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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dorival Caymmi & Tom JobimCaymmi Visita Tom ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1964. New Copy ... $13.99
A landmark meeting of two Brazilian generations – important songwriter Dorival Caymmi, the man who introduced a new sense of poetry to Brazilian music – and the great Antonio Carlos Jobim, the man who revolutionized the world with his bossa nova arrangements! This set has a nicely lean vibe – the best Elenco Records style, served up with Jobim's sense of space and timing – as a perfect match for the vocals of Caymmi, who maybe sounds his best in this mode! There's lots of jazzy instrumentation on the set too – including great work on flute from Danilio Caymmi and guitar from the young Dori Caymmi – both soon to become big talents on their own. Nana Caymmi sings a bit too (her first on record?) – and titles include "Sem Voce", "Berimbau", "Tristeza De Nos Dois", "Vae De Vez", and "Das Rosas". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Grupo ManifestoGrupo Manifesto No 2 ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), Late 60s. New Copy ... $13.99
One of the coolest, most unusual groups to ever record for the legendary Elenco label – and one with a very unique sound overall! At some points, the group share a harmony sound with bossa contemporaries like MPB4 or Tamba Trio – but at others, they take off wildly – with a playful vibe that's really in keeping with the image on the album's cover – and which definitely earns them the musical promise of their manifesto name! Gracinha Leporace is in the group, amidst some other male and female vocalists – and most numbers feature one or two singers stepping out in the lead – with some very cool backing instrumentation from Oscar Castro Neves and Durval Ferreira! Titles include "Diferenca", "Hoje E Domingo", "Bloco Da Vida", "So", "Marianinha", and "Minha Decisao". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nara LeaoNara (1964) ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1964. New Copy ... $13.99
Incredible early bossa material from one of Brazil's greatest singers! The record is lively, yet sophisticated – with strong arrangements by Gaya and Moacir Santos, and a vocal approach by Nana that really moves past the sweeter sound of other bossa singers – into a mode that's rich with feeling, without sounding too overwrought or overemotional – in sharp contrast to the style of Brazilian divas from a few years before. Includes a wonderful version of Santos' "Nana", plus the tracks "Cancao Da Terra", "Consolacao", "Maria Moita", and "Berimbau" – all done in great edgey versions. Beautiful cover, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Edu Lobo & Maria BethaniaEdu & Bethania ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1967. New Copy ... $13.99
A pivotal album in the careers of Edu Lobo and Maria Bethania – united in a series of unique duets for this classic Elenco session from 1966! The album pre-dates most of Bethania's other work, and is done in a style that's got all the best touches of Lobo's baroque post-bossa arranging style – but with an overall sound that's a bit more stripped-down and rootsy. Edu and Maria duet on about half the tracks, trading vocals back and forth over some incredibly beautiful arrangements – and the remaining tracks feature each artist singing solo. The whole thing's amazing, and titles include great versions of "Upa Neguinho", "Lua Nova", "Candeias", "Veleiro", "So Me Fez Bem", "O Tempo E O Rio", and "Boranda". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Edu Lobo with The Tamba TrioEdu Lobo Por Edu Lobo ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1965. New Copy ... $13.99
One of the greatest early albums from Edu Lobo – a groundbreaking set that has Lobo's vocals and guitar backed with sublime sounds from the Tamba Trio! As on their own records, the Tamba Trio harmonize wonderfully – letting Edu's vocals take the lead, but supporting him with those heavenly, airy tones that we totally love. The trio also provides instrumental backing too – a blend of bossa piano, bass, and drums – used strongly to emphasize the best moments in Lobo's compositions, in ways that hint at some of the more baroque turns his music would take in the 70s. There's a mix of ambitious sound and personal expression here that's simply breathtaking – and the album still features some of the best readings ever of Lobo tunes like "Boranda", "Reza", "Cheganca", and "Zambi". Other titles include "Em Tempo De Adues", "Cancao Do Amanhecer", "Requiem Para Amor", and "Cancao Da Terra". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roberto MenescalA Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $13.99
Groundbreaking instrumental work from the legendary Roberto Menescal – one of the key figures to emerge in the bossa nova generation, and one of the few to have a strong recording legacy well into the 21st century! Here, Menescal emerges with a sound that's so fresh, it still sounds amazing all these many years later – not just the usual bossa blend of jazzy instrumentation and spaciousness – but also one that's delivered with this incredible ear for unusual sounds and tunings – so that familiar elements like guitar and piano often come off with very fresh phrasing – alongside the addition of vibes, which Roberto brings to the music in a way that even seems to predate the west coast experiments of Cal Tjader and Clare Fischer! The whole record is wonderful – and titles include "O Amor Que Acabou", "Batida Diferente", "Balansamba", "Voce E Eu", "Samba Torto", and "Rio". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Doris MonteiroDoris Monteiro (1964) ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1964. New Copy ... $13.99
Early work from Doris Monteiro – a set that's much more bossa-oriented than some of her later work – and recorded in the brilliant style of the Elenco label, with backings by Hammond genius Walter Wanderley! The record's got a light lively style – with Walter's organ grooving in bossa mode, and Doris' vocals driftin g across the top – in a mode that's slightly similar to Wanderley's famous pairing with Astrud Gilberto, but a lot more melodic than Astrud ever was! The arrangements are great, with some tight jazzy flourishes that create some driving grooves that push the whole set over the finish line – and tracks include "Deus Brasileiro", "E Vem O Sol", "Sambou Sambou", "Diz Que Fui Por Ai", "Baiaozinho", "Dois Peixinhos", and "Verdade Em Paz". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vinicius De Moraes & Odette LaraVinicius & Odette Lara ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1963. New Copy ... $13.99
A dream of a bossa session – the kind of cool, yet sophisticated session that made the 60s Elenco label so great! The album features vocals by the completely lovely Odette Lara – a blue-tinged singer who really gets at the melancholy in the music – which is superbly underscored by the lyrics of the great Vinicus De Moraes, who wrote the tunes in conjunction with guitarist Baden Powell – at a level that's as great as their other 60s work together! Backings are by the sublime Moacir Santos – who knows how to balance modern impulses, jazz, and a bossa groove – on titles that include "Astronauta", "Berimbau", "Seja Feliz", "Samba Preludio", "Deve Ser Amor", "E Hoje So", "Diexa", and "Alem Do Amor". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Baden PowellA Vontade ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1963. New Copy ... $13.99
Killer early bossa by Baden Powell – a jazzy little gem that still shines brightly after all these years! This early album is a stripped-down batch of tunes that features Baden on acoustic guitar, backed by a small percussion combo that really keeps things lively – plus some additional flute that dances beautifully along with the grooves! The tunes are at once bright and breezy, but also have a darkness that makes Baden's tunes different from some of the other bossa nova guitar work of the era – a spooky specter of deeper feelings that pushes the album past the simple space of instrumental musings. All the signs of his later greatness are firmly planted, even at this young stage – as you'll hear on the album's list of titles that include "O Astronauta", "Candomble", "Samba Do Aviao", "Sorongaio", and "Conversa De Poeta". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Baden PowellBaden Powell Swings With Jimmy Pratt ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1963. New Copy ... $13.99
One of the greatest Baden Powell albums of the 60s – a beautiful little set that's co-crafted by the bossa guitarist and Brazilian drummer Jimmy Pratt! The arrangements are a bit unusual for Powell – and feature lots of small combo woodwinds grooving around the tight percussion of Pratt – as a sad and sweet flute or oboe line sets the pace for most of the tracks, followed-up by Baden's jaunty work on acoustic guitar. The whole thing's got a style that adds a bit of west coast chamber jazz to the bossa – and features tracks that include "Coisa No 1", "Manequim", "Nao E Bem Assim", "Tema No 1", and "Deve Ser Amor". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Baden PowellOs Cantores Da Lapinha ... CD
Elenco/Universal (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... $13.99
One of the most striking albums recorded by Baden Powell for the Elenco label in Brazil – a post-bossa affair that's filled with lots of lively samba touches! The feel is quite different than some of Powell's earlier recordings – as the tunes bounce and dance along on a highly percussive groove – often mixing Baden's guitar with chorus vocals that dip and turn nicely with the rhythms of the set. The recording quality is great, too – airy and spacious, yet still warm enough to capture Baden at his fragile best, and highlight the vocals by Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. Titles include "Lapinha", "Aviso Aos Navegantes", "Vou Dietar E Rolar", "Carta De Poeta", "Violao Vadio", and "Samba Do Perdao". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sylvia Telles/Lucio Alves/Roberto MenescalBossa Session ... CD
Elenco/Mercury (Brazil), 1964. Used ... $19.99
A classic early bossa session on the Elenco label! Sylvia Telles and Lucio Alves sing, both solo and in duets, while Roberto Menescal backs them up with his tight little combo – and even plays vibes on a few instrumentals! The whole thing's got a great fragile bossa feel, with lots of nice groovy tracks, and a warm lyrical sound. Tracks include "Baiaozinho", "Telephone", "Primavera", "Esse Seu Olhar", "Ainda Mais Lindo", "Vivo Sonhando", and "Amanhecendo". The package is very sharp looking, with the typical angular geometric style of the other Elenco covers! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Roberto MenescalEl Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal (aka Bossa Nova De Roberto Menescal) ... LP
Elenco/RCA (Mexico), Mid 60s. Very Good+ ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A excellent set of instrumental bossa nova tunes by Roberto Menescal – one of Brazil's true musical geniuses of the 60s! The arrangements are bossa, but much more off-kilter than usual, with a weird edge, and groovy instrumentation, like vibes, that are not that common on Brazilian material from this period. The overall mood of the material is incredible, and the record shines with a freshness you'll be hard pressed to find on other bossa releases. Titles include "Aruanda", "Negro", "Inverno", "Bolinha De Papel", "Adriana", and "Verao". Beautiful stuff, and with a great cover! LP, Vinyl record album
(Unusual 60s Mexican pressing! Cover has some light wear, but is nice overall.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sylvia TellesBossa Balanco Balada ... LP
Elenco (Brazil), Mid 60s. Very Good- ... Out Of Stock
One of the best records ever by Sylvia Telles – a very tight set of bossa grooves, with some warm and complicated arrangements by the great Moacir Santos! Santos' influence on the session is felt especially on the tracks that feature him soloing on alto and flute – adding in some dark edges that work wonderfully with Sylvia's vocals, and really transform familiar tunes into strange new versions. The whole thing's got a sense of depth that's right up there with the best Elenco work of the 60s – a much more sophisticated take on the bossa than you'd hear from American sessions at the time. Titles include "Samba Do Aviao", "Dorme", "Rio", "Vagamente", "Amor E Paz", and "Voce E Eu". LP, Vinyl record album
(Mono Mexican pressing with deep groove. Cover has surface wear, discoloration from age, and aged tape holding the seams and spine.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nara LeaoNara Leao – Serie Sem Limite ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 1960s/1970s/Early 80s. Used 2 CDs ... $19.99
From the bossa years, to the Tropicalia generation, to the MPB hit days of the 70s, and even up into the 80s – Nara Leao has always been one of Brazil's most compelling singers, as you'll hear on this well-selected batch of 30 tracks pulled from her classic recordings for Philips and Elenco. The package includes many hard to find numbers, and it's a great overview of Nara's work with a strong focus on the early days. Titles include "Carcara", "A Rita", "A Banda", "Amor Nas Estrelas", "Camisa Amarela", "Telefone", "Diz Que Fui Por Ai", "Cantores De Radio", "Wave", "Opinao", "Lindoneia", and "Com Acucar, Com Afeto". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Baden PowellSerie Autiografos De Sucesso Vol 2 ... LP
Fontana (Brazil), 1960s. Very Good+ ... $24.99
A hip collection of some of Baden's best work from the 60s – including some of his classic sides for the Forma and Elenco labels. Titles include "Tempo Feliz" and "Deixa", both performed with Mauricio Einhorn; "Coisa No 1" and "Deve Ser Amor", performed with Jimmy Pratt; and the tunes "Saba Do Aviao", "Berimbau", "Canto De Xango", and "Sorongaio". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ziad RahbaniBennesbeh Labokra – Chou ... LP
Relax In/We Want Sounds (UK), 1978. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $29.99 33.99
A really fantastic record from the Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbani – music for a play, but a set that's also got a fair bit of bossa nova elements too! The songs are a mix of vocal numbers that are more straightforward and Mid-East in style, and instrumentals that blend jazz with light orchestrations that would have been right at home on Elenco Records in Brazil during the 60s – sophisticated, but gently grooving – in a way that's completely sublime! Joseph Sacre handles the vocals on the tracks with lyrics – and those range from midtempo numbers that have a fair bit of percussion and woodwinds, to one number that gets a bit more upbeat and grooving. The instrumentals dominate, in a really great way – and titles include "Last Scene", "Second Introduction", "Al Bosta", "Reda", and five "Variation" tracks. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousPra Quem Sabe Das Coisas (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Ebrau/Think (Japan), 1973. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A rare collection of Brazilian music from the early 70s – and a set that maybe feels more like some of the modernist bossa classics on the Elenco label from the 60s, right down to the black and white image on the cover! There's a fair bit of bossa nova elements in the instrumentation – both in the rhythms, and in the way instruments like organ or guitar are used – and that style also continues in the way that the vocals are recorded too, with maybe this slight sense of an edge that almost feels like some of the genius late 60s records on the Forma label! We don't know much about the status of the record at all – but the music here is more than enough, and is completely beautiful throughout – with titles that include "Pra Quem Sabe Das Coisas" and "De Voce No 1" by Liliana, "Milagre Azul" and "Aldeia" by Renato Mendes, "Mutacao" by Marcao, "Fim De Noite" by Eulalia, "Rosas E Garrafas" by Vera, and "Ultimo Canto", "De Voce No 2, "Coisa E Tal", and "San Fernando" by Cau Pimental – who may well be the creative director of the album. CD

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