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Steven Blush with Paul Rachman & Tony MannLost Rockers – Broken Dreams & Crashed Careers (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2016. New Copy ... $5.99 27.50
A pretty great book about folks who almost made it in the music business, but who never quite hit the stardom they were destined for – even though a few of these figures have become legendary over the years! The book looks at rock and soul artists from the 60s and 70s, almost all of them with pretty amazing stories – and continued moments of "almost" in their careers – points where their paths seemed about to hit the big time, but life turned the other way. These aren't one-hit wonders, or failures – but really interesting people whose stories are great, and often illuminated with really striking photos and images from their past. The book features chapters on Cherry Vanilla, Evie Sands, Brett Smiley, Betty Davis, Bobby Jameson, Gloria Jones, Chris Darrow, Jake Holmes, and others – hardcover, 159 pages, with images throughout. Book

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Lili KobielskiI Refuse For The Devil To Take My Soul – Inside Cook County Jail (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2018. New Copy ... $8.99 40.00
Here's a book that will immediately wipe away any Orange Is The New Black fantasies you might have about prison – as the heavy volume is filled with images from the Cook County jail, located in our fair city of Chicago – presented here with an unwavering eye, in a series of portraits, candid shots, and images of related artifacts too! The prisoners are often given space to tell their own stories, which is great – as it makes the book very different than just some gritty scopophilic presentation of the material – and the juxtaposition of portraiture and prison landscape really illuminates the setting too. There's a bit of writing – as pictured on the cover – and the book is hardcover, oversize, and full color throughout. Book

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✨✧ Sharon RobinsonOn Tour With Leonard Cohen (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2014. New Copy ... $8.99 45.00
A close-up view of Leonard Cohen during his 2009 worldwide tour – served up over the course of almost 200 photos taken by Sharon Robinson, who was embedded with Cohen during the tour, and had continual access to its process! These aren't the usual stage or backstage shots – although there's a few of those – but instead a really great range of images that capture every aspect of the tour at work – candids, art shots, portraits, and other photographs that present a very unconventional, but surprisingly realistic account of the journey. Cohen certainly gets his moments in the spotlight, but there's lots more to enjoy too – in a hardcover volume that is full color throughout. Book

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Hilton Ariel Ruiz & Beatriz Ruiz (editors)Forty Deuce – The Times Square Photographs Of Bill Butterworth 1983 to 1984 (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2012. New Copy ... $8.99 39.95
A fantastic collection of images from Times Square, pulled from the years before Disney took over – at a time when the action moved 24 hours a day, and at a non-stop pace! Bill Butterworth was right on the streets during the early 80s – and presents stunning full color shots of a range of figures from the Deuce – strippers, short order cooks, merchants, hustlers, b boys, Guardian Angels, and others – often in posed portraits in their environs, but occasionally captured in more candid ways too. The look and feel of the photographs is great – similar to some of the Powerhouse books on old school hip hop culture – and the whole thing is hardcover, and overflowing with great shots. Book

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✨✧ Snorri BrosLaundromat (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2013. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The title's no lie, as the book is exactly what is promised – a surprisingly cool photo book that documents the laundromats of New York City – conveniently divided up into different chapters for each borough, with the real address of each location as well! Every image has the same stark representation as the photo on the front – and the presentation creates this really surprising sense of form and format – the slight variations that set each business apart, almost like the famous storefront book from years back. There's a short essay on the status of the American laundromat at the end – and the book is hardcover, full color, and 155 pages. Book

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✨✧ Ormond GigliGirls In The Windows & Other Stories (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A massive book of beautiful photographs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s – all done by photographer Ormond Gigli, who worked heavily for Life, Time, and other publications at the time! The book is huge – almost like one of those large Taschen books – and each page presents a stunning full color image from a variety of different assignments that Gigli had over the years – including stage shots, celebrity portraits, fashion photographs, and even a few more art-related projects – all laid out alongside writings and comments by Ormond, which illuminate the already-striking contents even further. The book is a hefty 252 pages, and full color throughout. Book

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✨✧ Jake Yunza (editior)Fun – The Social Practice Of Nightlife In NYC ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A really striking book on the world of nightlife in New York – one that's put together in a way that's almost as vivid as the experience itself! The volume is half art book, half essays – and starts with a selection of writings by Michael Musto, Claire Bishop, Michael Alig, Genesis P Orridge, and others – then moves into many more pages of artwork on clubs, performance spaces, clubbers, performers, flyers, and other aspects of the scene – presented in a variety of styles, often with text juxtaposed alongside – which makes even more standard photos feel like pluggers for an event! The images move at very rapid speed – almost as if you're in a whirlwind on an endless night of clubbing – and the heavy book is softcover, full color, and 334 pages in all. Book

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