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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Braen's MachineUnderground (with bonus CD) ... LP
Liuto/Schema (Italy), 1971. New Copy ... $24.99
Heavy fuzz with a good deal of funk as well – a very unique set from the Italian sound library scene – and one that comes across with the feel of some lost psych record from the underground! The album was produced by Piero Piccioni – and features soundtrack/sound library maestros Alessandro Alessandroni and Oronzo De Filippi, working as the pseudonymous Braen and Gisteri – in a batch of heavy drums and basslines, topped with lots of fuzzed up guitar – but all with a tightness that's a lot more forward-moving than the usual set of this nature! Things never get to overdone, but still go plenty far out – and titles include "Flying", "Imphormal", "Murder", "Gap", "New Experiences", "Fall Out", "Description", and "Obstinacy". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the album on CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rosalia De SouzaGarota Diferente – Remix Album ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2004. Used ... $4.99
Way way more than just a remix album – as you'd expect from the mighty forces of Nicola Conte and his Schema label! The core inspiration for the set is Rosalia's sweet bossa debut Garota Moderna – but many of the tracks are presented here in whole new versions – either re-performed by the artists involved, or reworked heavily to really open up the sound. Nicola Conte's genius is still at the helm of the whole project – and the sound is an expansive one, with participation from a wider variety of talents from the wider European scene! Titles include "Adriana" performed by Five Corners Quintet, "Maria Moita" reconstructed by Zero DB, "Fica Mal Com Deus" given the Truby Trio treatment, "Saudosismo" performed by Povo, "Samba Novo" remixed by Gianluca Petrella, "Canto De Ossanha" reworked by Big Bang, "Mais" performed by The Dining Rooms, and "Zona Sul" remixed by Raw Deal. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gerardo FrisinaLatin Kick ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2005. Used ... $9.99
The Latin Kick – with a jazzy groove! Gerardo Frisina's long been one of our favorite talents on the international groove underground, and like his labelmate and sometime musical partner Nicola Conte, he's got a way of crafting tracks that are awash in classic jazz touches. Frisina himself is the producer, arranger, and composer of the album – and brings together acoustic jazz players with warmer beats, all in service of a groove that sparkles with all the best Schema Records touches, but also takes the label's sound to a whole new level! The Frisina heard here is bolder and more ambitious than before – and like Nicola Conte on recent sides, he's stepping past simple Latin-flavored tracks into boldly jazzy numbers that expand upon his ideas with a range of colors, tones, and rhythms. Easily one of the best full-length sets on Schema to date – and that's saying a lot – with titles that include "Senor Rico", "Jazz Ally", "The 7th Day", "Batucafro", "Cortante", "Bite The Nite", "Gosto De Que E Bom", and "Hush". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alessandro MagnaniniSomeway Still I Do (colored vinyl pressing with bonus tracks) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2009. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $29.99
A real rising star on Schema Records – composer Alessandro Magnanini, best known for his hit with Mario Biondi – stepping out here in a beautiful album of his own original music! There's a fresh feel here that really opens up a new chapter at Schema – still a bit of their old jazz/bossa vibe, but with a more expansive quality too – one that embraces bits of Bacharach, snaps of 60s soundtracks, and gentler jazzier passages too – all put together by a group that features key talents from the contemporary Italian scene – like vocalists Rosalia De Souza and Stefania Rava, trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, and other instrumentalists on vibes, piano, tenor, and trombone. Most instrumentation is live – scored nicely, but not enough so that it loses the spontaneity of jazz – and other vocals are by Jenny B and Liam McKahey. The work is really beautiful – still mostly upbeat, but hardly just the stuff of dancefloor grooving too – key proof that Maganini's a big talent to watch in years to come. Titles include "Livin My Life", "Open Up Your Eyes", "Stay Into My Life", "But Not For You", "Greetings From Here", "Something Fine", "Suddenly", "Blind Date Blues", and "So Long Goodbye". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition double colored vinyl pressing with bonus tracks!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Irene NonisThis Love/Night Stuff ... 7-inch
Schema (Italy), 2019. New Copy (pic cover)... $7.99
A great slinky groove for the vocals of Irene Nonis – a tune co-written with Nicola Conte, who produced and also plays guitar on the cut! The track's got an easygoing vibe – with congas under keyboards, almost feeling like a sweet-stepping 70s tune! "Night Stuff" is maybe even more compelling – kind of Bill Withers-ish in the rhythms, in the way the guitar moves with the keyboards and rhythm – while Irene sings a lyrical style that's very much her own. 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alex PudduGolden Age Of Danish Pornography ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2011. New Copy ... $22.99
Classic-styled funk from Alex Puddu – not only the greatest record we've heard from him so far, but a set that's definitely worthy of its "golden age" claim in the title! The music is all new, but it was done for a series of short Danish porno films from the 70s – and Puddu gets a sound that's right on the money for the vintage – loads of great short funky soundtrack modes that are perfect for the time – handled with tight rhythms, great basslines, and some wicked jazzy solos that really send the whole thing home. Puddu plays a range of instruments – including electric sitar – in a group that also features some great Fender Rhodes, organ, sax, and flute – and the tunes are really wonderful throughout – like finding a lost soundtrack from the 70s that never got issued as an album. Titles include "Kinky Hairdresser", "Miss Butterfly", "Madam Delight", "Sex Bar", "Lusty Nurses", "Black Triangle", "Naughty Girls At The Wild Party", "The Dirty Games Of Dr Love", and "Piano For Lovers". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Smuggler BrothersMusicone ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2019. New Copy ... $19.99
Heavy funk from Smuggler Brothers – an Italian group who start out in the vintage cop/crime modes of 70s soundtracks, but then bring in a whole host of different elements to play in the mix! The core grooves are heavy on bass, drums, and lots of nice keyboards – but there lots more going on in the all-instrumental tracks – unusual electronics, offbeat horns, sweet percussion, and even some mandolin that somehow comes into the music at one point! Production is by Massimo Martellotta of Calibro 35 – who gets the sound every bit as right as his own group – on titles that include "Kemonia Flow", "Gran Fango", "Sciarra O'Scaro", "Suddenly", "T'Anno", and "Lost In Val Demone". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Piero UmilianiFischiando In Beat ... CD
Omicron/Schema (Italy), 1968. New Copy Gatefold ... $11.99
We're not entirely sure what "fischiando" means, but we can definitely testify that the album lives up to the "beat" in its title – those kind of groovy, mod tunes we love so much in Italian 60s soundtracks from the great Piero Umiliani! This set's even more obscure than most of those records, though – done for the tiny Omicron sound library, as part of Piero's Sound Workshop series – with a nice mix of jazzy instrumentation on horns, plus a sweet range of keyboards that include Fender Rhodes, Hammond, and even a bit of spinet! Some tunes have bossa rhythms, others are more 60s mod – and the record also features a few sweet bits of whistling and acoustic guitar as well – although the main focus seems to come from the horns and keyboards. Titles include "Yes OK", "Autostop Per Rio", "Fischiando In Beat", "Tokio Blues", "Go Go Go", "Sono Un NJostalgico", and "Samba Mah Na", a great remake of one of Umiliani's famous themes! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMetti Una Bossa A Cena ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2000. New Copy 2LP ... $24.99
A fantastic collection of rare bossa material from Italy! The set's one of the best we've ever seen of this type, and it's a completely fresh batch of tunes that breaks past a lot of the other Italian compilations of recent years. Some of the artists are familiar names – like Morricone, Piccioni, and Trovajoli – but there's plenty of other artists that we've never even heard before! A few themes are reworkings of familiar soundtrack tunes, but most of the material is original – and done with a sparkling sound that's really great! The grooves are filled with loads of tight drums, bubbling organ, jangly piano, and sweet female vocals in sort of a Morricone-ish tradition. Great stuff, and with 20 excellent tracks that include "Amori Finiti" by Giancarlo Gazzani, "Relief" by The Black Fire, "Rossana" by Armando Trovajoli, "Sometime" by A Santisteban, "Tema Di Linda" by Franco Micalizzi, "Curriculum" by Franco Chiari, "Coronado 990" by Orchestra Henry Stone, "Meditation" by Romano Mussolini, and "Warm Blood" by Tullio Gallo. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alex PudduGolden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol 2 (with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2014. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really beautiful little set of tracks – music composed to accompany vintage porn films from the 70s – played to perfection by the great Alex Puddu! The story behind the project is great – a friend was involved in rescuing and issuing rare porn from the underground – most of which no longer had any sort of soundtrack. Puddu was called in because of his skills with vintage-styled grooves – and stepped up perfectly with the sweet instrumentals you'll hear in this wet – tracks that are heavy on sweet keyboards, slinky basslines, and funky guitars – often served up with tighter, funkier styles than you'd hear in the original films – even though the overall sound is still very vintage. There's lots of Fender Rhodes on the set – and titles include "Hot Mouth", "Horny At The Office", "Boys & Girls & Danish Hot Dogs", "She Wants It Black", "After Party", and "Bad Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nicola ConteJet Sounds (full LP) ... LP
Schema/Fez (Italy), 2000. New Copy 2LP ... Out Of Stock
Wonderful wonderful wonderful – and one of the best albums we've ever heard of modern bossa and soundtrack grooves! For years, Nicola Conte has been a seminal force in the new Italian scene – working as a DJ, promoter, producer, and sometimes recording artist under the odd 12" single. This album marks his first full effort – and after years of bubbling under in the Italian scene, Nicola emerges as one of the most perfect-formed artists we've heard in years. The whole album's a breathtaking mix of 60s bossa, soundtrack, and easy themes – put together with never a dull moment, and always a focus on the kind of mid and uptempo grooves that have been pushing the Italian and German scenes for the last 5 years. The record features great mixes from a few of Nicola's 12" singles, plus a wealth of excellent new material that really expands his groove wonderfully – with a totally real, totally honest sound that pushes past the gazillion retro remix throwaway albums that you'll find stuffing the listening stations at the megastores! Tracks include "Il Cerchio Rosso", "Dossier Omega", "Trappola Mortale", "Jazz Pour Dadine", and "Bossa Per Due". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nicola Conte & Gianluca PetrellaFree Your Mind EP ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great follow-up to the African Spirits single from the team of Nicola Conte and Gianluca Petrella – and like that one, a set that draws heavily on influences from classic Afro Funk! "Free Your Mind" is an instrumental that has these great rising horn passages – soaring nicely over bubbling grooves served up by the duo – while "Imani River" has superb vocals from Bridgette Amofah, who really takes over the tune, and gives the whole thing the righteous vibe of some of the best 70s records by Letta Mbulu! Amofah returns on "Infinity" – a cut that brings together the best qualities of the previous two, with maybe a bit more of the clubby vibe that you'll know from Conte's classic work! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mario BiondiThis Is What You Are (radio edit)/Brazilian Rime ... 7-inch
Schema (Italy), 2019. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
Two versions of this great track from Mario Biondi – singing here with some especially great backings from the High Five Quintet! "This Is What You Are" is a warm modal groover – one that builds beautifully from the ground up, and which is made especially nice by Mario's warmly raspy vocals! The Brazilian Rime version leaves out the High Five, and instead goes for a bossa-inflected style that's mighty nice – flute moving over quick rhythms, with some great congas at the bottom! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Braen's MachineTemi Ritmici E Dinamici (with bonus CD) ... LP
Liuto/Schema (Italy), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Maybe the coolest and grooviest music we've heard from the obscure Braen's Machine sound library project from early 70s Italy – a record that's less tripped out than its predecessors, and instead has this great style that's heavy on bossa elements and funky jazz! The vibe's a bit like the best Italian soundtracks of the period – especially work by Morricone or Trovajoli – and the group still apparently features contributions from Alessandro Alessandroni, working with Piero Umiliani – which gives the whole thing a very strong soundtrack pedigree! Instrumentation includes some mighty nice keyboards – both Hammond and electric piano – and lots of great production on familiar instruments, which can give things like a snare drum a very odd crackle, or a flute this weirdly spacious sound. Titles include "Movimento", "Dinimica", "Gara", "Passeggiata", "Aspetti Grotteschi", "Esercizi Ginnici", "Ritmica Sportiva", and "Rinuncia". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD of full album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sandro Brugnolini/CarniniBeat Drammatico, Underground, Pop Elettronic (with bonus CD) ... LP
Fonit/Schema (Italy), 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Exactly the kind of record that makes us love sound library records so much – and definitely the sort that sets the style apart from anything else we can think of! Both Sandro Brugnolini and Giorgio Carnini turn in some great work here – a mindblowing mix of modes over the space of ten short tracks – some tunes a cascading array of instrumentation, in a hip groove that's neither American jazz or soundtrack funk, but a special space of its own! Other tunes use an electronic approach that's years ahead of its time – as groovy as 60s analogue, but a lot darker, too – in ways that the rest of the world might not touch until the German new wave. The balance is almost even between swinging groovers and darker electronic cuts – and titles include "Grinta", "Azione CIA", "Scalo Clandestino", "Alambicco Cibernetico", "Strutture Generative", "Omicido Bianco", and "CIA Massacre". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sandro Brugnolini/Stefano TorossiMusica Per Commenti Sonori (with bonus CD) ... LP
Carosello/Schema (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
An Italian funk double-header – a sweet little set from the end of the 60s, and one that features killer cuts from both Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi! We love either artist on their other own records, but there also seems to be something about putting them together here that makes them even better than before – certainly funkier, as the album's full of the kind of sharp, hard-grooving titles that first made us fall in love with sound library records in the first place! The date of the album's 1969, and both musicians make nice use of psych elements in their instrumentation – adding a bit of fuzz, wah-wah, or trippy guitar in just the right spaces – never going over the top, or getting too indulgent – but just moving in a groove that's tightly jazz funky at the bottom, and maybe a bit freaky at the top. Wonderful work throughout – and titles include "Sweet Beat", "Repetition", "Starter", and "Makkaresh" by Stefano Torossi – and "Wawa", "Motuproprio", "Polyphony", and "Flyer" by Sandro Brugnolini. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD with entire album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nicola Conte & Gianluca PetrellaSun Song/Nigeria ... 12-inch
Schema (Italy), 2018. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
Just a 12" single, but one that's got the power of most full LPs – thanks to some tremendous work here by Nicola Conte and Gialuca Petrella! "Sun Song" is a slow-building cut with a clubby rhythm at the core – but one that's open to all these cool moogy keyboards that move up and down the groove – while vocals kind of drift in and out of the mix, but a lot more subdued than the lively percussion in the rhythms! "Nigeria" is even more tribal – still clubby, but forged from acoustic percussion as the building blocks – then set to this massive bassline which then gets lots of live instrumentation – including a very strong trombone solo in the middle! 12-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Fabio FaborB81 – Ballabili Anni 70 (plus bonus CD) ... LP
Fonit/Schema (Italy), 1970. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Fantastic sounds from the Italian scene – a set that's got some of the coolest, grooviest tunes we've heard from that country's sound library generation! Unlike some of the spookier, more avant sets from the libraries, this one's awash in beautiful little instrumentals that fit somewhere between funky soundtrack material and the jazzier side of easy listening – served up with a fair bit of bossa-styled rhythms in the mix, and some wonderful use of instrumentation that feels like the sound of 60s A&M Records, but taken into very cool, hip territory! Instruments include flute, electric harpsichord, trumpet, and tenor sax – all used in different ways from track to track – on titles that include "Sexy Tour", "Satanas", "Telegraph Center", "Alexandra", "Matildas", "Paradiso Hippy", "Orsella", and "Skinnj". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gerardo FrisinaHi Note ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2003. New Copy 2LP ... Out Of Stock
Hi Note, indeed! Gerardo Frisina's latest is awe-inspiring – a completely seamless blend of Italian and Latin jazz, bossa rhythms and percussion, and some of the most tasteful and naturally blended electronic elements you could ever expect to hear on an album so steeped in a genuine affinity for live jazz instrumentation! If memory serves, earlier Frisina recordings relied a bit more on the production side of the coin, but this one's so strong on great instrumentation we're rendered pretty close to speechless. Lots of great horn arrangements, rolling bass lines and piano, sublime vibes and driving drums and percussion. Totally sweet throughout – this is way up there with the best dancefloor jazz Schema's ever released! Tracks include "Inviolatin", "Joyas", "Bluesanova", "Beyond The Moon", "Ombroso", "Sophisticated Samba" and more. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gerardo FrisinaRhythmic Conversations ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2018. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Some of the rootsiest work we've heard in years from the mighty Gerardo Frisina – a set that still has his rhythm programs in the mix, but combined with loads of acoustic drums, percussion, piano and vibes – all given some sweet touches by occasional Fender Rhodes solos as well! The whole thing's like a stripped-down take not just on Frisina's style, but maybe also the full sound of Schema Records too – as most material is still clubby, but has a strong live jazz component – and a few cuts even feature a bit of trumpet too. Titles include "Arawak", "Katanga", "Camaguey", "Yeha", "Yapatera", and "Camaguey (tumbao)". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Group (Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza)Feed-Back (with bonus CD) ... LP
RCA/Schema (Italy), Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the best records ever from the Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – an obscure side project of Ennio Morricone and other Italian composers – working here in a freaky, psychedelic setting! The album mixes sonic experiments with fuzzy guitars, freaky keyboards, and some surprisingly funky rhythms at times – at a level that's even more compelling than some of the group's other projects – especially given that the album's three tracks are all quite long, with lots of room for instrumental experimentation! Yet as in some of the best prog work of the period – such as by Can or Faust – there's a sense of focus and groove that really holds the whole thing together. And given that these guys had already had years of experience in the studio – on both sides of the production booth – they really have a wonderful ear for extremely inventive sounds. Titles include "Kumalo", "The Feed-Back", and "Quasars". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the album on CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ LesimanHere & Now – Vol 1 (with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 1973. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Stunning work from Lesiman – easily one of the coolest, funkiest talents on the Italian sound library scene of the 70s! The groove here is electric, funky, and often slightly trippy – with perfect use of electric bass to get things going in so many different ways, depending on the mood of the track – as things step slowly underneath cascading piano lines, or move fast under these fuzzier keyboard bits, or act nice and skittish when the drums take on more power in the mix! There's often a nice degree of echo in the recordings – used to abstract familiar instruments, but never steer them of course too much – just create these amazing sounds that still leave us breathless after all these years. Both volumes of the set are amazing – and titles on volume 1 include "Bagliori", "Impulsi", "Direzioni", "Segni Cromatici", "Le Regole Del Gioco", "Melos Blue", "Rollin", "Relazioni", "Cerchio Doppio", and "Via Nell'Autunno". LP, Vinyl record album
( LP comes with bonus CD version of the full album.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ LesimanHere & Now – Vol 2 (with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Stunning work from Lesiman – easily one of the coolest, funkiest talents on the Italian sound library scene of the 70s! The groove here is electric, funky, and often slightly trippy – with perfect use of electric bass to get things going in so many different ways, depending on the mood of the track – as things step slowly underneath cascading piano lines, or move fast under these fuzzier keyboard bits, or act nice and skittish when the drums take on more power in the mix! There's often a nice degree of echo in the recordings – used to abstract familiar instruments, but never steer them of course too much – just create these amazing sounds that still leave us breathless after all these years. Both volumes of the set are amazing – and titles on volume 2 include "Plycar", "Permanenza", "Controcorrente", "Radura", "Stabilita", "Messaggio", "Confronto", "Ripresa", "Ciclo Interrotto", and "Cristalli". LP, Vinyl record album
( LP comes with bonus CD version of the full album.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jay Richford & Gary Stevan (Brugnolini/Torrosi)Feelings (with bonus CD) ... LP
Carosello/Schema (Italy), 1974. New Copy LP & CD (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A legendary sound library set from the 70s Italian scene – exactly the kind of record that got so many folks digging for sound library funk so many years ago! The record's a masterpiece of funky rhythms, jazzy instrumentation, and warmer touches – served up with plenty of Fender Rhodes in the mix, plus sweet flute lines, wah wah guitar, and just the right use of strings to give the whole thing almost a blacksploitation vibe at times! The set was billed to the team of Jay Richford and Gary Stevan – but it's actually the product of better-known sound library maestros Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi, who work here at a level that's at the top of their powers. There's almost a cop/crime vibe to the record at times – and although some instruments solo at points, the real groove lies in the tight vamping of the orchestra – which hits all the right notes to really send the whole thing soaring – often with a nice use of tone and color too! Titles include "Flying High", "Fearing Much", "Going Home", "Running Fast", "Walking In The Dark", and "Feeling Tense". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Rovi (Piero Umiliani)Discomusic (with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 1978. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A wild one from Italian soundtrack composer Piero Umiliani – a set that definitely lives up to the disco promise of the title, but which still has some of the cool playful touches of Umiliani's work in movies too! The record may well be the funkiest that Piero ever cut – and was done for a sound library series, so has a groove that's a bit different than soundtrack material – longer songs with more focus, and instrumental grooves that mix together funky rhythms with larger orchestrations – but always in a style that's slightly offbeat, and quite different from disco material from the US. Titles include "Happy End", "Forcing", "Odeon", "Hobby", "Optimist", "Skypass", "Carousel", and "Discomania". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD of entire album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Piero UmilianiIl Corpo – Original Soundtrack (with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 1974. New Copy LP & CD ... Out Of Stock
Sweetly funky and very slinky – this is one of the best early 70s scores by the great Italian composer Piero Umiliani! The record has lots of bubbling electric piano, rumbling electric basslines, warm acoustic percussion, and moody wordless vocals. At some level, the album sounds a lot like the contemporaneous work by the great Italian Fender Rhodes combo Crossfire – but it's also filled with a spacey madness that could only come from the pen of Umiliani! One of the best of the recent Easy Tempo reissues – and very nicely put together, with a consistent sound throughout! Titles include "The Body", "Tidal Stream", "Chaser", "White Sand", "In The End", "Free Life", "Stream", and "Dusken". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the album on CD – plus 7 alternate takes – with 21 tracks in all!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mario Biondi & The High Five QuintetHandful Of Soul (special edition with bonus CD) ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2006. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
An incredible full length debut from vocalist Mario Biondi – a jazz singer we'd rank right up there with the legendary Mark Murphy – supported here with great backings from the High Five Quintet! The grooves here are in a soaring, tightly-stepping style – very much the best club jazz mode of the contemporary European scene – with all-acoustic instrumentation, and rhythms that move along at a really great dancefloor pace! Mario's vocals are really unique too – with a little rasp that catches slightly, and really brings a timeless quality to his voice – mixing personal feeling into the lively numbers on the album, with an unexpected depth that really makes the album stand out from similar sessions of this type! There's echoes of hip vocal jazz work from years past by artists like The Peddlers, Bobby Cole, or Mark Murphy – and titles include "A Child Runs Free", "No Mercy For Me", "This Is What You Are", "I Can't Keep From Cryin Sometimes", "Rio De Janeiro Blue", "Handful Of Soul", "On A Clear Day", "Never Die", "No Trouble On The Mountain", "Slow Hot Wind", and "Gig". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD of the full album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nicola ConteOther Directions ... LP
Schema (Italy), 2004. New Copy 2LP ... Out Of Stock
Incredible work from Nicola Conte – Schema records maestro making his Blue Note debut with this set – and giving the label one of their best new albums of the 21st Century! The record's quite different than Nicola's programmed dancefloor work for Schema – and is much more of an organic jazz-based session – with instrumentation by a wide arrangement of hip European jazzers (including Till Bronner and Rosario Giuliani!), plus sweet vocals from a variety of different singers! The groove is still very much in the Conte/Schema spirit – often in a loping modal approach to jazz, with a strong inspiration from the best European scenes of the late 60s and early 70s. The sound is wonderful – with players from the larger lineup playing in differing groups from track to track – showcasing instrumentation that includes vibes, flute, trombone, tenor, alto, and even a bit of guitar from Nicola himself. Vocalists include Bembe Segue, Lucia Minetti, Cristina Zavalloni, and Till Bronner – and titles include "Sea & Sand", "Nefertiti", "Wanin Moon", "A Time For Spring", "Kind Of Sunshine", "Aphrodite's Dream", "The Dharma Bums", "All Gone", "Le Depart", and "Several Shades Of Dawn". Imagine the best work of Schema or Compost done in an all-organic, all-natural mode – and you've got the beautiful sound of this set! LP, Vinyl record album
(Very unique package, too – like getting 2 classic Blue Note albums together at once!)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mario BiondiVery Happy Mario Christmas ... CD
Sony (Italy), 2013. New Copy ... $12.99
A really special sort of Christmas album from Mario Biondi – one that uses his tremendous vocals in a mighty great way! All tunes are familiar numbers – Holiday hits from the past and more recent years – but they're all taken in some great Mario Biondi directions that include the sort of bouncy rhythms we loved in his work for Schema Records, or some of the more soul-drenched lines from his recent albums! The album's worth it alone for a wonderful cover of "Driving Home For Christmas" – a wonderful choice for the record – and other tunes include "Last Christmas", "This Christmas", "Dreaming Land", "My Christmas Baby", "White Christmas", and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". CD also features a non-holiday gem, too – a version of "After The Love Is Gone", performed with Earth Wind & Fire. CD

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Nicola Conte & Spiritual GalaxyLet Your Light Shine On ... CD
MPS (Germany), 2018. New Copy ... $19.99 34.99
Nicola Conte is completely at the top of his game here – showing us yet another level of his mighty jazz-based talents – some deeper spiritual currents than ever before, mixed with a good dose of global influences too! The record has Conte working with a hip Spiritual Galaxy ensemble, filled with key talents from labels that include Schema, Brownswood, and modern Blue Note – artists that are helping redefine the deepest currents of contemporary music, and who seem to soar even farther under the leadership of Nicola! There's vocals on most tracks – from singers who include Bridgette Amofah, Zara McFarlane, Carolina Bubbico, and Zoe Modica – but the album's equally heavy on the instrumental tip – as it includes performances from Logan Richardson on alto, Magnus Lindgren on tenor and flute, Theo Croker on trumpet, Pietro Lussu on keyboards, and Gianluca Petrella on trombone and moog. Most titles are originals, written in close collaboration with members of the group – and titles include "Uhuru Na Umoja", "Cosmic Peace", "Mystic Revelation Of The Gods", "Space Dimensions", "Tribes From The Unknown", "Afro Black", and "Essence Of The Sun". CD

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Lo Greco BrosDifferent Standards Vol 2 ... CD
Irma (Italy), 2018. New Copy ... $9.99
Beautiful work here from the Lo Greco brothers – sounding even warmer and jazzier here than on their previous work for Schema Records! The duo of Gianno Lo Greco on drums and Enzo Lo Greco on bass have a really easygoing approach to rhythm – soulful, with all the right spaces between the notes – allowing the music to build slowly with a very organic vibe – as things are expanded by contributions on tenor, trumpet, piano, Fender Rhodes, and some great vocals from singers who include Alice Ricciardi, Doctor Feelix, and Julia St Louis! Almost all tracks have vocals, and the album's got plenty of slow-building modal numbers that really take us back to the greatness of the European jazz scene in the 70s. Titles include "Velvet", "Locked", "So She Does", "Paradise", "Feeling Good", "Moonlight", and "Naima". CD

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Fabio NobileAlways Love ... CD
Deja Vu (Italy), 2008. Used ... $3.99
A killer full-length set from Fabio Nobile – an artist who's been making hip singles for a number of years, but who really sparkles in the space of an extended album! Fabio's groove is always warm and jazzy – a bit like some of the best moments from Italian contemporaries on Schema Records, but also touched with a wider range of influences too – Brazilian jazz, 70s fusion, and sunny vocal modes that really make the music shine! Instrumentation is often a mix of programmed rhythms and acoustic jazz elements – again, very much in a Schema mode – and there's a range of great vocalists on the record, wonderful singers who include Agata Leanza, Lorraine Bowen, Rosella Key, Lehan Gyn, and Tanya Michelle – each of whom has their own special touch for the tunes. Great stuff throughout – lively, positive, and a real delight – with titles that include "Day What A Day", "Zozoi", "Fly To The Moon", "Love Is Gone", "San Diego", "Always Love", "Didn't You Know", "D'Improvviso", "O Samba", "Back With You", and "Toto Mi Amor". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "Always Love (Sunaga T Experience rmx)" and "Didn't You Know (Gerardo Frisina main mix)". CD
(Out of print.)

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Quiet Nights OrchestraChapter One ... CD
Do Right (Canada), 2009. Used ... $9.99
Brilliant work from this acoustic jazz combo – a set that's got all the classic elements you might expect from its cover, but one that also comes across with some of the fresher jazz styles you'd find on labels like Schema or Ricky Tick! The group are more of a large combo than a full orchestra – a very cool little lineup of trombone, trumpet, sax, flute, piano, bass, drums, and some extra added percussion – which often brings a Latinish undercurrent to some of the album's rhythms – usually with the same great energy you'd find in some of the Clarke/Boland projects of the 60s! The lovely Sofie Nordling sings on a number of cuts – mixing her sweet tones with the group's burning instrumental solos – and the album's an instant classic that we know we'll be digging for years. Titles include "The Runner", "Looking East", "Chapter One", "Swell", "New Friends", "The Search", "The Aggressive", "Sun", "Helsinki", and "Quiet Nights". CD

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Sahib ShihabCompanionship – Jazz Joint Vol 2 (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Vogue/Rearward (Italy), Late 60s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold (reissue)... $29.99
Double-length brilliance from the mighty Sahib Shihab – a set that collects a number of killer 60s sessions with members of the Clarke Boland Big Band – all of them great! The small combo work here is amazing – hard-hitting modal jazz that matches, if not tops the best MPS/Saba sounds of the time – all produced to perfection with a really sharp edge, and a cutting approach to jazz that's gone onto inspired countless others in the current scene – including artists on Schema and Ricky-Tick Records, as well as most Japanese club jazz combos! But long before any of those cats started copping his groove, Sahib Shihab had it all totally together – a great ear for his own amazing solos on baritone and flute, and a way of hooking up with players like Francy Boland on piano, Fats Sadi on vibes, Benny Bailey on trumpet, Jimmy Woode on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums. All players here were Shihab's partners in the Clarke Boland Big Band, and they use these small combo sessions to explore some great new ideas – stripped-down groovers that are heavy on rhythm, and really allow full expression from all the players involved. Titles include "Companionship", "Om Mani Padme Hum", "Bohemia After Dark", "Serenata", "Yah Yah Blues", "Balafon", "Talk Some Yak-ee Dak", "The Turk's Bolero", "CT + CB", "Jay Jay", "Stoned Ghosts", "Just Give Me Time", and "Dijdar". LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ LTJ X-PerienceI Don't Want This Groove To Ever End ... CD
Irma (Italy), 2012. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The first album in years from LTJ X-Perience – one of the few funky acts that got things going on the Italian scene in the generation before Schema Records! LTJ are a key link between the Italian sound of the 80s and the later growth into bold new styles – and this album definitely seems to show that mix – as it's very spare, with lots of straightforward grooves that run towards the slower end of the house music spectrum! In fact, the set's almost more house than anything LTJ X-Perience have ever done in the past – a surprising change, but one that almost goes back to the Italian roots that spawned them – yet without too much of the overblown energy of the Italo Disco years. Titles include "Sound Machine", "Time Has Been Now", "I Love You", "Organ Mind", "Black Gold", "Turn Me On", "Always In The Mood", and "I Don't Want This Groove To Ever End". CD
(Out of print.)
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Frank TeschemacherGiants Of Jazz (3LP box set) ... LP
Time Life, Late 20s/Early 30s. Near Mint- 3LP ... $14.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes original book and inner sleeves.)

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