an obscure east coast player who was also the wife of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Imperative Mood, 2004.
A laidback set of funky instrumentals served up by a combo who mix up organ, guitar, bass, and drums – plus nice use of percussion in all the right moments, which underscores the slight exotica bent they hint at in the title! There's also some slight but great use of electronics – ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
Edsel (UK), 1970s/1980s/Early 1990s. 14CD
CD...$114.99 139.99
One of the greatest British groups of the 70s – presented here in all their glory – a huge package that includes all their full length albums in one set, plus rare bonus material too! The music here runs from the original quartet lineup through the time when Kevin Godley and Lol Creme ... CD (Rock CD)
Astigmatic (Poland), 2022. Gatefold
A really great record with a vibe that's all its own – a stunning blend of spiritual jazz, North Indian music, and some slight contemporary touches – all with a sense of deeper energy that really opens up as the album moves on! There's plenty of great keyboards on the record – a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Beverley's/Culture Factory, 1971. (reissue)
Pre-Island Records material from Bob Marley and The Wailers – and a set that really focuses on the strong harmony modes that made the group so great! Bob's lead is still wonderful, but the way the voices come together is tremendous – echoing American soul styles, but with a righteous ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)


Pick Up/Jazz Room (UK), 1980. (reissue)
Brazilian fusion from Denmark – a really wonderful set from this cool Scandinavian combo! The record feels a fair bit like some of the Brazilian jazz coming out of the west coast of the US during the 70s – soaring, soulful, and put together with a breezy brilliance that almost takes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Cedar Walton

RCA/Be With (UK), 1975. (reissue)
A real revelation from pianist Cedar Walton – an unusual electric album from the 70s – quite a surprise, given the mostly-acoustic sound of most of Cedar's other records! The album's a killer, though – and has this fresh, full take on funky jazz for the time – not the usual ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Akuphone (France), 1980s.
Jac Berrocal is a trumpeter, with some background in jazz – but the tracks within are way more than that – and feature Berrocal at some of his most experimental, in ways that range nicely through a wide array of styles! The work here is a mix of rare and unreleased tracks – some ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Teichiku/Lawson (Japan), 1971. (reissue)
Quite a weird little record – part psychedelia, but with some really rootsy elements – and also some odd use of recorded music as well! The sound here is really mindblowing – experimental and trippy, but never too free or over the top – and the core instrumentation includes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Kill Rock Stars, Late 1970s. 2LP Gatefold
Fantastic sounds from Kleenex/Liliput – one of the few early punk groups to come from Switzerland, and a female combo with energy to rival The Slits or Poison Girls at their best! The tunes here are short and sharp, and often have a biting quality in the lyrics – which are often in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Elektra/Strut (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s. 3LP
Stunning work from the great second chapter of Patrice Rushen – the time when the lady moved over to Elektra Records and really opened up her groove! Rushen had already been making great music for most of the 70s – playing fantastic keyboards as a real up-and-coming star on the funky ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Josh Johnson

Unusual Object
Northern Spy, 2024.
A solo record, but one that's got the sound of more things at once than you might expect – as saxophonist Josh Johnson has this great way of processing the sound from his horns, then layering them with samples and other elements too – but all in a way that's never gimmicky, and really ... CD (Jazz CD)
Jive, 1987. (reissue)
A stunning underground set from back in the day – a record that was originally released on the label run by Schoolly D himself, then was picked up by Jive Records – because Schoolly had a runaway hit on his own! The whole thing is great – one of the first really hardcore records, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)

Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis

Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis
Impulse, 2024.
Tenorist James Brandon Lewis is easily one of the most important voices on his instrument in recent years – and also one of the most versatile too, as is shown in this project with the guitar-driven group The Messthetics! Two of the group's members hail from legendary punk band Fugazi, but ... CD (Jazz CD)

Jeff Babko/Tim Lefebvre/Mark Guiliana

Clam City (180 gram pressing)
Sam First, 2024. 2LP
Warmly well-rounded sounds from a mighty strong trio – a group who are certainly aware of some of the newer modes of expression that have opened up for the piano trio in the 21st Century, but who also balance things out with a more standard approach from time to time too! There's a very ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Ron Carter with Eric Dolphy & Mal Waldron

Where (180 gram pressing)
New Jazz/Craft, 1961. (reissue)
A haunting and unusual batch of tracks from bassist Ron Carter – working here with a group that includes spiritual modernists Eric Dolphy on reeds and Mal Waldron on piano – both players who really add a lot to the set! In a way, the album's more like Dolphy's own work as a leader from ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, 2024. 2LP Gatefold
Late life brilliance from the legendary Charles Lloyd – a reed player who seems to have given the world more great music in the past 20 years than he had in the previous 60s! Lloyd keeps on moving forward with all these new ideas and fresh conceptions – and here, he blows tenor, alto, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Sam First, 2024.
Rachel Eckroth has a resume that includes work behind some famous singers in a variety of styles – but here, she's a very committed jazz instrumentalist – working with a very bold touch on the piano at times, alongside guitarist Andrew Renfroe, who's got this edgey sense of tone on his ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Lew Kirton

Just Arrived
Alston/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1980.
Great work from this oft-overlooked smooth soul singer! Lew Kirton was part of the Miami soul scene that centered around TK Records in Florida – but he has a smooth sexy style that reminds us a lot more of northern modern soul singers – especially the most sophisticated side of the New ... CD (Soul CD)

Little Richard

Right Now
Kent/Omnivore, 1974.
One of the most obscure albums that Little Richard ever cut – and a great one too – a set that was done after his excellent comeback years on Warner Brothers, and with a vibe that's similar, but nicely gritty too! There's an old school southern soul quality to the record – and ... CD (Soul CD)
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1976.
A sexy soundtrack to a mid-70s film written and directed by Serge Gainsbourg – and starring Jane Birkin and a young Gerard Depardieu! The feel here is very much in the spirit of Serge's work of the time – especially that recorded with Birkin – but in a way, it's almost even ... CD (French CD)
Jazzman (UK), Late 60s/1970s/1980s/1990s.
A wonderfully wide-ranging tribute to the great John Coltrane – served up here in a whole host of tracks recorded after his too-early death, each of which take his musical message in different directions! The sound is certainly spiritual – in keeping with the different volumes in this ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)
Philips/Universal (Japan), 1964. 2CDs
One of the most wonderful soundtracks ever! Michel Legrand wrote the jazzy groovy score for this legendary French film from the mid 60s – and every word of dialogue in the film is sung throughout, making for a very cool, ever-changing array of vocal bits and jazzy styles. Embedded in here ... CD (Soundtracks CD)

Dusty Groove Hoodie

Dot Dash – Black (MED)
Dusty Groove Gear,
A modernist design that hearkens back to our favorite jazz albums of the 50s – served up as a testament to our best-selling style of music year after year! Yet even if you're not a jazz listener, you can still dig the sleek look of the image – which is printed here on an even better ... Clothing (Clothing)
P-Vine (Japan), 1977/1979.
A huge musical treasure – a full unreleased album by Weldon Irvine, plus a bonus material as well! The music is from the stage play Young Gifted & Broke – a short-lived production by Weldon, and one that's done with some of the same hip modes he was bringing to his own music of the ... CD (Jazz CD)

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Jazz Is Dead 20 – Remixes
Jazz Is Dead, 2024.
Key tracks from this long-running series – taken into new territory by a whole host of contemporary remix talents! The set's heavy on producers and musicians from the London scene – so that the earlier LA efforts of Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad are given new cosmic ... CD (Deep Funk CD)

Rob Mazurek

Clean Feed (Portugal), 2024.
Rob Mazurek is one of the most collaborative musicians we know – but this time around, he's completely solo, but handling a range of instruments that might usually be associated with a larger group! In addition to his familiar trumpet and pocket trumpet work, Rob's creating sounds here on ... CD (Jazz CD)

San Ul Lim (Sanullim)

Evening Breeze
Guerssen (Spain), Late 1970s/Early 1980s. 2LP
Overlooked mid-period work from this legendary Korean trio – music the group recorded after their first three albums – all records that have been reissued a bit over the years, which these tracks have not! There's a deeply moody vibe to the music – still all the fuzz, freak, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Cadet/Verve, 1969. (reissue)
An amazing album by the great guitarist Eddie Fisher – and completely unlike his later funk records! Eddie plays stripped down jazz with a small combo that includes organ by Robert Selby, bass by Paul Jackson, and some rhythm guitar by Phil Westmoreland – and the twin-guitar approach ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Atlantic/ARC (UK), 1968. (reissue)
Fantastic stuff, and a record that was virtually the blueprint for spiritual soul jazz in the 70s! Although Max Roach first rose to fame during the bop years, by the time of this set he'd really stretched out a lot – moving past initial righteous projects in the Civil Rights era, to even ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, 1968.
Amazing later work from Booker Ervin – far more modern and far-reaching than you'd guess from the "Texas" title in the set! Although Ervin first came onto the scene as a strong-voiced tenorist from a Texas tradition, through the course of the 60s he'd really expanded his musical ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Hideo Shiraki

Teichiku/Lawson (Japan), 1961. (reissue)
A brilliant early album from Japanese drummer Hideo Shiraki – a jazz session that bristles with the same intensity as key late 50s work by Benny Golson or Gigi Gryce! Although Hideo's leading the group on drums, his work on the kit is remarkably subtle – done with the snappingly ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Dal Segno/Mo Jazz (UK), Late 1960s. (reissue)
A wickedly cool small combo set from the 60s – featuring reedman John Lemon, who blows both tenor and flute, plus a bit of alto as well – in a combo with Jimmy Scott on organ, Ernest McLean on guitar, and Bobby Brooks on drums! The set's got a great soul jazz vibe – like a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Lalah Hathaway

SoNo, 2024.
The voice of Lalah Hathaway just seems to get better and better with age – warmer and more mature, and definitely part of a legacy that makes her one of the strongest talents of her generation! As with other records, Hathaway has a great way of balancing herself between mainstream soul and ... CD (Soul CD)

Wadada Leo Smith & Amina Claudine Myers

Central Park's Mosaic Of Reservoir, Lake, Paths, & Gardens
Red Hook, 2024.
One of the most beautiful albums from trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith in years – a set that's different than both his larger concept records, and some of his more freewheeling improvisational outings – as the whole thing is a spare, almost poetic set of duets with pianist Amina Claudine ... CD (Jazz CD)
East Wind (Japan), 1975.
A searing live performance from this brilliant Japanese trumpeter – working here at the height of his stretched-out, open-ended powers – but with a style that's a bit more inside than some of his work from the start of the 70s! Hino really shows himself to be a great leader here – ... CD (Jazz CD)
Doctor Bird (UK), Mid 1970s. 2CD
A stunning amount of music recorded in just the space of two short years – all standing as a mighty strong testament to the production genius of Niney The Observer during the roots reggae generation! The package features a fair bit of tracks that have never been on CD before, and as stated, ... CD (Reggae CD)

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