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Third Record Store Day Drop

Saturday, October 24 – 7am

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2020 Black Friday Releases

Folks, we're running Record Store Day a bit differently this year – instead of one big day, it will be three separate Saturdays, each with a smaller amount of items made available on a first-come, first-serve basis to customers at our Chicago store. Obviously, we all have concerns about Covid-19, so we're trying to make this as much of a hands-off, curbside-styled event as we can. Also, all remaining titles will be for sale online at noon, Chicago time the same day – so you can take your chance, stay at home, and order what we've got left by lunchtime.

We would love to see you on Saturday, October 24 – but we'll be operating with the following guidelines:

  1. This is a mask-on situation. No mask, no service – and no noses sticking out over the top.

  2. We will maintain social distancing, and will disperse any large, close crowding. If you do not respect the space of others, you will not be allowed to purchase items that day. There will be a line before 7am, but the line will be spaced appropriately, and masks are required.

  3. Nobody will be allowed inside Dusty Groove. We will pull items on your behalf, in the usual first-come, first-served, one copy per customer standard of Record Store Day.

  4. We will provide you with an order form, which you can fill out in person, or in advance, hand in to our staff, and we will pull each order, as received.

  5. 72 hours before the opening, we will post an order form here, with a list of everything we have for the October 24, RSD Drops. Check back here and print the list in advance, fill it out at home, which will really speed things up. The form still must be presented in person, the morning of Saturday, October 24, starting at 7am.

  6. Once you hand the form in to a staff member at the door, your order will be pulled as quickly as possible, and we will then service you through our side pickup window. In other words, hand in your form, step away, and move around the corner to our side window.

  7. Remember that by noon Chicago time, everything left will be online, so you can order online by that point in the day, and pick up your order in the usual manner for our local pickup orders.

These are tricky times for all of us, and we're still trying to respect the wishes of the in-person selling of the RSD Drops titles, as directed by the people at Record Store Day. But we are also trying to keep everyone as safe as possible, both customers and staff, and are asking for your patience during this very different version of the event.

Look forward to the hundreds of amazing titles we'll have from such artists as:

Allman Brothers Band

McLemore Avenue

Chief Keef

Miles Davis


Freddie Gibbs

Rory Gallagher

Jimmy Giuffre

Dexter Gordon

Grateful Dead


Charles Mingus

Hugo Montenegro

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Gil Scott-Heron


Tear Da Club Up Thugs



Frank Zappa

Warren Zevon

Virgin Suicides

Austin Powers Soundtracks

...and many, many more!

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