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✨✧ Buddy RichRich In London – Live At Ronnie Scott's ... CD
RCA (Japan), 1971. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Crackling live energy from Buddy Rich – recorded at Ronnie Scott's nightclub in London, and with a sound that recalls some of Buddy's best from the 60s! The group is plenty great – and the attraction here goes way beyond just Buddy's famous work as a leader. As with other Rich albums from the time, the album features some really searing solo work from Pat LaBarbera – clearly the second star of the set, and really bringing a lot to the session on tenor, flute, and soprano sax! Arrangements are by John LaBarbera, Mike Gibbs, and others – all very hip talents who keep things compelling throughout – and titles include "The Word", "Dancing Men", "St Mark's Square", "That's Enough", "Little Train", and "Tim Being". CD

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✨✧ Max RoachComplete Remastered Recordings On Black Saint/Soul Note (Birth Rebirth/Collage/Survivors/Historic Concerts/Bright Moments) (6CD set) ... CD
Black Saint (Italy), Late 70s/1980s. New Copy 6CD ... Out Of Stock
Really wonderful work from drummer Max Roach – a set of classic albums for the Black Saint/Soul Note labels – most of which mark an especially creative stretch in his career! The set's got some great avant moments – the brilliant Birth & Rebirth, which pairs the drums of Roach with the reeds of Anthony Braxton – at a level that's quite free, but quite spiritual too! Max also steps outside on Historic Concerts – a 2CD set of performances with pianist Cecil Taylor – a meeting that's got to be heard to be believed, as Roach almost outdoes Cecil for non-stop creative energy! Collage features the M'Boom percussion ensemble – a great group that Max was fronting at the time, and which also features percussionists and drummers Freddie Waits, Ray Mantilla, Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Warren Smith, and Eddie Allen – a hell of a lineup who creatively mix rhythm and melody. Survivors is a bit more subtle, but quite soulful too – a set that has Max Roach handling a fair bit of percussion, and working with a hip string quartet too! Last up is Bright Moments – one of a few 80s efforts to feature Roach's Double Quartet – a group that takes his regular four-piece jazz group and augments it with a string quartet – all in a sound that's almost an extension of modes first begun by Roland Kirk in the 60s! The Kirk reference isn't accidental – as the title track here is a great version of Kirk's "Bright Moments" – one that uses the strings to offset the core jazz work of Roach on drums, Odeon Pope on tenor, Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet, and Tyrone Brown on electric bass – all in ways that are as creative as they are playful, definitely in a Kirk-styled spirit. Other tunes follow suit – and use the strings to echo Kirk's dream of a black classical music, but also one that's always firmly jazz-based at all times. Titles include "Double Delight", "Hi Fly", "Bright Moments", "Elixir Suite", and "A Tribute To Duke & Mingus". CD

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✨✧ Roswell Rudd & Heather MasseAugust Love Song ... CD
Red House, 2016. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A set that starts out sounding like one of the most old school, straight ahead records we've ever heard from trombonist Roswell Rudd – but which soon opens up to all the creative, compelling modes we've always loved in Rudd's music! The record's the result of recent work with vocalist Heather Masse – a hell of a singer who takes Roswell back to older eras of jazz in style, but in ways that are still touched with all the creative tones we've always loved in his work on trombone! The mix is a bit like some of Roswell's 70s album with Sheila Jordan – in the way the songs are familiar, the structure is mostly standard, but the whole thing's open to these amazing inflections that really keep things interesting. Masse really surprises us, too – as while she can sing straight some times, she can also open up with these modes that are both modern and inventive, but never in a way that ignores older jazz roots. The pair have a way of embracing decades of jazz history at once – a bit in the way that Jaki Byard was always able to do – and they work here alongside Rolf Sturn on guitar and Mark Helias on bass – on titles that include "Social Call", "I'm Goin Sane", "Winter Blues", "Con Alma", "Tova & Kyla Rain", and "Blackstrap Molasses/Old Devil Moon". CD
Also available August Love Song ... CD 9.99

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✨✧ Working WeekWorking Week – May 1985 – Livelove Series Vol 3 ... CD
Promising (Germany), 1985. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A really wonderful live record from Working Week – and a great reminder of what a soulful, jazzy band they were back in the day! Working Week hail from the same London scene as Sade, but they have an even stronger instrumental component overall – including excellent work on tenor, soprano sax, and flute from Larry Stabbins, who's gone onto create some very spiritual records in recent years – plus strong guitar from co-leader Simon Booth, who underscores some of the more soulful elements in the music. Lead vocals are by Julie Roberts, who's always wonderful – and the band here includes a lot of Latin percussion, too – which comes into play especially well on the longer tracks that open up with strong instrumental solos. A few cuts are past the 10 minute mark, with unusual readings that vary nicely from the studio versions – and titles include "I Thought I'd Never See You Again", "Where's The Bridge", "No Cure No Pay", "Sweet Nothing", "Happy Inspiration", "Who's Fooling Who", and "Venceremos". CD

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✨✧ VariousSwamp Pop By The Bayou – Troubles, Tears, & Trains ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Raw nuggets from the Louisiana scene during the early years of rock and soul – late 50s/early 60s numbers that show why that state was one of the biggest influences on music at the time! None of these tracks were ever hits, and many have a gritty style that's a few steps slower than rockabilly, with bluesy edges that really mark the color blind origins of some of this music – almost a rock-styled equivalent of some of the New Orleans R&B that was coming out a few years before! This volume is one of the deepest digs in the series – full of rare singles from labels that include Montel, Dart, Jador, Jin, Tear Drop, and other tiny imprints – all brought together with more than enough notes to fill you in on the whole history of the scene too. Titles include "Satan In Satin" by Johnny Preston, "I Beg Of You" by King Savoy & The Rhythm Rockers, "Train To Nowhere" by Roy Perkins with Jerry Starr & The Clippers, "Blue Eyes" by Phil Cay, "Shirley" by John Fred & The Playboys Band, "The Memories" by Billy Lewis, "Shed So Many Tears" by Johnny Jano, "Time" by Buddy Lorton, "I Can't Live Alone" by Buck Rogers, and "City Police" by Dale Houston. CD

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