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Hard-to-find grooves today & everyday – and Record Store Day is just a week away!

Mag/Munster (Spain), 1970. Gatefold (reissue)
A legendary album from the Peruvian scene at the start of the 70s – a record from one of the key groups who were really helping deepen the sound of the music at the time, and take things far past some of the simpler Anglo-inspired music of the 60s! It's tempting to call these guys ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)


Togo Soul 2
Hot Casa (France), 1970s/1980s. 2LP Gatefold
A stunning array of rare sounds from Togo – a tiny West African nation, but home to a real hotbed of grooves in the 70s and 80s! As with the first volume, the music here is a real revelation – sounds very different than those in nearby Nigeria, often with a slight tropical vibe in the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Pat Smythe

New Dawn
British Progressive Jazz (UK), 2024.
A fierce, full-on session from British pianist Pat Smythe – a player you might know from more conventional settings, but who really lets loose here in this unreleased live set from the early 70s! Pat plays plenty of Fender Rhodes in addition to piano – and the set's got an especially ... CD (Jazz CD)

Hal Singer

Soweto To Harlem
As Shams/Afrodelic (Italy), 1976. (reissue)
One of a handful of very righteous albums that American reedman Hal Singer made overseas – very different material than the more R&B-based tenor material that started out his career! Here, Hal's got this easygoing approach to soul jazz – stretching out on these really long tracks ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
A&M/Future Days, 1970. (reissue)
One of our favorite-ever keyboard albums – a rare lost session from pianist Pete Jolly – one of his only electric dates, and a completely improvised set of grooves! Pete plays electric piano, organ, and even a bit of musette – jamming in the studio with help from Chuck Berghofer ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
P-Vine (Japan), 1977/1979.
A huge musical treasure – a full unreleased album by Weldon Irvine, plus a bonus material as well! The music is from the stage play Young Gifted & Broke – a short-lived production by Weldon, and one that's done with some of the same hip modes he was bringing to his own music of the ... CD (Jazz CD)

Lucas Arruda

Favorite/P-Vine (Japan), 2024.
Wonderful music from Lucas Arruda – an artist who embraces some of the warmest, most soulful styles of Brazilian music from back in the 70s, but manages to deliver them with a crisp contemporary spin! There's a lot of vintage Azymuth-styled grooves here – wicked rhythms, excellent ... CD (Brazil CD)
Ace (UK), 1980s/1990s/2000s. 2LP Gatefold
Never-heard work from the legendary Rodion GA – an artist who barely issued any material during the 20th century, but who's become a real electronic music legend in more recent years! Rodion hails from Hugary, where he worked underground recording all these cool cuts from the 80s onward ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)


Black Beauty
Today/Survival Research, Early 1970s. (reissue)
Very righteous work from The Exciters – best known for their girl group recordings in the 60s, but recording here in a very heavy sort of 70s mode – strongly in keeping with the "Black Beauty" in the title! Arrangements and production on the set are by Herb Rooney – who ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth

Black Survival – The Sahel Concert At Town Hall
Im-Hotep/P-Vine (Japan), 1974. Gatefold (reissue)
Amazing sounds from the righteous Roy Brooks – a drummer who worked strongly in the soul jazz mainstream of the 60s, then stepped out into even headier territory here in the 70s! The album's a spiritual masterpiece all the way through – an album on par with early 70s Impulse sides from ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
ESP, 2024.
The title here is interesting – given that Matthew Shipp's been giving us new concepts in jazz piano for decades – yet there also is a way that this set differs from some of Shipp's classic recordings – maybe in part because it seems to hew to older piano trio traditions at times, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Akenaton (Egypt), Late 1950s/1960s/1970s/Early 1980s.
A mad mix of sounds from the glory days of Indian cinema – served up in a package that offers up a much broader blend of styles than other Bollywood collections – as it features numbers from the late 50s all the way through the early 80s! Some of the tracks here have a rockish vibe ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Shabaka (Shabaka Hutchings)

Perceive Its Beauty – Acknowledge Its Grace
Impulse, 2024.
A very different album than you might expect from London reedman Shabaka Hutchings – a set that's got a very peaceful, meditative vibe a times – and one that has Shabaka looking inside for righteous inspiration, then spinning things out in a beautiful way! Hutchings put aside his more ... CD (Jazz CD)
Transversales Disques (France), Mid 1970s.
Brilliant work from the always- great Alain Goraguer – a musician who started out in jazz, then did classic arrangements for Serge Gainsbourg, and went on to some killer soundtrack material too! That's what you'll hear, in a package that brings together lost and un-reissued work from ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)

Bruno Berle

No Reino Dos Afetos 2
Far Out (UK), 2024.
Bruno Berle's titled this album in a way that's similar to his debut – but it's way more than just a "part 2", as the Brazilian singer has really grown a lot since that release! There's a rock-solid sound to the record that takes us back to some of our favorite MPB work of the past ... CD (Brazil CD)
Modern Harmonic, Late 50s/1960s.
A totally cool little set, and one that takes us back to the kind of commercials they used to play at the drive-in theaters between two different movies in a long double-feature! The tracks here are all short, playful little tunes with plenty of 60s elements – sometimes jazzy, sometimes ... CD (Soundtracks CD)

Jazz Defenders

Memory In Motion
Haggis (UK), 2024.
Nice work from this funky jazz combo – a group who owe plenty to the sound of 60s soul jazz on Prestige and Verve Records, but who also do plenty to make their own mark as well! The album's issued on the same label as the Haggis Horns, and these guys definitely use strong interplay between ... CD (Jazz CD)

Another Taste

Another Taste
Space Grapes (Netherlands), 2024.
A contemporary group, but one who do a stunning job of cooking up 80s-styled club cuts – just the right balance of boogie, funk, and soul – all handled with a lean vibe that's like some of our favorite rare 12" singles from back in the day! Another Taste are a real group, not just ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)

Rob Mazurek

Clean Feed (Portugal), 2024.
Rob Mazurek is one of the most collaborative musicians we know – but this time around, he's completely solo, but handling a range of instruments that might usually be associated with a larger group! In addition to his familiar trumpet and pocket trumpet work, Rob's creating sounds here on ... CD (Jazz CD)
Raks/Survival Research (Australia), 1960s.
Iranian garage rock – kind of hard to believe at first, but a surprising musical discovery overall! The package documents a very overlooked scene – rock bands from late 60s Iran who were clearly inspired by the American underground of the time – working in a heady brew of guitar, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Dusty Groove Gear,
The ultimate bag for shopping for records – one that's big enough to handle dozens of pieces of vinyl – yet small enough to fold away easily! The bag is 100% cotton, all natural, with a Dusty Groove logo on one side, and a vintage phone book ad on the other – and it's got a very ... Bag (Dusty Groove Swag Bag)

Shelly Y Nueva Generacion

Shelly Y Nueva Generacion
Munster (Spain), Mid 1960s.
A very cool Spanish group from the 60s – a beat group, but one who've clearly got an influence from American soul as well! Lead singer Shelly has a voice that packs plenty of punch – in the way that some of the best British female singers of the era were often a lot more soulful than ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Numero, 1960s. 2LP Gatefold
A huge document of work from LA's Consolidated Productions – a company you might not know by name, but one who issued work on a number of tiny indie labels – including City Lights, Simco, Space, Velvet, Angel Town, and many other labels! The set is heavy on 60s soul in a variety of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Slash/Jackpot, 1981. (reissue)
Wicked early 80s punk from The Flesh Eaters – with some fun nods to trash culture and B-movies in the cover art, song titles and lyrical imagery – but it's also some of most slyly ambitious sounds from the west coast scene of the time! It's clear from the first track they're going for ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Angelica (Italy), 2022. 4CD
Anthony Braxton heads up a saxophone quartet here, in case you couldn't guess from the title – and the group features some especially great work from Ingrid Laubrock, who blows soprano and tenor on three of the album's four CDs! The set features four different performances recorded in 2022, ... CD (Jazz CD)
WeJazz (Finland), 2024.
A jam-packed issue of this mighty great magazine – one that not only features a big article on Carla Bley, pictured on the cover – but also more on reedman Azar Lawrence, pianist Nduduzo Makhathini, and improvising cellist Abdul Wadud! There's also more on John Zorn's Naked City, ... Magazine (Magazine)


Prado (France), 2024.
A jazz trio, but one with a really unusual combination of instruments – vibes and marimba from Benoit Lavollee, drums from David Georgelet, and bass trombone from Stephane Montigny – who also plays some great work on shells as well! The music is heavy on currents from global sources, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, 1963. Gatefold (reissue)
A bit less well-known than some of the real Horace Silver classics on Blue Note – but an incredible record that shows the Silver Quintet at all its lyrical best! The record is a masterpiece of original voicings from Horace – not just in the unique tunes he penned for the set, but also ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, 2024.
The tenor of Melissa Aldana fits right in here with the contemporary sound of Blue Note – especially given that labelmate Lage Lund is on guitar, and has a way of folding together all the tones from his strings very nicely next to the sharper edges of Aldana's tenor! The set begins with a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Philip Arneill

Tokyo Jazz Joints
Kehrer Verlag, 2024.
A fantastic look at the underground world of jazz record bars in Tokyo – served up here in a stunning array of full color photographs that showcase dozens of spots! The book is a great document of the "jazz kissa" – small bars where the owner is a lover of music, has a huge ... Book (Book)
World Galaxy/Rings (Japan), 2020.
CD...$8.99 29.99
A killer group from the contemporary Cali scene – recorded in LA with a nicely lean, stripped-down sound – a smaller version of trombonist Ryan Porter's West Coast Get Down, and one that features excellent work on tenor from Kamasi Washington too! The album's nicely different than most ... CD (Jazz CD)

Michelle David & The True-Tones

Brothers & Sisters
Record Kicks (Italy), 2024.
The True Tones provide soul singer Michelle David with some great backings here – a romping sort of groove on most tracks, and one that bristles with plenty of old school instrumental touches that seem to really spur the vocalist forward! Michelle's got a dynamic style that owes a lot to ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Perfect Toy (Germany), Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
The Perfect Toy label has an amazing way of coming up with grooves we've never heard before – really rare tracks that make us dig each new release from the label – just as they keep on digging for more rare records to make their releases great! We've been Hammond fans for decades ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Alessandro Alessandroni

Open Air Parade
SR/Sonor (Italy), 1972. (reissue)
A gem of a sound library record from one of the all-time greats – and maybe one of the few artists who gave his equal all, whether he was cutting a full film soundtrack, or just a discreet batch of tracks like these in the studio! The music is as groovy as groovy can be – sometimes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library LP)

New Mastersounds

Old School
One Note (UK), 2024.
The New Mastersounds hardly need to go back to school – unless it's to become the teachers, which is a role they'd fit well – given how many years they've been giving the world funky music! The great Eddie Roberts is very much at the top of his game here on guitar – and there ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
Milestone/Craft, 1972. (reissue)
One of the most righteous albums ever from jazz vibes legend Johnny Lytle – a soaring, spacious set that's almost to Lytle's career what Gears was to Johnny Hammond's! Of course, Lytle's groove here is different – no Mizell production, and a mellower feel overall – but the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1977.
A never-issued studio session from the 70s – one that has Stan Getz working with a really superb group that includes Joanne Brackeen on electric and acoustic piano, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen on bass, and Billy Hart on drums – all exploring the kind of territory that we loved on Stan' ... CD (Jazz CD)

Black Nile

Sounds Of Color
World Galaxy/Rings (Japan), 2019.
CD...$8.99 28.99
Black Nile are certainly rooted in jazz, but maybe just in terms of inspiration – as the music brings together all sorts of sonic bits and sounds of color – live instrumentation, samples, electronics, and contributions from key guests – all with a spirit that's as beautiful and ... CD (New Grooves CD)
Record Time, 2024.
The debut issue of a very cool magazine – one that's written straight from the record racks – where the authors have picked up some of the weirdest and wildest vinyl you've ever seen! And the racks here aren't the ones in the front of the store, with the hits – and are instead ... Magazine (Magazine)
Ripete/P-Vine (Japan), 1983.
Wonderfully groovy soul from The Entertainers – a group who's recording here strongly for the beach music scene in the Carolinas, but who have an appeal that's much more universal! The tunes are mostly in an upbeat, midtempo mode – with a gentle bounce and a nice sort of step in the ... CD (Soul CD)
Terasima/DIW (Japan), 2008.
A really sprightly piano set from Kirk Lightsey – one that's maybe got even more kick than some of his classic work from years back! The pianist works here with Steve Watts on bass and Dave Wickins on drums and percussion – and the tunes are all nice and long, and really stretch out ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Teichiku/Mondo Groove (Italy), 1987. (reissue)
A notorious EP from Japanese actress Kaoru Kuroki – who both bares herself on the cover, and on the songs within! The approach is a bit like city pop from the time, but with a style that's a bit more fluid – as the leadoff track is an electric take on a famous folk melody, followed by ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)

Turn On The Sunlight

Ocean Garden
Rings (Japan), 2024.
Beautifully spiritual sounds from the contemporary LA scene – served up in a record that mixes generations old and new, and with a really wonderful sound throughout! There's a timeless quality to the record right from the start – maybe because the great Phil Ranelin begins the set with ... CD (Jazz CD)
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 1970s. 2LP Gatefold
A whole new world of grooves we've never heard before – music from a short stretch on the Italian scene when local artists were really taken with the new developments in Afro Funk, and started to serve up some fresh styles of their own! The music here is maybe a blend of West African sounds ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
New Braxton House, 2023. 10CD
CD...$125.99 134.99
Completely haunting work from this legendary reedman – a set that features the first installment of his Lorraine Music series – served up over a massive 10CDs of music! The first six discs feature a very cool trio – with Susana Santos Silva on trumpet and Adam Matlock on ... CD (Jazz CD)
Somethin Cool (Japan), 1992. 2CDs
Pianist John Hicks at his lyrical best – stretching out here on really lovely, long tracks that were recorded in Tokyo with a really superb sound! There's an undercurrent of spiritual energy here that really recalls Hicks' classic 70s album on the Strata East label – and even without ... CD (Jazz CD)

Bob James & Sam Franz

2080 (Japanese paper sleeve edition)
Eight Islands/DIW (Japan), 2022.
A record that makes us go "wow" all over again at the mighty talents of Bob James – because even this late in life, he's clearly open to new ideas and pushing the boundaries – which he really does here in collaboration with younger musician Sam Franz! In the way that Bob's ... CD (Jazz CD)

San Ul Lim (Sanullim)

Evening Breeze
Guerssen (Spain), Late 1970s/Early 1980s. 2LP
Overlooked mid-period work from this legendary Korean trio – music the group recorded after their first three albums – all records that have been reissued a bit over the years, which these tracks have not! There's a deeply moody vibe to the music – still all the fuzz, freak, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
P-Vine (Japan), 2010s.
A wonderful collection of later work from this legendary Japanese pianist – a set that's named after his famous Watarase album from years back, but which includes some unusual live recordings and material that we haven't seen elsewhere! Some of the tracks here really break the standard piano ... CD (Jazz CD)
Imperative Mood, 2004.
A laidback set of funky instrumentals served up by a combo who mix up organ, guitar, bass, and drums – plus nice use of percussion in all the right moments, which underscores the slight exotica bent they hint at in the title! There's also some slight but great use of electronics – ... CD (Deep Funk CD)

Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21

Wah Wah 45s (UK), 2023.
Dele Sosimi was raised in the shadow of Fela Kuti, literally – as he spent part of his youth in Fela's commune – yet his music is nicely free of some of the overdone Afro Funk modes of the 70s, and instead really finds a fresh way forward with all sorts of wonderful criss-crossings of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Natural Yogurt Band

BMM (France), 2024.
Wonderfully weird and wild funk from Natural Yogurt Band – a UK group who've given us some mighty nice records in years past, and who also really push the envelop with this little gem! There's a strange mix of sci-fi currents running through the grooves – either in the instrumentation, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)


Plays Standards
Urban Discos/DIW (Japan), 2022.
Funky trio Nautilus plays standards, but not the kind of over-recorded songs from Cole Porter and Irving Berlin – and instead a whole host of mighty cool cuts from the likes of Herbie Hancock, Bobby Hutcherson, and Woody Shaw! As with the group's other records, the approach is that of a trio ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)

Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis

Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis
Impulse, 2024.
Tenorist James Brandon Lewis is easily one of the most important voices on his instrument in recent years – and also one of the most versatile too, as is shown in this project with the guitar-driven group The Messthetics! Two of the group's members hail from legendary punk band Fugazi, but ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Ghost Funk Orchestra

Trip To The Moon
Karma Chief/Colemine, 2024.
A really majestic album from this mighty nice group – a set that references older space-themed albums from the postwar years, but which serves up the sound in the best style of the Ghost Funk Orchestra! There's cool use of NASA dialogue between some tracks – and rather than burst out ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
GAD (Poland), 1965.
A never-issued live set from the legendary Polish pianist Krzysztof Komeda – two long tracks that are very much in the spirit of his groundbreaking album Astigmatic! As with that record, the set features bold trumpet work from Tomasz Stanko – at the time easily one of the most ... CD (Jazz CD)
Time Capsule (UK), 1970s.
A record that picks up on a very particular strand of Japanese music in the 70s – and one that's maybe not even fully described with all the evocative words in the title! The sounds here are leaner and more open than work you'd know from the city pop years – but also not like Japanese ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)

Laurent Bardianne & Tigre D'Eau Douce

Eden Beach Club
Heavenly Sweetness (France), 2024.
A jazz record, but one with a vibe that's all its down – and a sound that definitely echoes some of the tropical elements hinted at in the title and on the cover! Laurent Bardainne is a saxophonist who blows with a really rich sound – nicely soulful, and with a raspy, laidback quality ... CD (Jazz CD)

PT House

Big World EP
Afrosynth (Netherlands), 1991. (reissue)
A very clubby set from the Johannesburg scene at the start of the 90s – four longer tracks that really showcase that moment when house music influences were running through more mainstream R&B – all at a level that's richer and more soulful than some of the synth-heavy work of the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Gwyn/P-Vine (Japan), Early 70s.
Very hip, never-issued work from this legendary jazz guitarist – tracks recorded at the same time as his classic Better Days album, but appearing on this set for the first time ever! The "behind" in the title is very apt – as the group here is the lean trio at the core of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Takuya Kuroda

Rising Son
Blue Note/First Word (UK), 2014. 2LP Gatefold (reissue)
A rising sun from the Jose James side of the universe – trumpeter Takuya Kuroda, stepping out here in a wonderful debut for Blue Note! You've heard Kuroda play with Jose James over the years, but he comes up with a rich new groove here on his own – a mostly-instrumental mode that has ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Impulse, 1971. 2CDs
A fantastic live performance from Alice Coltrane – and one that features a very heavy-hitting group – stretching out here in a beautiful performance of extended tracks that maybe takes off even more than some of Coltrane's famous albums for Impulse Records! The group is great – ... CD (Jazz CD)
Numero, 1970s.
The title here is very apt – as there's a reaching sort of vibe to the whole record – uplifting tunes from the farther reaches of the Numero catalog, all brought together in a way that really makes things soar! Genres shift nicely, and maybe the lack of description or cover notes is a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Alina Bzhezhinska & Toni Kofi

Altera Vida
BBE (UK), 2024.
A really magical combination of sounds – the tenor of Tony Kofi and the harp of Alina Bzhezhinska – coming together here with a really strong sense of spiritual majesty! There's a sense of grace and pacing to the record that's wonderful – and Alina's approach to her instrument is ... CD (Jazz CD)
SRB/Guerssen (Spain), Late 1970s. (reissue)
The middle child in the mighty Seoul combo San Ul Lim's trio of successive garage/psych masterpieces of the late 70s – and San Ul Lim 2 might be the best and most adventurous of the lot – full of spacey sounds and more experimental passages! If San Ul Lim 1 was the most sunshine rock ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Enja/BBE (UK), 1982.
A brilliant early album from pianist Aki Takase – already at the top of her game with an amazing command of the keyboard – a reach and sense of imagination that almost opens into the freewheeling territory of Cecil Taylor, but one that's also got a lot of room for gentler, more ... CD (Jazz CD)

Adam Rudolph & Tyshawn Sorey

Archaisms I (180 gram pressing)
Defkaz, 2024.
Two percussionists, and some really amazing sounds – a set of open-ended duets between Tyshawn Sorey on drums and percussion, and Adam Rudolph on congas, djembe, tarija, kalimba, blocks, shakers, and more percussion – plus a bit of flute as well! Each side of the record features one ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Hidden Orchestra

To Dream Is To Forget
Lone Figures, 2024.
Joe Acheson works here with a group he originally described as an "imagined orchestra" – but which here is actually a relatively large group of musicians coming together to follow Joe's lead! The players shift from track to track, and Joe himself handles a lot of the ... CD (New Grooves CD)

Tonu Naissoo

Sawano/Jazz Shinsekai (Japan), 2012. 2LP Gatefold
Tonu Naissoo might not be the best-known player on our shores, but the Estonian pianist is a legend over in his part of Europe – with a well-deserved reputation that's only furthered by this wonderful album! Naissoo's a master of tone and timing – working here with this lyrical swing ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Scepter/Iconoclassic, 1974.
The monumental debut of BT Express – and an excellent funk album that often gets overlooked by fans of the music because of the band's bigger fame as a disco group! This first record has the combo grooving hard and instrumentally – in the mode of a tight blacksploitation soundtrack, ... CD (Soul CD)

Tete Mbambisa

African Day
As Shams (South Africa), Mid 1970s. 2LP Gatefold (reissue)
Never-issued material from the legendary South African pianist Tete Mbambisa – all recorded in the mid 70s, right around the time of Tete's classic albums! The double-length set is a treasure trove of soulful SA jazz expression – and tunes move between slightly funky numbers to others ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Kaidi Tatham & Others

Fusion Moves
Reel People (UK), 2024.
Kaidi Tatham takes on some of the best cuts from the Reel People label and makes them even better – adding all sorts of the jazzy keyboard work you might guess from the cover image, and definitely moving them into the territory of clubby fusion too! Almost all the cuts have a soulful singer ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)

Stan Getz, Bengt Hallberg, & Others

Oscar Pettiford Memorial Concert 1960
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1960.
American bassist Oscar Pettiford left our planet on the other side of the Atlantic – after just a few years of making some big waves on the European scene, where this tribute to his genius was recorded in 1960! The material here appears for the first time – and the bulk of the set ... CD (Jazz CD)

Mark De Clive-Lowe Presents Church

Mark De Clive-Lowe Presents Church Sessions
World Galaxy/Rings (Japan), 2020.
CD...$8.99 24.99
A selection of very cool cuts from a long-running party hosted by the mighty Mark De Clive-Lowe – an event that showcases all his rich love of sounds in jazz, soul, club, and other contemporary modes – delivered live as a very collaborative effort, in a style that's captured beautifully ... CD (New Grooves CD)

Ronin Arkestra (Mark De Clive-Lowe)

Rings/DIW (Japan), 2019.
CD...$8.99 29.99
An Arkestra performance, but one that's headed up by Mark De Clive-Lowe – who wrote all the material, and produced the record too – as a great extension of some of the more spiritual directions he's been taking in his own music in recent years! The group have a sound that definitely ... CD (Jazz CD)
Glades/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978.
Latimore's digging deeper, and sounding greater than ever – working at Muscle Shoals with some great Miami production from Steve Alaimo – and coming across with a sound that's even warmer and more sophisticated than before – yet still very true to its deep soul roots too! At a ... CD (Soul CD)
SRB/Guerssen (Spain), Late 1970s. (reissue)
Super fuzzed out, trippy 70s psych rock from Korea's San Ul Lim – an album recorded by the Seoul rockers in the power trio format of guitar, bass and drums – but with such a fuzzy, dense tone that it's hard to fathom how on Earth they got the sound! The opening track starts in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Motown/Music On Vinyl (Netherlands), Early 1970s. (reissue)
A once obscure Jackson 5 album – one that hails from 1979, but which features work from the early 70s – tracks recorded during the glory years of the group's best Motown era, seven of which were unissued at the time! The style is very different than the late 70s Jacksons material on ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Robert Lakatos

But Not For Me
Sawano/Jazz Shinsekai (Japan), 2008.
Pianist Robert Lakatos sounds beautiful here – really spinning out some imaginative sounds on the keys, in a trio that also includes Christian Lakatos on bass and Dre Pallemaerts on drums! The set was recorded in Germany, but has that superb sound of the best Sawano label material – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Fisher (Eddie Fisher)

Nentu/Mad About Records (Portugal), 1976. (reissue)
A rare 70s session from guitar genius Eddie Fisher – best known for his early classics on Chess/Cadet Records, and sounding even funkier here overall! Eddie's still a monster on the guitar – and plays with all of the fuzzy energy of his second album, while throwing in a few of the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

James Brandon Lewis

Intakt (Switzerland), 2024.
Very much the sort of record that's made James Brandon Lewis such a key force on the tenor in recent years – an album that acts as a bridge between so many different modern modes, in part because of the strength of the group! Lewis is one of that rare breed who can improvise on the outside, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Tru Thoughts (UK), 2024. Gatefold
A really great step forward for singer Alice Russell – an artist you might know best from heavier funk sets, but who comes across here in lean deep soul style that's even better for her incredible voice! In face, although we fell in love with Alice from her very first record many years ago, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)


A La Sala
Dead Oceans, 2024.
Khruangbin are well on their way to becoming superstars with this set – a package that revisits scraps of songs they'd never been able to work just right in the past, and has a way of making them all shine freshly in a very different light! Sure, the funk trio at the core are still in place ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
Vertigo/Esoteric (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s. 6CD
A landmark batch of work from the British jazz scene – the complete early run of recordings from Colosseum, maybe the greatest jazz-rock group of their time! The combo grew out of earlier work in the beat group generation – informed strongly by American jazz and R&B, but already on ... CD (Rock CD)
Cadet/Verve, 1969. (reissue)
An amazing album by the great guitarist Eddie Fisher – and completely unlike his later funk records! Eddie plays stripped down jazz with a small combo that includes organ by Robert Selby, bass by Paul Jackson, and some rhythm guitar by Phil Westmoreland – and the twin-guitar approach ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Jazztone/Sam Records (France), 1957. (reissue)
Genius early work from a young Barney Wilen – an album issued in the US during a brief time when the French tenor star was turning a lot of heads on the American scene! The date's a great illustration of Wilen's amazingly deft talents on the tenor right from the start – a keen ear for ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)


House Of Groove
Roche (France), 2024.
Laidback soul and easygoing funk from the great Roche label – a selection of cuts in both English and French, all united with a very dreamy way of approaching the groove! A few tracks get a bit more upbeat, but even those are linked with the others in a style that has this cool production ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)

Boora & Prince Igor

Zero G
Funk Night, 2024.
Prince Igor is Igor Zhukovsky of the legendary funk group The Soul Surfers – and he teams up here with DJ Boora for a set of lean, funky grooves! The tunes all have plenty of funk drums at the core – layered up top with samples and all sorts of sonic elements that create a cool, spacey ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Somethin Cool (Japan), 2015. Gatefold
CD...$8.99 24.99
A really unique pairing of talents – Japanese singer Miki Yamaoka, and American tenor legend Benny Golson – who also produced and arranged the set! Miki's got a voice that's surprisingly deep and dusky at points, which makes here a great match for Golson's tenor solos on the record ... CD (Vocalists CD)

Joker's Wild

Step Outside Your Mind
Sundazed, Late 1960s. 2LP Gatefold
The lost legacy of a Twin Cities group who gave the world two great singles back in the day – but also left behind a lot of other excellent material that never saw the light of day! Joker's Wild sound a lot like you might guess from their look on the cover – psychedelic, but down to ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Red River, 2015. 2LP
The title certainly gets it right – as the great keyboardist Bob Baldwin turns over some sweet mellow takes on the classic music of Stevie Wonder! Bob's the mainman at the helm for most of the record – working on Fender Rhodes, piano, and other keyboards – and even vocalizing ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Trojan/Doctor Bird (UK), Mid 1970s. 2CD
Two classic Lloyd Charmers productions – back to back on CD, with lots of bonus tracks too! Delroy Wilson steps up strongly with Sarge – a set that's got an unassuming cover and a very deep vibe – this mellow groove that always seems to work great with Delroy's style – and ... CD (Reggae CD)

Jerry Garcia

Almost Acoustic
Grateful Dead/ATO, 1987. 2LP (reissue)
A wonderful, easygoing live set by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band – a short-lived 80s project that featured a whole new side of the Grateful One's musical explorations! In a way, the music here almost goes back to some of Garcia's roots – which were occasionally a bit bluegrass-oriente ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Naima Farao

Beat Machine (Italy), 2024.
A really unique album, and one that's a bit hard to describe on words (which means you might want to run over to the bandcamp link!) – as Naima Farao has all the jazzy currents you might expect from her first name, but also opens up here in a blend of cosmic soul, spacey instrumentation, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)
BGP/Ace (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s.
This may be street funk, but it was clearly recorded in some of the hippest studios of the time – with just the right touches to keep these cuts sounding as raw and urgent as when they were recorded back in the day! The set mixes together album tracks, rare funky 45s, and even a few unissued ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Fuel (UK), 2024.
A crazy idea for a book, but a great one too – and maybe the coolest so far from Jonny Trunk, the man who's given us lots of visual pleasure with his volumes on record store bags, candy bar wrappers, and automobile advertisements! This really beautiful book features four decades' worth of ... Book (Book)
Grenade/P-Vine (Japan), 1975.
Some of the funkiest work we've ever heard from Vernon Garrett – recorded in California, but with a nicely gritty southern soul sound! The tunes have some of the bluesy inflections of Vernon's more famous work – but they also come across with a groove that's tighter, especially on the ... CD (Soul CD)
Tao Forms, 2024. 2LP Gatefold
Vocalist Fay Victor pens lyrics for a jazz composer we're not sure we've ever heard with words before – modern piano legend Herbie Nichols, a player whose songs are often as full of angles and sharp changes as Thelonious Monk! And as you might guess from a style like that, the music doesn't ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists LP)

Lonnie Smith

Groove Merchant/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1975.
Excellent work by Lonnie Smith – a free-flowing album of long jazzy grooves that's kind of an extension of his Blue Note albums, touched with more of the electricity of his 70s playing! There's some killer rhythms on the album – courtesy of drummers Jamey Hudad and Ben Riley, and ... CD (Jazz CD)
Klimt, 1978. 3LP (reissue)
Sun Ra quartet material from the late 70s – his great Italian studio recordings from Voice Studio in Rome –rare material originally released on the New Steps and Other Voices, Other Blues LPs on the Horo label that's been hard sought over the years! The group features John Gilmore on ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Verve/Big Pink (South Korea), 1968.
A cool little album from Joe Beck – very different than most of his other work! Although Beck's best known for his guitar work on funky 70s jazz records, this early album has him working in a mixture of rock, jazz, and folk styles – all cast in the hipster mode of Verve's Forecast ... CD (Jazz CD)
Clean Cuts/Modern Harmonic, 1981.
One of the hippest, most righteous albums ever cut by pianist Jessica Williams – a set where it feels like all of her ideas come together perfectly, and are carried forward by a wonderful lineup of players! The group is small, but there's a very large feel to the whole thing – such ... CD (Jazz CD)
On-U Sound (UK), Late 1970s/Early 1980s/2023. 6CD
All the great early albums from Creation Rebel – plus their excellent comeback too! The set begins with Dub From Creation – not just the debut album from Creation Rebel, but also a set that marks the first studio work from the young Adrian Sherwood – part of the long On-U Sound ... CD (Reggae CD)

Dave Rempis/Pandelis Karayorgis/Jakob Heinemann/Bill Harris

Aerophonic, 2024.
A great reunion of pianist Pandelis Karayorgis and reedman Dave Rempis – both of whom seem to bring out the best in each other on the album's two long, improvised tracks! Rempis blows alto, tenor, and baritone – crafting those completely imaginative solos we love in his music – ... CD (Jazz CD)

Altin Sencalar

Discover The Present
Posi-Tone, 2024.
A standout set from trombonist Altin Sencalar – a player who seems to get better and better with each new record, not just for the soulful sound on his instrument, but also for his work as both a leader and writer of fresh new tunes! The record's got the tightness we love on the best Posi-ton ... CD (Jazz CD)
First Word/Rings (Japan), 2019.
CD...$8.99 28.99
Beautifully dynamic work from drummer Myele Manzanza – an artist we've never heard work in this scope before, and we hope will soon do so again! The album's got Myele at the helm of a great large ensemble – a group who have a strong spiritual sense at the core, but often move in more ... CD (Jazz CD)
Contemporary/Craft, 1960. (reissue)
A stunning hardbop set from drummer Shelly Manne – a player most folks associate with more arranged jazz, or cooler modes of the LA scene of the 50s – but a player who was already starting to open up and forge new roads by the end of that decade! Shelly became a surprising proponent of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Paolo Bata Bianconcini

La Scimmia (France), 2024.
A record with a nicely earthy vibe, and a sound that definitely lives up to the "misticismo percussivo" and "primitivismo sonoro" promise of the cover! The group's a quartet with plenty of percussion throughout – mixed with bass, keyboards, and some nicely moody woodwinds ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Continental/Elemental, 1973. Gatefold (reissue)
One of the most legendary albums from groundbreaking Brazilian music pioneer Tom Ze – and a record that introduces itself with an equally legendary cover image! (Hint: that's not an eyeball on the front.) Ze had already been recording a bit by the time of this record – but this set is ... LP, Vinyl record album (Brazil LP)


Urban Discos (Japan), 2022.
CD...$8.99 26.99
There's a pile of vinyl on the cover of this album from Japanese trio Nautilus – and that's maybe a good way to get at the sound of their style – as the group work heavily from an old school mode, while still pushing things into some more contemporary rhythmic territory too! The ... CD (Deep Funk CD)

High Llamas

Hey Panda
Drag City, 2024.
It's been quite awhile since the last High Llamas album – and in that time, the genius of Sean O'Hagan seems to have distilled even more – to a point where all those great elements he was able to layer together on previous records come out with a spare focus that maybe makes the whole ... CD (Rock CD)
ESGN, 2017.
A relatively short album, at least in terms of hip hop records that can span multiple discs and dozens of tracks – but that also marks the sharp focus that's made Freddie Gibbs such a powerful force in the music – an MC who gets right to the point, and never needs to hide his ideas ... LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)

Narg Funk Machine

Black Beat Disco
Coconut/Dig This Way (Italy), 1979. (reissue)
Four killer tracks from Narg Funk Machine – a group whose first name stands for Nigerian Army Rhythm Group! Despite that name, though, there's nothing military about the set – as the grooves have this loose, fluid quality that's totally wonderful – as skittish as rootsier styles ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Verve, 1961. Gatefold
A great small combo set from Ella Fitzgerald – and a record that maybe has a bit more bite than some of her Songbook sessions from the time! The combo's a great one – with excellent piano from Lou Levy, balanced with guitar work from Herb Ellis – a pair whose chromatic ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists LP)

Nicole Glover

Nicole Glover Plays
Savant, 2024.
Nicole Glover's a hell of a tenorist – one with a deep, rich tone, but also lots of modern edges too – able to spin out really long, imaginative solos in a style that's almost at the level of vintage Sonny Rollins, especially given that the setting here is a trio on half the album! ... CD (Jazz CD)
Crown/P-Vine (Japan), Late 40s/1950s. (reissue)
Raw genius from Smokey Hogg – a set of recordings originally issued as singles for the Modern/RPM label, brought together here to make one of the few full length documents of Hogg's talents from the time! Smokey sings here with spare acoustic guitar on most tracks, and a bit of piano added ... LP, Vinyl record album (Blues LP)

Vous Etes Swing

Vous Etes Swing I
Metropolis (Serbia), 2024.
A Serbian combo, and one whose name might better be Vouse Etes Soul – as they have a style that evokes some of the best soulful piano trios of the 60s – especially the Three Sounds and the group of Les McCann! Veljko Vujcic handles piano, and he's got a great way of balancing lyricism ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Houseplant, 1970s/2024. 3LPs
The Houseplant series really takes off with this killer triple-LP set – a massive batch of funk and soul, both old and new – presented here in a really great assortment of modes! There's some great deep tracks from the 70s here, alongside some well-chosen contemporary cuts from the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
BGP/Ace (UK), Mid 1960s.
This is mod, and a bit more too – as the set moves past some of the overdone tropes of the UK mod scene in the 60s – getting past some of the Motown hits and UK blues rock to focus on some of the more underground cuts that would have played well on the ultra-hip sides of the scene! The ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Waldemar Parzynski

Pejzaz Polski
GAD (Poland), 1973.
Rare soundtrack material from Waldemar Parzynski – maybe best known as the music director for the groundbreaking vocal group Novi Singers, but even more stunning here in an instrumental setting for an obscure documentary! The tracks are all very long – more musical suites than shorter ... CD (Soundtracks CD)

Yann Kornowicz & Dan Amozig

Videoclub 2
Beatsqueeze (France), 2024.
The second installment in the Videoclub – and like the first, a set of tracks that definitely lives up to the vintage action styles promised on the cover! The tracks are heavy on influences from classic crime, cop, and kung fu soundtracks – served up as shorter instrumental tracks that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)

Ann Peebles

This Is Ann Peebles
Hi Records/Fat Possum, 1969. (reissue)
Ann Peebles' first album for Hi Records – and the start of a tremendous run of southern soul classics! The set features Ann working with Willie Mitchell – in a mode that's similar to her later Hi work, but rougher too – with more of a hard soul edge than we're used to hearing in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Dusty Groove Coin Dish

Dusty Groove Coin Dish
Dusty Groove,
A super-cool spot to throw your coins, keys, and whatever else you might have in your pocket at the end of the day – a glass dish emblazoned with a vintage Dusty Groove phonebook on the bottom – standing nice and proud on your desk, dresser, cofee table, or wherever else you might ... Misc (Dusty Groove Swag Misc)

Machi Oul Big Band

Palm/Souffle Continu (France), 1975.
One of the most obscure albums issued on the Palm Records label of French jazz genius Jef Gilson – a large ensemble session that ties together both spiritual and avant styles of the early 70s, and which really demonstrates the overlooked power of the French scene at the time! The group's led ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)


Cluster 1971
Brain/Bureau B (Germany), 1971. (reissue)
The first rumblings of genius from German electronic giants Cluster – but oddly, a record recorded without any synthesizers at all! The team of Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Rodelius are both playing organ here – as well as cello and Hawaiian guitar, and some "audio-generator&quo ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Jamael Dean

Primordial Waters
Stones Throw/Rings (Japan), 2022. 2CD
CD...$8.99 33.99
A sublime blend of jazz and Yoruba influences – served up here by keyboardist Jamael Dean with a sound and style that's all his own! Most of the tracks feature vocals from Sharada Shashidhar, but used in a wordless style that blends in beautifully with the instrumentation on the record ... CD (Jazz CD)

Jerry Fielding

MGM/Quartet (Spain), 1973.
An action score from Jerry Fielding, but one that's done in a great mix of modes – definitely with some of the driving numbers you might expect, but also with these mellower, moodier tracks that are perfect for a film starring Alain Delon – and which really do a great job of linking it ... CD (Soundtracks CD)
Fame/Kent (UK), 1972.
Tremendous early work from the great Candi Staton – coming across here as much more of a deep soul singer than on her later club and disco tracks – thanks to rock-solid production from Muscle Shoals legend Rick Hall – probably the best producer ever to work with Candi's voice! ... CD (Soul CD)
Areito/Mr Bongo (UK), 1974.
A fantastic blend of funk, jazz, and Cuban rhythms – served up by the youthful Irakere, working here at the height of their powers! There's a sense of boundless energy throughout the entire record – an effort to try on so many things at once, and somehow get them all really right ... CD (Latin CD)
Houseplant, 1970s/2024. 3LPs
Classic funk, rare soul, and contemporary goodies too – all served up in a beautiful package designed by the folks at Seth Rogan's Houseplant! As with the previous set, this one is divided into three modes – one record sativa, one indica, and the third a hybrid – capturing ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Brother Lee

Casio City Rockers
FNR, 2024.
Don't let the Casio in the title fool you, as Brother Lee Skelly plays a whole host of other keyboards too – including Hammond C3, Minimoog, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, and Mellotron too – in addition to electric sitar and tambura! In fact, Lee plays everything himself – including a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Jazzego (France), 2024.
A jazz trio, but one who bring something else to the mix as well – as they blend in lots of other elements with their core energy on drums, bass, and keyboards! The keyboards themselves range nicely – acoustic and electric piano, plus other electronics too – and there's a bit of ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)
Continental/Elemental (Spain), 1974. (reissue)
Gentle, breezy, and wonderful – a rare 1974 album by Osmar Milito, a Brazilian arranger of the post-bossa era, and a mad talent with a bit of a dark edge! The record takes all the airy brilliance of the previous Brazilian generation, and moves it forward with a different sense of space and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Brazil LP)
Baystate/Future Shock, 1975. (reissue)
Sublimely spiritual work from trombonist Charles Greenlee – a player who's best remembered for work as a sideman with Archie Shepp, but who really sparkles as a leader on this rare Japanese set! The vibe here is totally great – a righteous approach to soul jazz that rivals the best ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2024.
This issue's got a special feature on unusual and noteworthy jazz record covers – served up by a host of different critics, who each pick three different records that are represented by small black and white images, along with label, artist, and title in English – and a longer essay in ... Book (Book)
Mosaic, Mid 1940s. 10CD
The genius of Don Byas finally gets its due – served up here in a massive 10CD package that's overflowing with work from some of Byas' most fruitful years as a saxophonist! Byas is one of the sometimes-overlooked giants of his generation – a player with a tone and style that's every ... CD (Jazz CD)
Madlib Invazion, 2024.
A massive bucket of breaks from drummer Karriem Riggins – served up here in a drums-only entry to the Madlib Library Series, at a level that might well make it the funkiest of the bunch! There's definitely some slight effects used here from time to time – maybe some edits too – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library LP)

Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, & Don Rendell

Greek Variations & Other Agean Exercises
EMI/Endless Happiness (UK), 1970. (reissue)
A gem of a record from the groundbreaking Landsdowne series of UK jazz recordings at the end of the 70s – an ambitious effort directed by composer Neil Ardley, cut very much in the mode of the best work by the Ian Carr/Don Rendell group of the time! As the title might imply, the tunes are ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Soul Sugar

Just A Little Talk
Gee (France), 2024.
A great mix of classic covers and original tracks – all served up with a mellow groove and plenty of influence from Jamaican music! Years back, Soul Sugar were more of a jazzy funk combo – but over the years, they've evolved into more of a reggae/rocksteady mode – one that's a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Love/Dig This Way (Italy), 1976. (reissue)
An obscure Nigerian set from the mid 70s – and a record that's got a sound that's as lean as the image on the cover! The group aren't super-huge, and instead have a core of percussion and bass, mixed with a few guitars, and sewn together by some mighty nice keyboard lines – all used in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Bear Family (Germany), Late 1950s/Early 1960s.
Rare rockers, early soul, and cool classic country – all the sorts of cuts you'd expect to hear from the mighty Bear Family Records label – but brought together here with school and the classrooms as the theme! A few of the cuts are familiar, but most are nice and obscure – in ... CD (Rock CD)

Meiko Kaji

Gincho Wataridori
Teichiku/We Want Sounds (UK), 1972.
The debut album from Meiko Kaji – an artist most folks knew first as an actress, but whose voice finds a wonderful setting in this record! There's a gentle current of funk to most tracks – stepping electric bass next to soaring strings, a bit of horns, and great use of koto from time ... CD (Japanese CD)
Crystal/Dub Store (Japan), Late 1960s. (reissue)
Derrick Harriott may sing Jamaican reggae, but he does so here with plenty of help from American soul – as half the record features songs from the US 60s scene, including some Motown and southern soul gems – all retooled nicely for the sound of young Kingston! Derrick produced the set ... LP, Vinyl record album (Reggae LP)
Colemine, 2024. Gatefold
A contemporary group, but one who bring out a classic Cali soul vibe – particularly that sound that played very well in East LA back in the day – when mellow sweet soul was the biggest thing on the scene! The sound here is wonderful – fragile but strong at the same time – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)


In The Room
Original Cultures (Germany), 2024.
Really inventive sounds from this hip Italian trio – a combo who have a way of mixing acoustic and electric elements in ways that echo recent experiments on both the Chicago and London scenes! The music is jazz, but with a strong reliance on larger soundscapes – a quality that's echoed ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Daptone, 2023.
A stripped-down take on the debut album from this excellent group – almost like finding a stack of sweet soul 45s that all have instrumental b-sides! The great vocals of the group are gone, but that also brings the spotlight on the wonderful grooves that set the whole thing up – slow-st ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)

Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen & Sam Jones

Double Bass (180 gram pressing)
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1976. (reissue)
Two great bassists, working here together in a really fantastic setting – not as a spare duo, but also not lost in a too-large group as well – as the lineup features guitar from Philip Catherine and drums from Billy Higgins – both very sensitive players who let Sam Jones and Niels ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Jaimie Branch & Isaiah Collier

Rogue Art (France), 2024.
A really incredible meeting of these two important players – and an album that's done in a different mode than some of their other recordings! The set features one long improvisation – stretching out in ways that still echo some of the spiritual qualities of Isaiah Collier's recordings ... CD (Jazz CD)
Houseplant, 2024. 2LP Gatefold
A weird and wonderful collection of tracks – funk, soul, and plenty more – all put together without any sort of boundaries or focus – which makes the whole thing one hell of a groovy record! The set's one of the flagship titles for the Seth Rogan-owned Houseplant label – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Atlantic/ARC (UK), 1968. 2LP Gatefold
A lost early chapter in the career of Roberta Flack – material recorded during the sessions for her legendary First Take album, but unissued at the time – and presented here with an amazing demonstration of the depth of her young talents! All the genius of First Take is in place here ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Stormy Forest/Big Pink (South Korea), 1970.
An overlooked female singer/songwriter from the start of the 70s – one with a sound that's decidedly more underground than some of her contemporaries! Kathy Smith has a sound that's sometimes as sweet as some of the pop folk females of the time, yet she's backed with music that's usually a ... CD (Rock CD)
Verve, Late 1960s. Gatefold (reissue)
A record that's a stunning departure for reedman Tony Scott – a set that's completely different than his more straight ahead jazz on the American scene in the 50s! The set is an early step on a spiritual journey that Scott would continue overseas in years to come – an initial moment of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Elektra/Endless Happiness, 1968. (reissue)
Extremely haunting early work from Nico – a set that really has her stepping forward on the path to solo greatness! The album's only Nico's second solo album – after the legendary Chelsea Girls for Verve – but it's got a spark, stark, totally-drained quality that's immediately ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)


Bottazz Vol 1
Maledetta Discoteca (Italy), 2024.
Bottazz keep things nice and lean here – drawing on a style of vintage funk, but also coming across with energy that's more suited to the 21st Century – really bridging generations with their music, which is heavy on basslines, wah wah guitar, and mighty sweet keyboard parts – all ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Capitol/Sundazed, Late 1960s.
Rare Capitol country from the great Kay Adams – a female singer with a distinct love of trucking songs, and one who also hails from the Buck Owens side of the spectrum too! Kay only cut a handful of records over the years, and this set's a great addition to her catalog – as it features ... CD (Folk/Country CD)
Blue Note (Japan), 1965.
A wonderfully wicked meeting of the minds – and a legendary bit of soul jazz from organist Big John Patton! The core of the record features the usual Patton groove – with John on Hammond, Grant Green on guitar, and Otis Finch on drums – but added to that mix is Bobby Hutcherson ... CD (Jazz CD)

Andrzej Korzynski

Finders Keepers (UK), 1981. (reissue)
Amazing sounds from Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski – penned for a legendary horror film from the early 80s! The movie goes way beyond typical grit and gore – with a surreal bent that's made it the stuff of much discussion over the years – and Korzynski's music definitely lives ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)
Atlantic/ARC (UK), 1968. (reissue)
Fantastic stuff, and a record that was virtually the blueprint for spiritual soul jazz in the 70s! Although Max Roach first rose to fame during the bop years, by the time of this set he'd really stretched out a lot – moving past initial righteous projects in the Civil Rights era, to even ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Z Records (UK), 1970s/2024. 2CDs
A massive assortment of tracks that go way past the familiar – not a collection of standard classics from Blue Note, Impulse, or Prestige – and instead a whole host of jazzy groovers that we'd never have discovered otherwise! This volume of the series does a great job mixing in ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Michael Thomas

Illusion Of Choice
Criss Cross (Netherlands), 2024.
Michael Thomas really shines here as an altoist – blowing his instrument with this crisp, sometimes-spacious quality that's totally great – and which shows us that there's still plenty to be opened up in the instrument – especially when matched with all the great original material ... CD (Jazz CD)

Mal Waldron/Terumasa Hino

Reminiscent Suite
Victor/BBE (UK), 1972.
Really evocative work from pianist Mal Waldron – a rare Japanese session cut with trumpeter Terumasa Hino, and a hip group of players who really make the set sparkle! The album's easily one of the most spiritual that Mal ever cut – and features two side long tracks that build ... CD (Jazz CD)

Otis Sandsjo

Y-Otis Tre
WeJazz (Finland), 2024.
A killer combination of sounds served up by a group led by a tenor saxophonist – but one who chooses to make music that's very different than the norm! Otis Sandsjo has a way of phrasing that's very fresh, and almost electronic at times – which blends in perfectly with the chunky ... CD (Jazz CD)
Drag City, 2024.
A brilliant solo effort from drummer Jim White – a musician who's provided support to a wide range of rock greats – including Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Bill Callahan – but one who's also a secret master of the drum kit, with a command of his instrument that's really breathtaking! ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Little Milton

Friend Of Mine
Glades/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1976.
Tight and soulful blues from Little Milton – just the sort of record that helped him cross over to bigger audiences back in the day, and a set that still sounds plenty great all these many years later! The set was done in Chicago – arranged by James Mack, with backing vocals from Kitty ... CD (Blues CD)

Angelo Outlaw

Axis Of Time
Eraserhood Sound/Colemine, 2024.
A killer debut from Angelo Outlaw – an vibist who may well become one of the first great soulful talents on his instrument in many years – an artist who can easily become the Roy Ayers of his generation – thanks to an expansive sound that effortlessly blends together jazz, soul, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)

Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen

Dancing On The Tables (180 gram pressing)
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1979. (reissue)
Bassist Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen has been the background force on countless jazz records over the years – and when he gets the chance to step into the spotlight as a leader, he always seems to bring a lot to the proceedings! Here, Pedersen exposes the qualities of his bass in all sorts ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Ron McClure

Just Sayin
Steeplechase (Denmark), 2024.
Bassist Ron McClure heads up a wonderfully warm group here – one that features excellent tenor from Anthony Ferrara, a player who blows with a slightly raspy, nicely soulful tone that's a wonderful complement to the bass! Other players include Michael Eckroth on piano and Steve Johns on ... CD (Jazz CD)


Back Home
Far Out (UK), 1975.
Wicked funky fusion from Opa – a Brazilian-inspired set, and one with loads of great electric moments! Although originally from Uruguay, Opa are best known for their Brazilian-tinged albums on the soul/jazz Fantasy records label in Cali during the mid 70s – great placement, given that ... CD (Jazz CD)

Les DeMerle

Dobre/P-Vine (Japan), 1978. (reissue)
An excellent album of funky drumbreaks – cut by a drummer who's a legend among funk fans, but who hardly ever gets mentioned in history books of jazz! Les DeMerle was a lesser-known LA player, and he had a monster approach to the kit – which is why most of the few albums he cut are ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Sub Rosa (Belgium), Early 2000s.
Amazing sounds from Cambodia – gong-based ensembles recorded live at different funeral ceremonies over the course of a few short years – all with a musical approach that's really stunning! In some ways, these groups share qualities with Indonesian gamelan ensembles – as their ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Dark Entries, 1970.
Beautiful early sounds from the legendary Sylvester – very different than the later hits, especially the disco ones – and a set that was recorded before all the big records of the 70s! The approach here is jazz, and intimate enough to warrant the "private" in the title – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Funkool Orchestra

Latin Freaks
Maledetta Discoteca (Italy), 2023.
These guys are definitely Latin Freaks – of the sort who like to mix heavy percussion with some clubbier instrumentation – all at a level that would make 70s salsa disco giants like Joe Bataan or Eddie Drennon mighty proud! This Italian group have a great way with the music, and have ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)

Carlos Nino/Idris Ackamoor/Nate Mercenau

Free Dancing
New Dawn (Netherlands), 2024.
A brilliant setting for the spiritual reed talents of the legendary Idris Ackamoor – set here amidst more meditative sounds from Carlos Nino, who uses percussion and other instrumentation to create a magical landscape of sounds – while guitarist Nate Mercereau also joins in the mix, and ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Abdul Wadud

By Myself
Bisharra/Gotta Groove, 1977. (reissue)
A haunting set of solo tracks by cellist Abdul Wadud – an important, and oft-overlooked, figure in the 70s loft jazz scene! Wadud plays cello throughout, but in a style that's extremely inventive – and much more in the vein of bass improvisation by players in a tradition that includes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Cassie Kinoshi

International Anthem, 2024.
A beautiful large concept work from UK saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi – one that features a rich array of players, all folded together in a warmly spiritual sound! There's echoes of some of the other mellow work on the International Anthem label here, but also more of the righteous currents of ... CD (Jazz CD)
Obscure/Dialogo (Italy), Mid 70s. 10CDs
CD...$158.99 179.99
A massive tribute to this groundbreaking, genre-busting label – a short-lived imprint on Island Records that was put together by Brian Eno in the mid 70s – all to showcase some of the best new experiments in avant classical and minimalist music! There's a special sort of quality to ... CD (Out Sound CD)

Charles Mingus

Candid, 1960.
A great counterpart to the two famous Charles Mingus albums for the Candid label – really a third "lost" Candid album, recorded at the time of those sets, but never issued until many years later! As with those great dates, the work here is filled with righteous anger, unbridled ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Born Bad (France), Late 70s/Early 80s. 2LP
Not what you might expect when shopping for African music – unique electronic sounds from Cameroon musician Francis Bebey – as heavy on keyboards as other 70s work is on guitar! There's still plenty of acoustic elements in the mix though, too – lots of earthy percussion at the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Nederlands Jazz Archief (Netherlands), 1970.
A long-lost performance by Sun Ra and the Arkestra – recorded in Amsterdam at the start of the 70s, when the group were brought in by avant saxophonist Hans Dulfer for a special performance! This album marks the first-ever issue of the material, from rediscovered tapes that finally present ... CD (Jazz CD)

Nestor Alvarez

Melting Pot
Original Gravity (UK), 2024.
A blistering album of Latin funk – a set that's got a lean vibe but a very classic sound – one that's put together in the same mode as the excellent run of funky 45s from the long-running Original Gravity label! Nestor Alvarez is Neil Anderson – who handles drums, guitars, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Deep Funk LP)
Tankobon (Japan), 2020.
A great way to dive into the world of city pop music from Japan – that big flowering of new sounds and fresh ideas that really marked a key creative moment on the scene from the early 70s onward – a huge legacy that's only getting appreciation in recent years by English-speaking ... Book (Book)

Mark De Clive-Lowe/Andrea Lombardini/Tommaso Cappellato

Mother Tongue (Italy), 2020.
Some of the most jazz-based work we've ever heard from keyboardist Mark De Clive-Lowe – continuing a progression that's been taking place over the past decade or so – to a point where the musician is turning out a record to rival the classics of some of the 70s giants who influenced his ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)
Frederiksberg, 1984. (reissue)
A really cool Ethiopian record, but not the sort you might expect – as most of the instrumentation here is heavy on electric elements, which includes a fair bit of 80s keyboards, synth, and drum machine lines! The group were actually exiles, living in the Washington, DC area during the early ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Tatsuro Yamashita

RCA (Japan), 1977. (reissue)
A surprisingly nice set of soulful pop from mid 70s Japan – very much in the best Free Soul mode that's been championed in recent years! The album's got a nice jazzy style at its core – with arrangements that make the best of the fusion players working in the studio, and a compressed ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Blue Note, 1968.
Amazing later work from Booker Ervin – far more modern and far-reaching than you'd guess from the "Texas" title in the set! Although Ervin first came onto the scene as a strong-voiced tenorist from a Texas tradition, through the course of the 60s he'd really expanded his musical ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Trova/RGS (Argentina), 1970.
A really burning live set from Argentine tenorist Chivo Borraro – a set that features very extended performances that capture Borraro and his group at their most modern! Chivo burns here in a way you don't always hear on other sessions – very relaxed and opening up in the comfortable ... CD (Jazz CD)
Expansion (UK), 2024. 3CDs
A great entry in this series that not only always delivers the goods, but does so at a price that's a hell of a great bargain for all the excellent music involved! Expansion Records brings together a handful of titles from their own releases in recent years, plus other neo soul gems from the ... CD (Neo Soul CD)
Dusty Groove,
A stunning image of our legendary Chicago outpost – the three story building where Dusty Groove has resided since the start of the 21st Century, and a building that's chock full of music, every day of the week! The sleek images gets at the charms of our Wicker Park location, and our ... Photo (Dusty Groove Swag Photo)
Grapefruit (UK), Late 60s. 5CD
Nothing weird here, just wonderful – a fantastic assortment of music from a time when the British scene was really changing things up – served up in a book-styled package with notes that are as dynamic as its music! The tracks here move way past the obvious – that's an image of ... CD (Rock CD)
Blue Note (Japan), 1963.
A rare session as a leader from trumpeter Johnny Coles – a player who cut some great work in the groups of James Moody and Gil Evans, but who shines even more brightly on this classic Blue Note album! Coles really has an ear for finding the hippest side of his instrument – and he blows ... CD (Jazz CD)
Universal (France), 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s/Early 2000s. 24CD
CD...$99.99 129.99
A huge amount of recordings from one of our favorite singers ever – the incredible Claude Nougaro, a French vocalist of the postwar years, and a master of many styles that included jazz, samba, and bossa nova! Nougaro had a unique talent for penning French lyrics to American and Brazilian ... CD (French CD)

Nina Simone

Nina's Back
Verve, 1985.
A mid-80s comeback album from Nina Simone – and a set that shows her continuing to experiment with new modes as the years move forward! Back in the 60s, Nina effortlessly folded together her jazz vocal roots with new ideas in folk, soul, and other styles – and here she expands that ... CD (Vocalists CD)
Original Gravity (UK), 2024. 3CD
A totally great run of grooves – most of which were only initially available on expensive import singles, and which together represent a fantastic stretch of music from this very cool British label! Original Gravity is the brainchild of Neil Anderson, a cat who really knows his groove – ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
World Pacific/Modern Harmonic, Late 1960s. (reissue)
A very groovy album from jazz drum legend Buddy Rich – a set that's very different than anything else he ever did, including his other groovy albums from the 60s! The album's a surprisingly strong blend of jazz and Indian music – Rich on drums, and Alla Rakha on tablas – working ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, Early 1950s. (reissue)
Brilliant early work by Miles Davis – some of his first truly important sessions to appear under his own name – originally issued as singles or 10" LP recordings by Blue Note, and brought together here in a full length set that would help to define the early years of his career! ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Z Records (UK), 1970s/2024. 2LP Gatefold
A massive assortment of tracks that go way past the familiar – not a collection of standard classics from Blue Note, Impulse, or Prestige – and instead a whole host of jazzy groovers that we'd never have discovered otherwise! This volume of the series does a great job mixing in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)

Hideo Shiraki

Teichiku/Lawson (Japan), 1961. (reissue)
A brilliant early album from Japanese drummer Hideo Shiraki – a jazz session that bristles with the same intensity as key late 50s work by Benny Golson or Gigi Gryce! Although Hideo's leading the group on drums, his work on the kit is remarkably subtle – done with the snappingly ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Cedar Walton

Astor Place, Mid 1990s. 2CDs
Two great 90s sessions from Cedar Walton – back to back in a single set! Composer is a record that not only shows off the great skills of pianist Cedar Walton as a composer, but one that also shows how he can really work a special sort of magic when he lets some horns into his group, and ... CD (Jazz CD)
Riverside/Craft, 1961.
Beautiful early work from Cannonball Adderley – and a record that's quite different than most of his better known sets from the time! The album's more spare and stripped-down than usual – with Cannon's alto in a quartet alongside Bill Evans on piano, Percy Heath on bass, and Connie Kay ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Big Crown, 2024.
Excellent work from one of the funkiest steel bands around – a totally hip combo who just seem to be getting better and better with each new release! This time around, they've stepped up the beats even more than before – mixing their 70s funk and steel drum work with just a slight ... CD (Global Grooves CD)
Selection/Sdban (Belgium), Late 70s.
A rare look at a very obscure sound library from the European scene – the Belgian Selection label, home to some very groovy sounds from the late 70s! The music here resonates with Belgian soundtrack and jazz work of the period – and shares some musicians from those genres too – ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library LP)

Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, et al

Newport Rebels
Candid, 1960. (reissue)
A classic early 60s session for Candid Records – put together by a group that includes Charles Mingus, Max Roach, and a host of other musicians who were working here as "Newport Rebels" – by setting up the Jazz Artists Guild Festival as a protest against the increasingly ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Joelle Leandre/Pascal Contet

Trost (Austria), 2024.
Joelle Leandre is a fantastic musician who always give us sounds that are way more than most – and here, she continues that long legacy by pairing with accordion player Pascal Contet, who's got a way of handling his instrument and really matching the creative energy of Joelle! Leandre's bass ... CD (Jazz CD)
Tomorrow International/P-Vine (Japan), 1976.
Quite possibly the funkiest album ever recorded by saxophone legend Nathan Davis – a sweet little session with plenty of electric touches! The sound here differs greatly from Davis' 60s work on the European scene – his amazing albums for MPS and Polydor – and the record's awash ... CD (Jazz CD)

Otona No Kagaku

Toy Record Maker
Otona No Kagaku (Japan), 2020.
Maybe one of the coolest things we've ever stocked here at Dusty Groove – a totally cool record making machine – one that has a lathe-like process that actually lets you cut your own records! The machine also doubles as a small turntable – so you can also play 7" singles if ... Turntable (Turntable)
Trost (Austria), 1994. 2LP
A wonderfully ambitious project from these two legendary improvising musicians – a larger project for stage that was created by both pianist Alexander Von Schlippenbach and drummer Sven Ake Johansson – the latter of whom here is very much into his later life role as a composer! The set ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Trojan, Late 1960s. 2CDs
The Trojan Records label was a pivotal force in taking reggae to a larger audience at the end of the 60s – pushing a huge amount of Jamaican artists into the global scene, and forever helping the sound of music in the process! Trojan was especially heavy in the years of ska and rocksteady, ... CD (Reggae CD)
Universal (France), 1960s/1970s/Early 1980s. 12CD
A huge amount of recordings from one of our favorite singers ever – the incredible Claude Nougaro, a French vocalist of the postwar years, and a master of many styles that included jazz, samba, and bossa nova! Nougaro had a unique talent for penning French lyrics to American and Brazilian ... CD (French CD)

Greg Foat & Eero Koivistoinen

Jazzaggression (Finland), 2023.
Greg Foat has given us lots of wonderful records over the years, but this set may well be one of his best – a fantastic collaboration with Finnish reedman Eero Koivistoinen – a legendary player from the 70s who really brings a hell of a lot to the set! Eero's solos have this extended, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Abdullah Ibrahim

Gearbox (UK), 2024. 2LP Gatefold
Some of the most beautiful work we've ever heard from this legendary pianist – and that's really saying a lot, given how many beautiful records Abdullah Ibrahim has given us over the years! The set expands from Ibrahim's solo performance for Gearbox Records, and takes things into a trio ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Lakecia Benjamin

Whirlwind, 2023. 2LP Gatefold
Lakecia Benjamin has become one of the most unique saxophonists in jazz over the course of her past few records – an artist who can hit deeply spiritual tones when she wants to, but one who's also got a strong sense of soul – able to mix inspirations from the farther reaches with some ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Rewarm (UK), 1970s. 2LP Gatefold
A collection that's maybe unlike anything we've heard before – music that's acoustic, but groovy – easygoing, yet funky – served up by a really wide range of artists, but presented with a style that's a really unified whole! Just about every artist here is completely obscure, but ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Sdban (Belgium), 1960s/Early 1970s.
Maybe one of the coolest collection of soundtrack work we've ever heard, and maybe one of the most obscure as well – given that the tracks here were all done for Belgian films of the 60s and 70s, and include some rare work from composers you might know from bigger name European movies! There' ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Three Blind Mice/Sony (Japan), Mid 70s. 2LP Gatefold
A great overview of work on the legendary Three Blind Mice label from 70s Japan – a crucial imprint that gave exposure to the new generation of Japanese jazz musicians who were forging a fresh sort of ideas apart from their counterparts in the US! Three Blind Mice was always a label that was ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Trova/RGS (Argentina), 1965.
A great demonstration of the incredible keyboard skills of Argentine pianist Enrique Villegas – an artist who issued a few albums here in the US, but had a much longer recorded legacy back home! This mid 60s date is one of Enrique's classics – and shows his amazing command of the keys, ... CD (Jazz CD)

Ray Alexander Technique

Let's Talk (with bonus tracks)
Harlem Sound/Now Again, 1973.
One of those obscure funk records that was even pretty darn obscure back in the day – at a time when so many other funk records weren't so obscure! But obscurity aside, the record also quickly grew into the stuff of legend – thanks to a groove that's totally great, and which has all ... CD (Soul CD)
Blue Note, 1968. Gatefold (reissue)
A wonderful session by Andrew Hill – recorded in 1968, but issued only briefly in 1981 – and out of print for years! The session is a key one in understanding Hill's work – as it's a bridge between the arch modernism of his early Blue Note sides, and the more soul-oriented ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Numero, Mid 1960s.
One of the most enigmatic records we've ever gotten from the Numero Group – especially since they usually go out of their way to tell the full story of most of their releases! This set purports to be the never-issued soundtrack from a 60s film titled You're Not From Around Here – but ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Peter Brotzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love

Chicken Sh*t Bingo
Trost (Austria), 2024.
A set of unreleased improvisations between these two fantastic free jazz musicians – intended as a session in which, according to Paal Nilssen-Love, "we agreed to bring all the metal we could bring"! That means that Peter Brotzmann is blowing a wide variety of reed instruments, and ... CD (Jazz CD)

Moor Mother

Great Bailout
Anti, 2024.
Moor Mother continues to blend genres and come up with one that's all her own – a unique space between soul and poetry, music and message, all with a vibe that's unlike anything else we can think of! This set may be Moor Mother's heaviest to date – an unflinching examination of ... CD (Neo Soul CD)
Time Capsule (Japan), Late 1970s/Early 1980s.
A really unique selection of Japanese reggae tracks from back in the day – and work that's very different than sounds from both the underground scene in Kingston, and the big wave of reggae hits on the major labels! The pace of many of these cuts has them moving in almost a lovers rock sort ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Seismographic (Germany), Mid 1970s. 2LP Gatefold
A very mysterious compilation – so much so that none of the tracks are listed with artists names – which is maybe a testament to their obscurity, at least to our American ears! And while the title says "disco", the groove is different than the soaring strings and female ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Chief Xian Atunde Adjuah (Christian Scott)

Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning
Ropeadope, 2023.
With a record like this, it's hard to believe that Christian Scott started out in more standard jazz – as Chief Xian Atunde Adjuah is a very different artist altogether, one who wraps together worlds and eras of musical heritage – working here in a set that's very heavy on percussion, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Pit Inn (Japan), 2019.
The J Masters are Japanese Jazz Masters – a really great sextet with key members from a few different generations – all coming together here in a really wonderful performance! The group is grounded by work from Yoshio Suzuki on bass and Shingo Okudaira on drums – and features ... CD (Jazz CD)

Pablo Schneider

Sobre La Hierba – Virgen
Discomoda/Vampi Soul (Spain), 1976.
A rare bit of soundtrack funk from mid 70s Venezuela – a set that's strongly influenced by Italian cop/crime modes of the time, but sometimes served up with a nicely leaner vibe as well! In addition to the funky guitar, tight basslines, and jazzy horns you might expect – there's also ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)

Enrique Villegas

Tributo A Jerome Kern
Trova/RGS (Argentina), 1977.
The music of Jerome Kern is explored here in territory that's nicely far from the original – really open, fluid trio instrumentals from Enrique Villegas – who's very much at the height of his more modern, open style here! The tunes are familiar, but really pulled apart as well – ... CD (Jazz CD)
Numero, Late 60s/1970s. 2LP Gatefold
A double-length collection of work from two obscure Atlanta soul labels – the Tragar and Note imprints, both run by local producer Jesse Jones! Back in the day, Atlanta wasn't nearly as big of an outlet for soul records as it's become in recent years – so Jones' labels were key in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Ohrwurm/Tramp (Germany), Late 1970s. Gatefold
A German group, but one who've got a sweet, sunny sound that would have been right at home in the Cali scene of the 70s! The harmonies on the record alone are great – right up there with America or CSN – and the instrumentation has slight jazzy currents, with a blend of acoustic guitar ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Enzo Randisi

Enzo Randisi
PDR/SeriE.WOC (Italy), Early 80s. Gatefold (reissue)
Wicked work on vibes from this fantastic Italian musician – a player who really seems to lean into the more subtle, sensitive qualities of his instrument – to come up with this overlooked set of genius that's filled with great sounds throughout! Enzo's vibes are blended beautifully ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Next Morning

Next Morning
Calla/Survival Research, 1971. (reissue)
A heady bit of work from this obscure Caribbean band – much more rock than funk, but put together with a nice combination of both in the mix! We might link these guys slightly to a group like Merda/Black Merda – maybe given some inspiration from the work of Jimi Hendrix, but sometimes ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Polydor/Endless Happiness, 1969. (reissue)
Very experimental work from this loose Canadian collective of the late 60s – but a set that's filled with some surprisingly cool touches too! The album's almost more of a "happening" in the studio at times – with free-flowing energy between jazz musicians, rockers, poets, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)
Dagoretti, 1970s/Early 1980s.
Killer grooves from the Kenyan scene of the 70s – sounds that are very spare, and very timeless – often just percussion, a stringed instrument, and chanted vocals – all served up in a very driving, hypnotic blend! The set collects tracks from a time when the initially rural ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Minipan (Italy), 2024.
A stunning record that takes us back to the glory days of cosmic sounds at the start of the century – that moment when new ideas seem to be constantly exploding from the London scene in a flurry of classic records that really enriched our lives! That spirit is recaptured here beautifully ... LP, Vinyl record album (New Grooves LP)
Discomoda/Olindo (UK), Late 1960s/Early 1970s. 2LP
A smoking overview of work from the glory days of the Venezuelan scene – that moment when the nation's economy was opening the doors to rich new avenues of expression – including the important Discomoda label, which recorded all the gems on this set! The vibe is great – kind of a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Latin LP)

O'Donel Levy

Groove Merchant/Mr Bongo (UK), 1973.
Fantastic sounds throughout – and maybe the best album ever by this legendary 70s guitar player! O'Donel Levy's got this tremendous sound that comes from playing an electric hollow body – in a tone that takes the best bits of Grant Green and Wes Montgomery, and strips them down for a ... CD (Jazz CD)

Piero Umiliani

Blue Nude/Life Goes On
Easy Tempo (Italy), 1978. (pic cover)
Nothing too blue about this nude – as the tune's a sexy little romp, and one that nicely mixes up acoustic guitar, floating violin, and romping rhythms – all set to some cool offbeat lyrics! The tune's an overlooked funky soundtrack cut from Piero Umiliani – and it's backed here ... 7-inch, Vinyl record (Funky 45's 7-inch)
Werf (Netherlands), 2024. 2LP Gatefold
A really unique combo, and one that's definitely what's promised in the title – a lineup that's heavy on trombones, given a nice kick at the bottom from guitar, bass, and drums! The players come together here in a really wonderful sound – partly extending from the postwar multi-trombone ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Night Dreamer (UK), 2023. 2LP
A really bold step forward for Chicago tenor genius Isaiah Collier – and maybe the first record to showcase his emergence as a multi-instrumentalist instead of just a spiritual jazz musician! There's clearly a lot of improvisation going on here – not just from the larger ensemble, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Blue Note, 2024.
Guitarist Julian Lage is working here with a slightly expanded group, yet still comes across with a sound that's as warm and intimate as some of his previous material! The core trio with Jorge Roeder on bass and Dave Kings on drums is expanded with the addition of Levon Henry on saxes, Patrick ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Ayany Jowi

Raging Buffalo
Dagoretti, 1970s.
Other-worldly sounds from a Kenyan fiddle player, but one who uses the instrument in ways that are completely unique – a style known as Orutu music, in which the instrument is used to spin out these hypnotic waves of sound next to spare percussion and really incredible chanted vocals! There's ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)
Blue Note, Mid 60s. (reissue)
A triple-action classic from alto genius Jackie McLean – and one of those key records from the years when he stunned the world by moving from hardbop into the more experimental modes of the "new thing" generation! The approach here is very formative – not just for some of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Alpacas Collective

Seven Wisdoms Of Plutonia
Catalpas (Belgium), 2023.
A mad batch of funky grooves, with a world's worth of influences in the mix – elements of African, Indian, and other styles – all wrapped around some mighty funky instrumentation at the core! One track has a bit of sitar, another some Ethio organ, one more some Nigerian rhythms – ... CD (Deep Funk CD)
Slash/Craft, 1982. (reissue)
LP...$108.99 124.99
A surprising classic from the early 80s underground – a record that came to the world from the scene in Milwaukee, where neither the group nor the rest of the world would have expected the album to have such staying power over the decades! And yet, from the very first needle drop, it's hard ... LP, Vinyl record album (Rock LP)

Ruth Goller

International Anthem, 2024.
Maybe the most haunting project to date from Ruth Goller – an important collaborator on the contemporary London scene, but one who's got a style that's much more than jazz – one that's definitely pushed to the limits here! The set features Goller on electric and acoustic bass, with ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Express/Universal (Japan), 1969. (reissue)
The sweet image really gets at the wonderful sound of this record – a Japanese pop gem from the end of the 60s, and one that seems to mix together elements of bossa nova and European grooves – all in this way that really fits the way that the male and female vocals come together! The ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Music Take Me Up (Netherlands), Late 1970s/Early 1980s.
An obscure gospel group, but a great one too – thanks to plenty of secular soul inflections in their music, which gives these classic tracks a real crossover appeal! The group hail from San Diego, maybe a bit farther off the gospel map – and they've got this warm way of blending subtle ... LP, Vinyl record album (Gospel LP)

Piero Umiliani

News/Top Secret
Easy Tempo (Italy), 1980. (pic cover)
The news is pretty darn jazzy here – thanks to a quick-stepping bassline, cool marimba, and snapping snare – all of which give "News" a very groovy jazz soundtrack feel – like something lifted off an obscure soundtrack from the early 60s! But halfway through, some cool ... 7-inch, Vinyl record (Funky 45's 7-inch)

Oduor Nyagweno

Where I Go – I Am There
Dagoretti, 2017.
A very cool recording, done in Kenya on a cell phone in contemporary years – but one that comes across with a very timely vibe, given that Oduor Nyagweno is one of the last living masters of his craft! That craft is his handling of the nyatiti instrument – an eight stringed smallish ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Gerry Weil

Olindo (UK), 1971. (reissue)
A lost masterpiece of modern jazz from the Venezuelan scene at the start of the 70s – a record that mixes together acoustic and electric elements with effortless ease – maybe echoing some of the best Gil Evans experiments of the time, but also vibing with the cooler European work on ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Maple/On High (Canada), 1972. (reissue)
A really obscure soul trio from the New Jersey scene of the 70s – and one who've got a nicely rough-edged approach to their harmonies! The record's definitely in the grittier side of the scene – more funky 45 production overall, and a nice current of funk on the record at times too ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Classic Example

Classic Example
GSF/On High, Early 1970s. (reissue)
A wonderful album from this beautiful soul duo – a pair who kind of take the earlier Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell mode into a sweet 70s groove – all with help from members of The Crusaders on the backing! Most numbers feature the male singer stepping out a bit more in the lead, but in ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)
Not Two (Poland), 2024. 3CD
Trombonist Steve Swell works here in a shifting set of groups, all recorded during a festival performance in Poland – with smaller group outings on the first CD, and much larger ensemble expressions on the final two discs! Swell is a hell of an improviser, but here he's clearly stepping into ... CD (Jazz CD)
Dead Oceans, Late 1970s.
A really fantastic chapter in the career of the legendary Bill Fay – material that might have formed a lost third album, had any record company chosen to respond at the time – and which, presented here, really serves to illuminate a lost chapter in Bill's musical lineage! The set has ... CD (Rock CD)
PTG (Netherlands), Late 1970s/1980s.
One of the deepest entries in this long-running series – and like some of the other recent volumes, a package that goes way farther than some of the earlier compilations! The music here is not straight disco or funk – and instead, captures that really hip blend of modes that came into ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Betsayda Machado & La Parranda El Clavo

Loe Loa – Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree
Olindo (UK), 2017.
Earthy vocals and plenty of percussion – a wonderful set of parranda tracks from Betsayda Machado, who works here with a tight combo that really sends her vocals over the top! On her own, Betsayda would be enough – a singer with the expressive qualities of older giants, such as Omara ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

London Afrobeat Collective

Canopy (UK), 2024.
Hard-driving work from this Afrobeat collection – an ensemble who've been working together for over a decade, and whose members hail from more scenes than just London – yet one who also use that city's cross-cultural heritage to really craft their own groove! Vocals are by Juanita Euka ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Eddie Bond

Eddie Bond Rocks
Bear Family (Germany), Late 1950s/1960s.
A great look at the work of Eddie Bond – an underground rocker on the Memphis scene during the early years of Elvis, and one who also cut some rare tracks for Sun Records – plus a variety of other labels too! Bond has roots in country, and that definitely comes through in the twang ... CD (Rock CD)

Toi Et Moi

Liberty/Universal (Japan), 1970. Gatefold (reissue)
A record with a really special sound – Japanese pop moving past some of the more emotive modes used a few years before, and working with a gentle, breezy style that sometimes echoes the best A&M Records styles from the Cali scene of the late 60s! Both singers intertwine in a wonderful ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Bang/Robinsongs (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. 2CD
A trio of classic albums from The Muscle Shoals Horns – with bonus tracks too! First up is Born To Get Down, by a group who were definitely born to get down – as they'd proved before on countless funk and soul sessions in the south – and as they prove once again with this ... CD (Soul CD)
Jazzman (UK), Late 60s/1970s/1980s/1990s.
A wonderfully wide-ranging tribute to the great John Coltrane – served up here in a whole host of tracks recorded after his too-early death, each of which take his musical message in different directions! The sound is certainly spiritual – in keeping with the different volumes in this ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)

Dr Pete Larson & Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band

Dagoretti, 2024.
Pete Larson learned how to play the classic Kenyan nyatiti instrument in the early days of this century – and years later, he recorded this fantastic blend of regional sounds and psychedelic modes – very different than classic nyatiti recordings from the 20th Century! There's a fuzzy, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Domo Branch

Melodies Of A Branch
Albina Music Trust, 2023.
Domo Branch is represented as a group on the front cover – but if you take a closer look, you'll notice the image features multiple shots of the man himself – a killer drummer who delivers a wonderful performance on this full album of solo drums! The set was recorded overseas, but Domo ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)


Angola 72/74
Morabeza/Lusafrica (France), Early 1970s.
A pair of classic albums, served up here in a single set! First up is the sound of Angola, circa 1972 – served up here in a beautiful album of songs from Bonga! The music is relatively spare – mostly just lead acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion – the latter of which is played ... CD (Global Grooves CD)
Bear Family (Germany), 1950s/Early 1960s.
CD...$8.99 11.99
Serving time has never been this groovy – thanks to a whole host of prison-themed tunes from the postwar years, presented here in a package that's especially strong on blues and R&B! Sure, most folks know "Folsom Prison Blues", but this package digs much deeper to come up with ... CD (Rock CD)
Verve, 1964. Gatefold (reissue)
Excellent 60s work by tenorist Stan Getz – a completely sublime meeting with pianist Bill Evans – tunes recorded in 1964, but not issued at the time, even though they are fantastic – because Verve Records instead wanted to really focus on Stan's bossa nova recordings! The ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Toi Et Moi

Liberty/Universal (Japan), 1971. Gatefold (reissue)
A really great record from the Japanese scene of the 70s – one that seems to borrow a lot from the French pop styles of the late 60s – as you might guess from the group's name! Toi Et Moi are one guy singer, one gal – blending their Japanese vocals beautifully, with elements that ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)


Iruka No Uta
Express/Universal (Japan), 1974. (reissue)
There's no shrieking going on here, as the music's got this gently groovy style that's warm and wonderful – post-folk, maybe a bit sunshine pop influenced – and coming across as almost like a Japanese attempt to hit some Carpenters territory! The songs are often more sophisticated than ... LP, Vinyl record album (Japanese LP)
Strut (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. 3LPs (reissue)
A really wonderful collection – an important re-investigation of the unusual mix of sounds and styles on the New York scene in the years after disco – a time when funk, punk, hip hop, and art were all colliding at once – providing a really fresh antidote to the staid sounds of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Adarce (Spain), Mid 70s.
Spanish tracks with a very soulful vibe – and a set that includes a fair bit of very groovy tracks from the years when the scene was mixing older flamenco styles with disco rhythms of the 70s! The flamenco mode here doesn't involve guitar so much as it does a wonderfully expressive style of ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Peter Brotzmann

Catching Ghosts
Act (Germany), 2023.
A very earthy setting for the legendary reedwork of Peter Brotzmann – a killer live performance that has him working in a trio with the great Hamid Drake on drums, and Moroccan musician Majid Bekkas on the spare-stringed guembri! Drake really adapts himself to the guembri, and opens up with ... CD (Jazz CD)


Olindo (UK), 2020.
A really great combo from the contemporary London scene – one who work with jazz instrumentation, but in ways that echo a variety of rhythmic styles – elements of North and West African modes, and touches of Caribbean as well – but all done with a lean, instrumental style! The ... CD (Jazz CD)

Majoie Hajary

La Passion Selon Judas
CBS/Mad About Records (Portugal), 1970. (reissue)
An incredible bit of global jazz from the French scene at the start of the 70s – one of those really unique records that's beyond easy definition, and which really represents all the cool criss-crossings in styles that were taking place on the Parisian scene at the time! Majole Hajary was ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Lansdowne (UK), 2024.
A stunning book – even more amazing than we were expecting, and we were really expecting a lot! This is a heavy, hardcover, full color volume that takes a deep dig into the world of British jazz during some crucial modern years – presented with oversized images throughout, in the ... Book (Book)

Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals

Your Funny Moods (green vinyl pressing)
DC International/Numero, 1974. (reissue)
Sublime harmony soul – and one of THE east coast classics of the early 70s! Skip and group were one of the best vocal groups working on their scene at the time – with a style that's incredibly well crafted, yet also fragile enough to really capture the emotions of the tunes. This ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul LP)

Maria Rita (Maria Rita Stumpf)

Selva (Brazil), 1988.
Not the same Maria Rita that rose to international fame in the past decade or so – but an earlier, much more obscure singer with a nicely rootsy vibe – one whose presence in the Brazilian music scene is maybe more welcome to our ears than her famous later namesake! The album came out ... CD (Brazil CD)

Isaac Sasson

Canciones De Isaac
Olindo (UK), 2021.
A very beautiful, very intimate album from Venezuelan singer Isaac Sasson – a set that's got an acoustic, gentle approach throughout – almost recalling some of the more inventive post-bossa experiments from the Brazilian scene, but with flavors that are very much its own! In addition ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Chelsea Carmichael

River Doesn't Like Strangers
Native Rebel (UK), 2022. 2LP
Saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael has a really beautiful sound here – a style that's spiritual, but spacious too – so that her flow is one that often has a nice sense of space between the notes, as she moves through tracks that effortlessly blend live instrumentation with a few additional ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)
Verve, 1965. (reissue)
One of the moodiest Verve albums from Astrud Gilberto – a set that has some surprising arrangements by Gil Evans – working here on one of his few 60s dates with a singer! Astrud's blue-tinged vocals work perfectly with Evans' backdrops – and Al Cohn also takes over the helm on ... LP, Vinyl record album (Brazil LP)

Dusty Groove T-Shirt

Dot Dash – Olive (SMALL)
Dusty Groove Gear,
A modernist design that hearkens back to our favorite jazz albums of the 50s – served up as a testament to our best-selling style of music year after year! Yet even if you're not a jazz listener, you can still dig the sleek look of the image – which is printed here on an even better ... Clothing (Clothing)

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Record Guy – Light Blue (SMALL)
Dusty Groove Gear,
An image that conjures up the delight we experience every time we drop a needle on a record – kicking back and letting our mind drift away to the music! And sure, maybe we're not as likely to drop the cover on the floor as this guy – we are record collectors after all – but we ... Clothing (Clothing)

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Dot Dash – Black (SMALL)
Dusty Groove Gear,
A modernist design that hearkens back to our favorite jazz albums of the 50s – served up as a testament to our best-selling style of music year after year! Yet even if you're not a jazz listener, you can still dig the sleek look of the image – which is printed here on an even better ... Clothing (Clothing)
Numero, Late 1970s/Early 1980s.
Numero's Eccentric Soul series focuses on a well-named label – the tiny Shoestring company, who must have operated on a shoestring budget – given that most of its work hardly made it out of the Southern Illinois scene in which they worked! Yet the label's home of Alton, Illinois was ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
180g (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s.
Japanese club music from the disco years onward – but a set that's got a very universal appeal in the rhythms! The vocals are mostly in Japanese, but the arrangements, production, and instrumentation here resonate strongly with the best that New York or Philly had to offer during the disco ... LP, Vinyl record album (Funky Compilations LP)
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/1970s.
A long-overdue entry in this legendary series of compilations – one that taught us an awful lot about funky soundtrack music back in the day, finally back in action after a long hiatus! This time around, the groove has gotten even deeper – as the series has stretched to include some ... CD (Funky Compilations CD)
Ace/Kent (UK), 1960s/1970s.
Classic tracks from one of the greatest songwriting teams in soul music during the 60s and 70s – the legendary trio of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland – two of whom started out as soul singers, and all three of whom left behind a huge legacy on the Detroit scene! And ... CD (Soul CD)

Red Hot & Ra (Meshell Ndegeocello)

Magic City
Red Hot, 2024.
Maybe the coolest album so far in the Red Hot series – even amidst the unique Sun Ra subgroup – as the album's the brainchild of Meshell Ndegeocello, and comes together with all the complex soulfulness of her own recent albums! Back in the 90s, Meshell was a great but more mainstream ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz LP)

Tono Y Sus Sicodelico

Mister Boogaloo
Alfa/Vampi Soul (Spain), 1968. (reissue)
A boogaloo album, but one that's a lot trippier than most – and definitely worthy of the psychedelic reference in the group's name! As with so much of the best work from the Venezuelan scene of the late 60s, the music here draws on references from up north, but really abstracts the sound ... LP, Vinyl record album (Latin LP)

Tyler Daley

Son Of Zeus
First Word (UK), 2024.
Tyler Daley comes on like the child of thunder here – effortlessly mixing harder-edged hip hop modes and gentler soul moments – all with a criss-crossing vibe that's much more British-styled than American indie soul sets of this nature! Tyler's got no problem with serving up a catchy ... LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul LP)

Pharoah Sanders

Meta, 2000.
A great later moment from Pharoah Sanders – a set that's one of his few from the time that really stretches out in the same open, spiritual territory of his classic recordings for Impulse! The group's a trio – with Sanders on tenor and wood flute, Hamid Drake on drums and other ... CD (Jazz CD)


Chrysalis/Be With (UK), 1996. 2LP (reissue)
The killer debut of Bahamadia – an underground force on the same Philly scene that gave the world The Roots back in the 90s – and one who steps out here with a force that's fantastic! Part of the record's charms come from the killer production work from DJ Premier and Guru – as ... LP, Vinyl record album (Hip Hop LP)
Blue Note, 2024. 2CDs
Late life brilliance from the legendary Charles Lloyd – a reed player who seems to have given the world more great music in the past 20 years than he had in the previous 60s! Lloyd keeps on moving forward with all these new ideas and fresh conceptions – and here, he blows tenor, alto, ... CD (Jazz CD)
Hot Mule (France), Late 1980s/1990s/2000s. 2LP Gatefold
Beautiful sounds from a very unique label – one started in Paris by a Malian merchant in the 80s, in order to both present sounds from his homeland, and all of the wonderful new variations that were taking place on the cross-cultural scene in France! The body of work is partly a compelling ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves LP)

Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra

Live At IUCC 4/27/80
Nimbus, 1980. 2CD
Unissued live work from this legendary spiritual jazz ensemble – a collective who seemed to bring something different to the proceedings every time they recorded, which is definitely the case with this fantastic set! This volume is one of the group's unearthed additional recordings at IUCC ... CD (Jazz CD)
Discolando/Pharaway Sounds (Spain), 1977. Gatefold (reissue)
Killer work from this Latin funk combo from the 70s – a group who were supposedly formed to open for Santana at a concert in Nicaragua, then went on with a searing legacy of their own! The music definitely owes a bit to the Bay Area Latin sound of the period – a blend of traditional ... LP, Vinyl record album (Latin LP)

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