Grab A Ton Of Vinyl For Your Next Creative Project!

Dusty Groove now offers unsorted bulk used vinyl records at a low, low price — perfect for set designers, decorators, artists, or anyone looking to creatively re-use a record!

Looking to buy a lot of records at once? We've always got a lot of very low-end records that have made the path from our store through the discount racks — and which are still looking for good homes. We sell these records by the pound, plus shipping — and if you've got a need for a dozens or hundreds or thousands of pieces of vinyl, we can definitely help you out!

Dusty Groove Bulk Vinyl Dusty Groove Bulk Vinyl Dusty Groove Bulk Vinyl Dusty Groove Bulk Vinyl

We can't sort them out by styles or artists — or promise that they're all records you'd really want to own — but if you're looking to fill up some shelves for a film shoot, get some used records for a creative project, or just fill up some empty crates so that you look like a digger — we can promise lots of vinyl at a great low price!

10¢ per pound + shipping

Keep in mind that this vinyl has been through the regular racks — and the Bargain Basement — and some of it might have defects, some may have damaged covers, and the vinyl will mostly likely be a mix of 12" singles and full albums. But we can offer this raw, unsorted mix of records at the bulk rate of 10 cents per pound — plus any additional costs for shipping (or sales tax if you're in the state of Illinois). Our supply varies, but typically we have pre-packaged boxes of bulk vinyl in weight ranges from 20 pounds ($2) to 70 pounds ($7). Pre-packaged weight and selection depends on what we have on hand.

Regular shipping costs apply despite the discount for these records — so please keep in mind that you may pay more for shipping than for the records themselves, especially when shipping to international destinations. For example: 10 pounds of records costs over $20 for shipping to most US locations and over $60 for international delivery. (If you visit us at our Chicago store you can of course avoid shipping fees!)

Given the nature of these bulk vinyl records, they cannot be returned. All sales are final.

If you're interested in more details, contact the "Used Department" at 773-342-5800 or and we'll be happy to discuss your project.

And heck, if you're looking for bulk 7" singles, we can offer those as well!

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