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Dr Prof Leonard KingStill Steppin – 10th Anniversary ... CD
Uuquipleu, 2020. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
One of the many great projects from drummer Leonard King – a larger ensemble, but one that's still got all the sharp energy of his smaller group work! King's definitely in the lead on drums, and getting help from a few percussionists too – singing at times, urging the group on in ways that aren't that different from some of Roy Porter's vocalizations back on his famous albums of the 70s! In other words, King is a drummer first and a singer second – but his way of putting over a tune really shows how all-in he is with his music – leading a group that also includes some strong work on trumpet and a mixture of reeds from an assortment of different players. The great Ron English is in the group on guitar – and titles include "Number Four", "Deep Blue", "The Story Of Neptune", "Atoll", "Pissed Off With A High Degree Of Elegance", "True Bassonification Suite", and "Closed For Remodeling Suite". CD

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Leonard KingLater Then Is Latter Now (3CD set) ... CD
Uuquipleu, Late 70s/1980s/1990s. New Copy 3CD ... $21.99
A fantastic overview of the many strong jazz contributions that drummer Leonard King has brought to the Detroit scene from the 70s onward – as a musician who both continues the earlier spirit of righteous groups and soulful combos in that city! The package features unissued material from a variety of different groups that King led or performed with over the span of 20 years – material that's different than other CDs he's issued by these acts – and which, taken together, really blow us away with the scope of sounds in the mix, almost all of them deeply spiritual, and often quite funky. The 3CD set features almost two full discs of work by the excellent Strata Nova ensemble – plus more from The Imports, Synchron, Oopapada, Trinidad Sanchez, and Ron Allen – with players who include Glenn Myrick and Faruk Z Bey on tenor, Ron English on guitar, Pamela Wise Harrison and Billy Wooten on piano, and Harold McKinney on piano and vocals. Those musicians really tie the set back to older Detroit experiments on the Tribe Records and Strata labels – and titles include "We Gone Baby", "Pay Toilets", "Flor Y Canto", "For Black Poets Who Think Of Suicide", "Coming Nations Fanfare", "Moors", "Hijack", "Walkin With Dave & Rodney", "Libra's Longing", "Drums For Ali", and "Funkytaneously". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Oopapada/Dr Prof Leonard KingPosition Finalized ... CD
Uuquipleu, 2020. New Copy 2CDs ... $16.99
A funky combo from funky drummer Leonard King – both a doctor and a professor, but a very down-to-earth guy when it comes to records like this! The group's a sextet, and work with saxes and guitar to give the music a vibe that's almost vintage R&B at some points, but more creative jazz at others – really showing that strong legacy that King has in the Michigan scene over the past few decades – which includes some famous work with organist Lyman Woodard! King sings a bit on the set, but most tracks are long with a very strong focus on the instrumentation – on titles that include "Soulsphere", "The Indecisive Dreamland Of I Don't Know Why", "Nightcap", "Next", "Queen Ann Nzinga", "Imperative Unit Rising", and "Crept Dema Wrongma". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Proportioned OrchestraBig Time Further Audacity ... CD
Uuquipleu, 2020. New Copy ... $9.99
A pretty great group from Michigan funky drummer Leonard King – not really an orchestra, but instead a jazz trio, with two different basses working hard alongside Leonard's drums and vocals! The groove is great – sometimes very raw, sometimes more lyrical – as the basses are both plucked and bowed, and King sings in a mixture of funky soul and jazz vocals – both of which have a very unique, personal sort of quality! The basses are both acoustic, and the sound on the record is great – on titles that include "Epistrophy", "Novitango", "Horace Silver Medley", "Our Lives", "Undertango", "Temerity Of The Holding Room", and "Glarium". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Proportioned OrchestraOctober Newbe ... CD
Uuquipleu, 2019. New Copy ... $6.99
A really unique project from Detroit drummer Leonard King – a group that's based around a style he created with bassist Rodney Whitaker at the end of the 80s – but reformed here with three younger bassists in the combo! The group features three basses and King on drums – and Leonard sings a bit, with a rough-edged style that's got a surprising amount of charm – while the basses bring in both melody and rhythm, bowed and plucked, with a nice sort of variety that often makes us forget there's no other types of instruments in the lineup! Titles include "Zoltan", "Old Mr Bad Luck", "Bumpin On Sunset", "True Bassonification", "Two Bass Hit", "Chasin The Bird", "Urban Carnival", and "Officer Funk". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lyman Woodard OrganizationDon't Stop The Groove (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Lyman/Uuquipleu, 1979. Used ... Just Sold Out!
A killer little set from funky organist Lyman Woodard – an old bandmate of Dennis Coffey, and one of the standout stalwarts of the 70s Detroit jazz funk scene! The set features Lyman working in a live setting – grooving out over some mighty long tracks that blend jazz and soul together, in a style that's a bit like some of the best work on the Groove Merchant label from the mid 70s. Lyman himself plays organ on the set, and the group's a largeish one with some ensemble vocals on a few cuts, but a mostly instrumental sound overall. And if you're worried about the later date of the set, don't be – as Lyman cuts a nice lean groove into the whole set – coming up with a soulful sound that's expanded more than a smaller combo record, yet which also isn't too slick or overproduced! Marcus Belgrave plays trumpet on one track, and titles include "Don't Stop The Groove", "Theme In Search Of A Sports Spectacular", "Down Lowe", and "Djarum". CD features the previously unissued bonus tracks "Ron's Song" and "Kimba". CD
(CDr release.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard OrganizationLive At Last – 1974 to 1993 ... CD
Uuquipleu, 1970s/1980s/Early 90s. New Copy ... $9.99
Killer live work from the Lyman Woodard Trio – and a split set that shows much much the group kept grooving on the Detroit scene, even after their initial early 70s fame! The first half of the CD features material from 1974 – recorded at JJ's Lounge in the Shelby Hotel in the Motor City – very jazz-based, with soaring organ from Lyman himself, guitar from Ron English, and drums from Leonard King. The whole thing's nicely recorded, with a strong focus on that sweet and super-dope tone that's always made Woodard so great – as you'll hear on the cuts "Even Today", "Jumpin The Blues", "If You Could See Me Now", and "ESP". The second half of the set is from 20 years later – recorded in 1993 at Sully's Roadhouse – with the same trio, equally tight and funky! In fact, the 1993 set's almost funkier, as it's got some originals by Woodard that are mighty nice – the titles "Lyman's Montuno" and "Belle Isle Daze" – next to the cuts "I Got A Woman", "Drown In My Own Tears", and "A Fine Romance". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard OrganizationLost & Found – The Unreleased 1971 Recordings ... CD
Uuquipleu, 1971. New Copy ... $9.99
A completely lost album from Detroit legend Lyman Woodard – recorded around the same time as his Saturday Night Special classic, and every bit as great! The material is stunning – and easily rises to the top of the pack of the rare few examples of Woodard's genius that were caught on record – and like Saturday Night Special, the set's a masterpiece of mellow funk – with these cool, complicated arrangements that have both the grooves and Lyman's Hammond stepping out unlike anybody else – light years ahead of the late 60s soul jazz organ combos, but still with a lean, clean vibe that's very different than the large, smooth sounds of slicker 70s jazz. All tracks are long, and the record is totally wonderful – a gem that would be changing for hundreds of dollars, had it been issued in the 70s – but maybe even more amazing all these many years later as a rare extra bonus for fans like us! Titles include "Kimba", "Funky Lyman", "Lyman's Mambo", "Belle Isle Daze", and a surprisingly funky version of "By The Time I Get To Phoenix". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard OrganizationLyman Woodard Organization Orchestra – Live In Detroit 2010 ... CD
Uuquipleu, 2010. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
A recent live set from the legendary Lyman Woodard – and a record that's every bit as great as his killers from the 70s! Woodard's lost none of his funky touch on the organ – and really burns amazingly well throughout – as does his group, which is less of an "orchestra" (as they're billed in the title), and more of the same sort of tight funky organization that he had on his classic Saturday Night Special album! The sound is wonderful – a stunning revelation of this Detroit talent who's been overlooked for years, but has kept on turning out wonderful music – at a point when the rest of the world finally caught up to him! The set's filled with cool original tracks that are just wonderful – and titles include "Deja Vu", "Itanita", "Portrait Of Martha", "Ultima Linda", "On Your Mind", "Cheeba", "Help Me Get Away", "Fishfeet", and "The Lullabye". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard OrganizationSaturday Night Special ... CD
Strata/Uuquipleu, 1975. New Copy ... $9.99
Hypnotic organ funk from Lyman Woodard – an old bandmate of Dennis Coffey, and one of the shining lights of the 70s Detroit scene! This is amazing, amazing stuff – Woodard's electric piano, organ and occasional mellotron and Norma Bell's alto saxophone lend a cosmic funk aspect throughout, very much like Death Wish-era Herbie Hancock – with a laidback, tripped-out groove that's really mindblowing! Ron English accents the thing perfectly with his languid guitar and bass groove, while Leonard King and Lorenzo Brown's drumming and percussion can keep the groove adrift, or tear it up in a funky maelstrom depending on the mission of the cut. It's totally essential Strata jazz funk – and a record we've rarely seen in the original pressing. Tracks include "Saturday Night Special", "Joy Road", "Belle Isle Daze", "Creative Musicians", "Cheeba", "On Your Mind", "Allen Barnes", and "Help Me Get Away". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard TrioJazzy Weeknights Special ... CD
Uuquipleu, 1974/1993. New Copy 2CDs ... $16.99
Rare work from one of the true powerhouse performers on the Detroit jazz scene – organist Lyman Woodard, famous for a few funk records in the 70s – but a musician who also gigged non-stop for decades in the Motor City! This double-length set features two performances, almost 20 years apart, by Woodard and his long-running trio with guitarist Ron English and drummer Leonard King – both wonderful performers, and working here with the same energy that Lyman had in his famous 60s trio with guitarist Dennis Coffey! The 90s set is every bit as wonderful as the 70s material – and together, the tracks show just how strongly a certain kind of funky, soulful jazz was alive and well out in the smaller clubs in urban America. Titles include "Kimba", "Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate", "Creative", "Love Theme From Spartacus", "All Blues", "Hold It", "Portrait Of Martha", "Red Top", "Don't Blame Me", and "You Make Me Feel Brand New". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lyman Woodard TrioLive At The 1996 Ford Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival ... CD
Corridor/Uuquipleu, 1996. New Copy ... $9.99
Late work from Detroit organ legend Lyman Woodard – and sounds that are still very much at the top of his game! The set's a trio date, with drummer Leonard King – who was on the classic Woodard Organization Records – and Lyman's still got that lean, slinky groove on the Hammond that's totally outta sight – a soulful, vibe that's quite different than mainstream organ jazz, and which has this chunky approach that's totally infectious right from the very first note! The group also features Robert Tye on guitar – and the three musicians work together with a lean sound that's mighty nice – with a vibe that even transforms the familiar tunes in the set. Titles include "Serenata", "Disco Tease", "Ain't That Good News", "The Breeze & I", and a medley of "Perry Mason Theme/You Don't Know What Love Is". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lyman Woodard OrganizationLive At JJ's Lounge 1974 ... CD
Uuquipleu, 1974. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A rare live performance from the legendary Lyman Woodard Organization – captured here at the height of their powers in the 70s! The Organization has a really unique approach to their groove – one that starts in jazz, but moves quickly into funk – with a spirit that you'd find in other 70s groups like Funk Inc or The Nineteenth Whole – both of which have the same soulful local spirit as Lyman's mighty group! Woodard himself is a wonderful organist – playing with these freewheeling lines that open the Hammond up strongly way past the Jimmy Smith generation, with a groove that's often soaring, but still tightly rhythmic too – a hypnotic vamp that's perfect for jamming tracks like these. Other group members are great too – and include Ron English on guitar, Norma Bell on alto sax, Lorenzo Brown on percussion, and Sundiata on congas – a very hip lineup that makes things really cook on the set! The recording was originally done for radio, and there's a few announcer bits – but that professional setting also makes the album sound way better than just a dodgy ol' local tape might. Titles include "Organ Interlude", "Kimba", "On Your Mind", "Last Tango In Paris", "You Make Me Feel Brand New", and "Cheeba". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Leonard King & The Soul MessengersLeonard King & The Soul Messengers – Historic Recordings 1964 to 1971 ... CD
Uuquipleu, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Very cool work from Leonard King & The Soul Messengers – a Detroit combo who really kick things up here with some great work from the clubs and a few rare studio recordings as well! King's a drummer, and gives the group a mighty solid sound from the start – and the whole group are equally comfortable in a soul instrumental mode as they are when letting loose with jazzier solos – a bit like the Jazz Crusaders on the LA scene of the mid 60s, but even groovier overall! Instrumentation shifts a bit throughout – depending on the lineups – and includes alto from Gregory King, cornet from Atiba King, trumpet from Jimmy Nash, and organ, electric harpsichord, and piano from George Roundtree. The range of material varies in a really great way – showing not just an evolution of King and his combo, but also the changing tastes of the Detroit scene at the end of the 60s – and there's also a few soul vocal numbers mixed in with the jazz instrumentals. Titles include "Delen 1967", "Voice Your Choice", "The Barracuda", "I've Been Saved", "Lily The Fox", "Cold Sweat", "Psychedelic Pi", "Bumpy's Lament", "Hang Up", "Spinning Around/It's Too Late", and a "Jackson Five Medley". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Strata NovaStrata Nova – Historic 1977 to 1983 Recordings ... CD
Uuquipleu, Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A really obscure group from the Detroit scene of the late 70s and early 80s – but one who live on strongly in this double-length set – thanks to the recording efforts of drummer Leonard King! The group were kind of a follow-up to King's previous Soul Messengers group – and to his work with the legendary Lyman Woodard – and they've got a mix of styles that's rooted in jazz, but embraces lots of the groovier soul modes of the period – which means a bit of clubby funk at times, and some warmer grooves that would be right at home in the Fantasy Records/Bay Area scene of the 70s. The scope of material is great – a really deep look at this lost creative ensemble – and tracks range from shorter numbers like "Ain't No Friend Of Mine", "El Sol", "Commercial", "Ole", "Feel It", and "The Glow Of My Life" – to very long jams that include "Gwen Laster", "Boiler Room A", "March Of The Granfaloons", and "Motherland". CD

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