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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Akerblom & ZengerAkerblom & Zenger – Live At Roma Jazz 2015 ... LP
Jazzaggression, 2015. New Copy ... $19.99
A beautifully spiritual set of duets between bassist Teemu Akerblom and saxophonist Mike Zenger – playing together here without any other instrumentation at all! Akerblom sets things up in a modal mode on most numbers – but mellower, without any piano or drums – and Zenger then blows these long, soulful solos on alto sax and flute – the former with a tone that's often quite deep, with a great deal of feeling. Things get slightly more outside and improvised as the set moves on – a shift that gives the whole thing a bit of a loft jazz vibe – and titles include "Peaceful Mornings", "So One Has To Go", "Abstract Blues & The Truth", "Frozen Land", and "Aurajoen Rannoilla". LP, Vinyl record album
(Numbered limited edition of 250!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Erik AndresenCointreau (10 inch LP) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Finland), 1969. New Copy ... $16.99
Fantastic – two rare tracks from Norwegian alto saxophonist Erik Andresen – issued here for the first time ever! Side one features the long original title track "Cointreau" – which has Egil Kapstad on electric piano, an instrument that seems to encourage the best sort of solo sounds from Andresen's alto – which steps out in these really evocative, well-shaped lines that give way to a nice solo by Kapstad – driven on by the bass of Tore Nordlie and drums of Svein Christiansen. The group take on Joe Henderson's "Inner Urge" on the flipside – a tune that's really well-suited to the mix of soulful swing and searing energy that Andresen brings to his horn! LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500! Includes download.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Erik AndresenGip (with bonus CD & download) ... LP
Flower/Jazzaggression (Finland), 1970. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99
One of the few albums as a leader from Norwegian alto saxophonist Erik Andresen – a fantastic musician who played in countless other settings, but who's really at his best in the quartet on this session! Andresen has this way of blowing straight and soulful one minute, then stepping outside the next – a bit like Phil Woods during his expansive years of the late 60s – and like Woods, Andresen's got an impeccable tone when he's swinging, but then really opens up when going outside – with a boldness that's almost more tenor-like at points. The group's a great one – obscure, but very well-matched – with Roy Hellvin on piano and some electric piano, Tore Nodrlie on bass, and Svein Christiansen on drums – all musicians who are very well-suited to Andresen's journeys. Titles include "Gip", "Cordon Bleu", "Kjenning Ain't Got A Dime To My Name", "Footprints", "Old Gospel", and "Ode A Jean Louis". LP reissue also adds "Chan & Phil" from another session. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD & download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Greg Foat, Paul Armfield, & Ken BlackGone To The Dogs (10 inch LP) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Estonia), 2019. New Copy ... $16.99
A very cool trio set from the mighty Greg Foat – working here with two other musicians grabbed on the fly for the recording session – but with results that are every bit as deep as any of his previous projects! Foat plays moody Fender Rhodes and Roland Juno – with this nicely building slow-funk style on the title track, "Gone To The Dogs" – served up in two parts that really let the tune gestate and grow nicely! "Zola's Eyes" has maybe a warmer jazz approach overall – great basswork from Paul Armfield, which brings out some fantastic currents in the Rhodes – and the set closes with "In The Dog House", which has some great funky drums underneath the keyboards. LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500 – with download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
High RiskHigh Risk ... LP
Sister Love/Jazzaggression (Estonia), 1974. New Copy ... $24.99
A really unique album by an all-female jazz group from the LA scene of the 70s – a group who were part of the feminist collective of artists distributed by Olivia Records, but who are maybe even more righteous than the rest! The group mix together jazz and poetry – the latter of which is both sung and spoken, and often has these wonderful ways of tying together personal desires and inclinations with larger political issues – all while the rest of the combo is laying down a spiritual current of piano, percussion, bass, and strong solos on tenor and flute from Cyndy Mason Fitzpatrick. The centerpiece of the record is the extended suite "The Common Woman" – based around the poetry of Judy Grahan – and that's balanced out by a fair bit more instrumental work at other times on the set – on titles that include "Degradation", "Mi Amor", "Genesis", "SAd Are The Days", and "1234". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pedro Ruy-BlasCyber Dolores (with bonus download) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Estonia), Late 80s/1990s. New Copy ... $19.99
Pedro Ruy-Blas issued the fantastic Dolores album in the 70s – a sublime blend of jazzy acoustic guitar, keyboards, and soaring vocals that's become legendary over the years! Here, Pedro revisits that mode, but with a range of later keyboards – using Atari, Roland, Yamaha, and Proteus equipment to rework that older territory in all electric, all instrumental mode – with results that are quite a surprise, given that the whole thing really has the strong spirit and unusual quality that made his classic record so great! There's a bit of sax in the music at times, and despite the keyboard-heavy instrumentation, the whole thing has a warmer, more organic feel that's pretty great – on titles that include "Terraza", "Stay Afloat", "Lucero", "Inconstantly Lovely Day", "Pan De Pueblo", and "Morphy's Rhumba". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500 – with download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ville Vannemaa CassiopeaCassiopea (with bonus CD & download) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Estonia), 2019. New Copy ... $24.99
A group with players that you probably can't pronounce, but a sound that will grab you right away – a fantastic combination of vibes, saxes, and trombone – all set to some really great modal rhythms! The combo is led by Ville Vannemaa, who blows tenor and bass clarinet – but the quintet is clearly a very cohesive lineup, and work together with a very fresh, very individual sense of rhythm and tone! Panu Savolainen plays vibes, Kasperi Sarikoski trombone, and rhythm is from the duo of Heikko Remmel on bass and Jaska Lukkarinen – on a batch of originals by Vannemaa, with titles that include "Hyacinth", "Hurry Up", "Sorrow", "Stars", "Keinuvalssi", and "Ei Mitaan Aavistusta". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500 – with bonus CD & download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousLight & Sound Of Mogadishu (with download) ... LP
Jazzaggression/Afro 7 (Estonia), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $19.99
A totally smoking set of tracks from the Somali scene of the 70s – and maybe the coolest East African music we've heard from the time! The material here is all from a small label that was spun off an appliance store – and the imprint had a really great ear for recording these acts in ways that bring out all their most unusual elements, while still holding onto the strong groove at the bottom! Half the set features work by the Sharero Band – a really great group who have a wicked way with an organ line, so that the instrument has all these sharp edges and odd tunings – which create a cool exotic vibe over the more forward-moving grooves – on titles that include "Sharero", "Caashooy", and "Yaan Cuskanaa". The set features more music from Magool – a group with instrumentation that's maybe more Eastern, in ways that reflect the Islamic culture in Mogadishu, but the tracks also have a strongly percussive vibe too – which makes for a nice match alongside the vocals, on titles "Waly Sita" and "Shimbir Yohou". Last up is a track from guitarist Ahmed Rabsha and Hibbo Nuura – great vocal interplay with a lively vibe, on the striking "Bohol You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Paris SmithParis Smith – Kenneth Hill Quartets (with bonus download) ... LP
Oracle/Jazzaggression (Finland), 1979. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
An incredible album from the Chicago jazz underground of the 70s – one of a handful of rare albums cut by Paris Smith – a very under-discovered talent of his generation! Paris plays vibes, and has this incredible ear for unusual colors and tones – and for very fresh rhythmic changes in the music, which starts in more familiar territory of modal and spiritual jazz – then takes off into something else entirely! The group features equally amazing reed work from Kenneth Hill – a player who can be freely expressive, but without ever getting stuck too far outside – and the quartet also features drums from Usama, and bass from either Michael Smith or Donnell Lambert. This album's one of the few that Smith ever issued, on his own Oracle label – and all tracks are originals, with a beautiful sound – and titles that include "Mood For John", "53rd Street Ghost", "Bring Out The Skeleton", and "The Last One". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500! Includes download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bird Curtis QuintetNeeds B (with bonus CD & download) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Finland), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic gem from the British scene of the late 60s – music by a group who played in relative obscurity, but who were very much at the top of their game! The quintet have a tenor/trumpet balance that's something of a legacy from earlier UK groups – such as those with Ian Carr and Don Rendell, or maybe some of the Tubby Hayes combos – a mode that's swinging modern jazz, with lots of original writing by the members of the group – packing a lot into a little, but with a vibe that's totally great – and very individual! The songs burst out with a great sense of tone and color – often a hint of modal structure in the rhythm – performed by the lineup of Ian Bird on tenor and alto, John Curtis on trumpet, Ray Shea on piano, Daryl Runswick on bass, and Tim Wolley on drums. All group members, save Wolley, contributed material – and titles include "Needs B", "Johnny Plonk", "Bossa For Bev", "Nothign Yet", "Birthday Girl", "The Buttertree", and "Vanessa". Also, the set was never issued at the time – this is its debut! LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD & download!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Aleksi HeinolaAleksi Heinola Quintet (with bonus CD & download) ... LP
Jazzaggression (Finland), 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A contemporary Finnish group, and a great one too – a combo who play with the sharp, soulful tones of a Blue Note lineup from the 60s – but all without ever sounding like they're trying to copy that mode too much! Instead, these guys just have a proud, confident sense of their strengths – which they bring to their music in a wonderful way – tight rhythms from Mikael Jakobsson on piano, Daniel Franck on bass, and Aleksi Heinola on drums – topped with soaring solo work from Mikko Gunu Karjalainen on trumpet and Manuel Dunkel on tenor! The set's got this mix of sophistication and swing – a bit like late 60s work by Hank Mobley or Lee Morgan – and titles include the originals "Bossa 69", "Three Fiddy", "Rudy", and "Silver Maze" – plus a groovy take on "Wives & Lovers". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD – which also has material from their 10" album too.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
High RiskCommon Woman/Degradation ... 7-inch
Sister Love (Estonia), 1974. Near Mint- (pic cover)... $4.99
Two fantastic sides of jazz by this all-female quartet from the 70s – a group who serve up these tunes for a film titled Woman To Woman – but who work here at a level that stands more than well enough on its own! "Common Woman" begins with this wonderful tenor line from Cyndy Mason over spiritual piano from Virginia Rubino – building with a very righteous vibe, before then breaking for a reciation in the middle, which then shifts to flute – before soaring again in a bolder instrumental passage! "Degradation" has a sung vocal from the start – building over piano almost in an early Roberta Flack way, before giving space to more excellent tenor in the middle! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Recent reissue on Jazzaggression.)

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