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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Arp LifeZ Bezpieczna Szybkoscia ... LP
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), Late 70s. New Copy (reissue)... $25.99
A record that you might spend a week trying to pronounce, but one that will grab you right away with its sound! Arp Life stick strongly in their best clubby modes here – mixing the keyboards of their name with some sweet disco-styled rhythms, and the occasional female chorus vocal, in a style that's pretty great if you dig the dancefloor sounds coming from France, Germany, and Italy in the late 70s. Most tracks are instrumentals – the set includes solos on alto sax and harmonica at times – and the album was only ever issued as a cassette back in the 70s, which makes this version a great surprise. Titles include "Akwarele", "Papagayo", "Bam Bam Bam", "San Jose", "Klik Klak", "Slon I Mrowka", and "Tango Mundial". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Woody HermanWoody Herman & His Big Band In Poland ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), Mid 70s. Near Mint- ... $2.99
A rare one from Woody Herman – recorded during his 70s electric years, with keyboards by Lyle Mays – on tunes that include "Jazzman", "Where Is The Love", "Reunion At Newport", and a version of Chick Corea's "La Fiesta". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a peeled spot and remnants from clear tape at the bottom.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Karin Krog/Zbigniew NamyslowskiJazz Jamboree 75 – Vol 2 ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1975. Near Mint- ... $11.99
A rare session by singer Karin Krog – one that also features great work by Polish alto player Zbigniew Namyslowski! The album was recorded at Poland's Jazz Jamboree in 1975 – and side one features Krog singing with backing from Namyslowski's quartet, which includes some great work on Fender Rhodes by Wojciech Karolak. The mixture of Krog's icy vocals and warm keyboards is as strong here as on her best 70s recordings – and the side features 2 original tunes, "When Fortune Smiles" and "Hello Thursday", plus versions of "Who Cares" and "How Long Has This Been Going On". Side two is great too – and features Namyslowski's group on its own, joined by a tenor player, working on a free-flowing modal number called "Der Schmaltztango", which has nice Latiny touches, and runs for over 25 minutes! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jerzy MilianSemiramida – Trio In Concert 1966 to 1969 ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), Late 60s. New Copy ... $16.99
Seminal sounds from one of the hippest vibists of the 60s – the great Jerzy Milian, who was easily Europe's answer to Bobby Hutcherson at the time! The material here comes from a few key performances by the Milian trio at the Jazz Jamboree festival in Poland – sort of the Eastern European version of Newport or Montreux – and the sound is very open and freewheeling, with this equal balance between the vibes, bass, and drums that show a lot of "new thing" tendencies in Jerzy's music at the time! Milian made plenty of great studio records over the years, but these live sides may well be some of his most revolutionary – a rare glimpse at a musician who should have had a much bigger impact globally at the time, had it not been for the politics of the Cold War. Titles include "Semiramida", "Ballada", "Monument", "Summer Nights", "My Favorite Band", "Serpent's Tooth", "Vales Ex Cathedra", and "Program". (One thing – note that the title track "Semiramida" has some technical issues – the recording quality ebbs and flows a bit, although the music is great.) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Wlodzimierz NahornyZapach Psiej Siersci (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1981. New Copy ... $16.99
Really beautiful music from Wlodzimierz Nahorny – an artist we know mostly as a Polish jazz musician and saxophonist, but who turns out to have an equally great ear for film music as well! The style here is lush, but restrained – balanced beautifully with lots of traces of jazz, as you'd get in the best soundtrack work of Johnny Mandel, particularly during his post-Sandpiper years – that sophisticated approach that's never too easygoing, and which has a wonderful way of setting up very visual moments in music, through delicate use of tone and color. Many numbers have light strings, with core acoustic passages and solos – and the CD adds in some additional bonus tracks and source music not used for the film – really augmenting this already-rare soundtrack! Titles include "Koti/Tesknota", "Pocalunek 1", "Bialy Prosek", "Dyskoteka", "Orient", "Swing", and "Samotnosc". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Zbigniew NamyslowskiWinobranie ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1973. Very Good+ ... $19.99
Avant modal jazz from Polish saxophonist Zbigniew Namyslowski – a name that's not easy to say, but which has been associated with some great music over the years! This early 70s session has Namyslowski really building on his earlier work with Krzysztof Komeda – taking the angular, modern style of the 60s, and forging it into the freer, more rhythmic mode of the post-Coltrane generation! The tracks on the set are long and pulsating – making strong use of the rhythm section to build things up, then rolling out with exploratory solos that push the envelope, yet still follow the overall groove of the set. Namyslowski himself is playing cello and piano in addition to his regular alto sax – and other instrumentation includes tenor sax, trombone, and bass clarinet. Titles include "Wine Feast", "Not Less Than Five Percent", "First Take", "Gogoszary", and "No Dough, No Kicks". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some tape around the edges, and a small sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Novi SingersFive, Four, Three (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1974. New Copy ... $16.99
One of the hippest albums ever from this incredible Polish vocal group – and that's saying a lot, because all of their albums are pretty darn hip! This set has the Novi Singers working in a freer, more open-ended mode than on some of their earlier records – hitting some territory that verges on the Karin Krog modes of the time, with lots of nice spacey touches, and going for some other numbers that have a funkier big band sort of approach – even cooler and groovier than the group's previous albums, including their classic set for MPS! Instrumentation brings in some sweet Fender Rhodes at times – with a fusion undercurrent that's subdued, and never gets in the way of the incredible harmonies – and titles include "Bongolo", "On The Road", "Five Four Three", "What Thing Is Love", "Yellow Blue & White", "Off Season", and "Dotyk". CD has great sound, notes, and four bonus tracks too – "Feel Kind Of Low", "Be My King", "Basen" and "Klown I Skrzypce". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ LaboratoriumModern Pentathlon – Polish Jazz 49 ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1976. Near Mint- ... Just Sold Out!
Sweet electric jazz from 70s Poland – a really tripped-out set of keyboard tunes, almost an Eastern European take on the Herbie Hancock sound of the time! The group's led by keyboard maestro Janusz Grzywacz – who works here on Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, and a Roland 2000 – hitting styles that range from straight and funky to electric and spacey – as much concerned with the overall sound of the set as with his own spirited solo work – and coming across with a soulful sound that's almost George Duke-ish at times! Titles include "Funky For Franka", "ABZ", "Crazy Shepherd", and "Modern Pentathlon". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Tomasz StankoMusic 81 – Polish Jazz Vol 69 ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1982. Near Mint- ... Just Sold Out!
A lost chapter in the career of Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko – better known for his recent recordings on ECM, and his classic 60s work with Komeda – but sounding surprisingly great here as well! The album's a relatively straight set of tracks that feature Stanko with a quartet – blowing in a mode that's more forthcoming than on some of his experimental and ethereal sessions – using an earthy tone that seems to dig into the dirt, and come up with bold, new notes. A few tracks have a feel that's a bit like that of Freddie Hubbard in the same period – particularly on the recordings where he was moving back to straight jazz, from electric work. But Stanko's tone is something fierce on the set, and unique his own – especially on the album's few more exploratory numbers. Titles include "Ahuha", "Third Heavy Ballad", "Alusta", and "Daada". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Krzysztof KomedaAstigmatic ... CD
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1965. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Possibly the most fantastic recording ever from the greatest talent of Polish jazz! The material was recorded in 1965, in the years before Komeda followed Roman Polanski to the US to score his films like Rosemary's Baby – and it's one of the greatest modernist albums of the 60s jazz scene on either side of the Atlantic – a record we'd rank right up there with the best from Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Joe Harriott, or other forward-thinking talents of the generation! The style is incredibly modernist, but with none of the over-indulgences that later plagued the Polish prog-oriented scene, and with none of the non-jazz influences that could stop a session like this dead in the water – and instead, the band grooves mightily in a blend of sharp edges and modal rhythms – a tremendous blend that makes the album as appealing to fans of more soulful jazz as it does to those looking for bold modernist statements. The quintet features 2 of Poland's other key jazz figures from the time – Tomasz Stanko on trumpet and Zbigniew Namyslowski on alto sax – and other members include Gunter Lenz on bass and Rune Carlson on drums. Titles are all Komeda originals, all nice and long – and include "Astigmatic", "Kattorna", and "Svantetic". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Arp LifeJumbo Jet/Z Bezpiecznq Szybkosciq (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), Late 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Sweet sweet grooves from 70s Poland – played by a studio combo who've got a definite flair for a disco-styled sound! The set features two full albums by the group – the first of which is their legendary Jumbo Jet record – a massive blend of keyboards, light strings, and other rhythmic elements – all at a level that easily rivals some of the best clubby styles from the other side of the Iron Curtain at the time! Most tracks are instrumental, and often just get a bit of female chorus elements bubbling through the mix – in this kind of Euro sexy style that's mighty nice. The overall sound is more Euro or Canadian disco – but still quite nice – and the set includes the funky number "Bu Bu", plus "Motor Rock", "Olo Boogie", "Hotel Victoria", "Baby Bump", "Jumbo Jet", and "Apolobamba". Next is the group's follow-up set – Z Bezpiecznq Szybkosciq – a record that you might spend a week trying to pronounce, but one that will grab you right away with its sound! Arp Life stick strongly in their best clubby modes here – mixing the keyboards of their name with some sweet disco-styled rhythms, and the occasional female chorus vocal, in a style that's pretty great if you dig the dancefloor sounds coming from France, Germany, and Italy in the late 70s. Most tracks are instrumentals – the set includes solos on alto sax and harmonica at times – and the album was only ever issued as a cassette back in the 70s, which makes this version a great surprise. Titles include "Akwarele", "Papagayo", "Bam Bam Bam", "San Jose", "Klik Klak", "Slon I Mrowka", and "Tango Mundial". CD features four bonus tracks too – "Bump", "Bilbao", "Adelajda", and "Tonpress". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Wladyslaw KomendarekWladyslaw Komendarek (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), Mid 80s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A cool keyboardist from the 80s scene in Poland – working here on all the best Roland, Korg, and Arp instruments of the time – and with this lean, stripped-down groove that's almost got a Kraftwerk feel overall! The music's never too cheesy – with none of those "too easy" 80s rhythm programs that always made for too much stiffness – and instead, Wladyslaw really keeps this spontaneous feel in some of his keyboard work – much looser and more groovy than lots of the other keyboard-heavy soundtrack or sound library material at the time, yet still never commercial or kitschy either. The balance is hard to describe, but totally perfect throughout – and the record's a gem if you dig any sort of 80s sound library music, and even some of the best underground electro work of the period too. Titles include "Super Express", "Ranek Nad Wisla", "Tesknota Zeglarza", "Polowanie W Puszcy Bialej", "Krople Rosy", and "Podwodny Spacer". CD also features four bonus tracks from the same sessions for the album – including "Morskie Figle", "Droga Do Sahary", and "Samotna Pacynka". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ LaboratoriumQuasimoto ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1979. Used ... Out Of Stock
70s Polish fusion at its finest, served up by the always-tight Laboratorium – a group who know when to jam at the right points, but who can also lay back into a spacier groove as well! This album does a good job of mixing in plenty of keyboards – Fender Rhodes and Arp, juxtaposed nicely next to some acoustic piano which rounds out the sound and gives the record a bit more of an earthy feel underneath. The guitars are nice too – never over the top, and following the spacier lead of the keys to create some expansive electric soundscapes as the set rolls on. Titles are a mix of very short and very long numbers – with titles that include "The Journey", "I'm Sorry I'm Not Driver", "Lady Rolland", "Quasimodo", and "An Icon". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Henryk Majewski with Wild Bill DavisonPolskiego Stowarzyszenia Jazzowego – Klub Plytowy ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1976. Used ... Out Of Stock
A 1976 Polish radio performance – with Wild Bill Davison guesting with an all-Polish group. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jerzy MilianBazaar (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An incredible record from Jerzy Milian – easily one of the hippest vibes players in Europe in the 60s, and a key member of the Polish jazz scene that also included Krzystof Komeda and Tomasz Stanko! The album's an extremely evocative session that features Milian's vibes and marimba mostly in a spare trio setting – stepping out with a highly chromatic tone that has echoes of Bobby Hutcherson's straighter Blue Note work of the 60s, but which also flows out with a unique sense of color and timing. A few tracks feature great wordless vocals from singer Ewa Wanat of the Novi Singers – drifting along with the tunes in a haunting way that has a bit of a soundtrack feel – and the album also features a bit of guest flute from Janusz Mych. Titles include "Bazar W Aszchabadzie", "Tempus Jazz 67", "Serial Rag", "Valse Ex Cathedra", and "My Favourite Band". CD features four rare bonus tracks – "Valse Ex Cathedra", "Song Polly", "Nokturn", and "Serial Rag". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ BemibemBemowe Frazy ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1974. Used (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Very groovy vocal jazz from Poland – very much in the style of the best work by the Novi Singers! The group's led by the lovely Ewa Bem, but features harmonizing male voices behind her on many titles – set alongside lightly electric instrumentation that has lots of sweet breezy touches! There's a very playful feel to the tunes that's clearly inspired by the bossa vocals of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – but which also has some great electric Polish jazz 70s touches as well. Includes the great funky track "Kolorwe Lato", plus the tracks "Jajecznica", "Zawsze Mamy Siebie", "Podaruj Mi Troche Slonca", and "Nie Bojmy Sie Wiosny". LP, Vinyl record album
(With obi.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ KlanMrowisko (The Hive) ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), Early 70s. Used (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Hip work from the Polish scene at the start of the 70s – a Hammond-heavy combo with a fair bit of jazz in their grooves – almost a more progressive take on the Brit beat group sound of the 60s, but without all of the progressive modes that other Euro groups were moving into! There's a great blend of basslines, percussion, and organ in the group's approach – and although there's a number of tracks with vocals, there's also others where the instrumentation really dominates, and those are especially appealing to us. Production is cool too – often echoey and effect-heavy – and titles include "A Dream", "Temptation", "The Nerves Of Cities", "Thoughts", "The Hive", and "The Starveling's Dance". LP, Vinyl record album
(80s pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jorgen Leth & John Tchicai/Igor CaplinskiJazz Jamboree 1962 – No 4 (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/Jazzhus Disk (Japan), 1962. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the best early recordings from this legendary European Jazz Festival – and a set that also features some amazing young work from the great John Tchicai – already making a big name for himself overseas! Side one features Tchicai on alto in a group put together by jazz critic Jorgen Leth – who doesn't play in the group himself, but has an ear excellent enough to also include Max Burel on baritone sax, Niels Bronsted on piano, Bjorn Alke on bass, and Rune Carlsson on drums. The two tracks on that side – "Blue Monk" and "Night In Tunisia" – feature great extended solos by Tchicai and Bruel – a player we only know from a few other records, but who reallys parkes here. The second half of the set features a group led by guitarist Igor Caplinsky – playing in a cool, breezy style alongside the tight sounds of a trio that features Wojciech Karolak on piano, Juliusz Sandecki on bass, and Andrzej Dabrowski on some mighty lively drums! The combo plays versions of "Out Of Nowhere" and "Moonlight In Vermont". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Wlodzimierz NahornyJej Portret (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1970. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic set from Polish jazz musician Wlodzimierz Nahorny – a player with a name that's certainly a mouthful, but one with talents who will also leave you breathless! Nahorny shines here on a number of different instruments – with solos on alto sax, flute, and piano – plus some cool harpsichord on one track too – all set to the sophisticated backings of Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski, who was easily one of Poland's hipper arrangers of the time! The album's got a mix of jazz and orchestration's that's as hip as some of the late 60s CTI sessions – particularly during their years with A&M Records – or with a vibe that's a bit like some of the later Stan Getz projects on Verve, with all the cool, sophisticated touches that would imply! Tracks are all Polish numbers, done instrumentally – which makes for an especially fresh feel to the set – and titles include "Obok Nas", "Wlasnie Tego Dnia", "Jej Portret", "Taki Dzien", and "Mowity Mu". CD also features 6 more bonus tracks from Polish Radio performances a few years before – showing Nahorny in great small combo settings! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Zbigniew NamyslowskiKujaviak Goes Funky ... LP
Polskie Nagrania (Poland), 1975. Used ... Out Of Stock
Some great funky jazz by one of Poland's greatest musicians! Zbigniew Namyslowski cut his teeth playing modernist alto sax in the group of Krzystof Komeda, but on this mid 70s set, he's grooving hard in a tight set of choppy fusion tracks with that hard European approach on the downbeat! The group's a quintet – with Namyslowski on alto, Tomasz Szukalski on tenor and soprano, and Wojcieh Karolak on electric piano – and the tracks are long and spiralling, a bit free, but always with some good grooves, and held down especially nicely by Karolak's keyboard lines! Titles include "Zablakana Owieczka", "Kujaviak Goes Funky", "Appenzeller's Dance", and "Smutny Jasio". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear and tape around the edges.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jerzy MilianWhen Where Why – 1972 to 1979 DDR Big Band Grooves ... CD
GAD (Poland), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Great vibes from Jerzy Milian – a player who was easily one of the hippest cats to handle a vibraphone on the European continent in the 70s – heard here in a host of rare recordings from Berlin! Jerzy's Polish, and most of his work was done for the Polskie Nagrania label – but these tracks offer up a very different side of his talents than usual – some very cool, very groovy tunes that have a fantastic feel throughout – somewhere between late 60s Verve, hip Italian soundtracks, and some of the groovier projects on MPS – all reference points that really make this collection a treasure to our ears! All tunes were written and arranged by Milian – and many have a focus on the fuller ensemble instead of just his vibes – a very generous spirit to guide them. Titles include "Bagira", "Signor Cosmalino", "Wo Ist Die Socke", "Acht Und Dreizig", "Die Bunte Balkone", "Der Lustige Witwer", and "Mademoiselle Horror". CD

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