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Jumping JacquesLet Them Eat Cake – The Jumping Jacques/Sugar & Spice ... CD
Petra/Zeitgeist, 1968. New Copy ... $11.99
Stunning vocal work by this hip late 60s group – the ultra-groovy Jumping Jacques, a vocal ensemble who really knew how to swing! The group feature male/female voices blended in a style that's reminiscent of some of the best European 60s soundtracks – harmonizing in a mode that's jazzy, but also infused with some very mod touches, snapping along in grooves that dip and turn nicely, with some very swinging moments. Place these guys right next to the best work by Les Double Six, I Cantori Modern, The Gimmicks, or Brasil 66 – but give them a lot of credit for their unique and psychedelic approach to the style, making a record like this mad work that's uniquely their own! Titles include "Chili Peppers", "Haunted House", "Double Francoise", "La Terre Le Ciel Et L'Eau", "Lucinda", "Just A Little Midnight Swim", and "Whispering". CD also features the whole Sugar & Spice album – with another 12 titles that include "Let Them Eat Cake", "Gossip & Chatter", "Someday We'll Know", "Somehow I Feel I Must Be Dreaming", "Offbeat Fugue", and "Love Me Now". CD

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✨✧ Jungle BrothersStraight Out The Jungle (2LP version with poster) ... LP
Warlock/Idlers, 1988. New Copy 2LP (reissue)... $21.99 24.98
The legendary album by the third star in the original Native Tongues trinity! Before the first De La and Tribe LPs, and with hint of all the great stuff that was to come – jazzy beats, nice rhymes,and straight butter all the way through. This double vinyl version includes a bonus track that was not originally on the first LP release – "The Promo" featuring a verse from Q-Tip, his first-ever appearance on wax, a full year before the first Tribe Called Quest single. Tracks include "On the Run", "Straight Out the Jungle", "Black Is Black", "Braggin & Boastin", "Behind The Bush", "Because I Got It Like That", "I'll House You", and "Jimbrownski". LP, Vinyl record album

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KakoPuerto Rican All-Stars Featuring Kako ... LP
Alegre, Mid 60s. New Copy (reissue)... $9.99
A smoking descarga session from the 60s – one of the best albums ever by percussionist Kako! The album explodes with wonderful jazzy playing, and features 4 very long tracks that are stuffed with great solo work on piano and sax – bubbling over in heavy percussive excitement, with the best Latin jam session feel of the 60s! Tracks include "Descarga En Puerto Rico", "Abaniguito", "La Tombola", and "El Pollo" – and the whole thing's stormin' – a must-have album in any book! LP, Vinyl record album

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Gunter Kallmann ChoirKallman Choir Originals Vol 1 – Elisabeth Serenade/Serenade Im Schlosspark ... CD
Polydor/Verve (Germany), 1962/1964. New Copy ... $12.99
Dreamy vocals from the Gunter Kallmann Choir – two early albums back to back on a single CD! Elisabeth Serenade has the mixed male/female ensemble taking on a host of tunes that sometimes have traditional roots, other times are more contemporary German numbers – but still a bit different than the groovier songs they'd cut later in the 60s. Arrangements are by Kurt Edelhagen and Werner Twardy – and while the vocals are pretty straightforward, they do have a wonderfully lush vibe that prefigures the sound of later groups like Singer Unlimited. Titles include "La Montanara", "Serenade Aus Die Millionen Des Harlekin", "Traum Melodie", "Elisabeth Serenade", and "Bei Walzermusik". Serenade In Schlosspark is a batch of tunes set in a castle garden – served up with a slightly regal feel in the arrangements, in ways that almost have the Gunter Kallman ensemble singing with an even more heavenly sound than usual! A few numbers have playful melodies, with almost some Alpine touches – while others are more staid – and titles include "Indian Song", "Kerzen Serenade", "Liebe Die Nie Vergeht", "Tiritomba", "Wiegenlied", and "Concerto D'Amour". CD

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Gunter Kallmann ChoirKallman Choir Originals Vol 2 – Serenade Am Meer/Schneewalzer ... CD
Polydor/Verve (Germany), Late 60s. New Copy ... $12.99
A full album from the classic Gunter Kallman Choir – plus a host of rare singles from the 60s! Serenade Am Meer serves up the kind of sound that made the Kallman Choir a legend on the German easy scene of the 60s – a blend of four female and three male voices, set to lilting arrangements from Werner Twardy – often moving in ways that hardly disturbs the vocals at all, and instead lets the group's harmonies dominate the music with a nicely lush vibe! There's bits of strings, chimes, and accordion in the instrumentation – but the main focus is on the vocals, on tunes that include "Capri Fischer", "La Mer", "Seemann", "Poeme", "Lili Marleen", "Gluhwurmchen", "Alte Muhlen Junge Herzen", and "Wenn Wir Heut Auseinandergeh'n". CD also features 13 more tracks from assorted late 60s Polydor singles by the group – with representations of pic sleeves inside – and music that's often a bit more towards the groovy or pop sound of the group! Some tunes are remakes of American hits, redone as vocal group tracks with the Kallman vibe – others are original German tracks – and titles include "All'Deine Liebe", "Scheewalzer", "Rosen Fur Elisabeth", "Brot Und Butter", "Dear Heart", and "Alles Versteh'n Heisst Alles Verzeih'n". CD

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Johnny KeatingThis Bird Has Flown ... CD
Warner (Japan), Mid 60s. New Copy ... About April 25, 2017
One of our favorite albums ever by Johnny Keating! Long before he discovered the moog for his 70s funk albums, Keating was cranking out some fantastic big band work during the 60s – mixing together odd rhythmic patterns in a way that set his work apart from most other Brit leaders, coming up with strange rhythms and cool ways of laying out a tune – so that even if the title was familiar, the track grooved in ways that you'd never expect! This early American LP is a real gem – filled with groovy tunes that chop and waffle wonderfully – as Johnny takes tracks like "Qui", "Shangri-La", "It Was A Very Good Year", "Ebb Tide", "Girl Talk", and "Canadian Sunset – carving them up with odd syncopation and weird horn parts, making them all a dreamy delight! CD

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Leonard King & The Soul MessengersLeonard King & The Soul Messengers – Historic Recordings 1964 to 1971 ... CD
Uuquipleu, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
Very cool work from Leonard King & The Soul Messengers – a Detroit combo who really kick things up here with some great work from the clubs and a few rare studio recordings as well! King's a drummer, and gives the group a mighty solid sound from the start – and the whole group are equally comfortable in a soul instrumental mode as they are when letting loose with jazzier solos – a bit like the Jazz Crusaders on the LA scene of the mid 60s, but even groovier overall! Instrumentation shifts a bit throughout – depending on the lineups – and includes alto from Gregory King, cornet from Atiba King, trumpet from Jimmy Nash, and organ, electric harpsichord, and piano from George Roundtree. The range of material varies in a really great way – showing not just an evolution of King and his combo, but also the changing tastes of the Detroit scene at the end of the 60s – and there's also a few soul vocal numbers mixed in with the jazz instrumentals. Titles include "Delen 1967", "Voice Your Choice", "The Barracuda", "I've Been Saved", "Lily The Fox", "Cold Sweat", "Psychedelic Pi", "Bumpy's Lament", "Hang Up", "Spinning Around/It's Too Late", and a "Jackson Five Medley". CD

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King CurtisComplete Atco Singles (3CD set) ... CD
Atco/Real Gone, 1960s/Early 70s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $43.99 49.98
Some of the greatest work ever from funky saxophone genius King Curtis – tracks we like way better than his full length albums for Atco Records, better than his early work for the Fire/Fury label, and even better than some of his session work at Atlantic! Here's a secret – on 45s, King Curtis gets even harder and heavier than on an album – where he sometimes plays in a sweeter, straighter sound to cross over with pop covers and soul instrumentals. But on a 7" single – especially on the flipside – the King isn't afraid to get funky at all – and often turns out these totally tight, totally heavy cuts that rival some of the best of the funky 45 underground of the time – the kind of music you don't always find on full albums from Curtis, but which you'll discover in volumes on this set! The 3CD package features a whopping 66 racks in all – with loads of titles not on CD or LP before – with titles that include "Pots & Pans (parts 1 & 2)", "Jest Smoochin", "Chili", "Restless Guitar", "Boss", "Quicksand", "This Is Soul", "8th Wonder", "Makein Hey", "In The Pocket", "Jump Back", "Foot Pattin (part 2)", "Rocky Roll", "Pop Corn Willy", "Soulin", "Teasin", "Whole Lotta Love", "La Jeanne", "Instant Groove", "Valley Of The Dolls", "Cook Out", "For What It's Worth", "Honeydripper (parts 1 & 2)", and "Soul Theme". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
King PleasureKing Pleasure (aka Golden Days) ... LP
Hi Fi/Everest, Early 60s. Sealed ... $4.99
Beautiful beautiful record, and still one of the greatest jazz vocal albums ever made. The great King Pleasure sings in a raspy vocalese style similar to Jon Hendricks or Eddie Jefferson, but with a sense of warmth and delivery that the two of them never seem to reach. The set list here features a stellar batch of tracks with lyrics by Pleasure, including "The New Symphony Sid", "No, Not Much", "Parker's Mood", and "Golden Days". There's some great accompaniment by LA hard bop players like Teddy Edwards, Gerald Wiggins, and Harold Land, and the whole set sparkles with imagination and warmth. Plus, the liner notes include a cool set of notes about Pleasure's crazy philosophy called Planetism. Wild stuff! LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ KnxwledgeHud Dreems ... LP
Stones Throw, 2015. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
The Stones Throw debut of LA beatmaker Knxwledge – fresh from strong production work from diverse, top notch talent like Kendrick Lamar and Joey Badass – and making a pretty strong case for himself as a headlining talent on this sprawling instrumental set! He melds funk, soul and jazz inspired beats into a distinct vibe of his like – which we could say for many other great producers in the Stones Throw camp – but this is truly unique work! Includes "Time & Tide", "Dnt Fall", "My Life", "Frm Nowhere"., "Trsh", "Aint It Ovr", "Okai Okai", "Nvrending", "Th Troll", "Let U Leave (Geekdop)", "Right Aftr (THK)", "Faraway" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Exclusive "Side D" vinyl only tracks – includes download!)

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Dadisi KomolafeHassan's Walk ... CD
Nimbus, 1983. New Copy ... $9.99
A soul jazz treasure from the LA scene of the early 80s – a fantastic record that we'd rank with the best Strata East sides of the time! The group's led by alto saxophonist Dadisi Komolafe, and features vibes by Ricky Kelly, piano by Eric Tillman, bass by Roberto Miranda, and drums by Sunship Theus – all working together in a style that's infused with soulful, post-Coltrane exploratory energy, never going too far outside, and always staying true to the rhythmic pulse at its core. Kelly's vibes are really great – sparkling underneath solos by Komolafe that remind us a lot of Gary Bartz's earliest work – and titles include "Calvary", "Speak No Evil", and "Hassan's Walk". CD
(Comes in a slim sleeve.)

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Peter Kowald & Barry GuyPaintings ... LP
FMP (Germany), 1984. Very Good+ ... $59.99
Duets between these two important European avant bassists – featuring tracks dedicated to the paintings of Rene Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, and Joseph Beuys. Titles include "La Robe De L'Avonture", "Paintings", "Das Schweigen Von Marcel Duchamp Wird Uberbewertet", and "Hier Is Noch Immer Alles Fliessend". LP, Vinyl record album
(Very light surface marks from heavy inner sleeve – but a barely-played copy!)

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Kreisler/Wieniawski/Tartini/Schumann/Vitali/Gluck/Henryk Szeryng In Recital – With Charles Reiner ... CD
RCA (Japan), 1959. New Copy ... $13.99
An incredible performance from this legendary violinist – one that has all the complex dynamics of his work from earlier years – but presented with a lot more subtlety in this intimate set of duets with pianist Charles Reiner! The well-recorded set is a standout from the Living Stereo years at RCA – although even amongst those recordings, it has a less show presentation overall – no need to overstate its presence, given that the performance of the material is already quite strong. Works performed include "Chaconne In G Minor" by Vitali, "Dance Of The Blessed Spirits" by Gluck (Kreisler transcription), "Variations ON A Theme By Corelli" by Tartini (Francescatti transcription), "Scherzo Tarantelle Op 16" by Wieniawski, and "Danza De La Gitana" by Halffter (Heifetz transcription). CD

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Paul KuhnPaul Kuhn Originals Vol 2 – Big Hits Of The Big Bands/Pop Ala Swing ... CD
EMI/Jazzclub (Germany), 1972/1975. New Copy ... $12.99
Two albums by the Paul Kuhn SFB Big Band – back to back on a single CD! First up is Big Hits Of The Big Bands – a set that steps back to pick up classic large ensemble numbers from the 30s and 40s, but deliver them with a reworked 70s approach to a big band – from the way the instrumentation is laid out, to the top-shelf production in the studio! Paul gets help from UK trumpeter Jimmy Deutcher on some of the tracks – which makes them sound a bit more groovy than you might expect – and musicians include Kurt Weil on vibes, Ake Persson and Slide Hampton on trombone, Carmell Jones and Rolf Ericson on trumpets, and Leo Wright on alto! Titles include "Mr Anthony's Boogie", "Perfida", "Flying Home", "Skyliner", "Four Brothers", "Song Of India", and "Intermission Riff". Pop A La Swing is billed as "sounds of yesterday hits of today" – a reference to the way in which Kuhn's big band style serves to bring an old school vibe to the album's selection of contemporary tunes from the late 60s and early 70s! As with other Paul Kuhn ensemble sets, the group features an excellent lineup of European and American musicians – including Sigi Schwab and Philip Catherine on guitar, Eugen Cicero on piano, Robgert De Reijke on organ, and Leo Wright on reeds – plus the great Hans Rettenbacher on bass, whose bottom end work recalls some of his best MPS label accompaniment – and makes the rhythms a bit groovier than you might expect. Titles include "Taka Takata", "Close To You", "Goodbye My Love Goodbye", "Are The Sunshine Of My Life", "Get Down", and a great big band take on Hot Butter's "Popcorn" – with very unusual instrumentation in place of the moog! CD

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Francis LaiBandes Original Anthology (7CD set) ... CD
Play Time (France), Late 60s/1970s/1980s. New Copy 7 CDs ... $42.99
A totally wonderful package – one that presents a number of full film sountracks by one of our favorite composers ever! We totally love the movie work of Francis Lai to death – and while a few of his big hits have come out on CD over the years, much of his music has been crucially overlooked by the reissue market – until now! This special set brings together a number of different scores we've been dying to see reissued over the years – most in that groovy blend of light melody, swinging orchestrations, and special French touches that Lai first gave the world in his music for A Man & A Woman. That soundtrack's not on here, but the set does feature other projects with director Claude Lelouch – as well as music for films by directors Rene Clement, Henri Verneuil, David Hamilton, Toru Murakawa, Tony Navarro, and Jean-Claude Brialy. 7CDs in all, most with at least two soundtracks – with film music from Un Amor De Pluie, Le Corps De Mon Ennemi, L'Aventure C'Est L'Aventure, Le Voyou, Saga D'Une Femme Sacree, La Course Du Lievre A Travers Les Champs, La Baby Sitter, Un Homme Qui Me Plait, Itineraire D'Un Envant Gate, Bilitis, Widow's Nest, and Salud On T'Aime. CD

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Francis LaiCinema (3CD set) ... CD
Play Time (France), 1960s/1970s/1980s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $14.99
He's got shaggy long hair on the cover, but we still love him anyway – and honestly, Francis Lai may well be one of our favorite soundtrack composers ever! Sure, the guy hit early fame for his soundtrack to A Man & A Woman, but as this big box set will attest, he had a genius career that lasted years – scoring films famously for French director Claude Lelouch, as well as a host of other screen efforts that are showcased here! The box includes many great recordings never issued on CD before – and is a great companion to other Lelouch-heavy collections of Lai's work showing his ability to go beyond famous themes, and hit a rich array of great sounds through the 70s and early 80s. In addition to two CDs of instrumental music, mostly from the three decades of Lai's career, the package also features one more CD of vocal numbers by Nicole Croisille – the singer who really made some of his best themes shine. Includes work from the films The Games, Hannibal Brooks, L'Odeur Des Fauves, Le Petit Matin, Un Amour De Pluie, Le Cinema De Minuit, Le Petit Poucet, Le Bon Et Les Mechants, Child Under A Leaf, Bilitis, Bonjour La Trois, Madame Claude 2, Les Yeux Noirs, Bernadette, Le Passager De La Pluie, and many more. Croisille sings versions of "Le Passager De La Pluie", "Images", "Un Deuxieme Amour", "Vivre Pour Vivre", "Il Y Avait", and "Avant Toi". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Francis LaiRobert Et Robert ... LP
Warner (France), Mid 70s. Near Mint- ... $19.99
A wonderful soundtrack to this overlooked Claude Lelouch film from the mid 70s – a sweet and sentimental comedy that's supported by a tremendous score from the great Francis Lai! Lai's working here in an evocative style that's almost a blend of his work on Vivre Pour Vivre and Passager De La Pluie – spare overall, but with warm themes that bubble forth and slowly unfold like beautiful little flowers. Lai himself sings vocals on the title track, and his rough faltering vocals are always a treat to our ears. Titles include "Robert Et Robert", "L'Ami C'est Mieux Que Rien", "En Taxi", "Au Bal", "A Waterloo", and "L'Ami Au Live-Show". LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ LakesideShot Of Love ... LP
Solar, 1978. Very Good+ ... $4.99
Lakeside's first album for Solar – and the beginning of a very fruitful relationship for the band and the label! The record's a great one – cut long before the Solar funk sound had gotten cliched – and it includes a key early hit in the Solar sound, the band's "It's All The Way Live", a seven minute funky workout in the tight LA ensemble funk mode. Other tracks include "Given In To Love", "Time", "Visions Of My Mind", and "Shot Of Love". LP, Vinyl record album

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Andres LanderoYo Amaneci ... CD
Vampi Soul (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy ... $18.99
Andres Landero has a pretty wild look on the cover here – and the sound of his music is equally wild, too – a very raw, rootsy approach to cumbia – very much in the most hard-edged style of the genre, with a quality that often feels more ancient than the 70s recording dates of most of these numbers! This is cumbia at its purest form – all rhythm, even on the melodic instruments – which often include accordion, used in these pulsating waves that groove right along with the massive basslines and percussion. Andres sings on most tracks, in a mode that's as rhythmic as the music – and the set features 20 titles that include "La Cigarrona", "Mara Del Carmen", "Yo Amaneci", "Las Mellas", "La Sanjacintera", "La Pava Congona", "La Mochila Tercia", and "Cumbia En La India". CD
Also available Yo Amaneci ... LP 25.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Andres LanderoYo Amaneci ... LP
Vampi Soul (Spain), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2LP ... $25.99
Andres Landero has a pretty wild look on the cover here – and the sound of his music is equally wild, too – a very raw, rootsy approach to cumbia – very much in the most hard-edged style of the genre, with a quality that often feels more ancient than the 70s recording dates of most of these numbers! This is cumbia at its purest form – all rhythm, even on the melodic instruments – which often include accordion, used in these pulsating waves that groove right along with the massive basslines and percussion. Andres sings on most tracks, in a mode that's as rhythmic as the music – and the set features 20 titles that include "La Cigarrona", "Mara Del Carmen", "Yo Amaneci", "Las Mellas", "La Sanjacintera", "La Pava Congona", "La Mochila Tercia", and "Cumbia En La India". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Yo Amaneci ... CD 18.99

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