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Chuck EddyTerminated For Reasons Of Taste – Other Ways To Hear Essential & Inessential Music ... Book
Duke University Press, 2016. New Copy ... $4.99 26.59
A collection of essays on a great range of musical topics from Chuck Eddy – a writer whose work you might know from Creem or The Village Voice – and who covered a surprising amount of music in his decades in publication! The book brings together columns from a four decade stretch that begins in the late 70s – as Eddy pens tight, short pieces on subjects that include the Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, TLC, Public Enemy, country Music, The Urinals, Kanye West, Mayer Hawthorne, Pet Shop Boys, John Hiatt, Motorhead, The Cure, Voivod, and many others – plus side trips on various formats, styles, and subcultures too. 326 pages, softcover, and with dozens of entries! Book

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Farzaneh HemmasiTehrangeles Dreaming – Intimacy & Imagination In Southern California's Iranian Pop Music ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy ... $18.99 25.95
A fascinating look at a very unique musical scene – Iranian music created in Los Angeles, a city that's home to the largest Iranian population outside of the homeland! Author Farzaneh Hemmasi spent years doing ethnographic fieldwork in the city – and presents a richly detailed portrait of a scene we knew nothing about – partly made up of artists who fled Iran's stricter cultural controls, but also featuring others touched by their presence, continuing to transform the music in the city of angels. 245 pages, softcover, with black and white images. Book

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Benjamin PiekutHenry Cow – The World Is A Problem ... Book
Duke University Press, 2019. New Copy ... $20.99 29.99
A fantastic look at the music of Henry Cow – that important British band of the 70s, and a key bridge between the worlds of art, experimentation, politics, and improvisation at the time! Henry Cow trafficked in ideas that were fairly intellectual, but the group had a way of bringing them down to a wider mainstream audience – in a mode that's summed up perfectly by the author in the ending essay of the book, in which he speaks of a "vernacular avant garde". Before that, though, he gives a richly detailed account of the group's artistic and political mission, and their role in the 70s UK scene – presented with far more detail than we ever could have hoped for, and which really illuminates the group's enigmatic records, as well as work by the related Slapp Happy too. A massive book – almost 500 pages, with copious notes, and a fair bit of black and white photos. Book

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✨✧ Jake AustenFlying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll – Conversations With Unjustly Obscure Rock 'N' Soul Eccentrics (paperback) ... Book
Duke University Press, 2011. New Copy Book ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The best (truly – they got this book right) of Roctober gets a classy rock 'n' soul book compilation from Duke University Press – an incredible collection of interviews that were featured over the years in the great DIY magazine over the years! Interviews with musical legends who should be household names (a few of which are) and infamous figures alike, from soul, R&B and jump blues to country, garage rock and beyond – including Oscar Brown, Jr., David Allan Coe, The Fast, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Sam The Sham, The Good Rats and many more – plus images and illustrations from the pages of Roctober. Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll is edited by Roctober main man Jake Austin, who also penned many of the original pieces, along with James Porter, Ken Burke, Mike Maltese, Dan Sorenson, Jonathan Poletti. Forward by Steve Albini. Paperback, 290 pages. Book

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✨✧ Emily J LordiMeaning Of Soul – Black Music & Resilience Since The 1960s ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A beautiful treatise on the lasting power of classic soul music – yet a book that also goes way beyond the simple readings and overdone cliches that are often attached to accounts of the music! Instead, author Emily J Lordi looks at not just the source recordings, but also the evolving theories about their role within black culture, and the larger American story – tracing shifts over time, while still focusing on the core contributions of artists like Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Isaac Hayes, and Marvin Gaye! The writing is smart, but never too academic – and Lordi does a great job of tying together the strands of her different arguments throughout. 217 pages, softcover. Book

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✨✧ Maureen MahonBlack Diamond Queens – African American Women & Rock & Roll ... Book
Duke University Press, 2021. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the best books we've ever seen to look at the role of black women in American music – a huge volume that's meticulously researched, beautifully presented, and which ties together different strands of sounds and performers to support a very powerful thesis! That's an image of Tina Turner on the front cover – and it sets the stage for the book's presentation of key figures that include Betty Davis, Lavern Baker, Big Mama Thornton, Labelle, Merry Clayton, and a number of others – all delivered in deep detail, with information from archival material, press coverage, interviews, and the recordings themselves. The softcover book is almost 400 pages, comes with some black and white images, and has a great section of notes at the back. Book

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✨✧ Cisco BradleyUniversal Tonality – The Life & Music Of William Parker ... Book
Duke University Press, 2021. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A huge book on the equally-huge creative legacy of bassist William Parker – a musician who first arose in the loft jazz scene in New York during the 70s, but who's gone on to be one of its greatest surviving players, and one who's transformed the inspirations of that world into so many different modes of expression over the decades! Author Cisco Bradley really digs deep – following Parker from his southern roots to his childhood in the South Bronx, to his strong contributions to avant scenes, first in New York, then around the globe – all with a sensitivity to community and context that shows that Parker isn't just some genius musician, but both an evolving participant in creative activity, and one whose contributions have transformed the landscape as well! The book is softcover, 402 pages, and has copious notes, a discography, and even some black and white images as well. Book

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✨✧ Jayna BrownBlack Utopias – Speculative Life & The Music Of Other Worlds ... Book
Duke University Press, 2021. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A beautiful look at imagined communities in many forms – tracing a legacy through black intellectual life of the 19th century to creative production of the 20th and beyond – with a special focus on the creations of Sojourner Truth, Sun Ra, Octavia Butler, Alice Coltrane, Rebecca Cox Jackson, and Samuel R Delaney – mixing fiction, music, and other work to examine the role of utopia in black intellectual history. Jayna Brown's approach is part history and part literary criticism – but also fully absorbs its influences with an understanding that goes far past gloss and style, to really get at the importance of imagination within a larger political and social context. 212 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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✨✧ John CorbettVinyl Freak – Love Letters To A Dying Medium ... Book
Duke University Press, 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An incredible look at the format of vinyl – put together by a guy who's got one of the hippest record collections we've ever seen! John Corbett's been writing about music, art, and other formats for decades – but his real labor of love is vinyl records – a format he continued to embrace even at the height of the CD era – so much so that he talked Downbeat magazine into letting him write a special column on musical delights that had never made it to the digital format! Corbett helped plenty of music get reissued on CD himself – thanks to countless label projects – but he also always held a special place in his heart for the kinds of records that never got reissued – and those are the sorts of titles featured here – a massive run of music that runs from jazz to funk, American and European, totally obscure to completely common – presented beautifully together in this massive book! The volume doesn't just bring together Corbett's columns, but also offers up full color reproductions of all the record covers, along with a few other details too – to support efforts on dozens of artists – a huge list that includes Melvin Jackson, Bill Leslie, Black Grass, Night Blooming Jazzmen, Phil Seamen, Khan Jamal, Klaus Doldinger, The Mad-Hatters, Tommy Jones, Guy Warren, The Three Souls, United Front, Johnny Lytle, London Experimental Jazz Quartet, Paul Smoker, AK Salim, Noah Howard, Jack Wilson, and many others – a good number of whom have yet to be reissued. The book is wonderful – and Corbett's longtime declaration of being a vinyl freak is more important than ever, given the rebirth of the medium! Book is 250 pages, softcover, with color images. Book

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✨✧ Wadsworth A JarrellAfricobra – Experimental Art Towards A School Of Thought ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic look at this revolutionary art movement from Chicago – one whose birth and growth matched that of the AACM in the city, but which was also maybe much more tied to the streets and the people! Although Africobra's been celebrated in galleries and museums over the years, the movement got its start in 1968, during a big moment of pride and power – and made as many contributions to the city's communities as it did to the upper echelons of its art world. The story and theory of Africobra is told here by Wadsworth A Jarrell – one of the movement's founders – in a beautiful book that's filled with full color images and examples to illustrate the text. 292 pages, softcover. Book

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✨✧ John SzwedSpace Is The Place – The Lives Of Sun Ra ... Book
Duke University Press, 1997. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A wonderful biography of one of the most colorful and significant figures in modern music. There's no need for us to go into the impact Sun Ra's music has made in the realm of the sort of records our pages are filled with – in spite of the mainstream musical audience's ignorance of his vast and important oeuvre – and the story of his life is equally as engrossing, filled with as much mystery and imagination as the sounds he left behind on record! Until this book, so much of the story of Ra was just legend, and difficult to penetrate in the veil between fact and fantasy – but author John Szwed did a landmark job of getting to the real story, unearthing an insane amount of details, and doing a fair bit of interviews for the project – which took many years to put together. This edition of the book is huge – with a new forward, a discography in the back, and a section of photos in the middle. 476 pages, softcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ David GrubbsVoice In The Headphones ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Groundbreaking work from David Grubbs – a name you might know from his decades as a musician, singer, and improviser in a variety of settings – or from his more recent emergence as an author – heard from here in a book that unifies both sides of his creative personality! In some ways, the volume follows the territory of Grubbs' previous Now That The Audience Is Assembled – in that it, like that book, is a mixture of prose and poetry, meditating on the role of a central figure in a creative environment. But this time around, the approach is more personal, and less fantastical – and really gets at the heart of the author's many years of experience in the process of making a recording – but in a way that's very different than any other sort of "behind the glass window" sort of project. At a surface level, the book's about the process of recording an album – but immediately, the whole thing unfolds with the complexity of a recorded work itself – a beautiful merging of writing on music and the practice of music itself – at once poetic, but also very down to earth. 146 pages, softcover. Book

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