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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Katsuhisa HattoriLady With Seven Faces (with bonus track) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... $36.99
A Japanese soundtrack from the late 60s – but one that's scored in some of the best bossa and jazzy modes that you'd find in Italian work of the time – plus maybe some of the more whimsical styles that American composers like Johnny Williams or Neal Hefti were using on their comedies during the same stretch! We don't know the film at all, but the non-stop flow of groovy tunes makes us feel as if we've already experienced the narrative – especially as some titles have very cool wordless vocals, ala some of the groovy Hugo Montenegro late 60s albums on RCA. CD features 27 titles in all – and tracks include "Nude Studio", "Fashion Show", "The Origin Of The Party", "The Next Move", "The Dance Is Fun", "Plan Success", and "The Fragrance Of The Roll Of Bills". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Harumi IbeTantei Jimusho 23 Kutabare Akutodomo ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1963. New Copy ... $29.99
Think the French new wave had a lock on jazz soundtracks? Think again, because the Japanese scene of the 60s was full of them – including this sublime set from 1963! Most numbers here are jazz tracks played by a great small combo – one that's got tremendous energy all the way through! The players are unfortunately not credited – but there's great baritone sax, vibes, Hammond, and other instrumentation on these numbers – most of which feel more like evocative performances by a group in a small club, than they do any sort of standard soundtrack music! The whole thing's beautiful – rich in feeling and color, almost like some of the Mal Waldron or Charles Mingus soundtrack performances – and the CD features 20 tracks in all, with notes and other information in Japanese. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hiroki Tamaki/Toru Fuyuki/Naozumi Yamamoto/Hirohiko Fukuda/Takahiro SaitoKaiki Daisakusen (Operation Mystery/Second File/Strange Campaign Mystery File) (4CD set) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1968/2007/2013. New Copy 4CD ... $78.99
Really nice work from a range of different Japanese TV series – material that spans a relatively large stretch of time, and comes together in a really cool blend of styles! The first two CDs features 51 tracks from the late 60s – mostly shorter cues and musical bits that have all sorts of unusual sonic touches – including some of those unusual uses of instrumentation that you might find in some of the Toho horror/sci-fi work of the time – served up with a mixture of sonic bursts and more melodic elements. CD3 features music that's more modern, and more melodic – but in a really beautiful way – television scoring that's tight and economical, but which really seems to do a lot in a small space – with an especially strong ear for a piano melody. CD4 is also more contemporary, but echoes some of the dramatic elements of the older music – balancing moods over the course of 25 tracks, often with full orchestrations, but occasionally using an approach that's more spare and striking. Sorry to not be able to tell you more, but the notes are all in Japanese – although the package also comes with lots of photos from the shows! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mamiya YoshioPrince Of The Sun – Horus' Great Adventure ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1968. New Copy 2CD ... $48.99
A 2CD set of music designed to accompany Japanese animation that starred "the little Norse Prince Valiant" – the cut lil' guy pictured on the cover, who gets some very action-packed accompaniment here! Most tunes are short and lively, and almost echo an older cartoon mode that you might have heard in the US in the 30s and 40s – not exactly Merrie Melodies or Raymond Scott, but not that far away either – as there's all sorts of playful arrangements, unusual horns, offbeat rhythms, and other things that really make the orchestrations sparkle! As with other titles in this series, the whole thing is very well done, but with all notes and titles in Japanese – a 2CD set with 54 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hiroshi Baba (aka Jun Fukamachi)Hiroshi Baba Works – Wolf Guy Enraged Wolfman/Monster Cat Turkish Bath (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1975. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Really cool sounds from 70s Japan – music scored by Jun Fukamachi working under an assumed name, and maybe some of his wildest music ever! The notes here are all in Japanese, so we don't have much in the way of details – but we can say that CD1 features loads and loads of funky tracks – this Wolf Guy must have been one groovy cat – and overall, there's a very strong crime/cop feel to the whole thing – tight drums, riffing guitar, and plenty of sweet keyboards too! CD2 is a bit different, but still has some funky moments too – mixed with others that are more electric, and almost have more Italo horror scoring at times, especially in the moody elements that come from the keyboards! Together, the whole thing is amazing – a stunning sonic journey with a very distinct 70s cinematic feel – 45 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Harumi IbeColt Is My Passport ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A legendary Japanese action film from the 60s – one that's served up here with a fantastic soundtrack by Harumi Ibe! The colt in the title might make you think of a western, but the film itself is a contemporary crime narrative – yet the music does a great job of blending both styles – using crime jazz one minute, and western-styled themes the next – right down to the sort of whistling or plucked bassline you'd get in a spaghetti score from the Italian scene! The whole thing's great, and has some standout elements too – like great use of flute in a few points, which really creates a cool mood – all these nice lyrical, colorful, jazzy flourishes. CD features 26 tracks in all – in a very nice package that includes bonus material too. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hajime KaburakiCertain Killer/Certain Killer's Key (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two great 60s Japanese soundtracks, back to back – both scored in this great mix of jazz and more traditional elements, and served up with a special quality that's very different than any sort of action soundtracks from both the US and European scene at the time! Certain Killer has some koto, flute, percussion, and vocalizations at times – but balanced by work on vibes, woodwinds, and what might be either a harpsichord or a very cool-tuned piano – which really creates a great sense of mood! That piano returns on Certain Killer's Key – used more strongly, and with ways that have the inside strings of the instrument sounding ragged and jangly – which really sets up some nerves for other tracks in the set! All titles on the set are Japanese, as are the notes – but the booklet features lots of great images, and the whole thing features 30 tracks in all. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Kunio MiyauchiChase The Killer (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1962. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great Japanese thriller from the 60s, and one that's scored with plenty of jazz in the mix – following that strong Japanese cinematic style that picked up jazz from the French new wave, but quickly moved it in directions that were even more dynamic! By that, we mean that there's a number of cuts here that are maybe in a more pronounced modern jazz mode – less scene-setting, and more numbers that could stand out on their own, especially when there's a strong solo up top – and together, the tracks in the set make a really beautiful, evocative batch of cinematic jazz – with a style that's nicely different than American and European soundtracks of the same mode. All notes and titles are in Japanese – or else we'd tell you more about the movie and the musicians – but if you like a good jazz soundtrack, you'll find plenty here to love! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Toshima TsushimaWar In Space ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), Late 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Space age warfare never sounded so groovy before – thanks to some great dynamic scoring from Toshima Tsushima! The approach here is maybe a bit like Barry Gray's work for Space 1999 – some elements that echo older sci-fi soundtracks, particularly in the way that familiar instrumentation is made to sound "alien" – but as with Gray, there's also some 70s action elements at play – including some groovier tunes that really set the scene! A number of tracks include electronics or cool effects – and this 2CD set features a massive amount of music from the series – 76 tracks in all, with some in stereo and some in mono. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Yasuo HiguchiConfidential – Secret Market ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Rare material from this 70s Japanese erotic thriller – presented here with lots of bonus tracks too! Despite the nature of the narrative, some of these tunes are stark and dark – which are then offset by warmer, more erotic numbers that make some great use of Fender Rhodes – kind of a more intimate take on the style that an Italian composer like Stelvio Cipriani might bring to the score, but which are really unusual here when balanced alongside the other material from the non-love scenes in the film! Yet if you're a fan of Rhodes, those tunes are definitely a draw – and if you like deeper, more complex soundtrack material, you'll find plenty over the course of the 24 tracks in the set. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Taichiro KosugiCyborg 009/Cyborg 009 – Monster War (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinema Kan (Japan), 1966/1967. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Lots of music from the classic Japanese anime Cyborg 009 – driving action themes mixed with moodier sci-fi numbers – all in a way that's every bit as vibrant as the image on the cover! The notes are all in Japanese, and the package is filled with plenty of them, and lots of images too – all to support a huge amount of music, 52 tracks in all – which includes some especially rare bonus tracks. Some numbers are very bold and horn-heavy – which creates plenty of sharp tension and drama – and these are mixed with others that are more brooding or scene-setting, really brewing up a lot of narrative sonic energy over the course of all the cuts in the 2CD set. CD

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