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AZ/Universal (Japan), 1968.
CD ... About March 21, 2018
One of the greatest Brigitte Bardot albums you could ever buy – some of the grooviest, sexiest work the famous French actress ever cut! The album's overflowing with excellent original material written by Bardot by Serge Gainsbourg and Francis Lai – two of our favorite French composers ... CD
London/Slow Down Sounds, 1966. (reissue)
LP ... On April 21, 2018
Wonderful easy grooves – from an orchestra leader who couldn't read a note of music! During the 60s, Andrew Oldham was probably best known to the world as the flamboyant manager of the Rolling Stones – but during the same period, or at least the earliest stretch of it, he also headed ... LP, Vinyl record album
Capitol/Now Again, 1968. (reissue)
LP ... On April 21, 2018
A masterpiece! This is one of David Axelrod's most perfectly realized albums – and it's a brilliant batch of baroque arrangements, jazzy solos, and slightly subtle funky bits! The album contains the much-sampled song "Holy Thursday", but the whole thing has a very similar feel to ... LP, Vinyl record album
Viva Tirado
Polydor/Pregador Do Som (Germany), Early 70s.
CD ... About March 5, 2018 (delayed)
A funky killer from this legendary European group! El Chicles may have been a studio project, but they were a heck of a funky one – with hard drums, tight bass, and mixed-up Latin funky groove that was always pretty right on, no matter what the material was! This cold little jammer from the ... CD
Bossa Nova
Omega/Pregador Do Som (Germany), Early 70s.
CD ... About March 5, 2018 (delayed)
Way way more than just bossa nova – a mighty groover from the great Nico Gomez! Nico's known for his harder pounding tracks that have become favorites with the funky crowd, but this stellar album shows that Nico could also work in jazzier territory when he wanted to – as the album's a ... CD
Bear Family (Germany),
CD ... About March 5, 2018 (delayed)
... CD

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