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Brazil — Coming Soon 📣

XBossa nova, samba, MPB, Tropicalia, choro, and more -- a great selection of music, both vintage and contemporary!

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Atlantic/Polysom (Brazil), 1977. (reissue)
LP ... About August 15, 2018
Fantastic jazzy funk! This is the second record by Azymuth – and it's way way better than anything they ever cut in America! It's got a wonderful vibe that mixes Brazilian fusion influences with the tight grooves of a Maurice White-inspired generation – and the result still sounds ... LP, Vinyl record album
Blue Note (Japan), 1974.
CD ... About August 15, 2018
One of the rare Blue Note gems from Brazilian arranger/composer Moacir Santos – an album of incredible warmth and charm, with a sound that's hardly been duplicated again! Santos is usually best known for his early bossa arrangements in the 60s, but here he's working in the US – hitting ... CD
Ok Ok Ok
Biscoito Fino (Brazil),
CD ... About August 25, 2018
... CD
RCA/Mad About Records (Portugal), 1975. (reissue)
LP ... About September 1, 2018
Sweet and breezy, light and jazzy, with plenty of warm touches – and one of the only albums we've ever seen from Edson Fredrico! The set features Frederico working with arrangements by Luiz Eca and Durval Ferreira, done with light percussion touches, plenty of keyboards, and some of the warm ... LP, Vinyl record album
Robson Jorge
Mad About Records (Portugal), (reissue)
LP ... About September 1, 2018
... LP, Vinyl record album
Som, Sangue e Raca (180 gram vinyl)
CBS/Mad About Records (Brazil), 1971. (reissue)
LP ... About September 5, 2018
A landmark in Brazilian funk! This album mixes the hard jazzy piano of Dom Salvador with the funky samba backings of the group Abolicao – and the result is one of the most mindblowing batches of cross-cultural grooves you'll ever hear! The record's a great precursor to later Brazilian funk ... LP, Vinyl record album
A Festa E Nossa
Soundway (UK), (reissue)
LP ... About September 15, 2018
... LP, Vinyl record album
Far Out (UK), 1998.
LP ... About September 28, 2018
Very sharp new recording by Marcos Valle, and his first LP as a leader in years! Recorded for the Far Out label in London, and supervised by Joe Davis, the man who's brought so much great Brazilian music to the world. The record's got a great modern bossa nova feel, with a good electric sound, ... LP, Vinyl record album
Quebra Cabeca
Glitterbeat (Germany), 2018.
LP ... About October 19, 2018
... LP, Vinyl record album
Quebra Cabeca
Glitterbeat (Germany), 2018.
CD ... About October 19, 2018
... CD
Tropical Diaspora (Germany), 2018.
LP ... About August 13, 2018
... LP, Vinyl record album
RGE/Polysom (Brazil), 1970. (reissue)
LP ... About August 5, 2018 (delayed)
A wonderful early album from Brazilian guitarist/singer Toquinho – done before his famous collaborations with Vincius De Moraes, and with a very different groove! The record features guest appearances by Jorge Ben on two tracks – and much of the record seems to have Toquinho absorbing ... LP, Vinyl record album
Deus E Mulher
Deck Disk (Brazil),
CD ... About June 15, 2018 (delayed)
... CD
Edu, Dori, & Marcos
Biscoito Fino (Brazil),
CD ... About June 15, 2018 (delayed)
... CD
Scubidu (Brazil),
CD ... About June 15, 2018 (delayed)
... CD
Samba Demais
Odeon/Cornbread, 1964. (reissue)
LP ... About June 1, 2018 (delayed)
Rare early work from the great Marcos Valle – and one of his first-ever albums! The record's very much in a moody bossa mode, and the orchestrations are wonderful – light, but never sleepy – really done with that unique new bent that Brazilian artists were using at the time, best ... LP, Vinyl record album
Adventure Music, 2018.
CD ... About April 20, 2018 (delayed)
... CD
Mr Bongo (UK), 1966.
7-inch ... About August 17, 2018
... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Blue Note (Japan), 1970.
CD ... About August 15, 2018
Pivotal work from Duke Pearson – a brilliant set that perfectly sums up all the criss-crossing of styles he was working on in the late 60s – and comes up with a wonderful blend of electric jazz, Brazilian rhythms, and just a touch of 70s soul! Pearson plays some sweet Fender Rhodes on ... CD
P-Vine (Japan),
CD ... About September 21, 2018
... CD
Verve (Japan), 2013.
LP ... About November 3, 2018
A beautiful tribute to the legendary Getz/Gilberto album from the 60s – served up here as a special project from Japan, dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the record! Guitarist Goro Ito put the set together – taking the place of Joao Gilberto on that instrument – and the album ... LP, Vinyl record album
Poeira Zine (Brazil), 2018.
Book ... About December 1, 2018
... Book
P-Vine (Japan), 2018.
Book ... About August 10, 2018 (delayed)
... Book
Mais Kriola/Maita
Mr Bongo (UK), 1975/1976.
7-inch ... About August 1, 2018 (delayed)
... 7-inch, Vinyl record
Trinca De Ases (DVD)
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2018.
DVD ... About June 1, 2018 (delayed)
Three Brazilian musical giants – all coming together in a live setting – and presented in a way that reminds us of some of the great collaborative MPB projects of the 70s! All three artists participate vocally – taking verses alone and together, and frequently trading lines or ... DVD

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