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Using Your Account

Do I need an account to order?

No, you can order as a "guest" and avoid creating an account. You must provide a valid email address or else your order confirmation and shipping status will not be available. You must also provide your payment and shipping information each time you checkout since we do not save that information guest orders. For security reasons we cannot share the status of guest orders by phone or email.

How do I create a new account?

Click the account button [Your account] that's at the top of each page, or simply start adding items to your cart. When you check out, you'll be guided through setting up an account. Just enter your email address and click the button that says "Create new account".

How do I change my email address?

Sign into your account using your current email address and password. On your account screen select "Contact > Email Address & Password" where you will be prompted for your new email address. For security reasons we cannot change your email address on your behalf.

What happens if I forget my password?

On the sign in page click "Forgot your password?". You can reset your password at any time. You can also create a new account with a unique email address if you like.

What else is available in my account?

When you sign in you can see your order history, preorders, payments, and shipping addresses. You can also change your email and password. In addition, you can subscribe to our Newsletters, view messages we have sent you about your orders, manage items on your Watch List, and see items you've recently viewed in case you want to go back and buy something you remember seeing.

How do I access my account after creating it?

Click the account button [Your account] that's at the top of each page. If you are signed in, a personal greeting will be displayed. This takes you to the sign in page. Enter the email address and password you entered when you created your account and click the "Sign in using our secure server" button.

How do I checkout?

Click the shopping cart button [Shopping cart] that's at the top of each page. This takes you to your shopping cart. Click the button that says "Secure Checkout". Then you sign in or create a new account if you do not already have one. We'll ask you for your shipping address and payment information. You will then be taken to a page where you review your information before submitting your order.

How do I enter information like shipping address or credit card?

We'll prompt you for that information during the checkout process. However, If you wish to enter information before checking out, click the "Sign in" button and on your account screen select the appropriate payment or contact option.

How do I add items to my order once I have begun the checkout process?

At any time you can click the Dusty Groove logo at the top of each page which will take you to the home page. Or, at the final review screen select "Change order" to make any adjustments. Once you've added more items just click the shopping cart button to resume checking out.

How do I order more than one copy during checkout?

During checkout on the "Review order" screen, the quantity of each item for your order is shown. For used, rare, and one-of-a-kind items we may only have one copy in stock. If we have more than one copy available for sale, you can change the number in the quantity box. The screen with refresh to reflect the new quantity.

How do I keep my account secure?

All your account and purchase information is sent to Dusty Groove over a secure internet connection (TLS). If you are using a shared or public computer, be sure to sign out at the end of your purchase. If you believe the email address associated with your account has been compromised, immediately change the password on your account by clicking the "Email Address & Password" link, because anyone who can read your email can reset your Dusty Groove password — potentially locking you out of your own account!

How do I delete my account information?

To request that your account and any personal information be deleted send an email from the email address associate with the account you wish to be deleted to We will confirm ownership of your account and delete your account and personal information.

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