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Cha De ZabumbaVamo Vadio ... CD
Trama (Brazil), 2005. Used ... $6.99

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Max De CastroBalanco Das Horas ... CD
Trama (Brazil), 2006. Used ... $6.99
Max De Castro is easily one of the most exciting artists to come out of Brazil in the past decade or so – one of the few that we follow eagerly with each new record, never to be disappointed! This set pushes Max into some newer territory than before – work that's a bit more focused, sometimes more funky, and certainly to help him capture a larger global audience. Much of the instrumentation has roots in older samba – including the percussion, guitar, and trombone used on the set – but as with other De Castro albums, there's also some careful use of keyboards and electronics to slightly spice things up. But overall, there's almost a more "live" feel to most of the tunes on this record – especially the more groove-centrist numbers – and Max himself seems to respond to the setting by stepping forth a bit more strongly with his vocals, and rocking his guitar a bit louder than usual on a few tracks. Titles include "Se Nao Tem Remedio Esta", "Balanco Das Horas", "Candura", "I Remember Fela", "Sly Stone Is Playing In My House", "Doce Deleite", "E O Caso De Perguntar", and "Samba Joia". CD

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Max De CastroOrchestra Klaxon ... CD
Trama (Brazil), 2002. Used ... $5.99
Astounding work from Max De Castro – one of our favorite artists working in Brazil today! The album really takes off from De Castro's earlier work – blending together electronics and some really tight jazz-based instrumentation, including lots of keyboards, in a style that's at once classic and instantly fresh. Max's vocals are wonderful too – soulful, but not in a forced way, gently grooving with the jazzy arrangements. Another winner in the always-expanding, always-excellent catalog of the Trama label – and featuring the tracks "Sonho De Verao", "Linha Do Tempo", "A Vida Como Ela Quer", "O Futuro Pertence A Jovem Vanguarda", "O Nego Do Cabelo Bom", and "Os Oculos Escuros De Cartola". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nacao ZumbiNacao Zumbi ... CD
Trama (Brazil), 2002. Used ... $6.99
Heavily grooving work from Chico Science's old group – a fuzzed-out batch of tracks that has Nacao Zumbi still very much in a guitar-based mode, but also moving towards styles that have the melange of modes that you'll find in some of the more groundbreaking Brazilian pop of recent years. Titles include "Blunt Of Judah", "Faz Tempo", "Know Now", "Ogan Di Bele", "Caldo De Cana", "Tempo Amarelo", and "Propoganda". CD
(Out of print.)

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Rappin HoodSujeito Homem ... CD
Trama, 2001. Used ... $5.99
Brazilian hip hop from Rappin Hood – produced in a way that's surprisingly without cliche! The language is Portuguese throughout, and titles include "Vida De Negro", "De Repente", "Rap Du Bom", "Gol", "O Chamado", "Vida De Negro", "Suburbano", "E Tudo No Meu Nome (rmx)", and "Caso De Policia". CD
(Out of print.)

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Jair RodriguesA Nova Bossa Por Jair Rodrigues ... CD
Trama (Brazil), 2004. Used ... $13.99
A wonderful surprise from Jair Rodriguez – the kind of an album we never expected to like so much! Sure, Jair cut some fantastic work in earlier years, but we really weren't prepared for the quality of this one – as the set's honestly the greatest record we've heard from him in decades, done in a style that really lets his magical vocals come to the forefront, in that angularly soulful approach that often gets buried on other modern recordings. Tracks skip along with a light mix of samba and bossa rhythms – and although there's some electric instrumentation on the set, the overall feel is nice and rootsy – and slightly funky at a few moments. Titles include "Rio", "Se E Tarde Me Perdoa", "Falso Amor", "Voce Abusou", "O Barquinho", and "Este Seu Olhar". CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jair OliveiraSimples ... CD
Unimar (Brazil), 2006. Used ... $9.99
The title's an apt one – as the record's the most earthy and stripped-down effort we've heard from Jair Oliveira so far – a real change from his more beat-centric albums for Trama, and a set that unlocks an especially soulful side in his music! In a way, there's a style here that's a little bit like Seu Jorge's work on Cru – a mix of percussion, acoustic guitar, and warmly raspy vocals that are totally great – served up with an almost universal appeal, despite the language difference. A few elements here are electric, but these are used sparingly, and the acoustic elements in the music always take center stage – which makes for an especially warm sound throughout – even on the more groove-heavy tracks! Titles include "Todo Dia", "Simples", "Eu Voce", "Sete E Meia", "Bracos E Iemanja", "Intacto", "Pele", "Casa Da Dor", and "Eu Tambem Tive Um Sonho". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tom ZeEstudando O Pagode – Na Opereta Segregamulher E Amor ... CD
Luaka Bop, 2005. Used ... $4.99
A mighty new effort from the amazing Tom Ze – a wild, heaving stylistic sprawl that's as dense and wonderful as his other recent efforts for Trama – but far more ambitious than anything he's done in many years! If you know anything about Tom Ze, you know that the man's aural art is quite difficult to describe, from the post-Tropicalia heyday to today! This set is a 16 song operatic suite that seems to be a stylistic sibling to his great (and quite rare) Estudando O Samba album from the mid 70s. Tom is taking on Greek mythology and age-old issues of gender oppression here – on an album produced with a sly, sinister groove by Jair Olivera. Incredible stuff – with all of the jerky, pulsating avant funk and leftfield grooves of Tom Ze at his recent best! The tracks are divided into 3 sections (Primero Ato, Segundo Ato and Terciero Ato) and include "Ave Dor Maria", "Estupido Rapaz", "O Amor E Um Rock", "Elaeu", "Para La Do Para", "Prazer Carnal", "Teatro (Dom Quixote)", "A Volta Do Trem Das Onze" and more! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Cid CamposNo Lago Do Olho ... CD
Dabliu (Brazil), 2001. Used ... Out Of Stock
Bassy modern work from Brazil – a mix of soulful styles and electronic production, almost in the vein of work on the Trama label, but perhaps a bit rougher around the edges. Cid's vocals are filtered through a set of effects on most cuts, making them slide in and out of the backings, which range from experimental to more straight ahead and funky – almost in the mode of work from a few years ago by Arnaldo Antunes. Titles include "Desktop", "Flor Da Boca", "Vamp Neguinha", "Etc", "O Olho Do Lago", and "O Comedor De Cachorro". CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ultramagnetic MCsFunk Your Head Up ... CD
Mercury, 1992. Used ... $14.99
Follow up to Critical Beatdown with solid, funky production by Ced Gee and Moe Love, and Kool Keith just being Kool Keith – giving it some crazy charm that a lot people just weren't ready for at the time! Their first major label record, which seemed to take forever to come out, we recall a lot of folks being disappointed with this at the time – but there's ultimately a lot of quality cuts here! "Poppa Large", "Chorus Line Pt. 2", "Make It Happen" were favorite cuts from the outset, and with the benefit of hindsight and without burden of expections, other great ones include "Funk Radio", "Stop Jockin Me", "Bust The Facts" and "I Like Your Style" with many other standout moments. It's got a whopping 23 in all, and other tracks include "MC Champion", "Go For Yourz", "Message From The Boss", "Pluckin Cards", "You Ain't Real", "Moe Love On The ! & 2" and "Porno Star". CD
(Out of print. Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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