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Happy Daze/Oh For The Edge ... CD

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Live At The BBC
Hux (UK), 1975/1978. New Copy
Excellent work from Elton Dean's Ninesense group of the 70s – one of the few British ensembles to continue that careful balance between improvisation and group performance that was such an important part of the UK scene at the end of the 60s – but which had disappeared into more rock-lik ... CD
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Be! (Germany), 1950s. New Copy
CD...$179.99 249.99
An incredible tribute to German pianist Jutta Hipp – one of the few female players in the postwar European jazz scene, and one of the few who managed to make a splash on this side of the Atlantic too! Jutta's best known to American audiences for a handful of records she cut for Blue Note ... CD
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Steeplechase (Netherlands), 2015. New Copy
A trio set from the mighty Stanley Cowell – yet like so many of his other albums in the format, a record that's got way more to offer than usual! Stanley isn't content to just rework standards with a familiar lineup – and instead really shifts things around a lot, to create the kind of ... CD
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Blood & Guts
Futura (France), 1970. New Copy
A wonderful session from the time when Mal Waldron was moving around the world a lot – having a profound influence on national jazz scenes in Italy, France, Japan, and elsewhere – and turning out great recordings like this! This set's got a groove that's a bit more soulful than some of ... CD
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Futura (France), 1970. New Copy
A classic set from French pianist Georges Arvanitas – long tracks from the start of the 70s, played in a way that really sets the stage for the rest of the French scene to come in later years! While Paris of 1970 is often remembered for the bold wave of avant jazz going down – thanks ... CD
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Under Paris Skies
Futura (France), 1971. New Copy
A beautiful later set from pianist Freddie Redd – an artist we really love for his 50s recordings, and his seminal sides for Blue Note – and one who shows us a whole new side of his talents here! The album's got a very different feel than Redd's earlier work – richer in feeling, ... CD
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Marge (France), 2001. New Copy
A very strong recent album from 60s avant legend Sonny Simmons – recorded in Paris with Sonny on alto sax – in a quintet that also includes Eddie Henderson on trumpet, John Hicks on piano, Curtis Lundy on bass, and Victor Lewis on drums! The Lundy/Lewis team is always a treat, and this ... CD
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Five Four (UK), Mid 50s. New Copy
Not the kind of soft and soppy love songs you might expect from the title – and instead, a great batch of mid 50s small combo work from Lionel Hampton – the kind of intimate, personal sides that were a nice change from his better-known large group recordings! Most of the material here ... CD
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Atlantic/Big Break (UK), 1973. New Copy
A landmark album from The Spinners – one that has the Detroit vocal group making a hip trip to the Philly scene – picking up a whole new sound and rich new energy in the process! A few years later, working in Philly studios would be common for many artists – but this self-titled ... CD

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