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Out Sound — Coming Soon 📣

XOutside sounds in many styles -- musique concrete, electro-acoustic, minimalism, and many other experimental and avant modes!

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Private Parts
Lovely, 1977. (reissue)
LP ... About February 1, 2019 (delayed)
Robert Ashley mumbles his way through another one of his extended avant "operatic" pieces. Blue Gene Tyranny plays piano, moog, and clavinet – and the record is divided into 2 parts – "The Park" and "The Backyard". LP, Vinyl record album
Transversales Disques (France),
LP ... About January 28, 2019 (delayed)
... LP, Vinyl record album
God's Chorus
Trunk (UK),
LP ... About December 15, 2018 (delayed)
... LP, Vinyl record album
Inscrutably Obvious
Superior Viaduct, 1981. (reissue)
LP ... On March 1, 2019
... LP, Vinyl record album
Harvest/Esoteric (UK), 1970.
CD ... About March 25, 2019
Jazzy experimental art rock stuff from the UK, featuring an oddball lineup of oboe, violin, cello, and percussion, and with a sound that lies between prog rock and free jazz, not officially part of the Canterbury scene, but not too far removed from it either. This is their first LP, with great ... CD
Transversales Disques (France),
CD ... About March 29, 2019
... CD
Transversales Disques (France),
LP ... About March 29, 2019
... LP, Vinyl record album
United Dairies/Rotorelief (France), Early 80s. (reissue)
CD ... About February 1, 2019 (delayed)
Legendary early work from Nurse With Wound – one of the group's first few albums, done at a time when it was quite difficult to ever figure out where they were coming from! Steven Stapleton's clearly got a strong influence here from 20th Century avant composition modes, particularly tape-base ... CD
That Which Is Not
CD ... About December 20, 2018 (delayed)
... CD

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