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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bionic BoogieBionic Boogie (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor/FTG, 1977. Used ... $5.99
The first album by Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie group – and a cooker of a set that follows strongly from Gregg's previous Hot Butterfly gem! Luther Vandross isn't on board this time around, but the overall groove is still totally great – upbeat, soaring, and put together with a jazzy undercurrent that really keeps things interesting – far more so than most other mainstream disco sets of the time! Brad Baker – of B Baker Chocolate Company – handled the arrangements – and the grooves spin out nicely from Diamond's keyboards, and a tight mix of strings and jazzy horns. Vocals are from the soulful trio of Gwen Guthrie, Ullanda McCullough, and Zachary Sanders – and titles include "Dance Little Dreamer", "Risky Changes", "Boogie Boo", "We Must Believe In Music", "Feel Like Dancing", and "Don't Lose The Number". CD features 2 bonus tracks – 12" extended mixes of "Dance Little Dreamer" and "Risky Changes". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BloodstoneParty ... CD
T Neck/FTG, 1984. Used ... $6.99
One of Bloodstone's great groovers from later years – work that has a very different feel than the group's fragile harmony soul of the 70s, and which has them taking off into a much more confident sound! Production is by McKinley Jackson, and the album's a mix of a few funky 80s groove numbers with some even better mellower tracks – tunes that glide along in a rich production mode, and showcase the maturing vocals of the group wonderfully. Titles include the sweet stepper "Instant Love", a really great spacey soul track – plus "It Feels So Good", "Why Be The First One Home", "Contagious", "Feel The Heat", and "Bloodstone's Party". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tom BrowneTommy Gun (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1984. Used ... $4.99
A funk, R&B and electro heavy set from trumpeter Tom Browne! There's a fair bit of beats on this set for Arista – no surprise, as Maurice Starr had a hand in the project – and the electro touches provide a real sense of contrast to some of Browne's earlier work! The best numbers have his trumpet blowing strongly over the top – cutting the electronics with his warmer solo spots – but even the more rhythmic tunes have their own sort of charm too. Browne is on trumpet, flugelhorn, synths, drum programming and vocoder vocals, with Starr on keys, synth, guitars, drums and backing vocals, sax by Maceo Harrett, percussion by Carlos Gomez and others. Siedah Garrett sings on the track "Secret Fantasy" – and other titles include "Wee Out", "Station Break", "Free & Easy", "Loop", "Tommy Gun", and "Hit Man". This 2011 Funky Town Grooves edition has 2 bonus tracks: "Loop (Extended Remix)" and "Secret Fantasy (12" Version)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
ChansonTogether We Stand (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Ariola/FTG, 1979. Used ... $7.99
The cover's a bit unassuming, and almost makes this set look like some throwaway disco album – but Chanson's got a lot more to offer than that, and groove tightly here in a really great modern soul vein! The rhythms are strong and bold – forged by the duo of bassist James Jamerson and guitarist David Williams – with a lean vibe that's somewhere in the space of Columbia Records modern soul of the time, with all the depth that might imply – but with plenty of clubby touches too! Key players include Harvey Mason on drums and Donald Myrick on sax – both players who give the record a really top-shelf, all-quality groove. Titles include "Rock Don't Stop", "Sing All Night", "Jack Be Nimble", "Magic Carpet Ride", and "Make It Happen". CD features bonus tracks – "Jack Be Nimble (12" mix)" and "Rock Don't Stop (12" mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chi-LitesSteppin' Out (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Private I/FTG, 1981. New Copy ... $7.99 12.98
A sweet new groove from The Chi-Lites – working here as a trio, and stepping out with a lean groove to match! The album's got the 80s soul vibe you'd expect from the group's image on the cover – lots of keyboards and beats alongside the vocals – which themselves are slightly transformed by the approach, and come across with a bit more boldness than in the early days. Eugene Record is still at the helm – and wrote most of the tracks on the set, and was also the driving spirit of the project. Original members Marshall Thompson and Robert Lester complete the group – and titles include "Do What You Want", "Stop What You're Doin", "Gimme Whatcha Got", "Little Girl", "Runnin Around", and "Let Today Come Back Tomorrow". CD features bonus tracks "Gimme Whatcha Got (7 inch mix)", "Gimme Whatcha Got (club)", "Gimme Whatcha Got (dub)", "Stop What You're Doin (club)", "Stop What You're Doin (inst)", and "Let Today Come Back Tomorrow (7" mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chocolate MilkBlue Jeans (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1981. New Copy ... $11.99 12.98
One of the best later albums by Chocolate Milk – a bit different than their earlier work with Allen Toussaint, but still bouncing along in a sweet 80s groove, with more than enough traces of their roots as a funky combo! Leo Nocentelli's sitting in on guitar, adding some nice licks to keep some tracks a bit more firmly grounded in a New Orleans funk tradition, alongside some more modern production touches – and the album's got a compelling vibe that's partly pointed towards the boogie generation of the 80s, but with a heavier funk component overall! Titles include "Let's Go All The Way", "Like My Lady's Love", "Honey Bun", "Running On Empty", "Blue Jeans", and a version of Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long". CD also features 7" single mixes of "Honey Bun", "Take It Off", "Like My Lady's Love", and "Blue Jeans" – plus 12" mixes of "Video Queen", "Let's Go All The Way", and "Who's Getting It Now". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Chocolate MilkWe're All In This Together/Milky Way ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1977/1979. Used ... $9.99
A heavy 2-fer – featuring a pair of 70s gems from Chocolate Milk! First up is We're All In This Together – an overlooked funky classic from Chocolate Milk – and a set that still preserves the tight grooves of the group's earliest work! Allan Toussaint is still on hand this time around to help with both production and songwriting – and his touches can definitely be felt on the record – a tight funky undercurrent that's definitely rooted in New Orleans soul, but has some warmer, more contemporary elements too – just like that mid 70s change Toussaint was bringing to his own grooves. Standout cuts include the funky numbers "Grand Theft" and "America" – plus the groover "Girl Callin" – although there's some mellower numbers we like pretty darn well too. Other tracks include "Help Me Find The Road", "Thinking Of You", "That's The Way She Loves", and "Fertility". Milky Way is tight, funky, and plenty groovy – a set that has Chocolate Milk sounding a lot smoother than at their start, but still pretty darn great overall! Allan Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn are still around to help the group on production, but the sound is more LA than New Orleans – a well-crafted set of grooves that almost seems to have the group's Crescent City roots shaking hands with the sunnier sound of California soul in the late 70s. That latter aspect adds in some nice jazzy touches – ala Fantasy Records – and almost gives the record a Wayne Henderson-styled groove at points, especially on some of the mellow steppers and midtempo numbers. Titles include "Milky Way", "You're The One", "Hurry Down Sunset", "Groove City", "Say Won'tcha", and "Paradise". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Angela ClemmonsThis Is Love (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Portrait/FTG, 1987. Used ... $5.99
A bouncy little set from Angela Clemmons – a record that's got a bit more beats at the bottom than some of her previous outings – but in a way that seems to only make things sound even groovier overall! There's a number of catchy groovers that help the set take off right from the start – tunes that are playful, and maybe a bit aimed at the charts – yet which still let Angie soar on those magnificent vocals of hers. Titles include "One Night Baby", "Miracles", "Love Life", "BYOB", "Nothing Can Stop My Love", "I Could Love You Better", and "Rock & A Hard Place". CD features two bonus tracks – "BYOB (12" mix)" and "This Is Love (inst)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Cool NotesDown To Earth (with bonus tracks) ... CD
FTG, 1981. Used ... $6.99
A great mix of R&B and reggae – a hip early album from The Cool Notes – a UK group who never broke that big on our shores, but who have a sound that's held up well over the years! The rhythms here are often in a midtempo mode, with some Jamaican echoes – and the lead vocals are often backed up with lots of harmonies that more than live up to the group's name. Production is never too polished – which helps keep the album away from any too-commercial reggae-flavored crossover work of the period – and titles include "Travelling", "I Forgot How To Love You", "Rich Man Poor Man", "The Second Time Around", "Save A Little Love", "No More Wars", and "Brixton Town". Bonus tracks include "Blown It", "Morning Child (12" version)", "I Forgot How To Love You (orig 1980 disco version)", and "Jah Lovely Jah Wonderful Jah Marvelous". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Andre CymoneAC (2CD version – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1985. Used 2CD ... $14.99
The best of a handful of albums that the one-time Prince bassist put out in the early 80s – a record that made a splash via the great Prince-penned "The Dance Electric" – possibly a blessing and a curse for AC, as Prince was so huge at the time that the record going public was too quick to dismiss him as a clone! But don't let that stop you – as Cymone's got a groove that's all his own – and an 80s soul star definitely worth rediscovering. The percussive vibe is similar to Prince, but Andre's got a leaner, funkier style overall – virtually working as a one man band here, and handling most instrumentation himself – which brings a compact feel to the record that really comes through in the tightness of the grooves. Titles include "The Dance Electric", "Lipstick Lover", "Pretty Wild Lover", "Book Of Love", "Vacation", "Satisfaction", and "Neon Pussycat". Massive 2CD version features loads of bonus tracks – 20 more numbers that include lots of mixes of "The Dance Electric", "Satisfaction", and "Lipstick Lover" – plus "Vacation (Andre Cymone mix)", "Let Me Kiss The Bride (inst)", and "Anything (inst)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
D TrainMiracles Of The Heart (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1986. Used ... $7.99
James D-Train Williams' first album for a major label – and a really great follow-up to the indie success of his initial recordings for Prelude Records! The style here is very similar to the clubby grooves of D-Train's earlier sides – thanks to strong keyboards, production, and songwriting help from Hubert Eaves – the jazzy talent who helped give Williams' his trademark sound! Instrumentation veers slightly more towards mainstream 80s soul at times, but the Eaves' sound is still very firmly in place here – and titles include the groovers "Oh How I Love You (Girl)", "Misunderstanding", and "Let Me Love You" – plus "You Are Everything", "I Got Your Number", "Stand Up & Fight", and "Miracle Of The Heart". CD features some great bonus tracks – "Oh How I Love You (12" mix)", "You Are Everything (acapella)", "Misunderstanding (12" mix)", "Misunderstanding (acapella & house dub)", "Let Me Love You (12" mix)", and "Let Me Love You (dub)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Cliff DawsonCliff Dawson ... CD
Boardwalk/FTG, 1982. Used ... $9.99
Smooth soul from Cliff Dawson – a singer as classy as his look on the cover, and definitely a cut above most of the mainstream soul artists of his time! The album's an overlooked gem that's very nicely put together – well recorded, arranged with a subtle flair, and usually done with a warmer sound than you might guess for the vintage of the set – almost like some late 70s underground modern soul set, which is saying plenty to ears like ours! Thor Baldursson did most of the arrangements, but in ways that are much more restrained than his disco years – and titles include "It's Not Me You Love", "Waiting For Your Love", "Betcha Didn't Know", "I Can Love You Better", "Ocean Green Eyes", and "Never Say I Do". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DelfonicsLa La Means I Love You (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Philly Groove/FTG, 1968. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
A landmark album in harmony soul – one of those records that pushed the genre to a whole new level! The Delfonics emerge fully formed here as one of the most compelling groups of their time – a tremendous trio with a really unique approach to soul music – one that's heartfelt and heartbreaking, but never too sweet to be cloying or poppy – definitely just the right groove to keep things hip while also cracking the charts! The album's their first full collaboration with legendary producer Thom Bell – and it's got a sound that's summed up perfectly in the quintessential cut "La La Means I Love You" – and which is followed through beautifully on a batch of tracks that includes "Losing You", "Can You Remember", "You're Gone", "I'm Sorry", and "Break Your Promise". 5 bonus tracks: "Can't Get Over Losing You" (7" version), You Got Yours And I'll Get Mine" (7" version plus a version w/intro), "Loving Him" and "Funny Feeling". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Charles EarlandEarland's Street Themes (with bonus track) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1983. New Copy ... $11.99 12.99
A great little groover from keyboardist Charles Earland – and an album that definitely lives up to its title! There's plenty of street sounds going on here – lots of modern R&B modes that echo the changing styles of early 80s soul music, especially on the east coast! And as part of that, there's a good deal of vocals on the record, alongside Charles' keyboards – work by singers who include Larry Hancock, Bruce Gray, and Sheryl Kendrick – each of whom adds plenty to the record, working over jazzy grooves nicely scored by Earland. Titles include "Be My Lady", "Take Me Away", "Feels So Good To Me", "Burning Devotion", "Tell Me What It Is", and "Go All The Way". CD features a bonus track – "Be My Lady (7" mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Earth Wind & FireElectric Universe (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1983. Used ... $9.99
The title's no joke, as Earth Wind & Fire are definitely part of the electric universe of early 80s Columbia Records – the galaxy that also includes Herbie Hancock during his electro years! As a result, there's a lot more keyboards and electric rhythms in the set than before – a new setting for the still-positive expressions of the group – one that works especially well on the mellower cuts! These really have the group opening up their best ballad modes – stretching out to crossover nicely, yet still with a quality level that's head and shoulders above most of their contemporaries. Of course, the sweet vocals of Philip Bailey really help put over some of the best cuts too! Titles include "Moonwalk", "Touch", "Could It Be Right", "Sweet Sassy Lady", "Spirit Of A New World", and "We're Living In Our Own Time". CD features loads of extra tracks, too – including "Magnetic (ext dance rmx)", "Magnetic (inst)", "Spirit Of A New World (demo)", "El Solitario (demo)", "Here's To Love (inst)", "Club Foot", and "Milky Way" – the last 5 of which have never been issued before! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rodney FranklinMarathon ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1984. Used ... $9.99
Great keyboard work from Rodney Franklin – an artist who was well-trained in the best 70s fusion modes, and really knew how to keep things real on an 80s groover like this! The set's got less acoustic touches than on previous Franklin albums, but the sound is still plenty soulful throughout – a nice contrast to some of the flatter keyboard work of some of his contemporaries of the period – and proof that even with newer technology, the right artist can still make things sound great! There's a few well-chosen mellower moments amidst the groovers – and the set features a bit of vocals, but is mostly instrumental overall. Titles include "Lumiere", "Searchin For", "Let's Talk", "Love Is The Answer", "Stay On The Groove", "Marathon", and "Reflection Of A Dream". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kenny GG Force (expanded edition) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1983. Used ... $4.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
GlassIntroducing Glass ... CD
HCRC/FTG, 1983. Used ... $4.99
The groove here is a lot less fragile than glass – a hard, sharp set of rhythms that's pretty darn heavy on 80s keyboards too! The group have a sound that's almost a distillation of mainstream soul of the Kleeer generation – taken into more stripped-down indie modes that come off with plenty of charm – lots of sweet beats and bassline bits – and a few cool moogy parts too! The group's fronted by John Williams, who wrote, produced, and handles all the lead vocals – but on most tracks he's kind of buried amidst all the electronics and flanged-out production – which we like a lot. Includes the single "Bedrok", plus "Stomp", "You Are The One", "Strung Out By Your Love", and "Pretty Little Thing". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fredi Grace & RhinestoneGet On Your Mark (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1982. Used ... $7.99
A sweet bit of electro soul from the 80s – served up here by a trio who are heavy on keyboard sounds, but also get some warmer elements from an array of other musicians who help out on the set! The tunes have a nicely punched-up vibe – catchy 80s soul, but without any too commercial modes – almost more in the lean territory of some of the indies of the period – something that might have made the record hard for RCA to get into the charts, but which has given it a hell of a lot of charm all these many years later! Titles include the great mellow cut "Perfect Lover", plus the tracks "Tell Me What's On Your Mind", "Love Thang", "Help", and "Won't Cha Give It To Me". CD features 8 more bonus tracks – a long version of "Love Thang", an instrumental of "Help", and 7" single mixes of six more album tracks. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nona HendryxNona (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1983. Used ... $5.99
A smoking-hot batch of 80s soul from Nona Hendryx – and a record that really helped reinvent her sound for a whole new generation! Nona's wisely teamed here with Bill Laswell and Material – with whom she'd worked on previous projects under their name – and Laswell's street-sensitive presence really helps give the record an edge that underscores Nona's credibility in just the right way! A few years later, and most of these touches might sound cloying – yet here, they're handled perfectly – a great way of creating lean grooves with plenty of New York influences – with more than enough energy to catapult Hendryx out to a global mainstream. Material bring in a surprising amount of great help for the set – a range of artists from Kashif to Laurie Anderson to Bernie Worrell, Valerie Simpson, Nile Rodgers, Sly Dunbar, and Tina Weymouth! Titles include "B Boys", "Design For Living", "Transformation", "Keep It Confidential", "Living On The Border", "Run For Cover", "Dummy Up", and "Steady Action". CD features 7 bonus tracks – including "B Boys (12" mix)", "B Boys (inst)", "B Boys (single)", "Keep It Confidential (ext club)", "Keep It Confidential (single)", "Steady Action (single)", and "Transformation (single)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Invisible Man's BandReally Wanna See You (with bonus track) ... CD
Boardwalk/FTG, 1981. Used ... $14.99
A great later effort from the 5 Stairsteps family – a later offshoot of the initial enterprise, still working here under the production helm of father Clarence Burke! Keni Burke's a member of the group, and the work here has a very similar groove to his own RCA material of the time – offset with some warmer elements that also echo the previous Stairsteps records on Warner, especially given that a number of the cuts have group vocals. Keni's bass does a nice job of kicking in the grooves, and the album's got a nicely warm sound for the time – almost more late 70s group funk than early 80s boogie. Titles include the sweet harmony track called "Along The Way" – plus "Party Time", "Circles", "Rated X", "Really Wanna See You", and "Same Thing". CD also features bonus track "Rated X (edited version)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jermaine JacksonDynamite (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1984. Used ... $9.99
Maybe not dynamite, but an album that definitely has an explosive feel right from the start – thanks to some 80s grooves that really help re-ignite the solo career of Jermaine Jackson! Jermaine's soaring vocals are right at home in these beat-heavy arrangements – sparkling with a sense of soul and a great ear for a catchy chorus, yet somehow never sounding too commercial overall – really a great surprise, given what you might expect from the album! That trademark Jackson ear for a tune is right on the money – and the set features a few duet cuts – including "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" with Michael Jackson, "Take Good Care Of My Heart" with Whitney Houston, "When The Rain Begins To Fall" with Pia Zadora, and "Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men" with Randy and Tito Jackson. Solo cuts include "Dynamite", "Sweetest Sweetest", "Oh Mother", "Come To Me", and "Some Things Are Private". CD features 5 bonus tracks that include "Sweetest Sweetest (US rmx)", "Come To Me (12" rmx)", "Do What You Do (12" rmx)", "Dynamite (12" rmx)", and "When The Rain Begins To Fall (12" voc with breakdown)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
LaToya JacksonHeart Don't Lie (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Private I/FTG, 1984. Used ... $11.99
LaToya Jackson's sounding great on this set from the early 80s – a record that does a great job of reinventing her style with some tight dancefloor energy! The set's done with plenty of help from Amir Bayyan, of the Kay-Gees – an artist who's clearly got a pedigree in grooves, and knows how to find the right sort of energy to focus Jackson's vocals in a really great way! The result is a record that owes nothing to her famous family at all – a proud, joyous set of groovers that sparkles all the way through –sparked off by the classic single "Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin", plus other tracks that include "Think Twice", "Hot Potato", "Private Joy", "Frustration", "Without You", "I Like Everything You're Doin", and "Heart Don't Lie". CD features 7 bonus tracks – "Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin (long)", "Betcha Gonna Need My Lovin (inst)", "Heart Don't Lie (club)", "Heart Don't Lie (dub)", "Private Joy (ext dance)", "Hot Potato (12" version)", and "Hot Potato (12" dub)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Howard JohnsonDoin It My Way/Vision ... CD
Bluebird/FTG (UK), 1983/1985. Used ... $9.99
Groovy 80s soul from Howard Johnson – the Doin It My My Way and Vision LPs – back-to-back on CD! Doin It My Way features is a sweet batch of electro-influenced pop soul – produced by Mic Murphy & David Frank of The System! The record has a very System-y vibe, but Howard's sunny approach to soul vocals really leads the way! Titles include "My Way", "Jump Into Fire", "Let's Take Time Out", "Missiong You", Much Too Much", "You're The One I've Needed", "Let This Dream Be Real" and "Everywhere I Go". Vision is another set of solid 80s grooving soul from Howard! It's got a lot of production help from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who make their presence known in the record's electrified bass and keys approach – but it's Johnson's strong presence as a male lead singer that really holds the set together. Really nice overall. Titles include "So Tuff", "Knees", "Stand Up", "Outta My Head", "Older Girl", "Show Me How", and "You've Got A Lot To Learn". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
KashifSend Me Your Love (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1984. Used ... $6.99
A standout classic from Kashif – one of those key 80s albums that brought him to light as a tremendous powerhouse in mainstream soul! Thanks to the wonders of recording science, Kashif was able to write, produce, arrange, and perform everything on the album himself – a great trick that probably saved him a lot of studio costs – but which also really helps him bring his music here into tight focus – even more so than on projects he'd been doing for other artists at the time. There's a super-catchy groove to the best numbers, and even the rest have that tight punch that makes Kashif one of the standouts of the time – as you'll hear on cuts that include "Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart", "Edgartown Groove", "Call Me Tonight", "Love Has No End", and "Send Me Your Love" – plus the duet with Whitney Houston on "Are You The Woman". CD features bonus tracks too – including "Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart (inst)", "Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart (single)", "Ooh Love (single)", "Ooh Love (12" edit)", "Ooh Love (inst)", and "Are You The Woman (single)". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Send Me Your Love ... LP 1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
La LaLa La (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1987. Used ... $11.99
Catchy 80s soul from La La – an artist with a groove that's right up there with some of the bigger Columbia acts of the time, even if she never hit their heights! The production work here really helps set the scene nicely – as La La gets support from Full Force, Jon Morales, Lenny White, and others – and Kashif clearly had a hand in the set too – not just from the few writing credits we can see, but also in the overall way the grooves are structured. Definitely a set that fits nicely next to his work of the same time – with cuts that include "Deal With It", "All Work No Play", "So Into Love", "Love Me Just A Little", "I Don't Wanna Go", "We'll Keep Shining", and "I Got A Thing For You". CD features lots of bonus tracks – including "On The Money (FF on the $ mix dub)", "My Love Is Acapella", "Love Me Just A Little (12" version)", "Love Me Just A Little (just a little FF big mix)", "We'll Keep Striving (ext)", and "I Got A Thing For You (ext)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul LaurenceHaven't You Heard (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/FTG, 1985. Used ... $8.99
A nice mid 80s groover from Paul Laurence for Capitol – whose biggest successes, arguably, were in his services as a songwriter and producer for other artists – making a pretty great case for his own work as a headline act on Haven't You Heard! May may not have heard it, actually, but it's well worth checking out. The sound is blueprint 80s synth soul on one level, but the melodies really soar here, and the songs are strong and hit-worthy. Paul's a solid singer, too. You should hear this! Tiles include "Strung Out", "She's Not A Sleaze" (with Freddie Jackson & Lillo Thomas), "You Hooked Me", "I'm Sensitive", "Haven't You Heard" and more. This FTG edition has 4 bonus tracks: "Strung Out (International Version)", "She's Not A Sleaze (Extended Version)", "Strung Out (Extended Dance Mix) and "You Hooked Me (Single Version)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mai TaiMai Tai (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Critique/FTG, 1985/1986. Used ... $24.99
Rare 80s grooves from female soul trio Mai Tai – carrying an effervescent post disco soul groove well into the mid 80s on this self-titled album from 1985 – plus a handful of bonus tracks! Mai Tai never really got over in the States, but made a pretty pronounced impact in the Dutch scene where the group formed, with a clean Euro electro soul sheen to the tracks courtesy of producers Eric Van Tajn & Jochem Fluitsma – but it's the vocals that really charm on this one. Corolien De Windt, Jetty Weels and Mildred Douglas bring true soul in their dynamic lead vocals and big backing vocals, and they really shine! Titles include "History", "Body & Soul", "Chemistry", "What, Where, When, Who", "You Control Me", "Am I Losing You Forever" and more – plus bonus tracks including 12" mixes and some later singles, including "History" (12" extended mix), "1 Touch 2 Much", and more. 14 tracks in all! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New HorizonsSomething New/Gonna Have Big Fun ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1983/1984. Used ... $4.99
2 classics from New Horizons – back to back on a single CD! Something New is something great from New Horizons – the group's second album, and even tighter than the first! Roger Troutman had a very big hand in the record, lending the group some very Zapp-ish touches in their grooves – a great blend for the catchy vocals of the group, in ways that even have the mellow cuts bouncing along nicely! The basslines are tight, but never overdone – and the record's got a real sense of class and timing that takes it way past some of the overly-familiar sides of the Troutman universe. Titles include "Your Thing Is Your Thing", "Something New", "Reaching For New Horizons", "I Can't Tell You", "County Line", and "Your Thing (rap)". Gonna Have Big Fun is a bouncy bouncy gem from New Horizons – a set that's got help from Roger and all the Troutman crew, yet somehow manages to step forward strongly with its own voice as well! There's plenty of bass at the bottom of the grooves, but things are never too popping or too-tight – just relaxed, almost mellow at points, with this wonderful flow that works perfectly for the group's hip vocals. The group's got kind of a youthful approach – almost like a harmony group raised in the generation of P-Funk, with that sort of style as their main inspiration – quite different than the approach of the mellower groups of a decade before. Titles include "Big Fun", "Dance Frite", "U Can Do (Watcha Wanna)", "Love To Spend The Night", and "Get Ready Let's Party". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy OceanBilly Ocean (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
GTO/FTG, 1975. Used ... $4.99
The first album ever from Billy Ocean – originally released only in the UK, where Billy had a big head start on his career before winning over the US! The sound is a cross between Ocean's Caribbean roots and some fuller, richer British modes at the time – with compressed production on some of the singles that give the whole thing a nice crossover appeal – but still lots of deeper soul on the album's best numbers, which are often the mellower or more laidback tracks. Ocean's vocals really come through strongly on these numbers – which occasionally even seem to have some Motown currents – and titles include "Tell Him To Move Over", "Let's Put Our Emotions In Motion", "Let's Do It All Over Again", "Soul Rock", "LOD (Love On Delivery)", and "Love Really Hurts Without You". CD features bonus tracks – "Tell Him To Move Over (edit)", "Love Really Hurts Without You (1986 dance mix)", "Love Really Hurts Without You (cupid mix)", and "Love Really Hurts Without You (dub mix)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bonnie PointerIf The Price Is Right ... LP
Private I/FTG, 1984. Near Mint- ... $4.99
Bonnie Pointer sounding great in the mid 80s– on a hard-to-find album cut for Private I/CBS after a drawn out split with Motown – one that finds her in a prime, catchy dancefloor R&B mode! To our ears, If The Price Is Right holds up as well as a lot of the pop soul of the period, including Bonnie's siblings The Pointer Sisters – though it obviously didn't hit as hugely! It's got crisp keyboards, programming and 80s boogie, but there's also some room for more more tender balladry and chugging club soul reminiscent of the late disco years. Of course, Bonnie's lovely, soulful voice is the most important characteristic. An overlooked album that's well worth catching up with! Include "Premonition", "Johnny", "Come Softly To Me", "Under The Influence Of Love", "Your Touch", "Tight Blue Jeans", "There's Nobody Quite Like You" and "If The Price Is Right". This FTG CD has a whopping 9 bonus tracks – single, club, dub and extended 12" mixes and more – including "Your Touch (Club Version)", "Premonition (Dance Version)", "There's Nobody Quite Like You (Single Version)", "The Beast In Me (12" Version)", "Heaven" from The Heavenly Bodies soundtrack. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear at the opening.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
SoireeSoiree ... CD
Roadshow/FTG, 1979. Used ... $6.99
Late 70s dancefloor soul from Soiree – a rare disco set featuring clubby revisions of huge hits of the day and earlier, with massive talent in the group! The sound is bright and grooving, and heck of a lot more endearing than so many of the disco era remake projects, and most impressively, features early appearances by Luther Vandross, who arranged the vocals with Billy Jackson, and group singers include Sharon Redd and Jocelyn Brown. The tracks are all on the longer side, for that full on late disco era extended groove, and titles include "You Keep Me Hanging On", "Close To You", "Do You Love Me", "Come A Little Bit Closer" and "You Keep Me Hanging On". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
TeaseTease (RCA) (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1983. Used ... $6.99
A mix of bassy funk and mainstream electro grooving from Tease – the RCA album from the group, and a record that seems to share a lot with the Minneapolis groove of Prince and The Time! In fact, there's a partyful snapping quality to most of the tracks here that's very much in the Morris Day mode – tight tight tight rhythms from the group, done in a way that matches their sporty leather suits on the cover – with a sharpness that never lets up, and a great sense of a hook alongside the electric funk in the rhythms! Ollie Brown produced and arranged, and titles include "Bite", "Flash", "Boys & Girls", "Saturday Night", "Pretty Little Lady", "Put The Brakes On Baby", and "I Found In You". CD features two bonus tracks – "Flash (12" mix)" and "Flash (inst)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fonzi ThorntonPumpin' (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1984. Used ... $11.99
Crisp, clubby soul from Fonzi Thornton – again working with Robert Wright – and solid 80s groove set that doesn't really get enough love! The 80s bubbling synth sound is in full effect here, but the album holds up pretty well by simply being better than a lot of what was coming out at the time. Fonzi's vocals are charismatic and carry the groove nicely, with tight arrangements and backing vocals by Wright, Edna Hold and Jocelyn Brown that go above and beyond the call of duty. Produced and arranged in collaboration with Wright – who also had a hand in the drum programming, keys and synths. Titles include "Pumpin", "Rock My Heart, Rock My World", "Every Nite", "Playmate", "Tantalizin' Me" and "I'm A Rich Man Now". This FTG edition has 3 bonus tracks: "A Naturnal (Yesirree) (Dub Version)", "Rock My Heart, Rock My World (Extended Version)" and "Rock My Heart, Rock My World (Dub Version II)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
WaxDo You Believe In Magic ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1981. Used ... $2.99
A modern soul gem produced by Lenny White! Though White lends a touch of jazzy sophistication to the set, it's a straight up dose of mainstream modern soul, with great ensemble vocals and crisp production over tight songs that should have landed Wax at the top of the radio. Somehow though they managed to only find success with some sought after singles years after the fact, but you can grab the whole album here! It's got all the hallmarks of the best of the era – chirping guitars, tasteful keyboards that sit just right in the mix, and rhythms and tempos on most of the tracks that veer between club oriented grooves and tight pop soul. 9 tracks in all, including "Can't Hide From Love", "Crazy In Love", "Playin' The Part", "The Right Time For Us", "Do You Believe In Magic", "Music's On The One", "When And If I Fall In Love", and "April Lady". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMirage Records Soul & Funk Collection Vol 2 ... CD
Mirage/FTG, Early 80s. Used ... $8.99
A heady helping of grooves from the mighty Mirage Records – an undeniable powerhouse on the soulful dancefloor scene of the 80s! The package is stuffed with great cuts from Mirage – boogie classics, mellower soul cuts, and a few funky favorites – and the package also features some unusual mixes of tracks, which makes them a nice complement to the LP versions which are part of this recent reissue series. Titles include "You Are In My System (bilingual dub)" by The System, "Tell Me" by Stroke, "When You're Hot You're Hot (dub)" by Ingram, "Magic Number (club mix)" by Blue Magic, "Do It Again (12" version)" by Terri Jones, "Waiting For My Lover" by Roz Ryan, "Dream Girl" by Teddy Pendergrass, "Rock Yo World" by Taka Boom, "It's All In Your Hands" by Nile Rodgers, "Give Me Your Love (12" version)" by First Love, "That's Love Calling" by Carl Weathers, and "Save Me (voc club)" by Mary Love. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMirage Records Soul & Funk Collection Vol 3 ... CD
Mirage/FTG, Early 80s. Used ... $6.99
A third set of grooves from the vaults of 80s club soul and funk merchants Mirage Records – a genuinely deep generator for some of more soulful dance club soul sounds of the decade! The set is packed with great numbers – r&b fused with synthy bits, laidback jams, a taste or two of old school party rap and more – including some alternate 12" mixes that let the jams linger on a bit longer. 80s grooves from an increasingly exciting series – with tracks by First Love, The Spinners, Blue Magic, TS Monk and many more! 15 tracks in all: "Can I Be With You Tonight" by First Love, "Pickin Up Pieces" (12" mix) by Brenda K Starr, "Show Me Your Magic" by The Spinners, Smoothin Groovin" by Ingram, "My Toot Toot" (extended cut) by Jean Knight, "Break Dance Party" by Break Machine and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Michael HendersonSlingshot ... CD
Buddah/FTG, 1981. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Much as we like Michael Henderson, we almost want to hate him for the cover of this one – which features him in a skin-tight Speedo – but the record is just too damn good! The music is fantastic – and is sort of an update of the earlier east coast smooth soul sound, with lots of elements of older harmony soul, wrapped up in some modern arrangements that work better for Henderson's voice than those on some of his other albums. The record's got a few tracks that are clinkers – more uptempo tunes that don't work well – but Henderson really shines on sophisticated interpretations of classics like "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Make It Easy On Yourself", as well as on modern tunes like "Can't We Fall In Love Again" with Phyllis Hyman, "Take Care", and "Come To Me". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bionic BoogieHot Butterfly (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polydor/FTG, 1978. Used ... Out Of Stock
A dancefloor classic! The album's the second by Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie, and head and shoulders above the rest – a sublime blend of soul and club that's hardly been matched again! Diamond manages to make things groove, but never loses sight of the soulful styles that make the record so great – and works here with key contributions from a young Luther Vandross, who gives the album some of the same strong vocal arrangements he brought to his own first two albums on Atlantic! Luther sings lead on the album's legendary track "Hot Butterfly", and works in a group with Cissy Houston on other tracks – sweetly soaring with vocals that go far beyond most disco efforts of the time. Simply sublime, and with classics that include "Hot Butterfly", "Paradise", "Cream (Always Rises To The Top)", "Chains", and "When The Sh*t Hits The Fan (Rocket Pocket)". Includes 4 bonus cuts too – "Hot Butterfly (Jim Burgess disco rmx)", "Chains (Gregg Diamond spectacular rmx)", "Fess Up To The Boogie (Gregg Diamond disco rmx)", and "Chains (Jim Burgess disco rmx)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jones GirlsOn Target (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1983. Used ... Out Of Stock
Post-Philly, and the girls are working here with Fonzi Thornton and Robert Wright – who choose to start off the album with a silly bit of dialogue that has them talking to the singers from the production booth (possibly letting them know that Gamble & Huff are no longer in charge!) Here's a record that we dig a whole lot more than we remember – with a crisp, bright period production vibe that's kind of come full circle after all these years. The girls shoot for that popular 80s mode and they hit the mark – bullseye! Titles include "On Target", "I Can Make A Difference", "Curious", "I'm A Woman Here", "Knockin", and "2 Win U Back". This FTG edition has 3 bonus tracks: "2 Win U Back (12" Version)", "On Target (Instrumental)" and "On Target (12" Version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ JuicySpread The Love (with bonus tracks) ... CD
CBS/FTG, 1987. Used ... Out Of Stock
A great later album from the Juicy duo – very much in the tightly grooving mode of their debut, thanks to continued production work by Deodato! The style's smooth, focused, and sharp-edged – but all without sounding too chart-oriented or clunky – and although the beats are electric, and supported with plenty of keyboards, there's a nice sense of warmth to the record overall – a key hallmark of Deodato's sensitivity in the studio. All tracks are originals by the Juicy team of Jerry and Katreese Barnes, and guests on the record include Chaka Khan and Bernard Wright. Titles include "Make You Mine", "All Work No Play", "Show & Tell", "After Loving You", "Private Party", "Serious", and "Midnight Love". CD features bonus tracks – "All Work No Play (all work mix)", "All Work No Play (all play mix)", and "All Work No Play (going left)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Beggar & CoMonument ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1981. Used ... Out Of Stock
The great first album from Beggar & Co – a sweet UK soul trio from the early 80s, and one who grew from the ashes of the equally great Light Of The World! The style here is similar to LOTW's variation on American funk of the time – particularly the tight blend of jazz and funk they shared with Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang – but as a trio, the sound here is leaner, too – more focused on the rhythms, with a snapping, catchy sound that's mighty nice – and which makes for great music all the way through! There's still plenty of live instrumentation and a very warm feel throughout – no tinny 80s modes here – and titles include "Break It Up", "You Need Love", "Bahia De Palma", "I Tried To Write A Song", "Keep On Running", "That's Life", and "Laughing On". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Chocolate MilkComin' (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1976. Used ... Out Of Stock
Wicked funk from Chocolate Milk – and a set that perfectly combines their deep New Orleans roots with the tighter sound the Crescent City was brewing up in the mid 70s! The group work closely here with producer Allen Toussaint – and really show that stronger use of studio technology that Toussaint was perfecting at the time – a mode used famously in work for bigger artists, but which is totally perfect here to bring an even greater focus to the sound of the group! There's loads of sharp-stepping basslines and drums at the bottom, mixed with a cool compressed sound at the top – a way of being a bit smooth, yet still pretty darn funky all the way through. The mellower cuts are especially great – never sleepy, but slow grooving in a really badass way – and titles include "Comin", "Do Onto Others", "Starbright", "Feel the Need", and "Something New". CD features three bonus tracks – 7 inch mixes of "Starbright", "Something New", and "Comin". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Evelyn Champagne KingMusic Box (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1979. Used ... Out Of Stock
Niceness from Evelyn King to cap the end of the 70s! She's really in great form here – stepping out with some fully clubby backings, and working with the mighty T-Life, who's really got a great ear for her groove! The style's a bit less disco than previous albums – some simpler soul at points, mixed with other upbeat modes that hearken a bit more towards the sound of the dancefloor in the early 80s – almost a precursor to that decade's groove at points. Evelyn's vocals are proudly soaring throughout – never too over the top, and always right on the money – and tracks include "Music Box", "I Think My Heart Is Telling", "Out There", "It's OK", "No Time For Fooling Around", and "Make Up Your Mind". This FTG edition has 4 bonus tracks: "Music Box (12" Version)", "Out There (12" Version)", "Make Up Your Mind (12" Version)" and "Out There (7" Version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ray Parker Jr & RaydioTwo Places At The Same Time (with bonus track) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1980. Used ... Out Of Stock
Solid funky work from Ray Parker Jr & Raydio – a set that's lean and focused, and still very much in the earlier Raydio groove! Parker's still a bit away from the spotlight at this point – leaving the band to have the strongest role in the record, which is a great thing, given how well they strike a soulful groove – blending funkier rhythms with smoother soul production, all to set Ray up for lead vocals. Titles include "Two Places At The Same Time", "It's Time To Party Now", "Can't Keep From Cryin", "For Those Who Like To Groove", and "Tonight's The Night". This FTG CD edition also includes the bonus "It's Time To Party Now (12" Version)". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Fonzi ThorntonLeader (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1983. Used ... Out Of Stock
The debut album from Fonzi Thornton – a singer who didn't even need to cop a Happy Days name to get our attention! The style here is tight 80s groove at its best – lots of keyboards and basslines driving the tunes right from the start, and a sound that's pretty lean overall – and never too overproduced or slick! Fonzi keeps things cool throughout – sliding into the vocals, but really letting the groove take hold first – and there's some occasional little electro touches that keep things interesting, without ever sounding like cheap gimmicks. Titles include "The Leader", "There Goes My Heart", "Sha N Da (Happy Love Song)", "Beverly", "Be My Baby", "Perfect Lover", and "Sayin Goodbye". CD features bonus tracks – "Beverly (12" inst)", "Beverly (7" version)", "There Goes My Heart (12" inst)", "There Goes My Heart (7" mix)", and "Sayin Goodbye (7" version)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dionne WarwickFinder Of Lost Loves (2CD version – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Arista/FTG, 1985. Used 2CD's ... Out Of Stock
A surprisingly nice album from the later years of Dionne Warwick's career – a set recorded at a time when the lady may have been a bit of a parody of herself on screen, but could still sound great in the studio! The approach is an extension of Warwick's Bacharach roots into a adult contemporary soul modes – a style that Burt himself was exploring at the time! Tunes are mostly midtempo or mellower, but Dionne's still got the right amount of poise and class to pull things off nicely – and the album also features duets with Stevie Wonder and Glenn Jones, plus Barry Manilow, who also produced. Titles include "Finder Of Lost Loves", "No One In The World", "It's Love", "Bedroom Eyes", "You Made Me Want To Love Again", "It's You", "Run To Me", and "Weakness". 2CD version features 12 more bonus tracks – including the previously unreleased "Broken Bottles" and "Dangerous" – plus "Finder Of Lost Loves (with Luther Vandross)", "No One In The World (alt)", "Bedroom Eyes (alt)", "No One In The World (inst)", and "Without Your Love (inst)". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chapter 8This Love's For Real ... CD
Beverly Glen, 1985. Used ... $9.99
An obscure later album from west coast soul group Chapter 8 – recorded after Anita Baker had left the group to move out on her own, but done for the mid 80s Beverly Glen indie, where Baker had also gotten her start as a solo act! The set's got a feel that's smooth and sophisticated – tighter even than the group's 70s album on Mercury – and most of the tracks focus on mellow modern and more adult-styled soul numbers that showcase the vocals of singers Valerie Pinkston and Gerald Lyles. Titles include "How Can I Get Next To You", "Don't Stop Loving Me", "How Is It Possible", "Love Loving You", "It's My Turn", and "Don't You Think It's Time". CD
(Out of print FTG pressing.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Seed EnsembleDriftglass ... CD
Jazz Refreshed (UK), 2019. New Copy ... $12.99
A fantastic album by this up-and-coming spiritual group from London – an ensemble led by alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi, but definitely a unified group effort all the way through! Konishi composed all the music – and a few songs feature words by Langston Hughes – and the rises with a proud, vibrant spirit right from the start – full of bold modal rhythms, and risen to the heavens on a mix of two trumpets, tenor, trombone, and tuba – plus piano, Fender Rhodes, and some mighty nice bass and drums. All tracks are long, and very individual – not slavish spiritual jazz numbers trying to recapture the past – but instead a very bright vision for tomorrow. Titles include "Afronaut", "Wake (For Grenfell)", "Mirrors", "Interplanetary Migration", "The Dreamkeeper", and "The Darkies". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Seed EnsembleDriftglass ... LP
Jazz Refreshed (UK), 2019. New Copy 2LP ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A fantastic album by this up-and-coming spiritual group from London – an ensemble led by alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi, but definitely a unified group effort all the way through! Konishi composed all the music – and a few songs feature words by Langston Hughes – and the rises with a proud, vibrant spirit right from the start – full of bold modal rhythms, and risen to the heavens on a mix of two trumpets, tenor, trombone, and tuba – plus piano, Fender Rhodes, and some mighty nice bass and drums. All tracks are long, and very individual – not slavish spiritual jazz numbers trying to recapture the past – but instead a very bright vision for tomorrow. Titles include "Afronaut", "Wake (For Grenfell)", "Mirrors", "Interplanetary Migration", "The Dreamkeeper", and "The Darkies". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Driftglass ... CD 12.99

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