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Black Bombaim & Peter BrotzmannBlack Bombaim & Peter Brotzmann ... LP
Lovers & Lollypops/Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. New Copy Gatefold ... $26.99
One of the headiest Peter Brotzmann albums we've heard in years, thanks to the sound of the Black Bombaim group from Portugal – who play with a guitar-heavy drive that almost takes us back to Brotzmann's Last Exit recordings of the 80s! The group play with a forward energy that takes off right from the start – heavy drums and full-on fuzzy guitar, plus some deep electric bass as well – all of which puts the reedman in a different setting than most of his recent projects, and one that reminds us just how well-suited he can be for such an experience! Some of the performances here really blow our minds all over again – with a tone that's strong, and incredibly clear – sometimes even more focused than on some of Brotzmann's other recent records, but still very free and sharp-edged overall. The album was recorded live in the studio, with a very jamming vibe! LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ Peter Brotzmann/John Edwards/Steve NobleSoulfood Available ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2014. Used Gatefold ... $13.99
The title's a very apt one – as saxophonist Peter Brotzmann somehow sounds even more soulful than ever – almost at a level that evokes John Coltrane and Albert Ayler with his searing, searching tones on the album's very long title track! "Soulful Available" is worth the price of admission alone – as Brotzmann blows this very spiritual tenor over bass from John Edwards and drums from Steve Noble – as all three players build intensity and resonate together, almost with a 60s ESP sort of vibe – quite different than usual for Peter, but really appreciated as well! Some of the more familiar Brotzmann sense of tone and timing come through on the album's two shorter tracks, both of which are great too – "Nail Dogs By Ears" and "Don't Fly Away". CD

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Michael Dessen TrioSomewhere In The Upstream ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2018. New Copy ... $13.99
Trombonist Michael Dessen is really fantastic here – blowing with great sense of shape and soul on some more straightforward numbers, then getting nicely abstract as he introduces some electronics to his music! Dessen's not the first trombonist to bring in electronics to his music, but his work here is maybe the strongest we've heard in the mode – a lot warmer than it sometimes can be, and nicely balanced with the bass of Christopher Tordini and drums of Dan Weiss. The album's dedicated to Yusef Lateef – which may have something to do with the quality, as it would be hard to go wrong with Lateef as a guidepost. But then again, the whole thing's very unique – and very much one of the strongest statements we've ever heard from Dessen! CD

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Friends & NeighborsWhat's Wrong ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. New Copy ... $23.99
Friends & Neighbors come on even stronger here than on their previous record – with a blistering array of sharp-edged notes that really live up to the Ornette Coleman legacy that inspired their name! The group's incredibly deft – free, but never unstructured – able to turn on a dime, and draw the best from each individual member – while never making it feel like the quintet is being overshadowed by a larger ego or two. There's a sympathy between the players that you don't always get on records like this – and although the performances are quite free, they have an intrinsic logic that makes them extremely powerful. Group features Andre Roligheten on tenor and clarinet, Thomas Johansson on trumpet, Oscar Gronberg on piano, Jon Rune Strom on bass, and Tollef Ostvang on drums – and titles include "Fool Pay", "Duality", "Nokken", "Melting Snow", "Friends", and "Jaguar". LP, Vinyl record album

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John Lindberg BC3 with Wendell Harrison & Kevin NoBorn In An Urban Ruin ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. New Copy Gatefold ... $13.99
Bassist John Lindberg is the leader here – but the record starts with a beautiful solo clarinet piece by reedman Wendell Harrison – who we've loved ever since his Tribe Records work of the 70s! Harrison has played in many formats over the years – some more straight or polished than others – but here, in the company of a great trio, he reminds us that he can still be an incredibly powerful, spiritual player when needed – working here on both bass clarinet and standard clarinet – with a creative sound that rivals John Carter at his best on the instruments. The group also features wonderful vibes from Kevin Norton – whose tones balance things out nicely, and have this sharper attack at points that resonates well with Lindberg's bass. Norton also plays additional percussion – and titles include "Swooping Deep", "The Excavation", "The Left Wrist", "Devastation Of Vegetation", "Born In An Urban Ruin", and "Vermont Roadside Family". CD

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Tony Malaby/William Parker/Nasheet Waits/Wadada LeTamarindo Live ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2010. Used ... $11.99
... CD

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Rob MazurekRome ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
An incredible solo record from Rob Mazurek – a wonderful change from some of his larger group and collaborative projects – even though we love those a heck of a lot too! This set's a great reminder of the core improvisational genius that Rob's always had, but which sometimes is overshadowed by the group activity on his other records. Here, Mazurek blows cornet alone, and also plays both standard and prepared piano – and colors things with just a dash of his great electronics – often used in more sparing and subtle ways than some of his group efforts. A really beautiful set from a musician who continues to reward us over the years – with titles that include "Twombly At New Church", "Gazing Through Walls", "King Of Rome", and "Sweet Life In Disrepair". CD

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Meridian Trio (Nick Mazzarella/Matt Ulery/Jeremy CTriangulum ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
Triangulum – a great title for the wonderful energy of this group – which swings perfectly between the three sharp points of Nick Mazzarella on alto, Matt Ulery on bass, and Jeremy Cunningham on drums! These guys are freewheeling, but always soulful – not just because of Nick's well-shaped sense of tone – which can be arch-modern, yet with a surprisingly warm core – but also because the bass of Ulery has this completely rapt (wrapped?) approach – almost like some deep force watching over the whole proceedings, which then seems to set Cunningham free on drums. The group represents an amazing third (or fourth?) wave in the contemporary avant scene in Chicago – the kind of joyous expression that continues to make us proud to live in a city that can create music this wonderful. Titles include "Ringdown", "Reminiscing", "Witch Hazel", "Rhododendron", "Strange", and "Inflection Point". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jorgen Mathisen/Christian Meaas Svendsen/Andreas WMomentum ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. New Copy ... $14.99
Layers of sound from this mighty heavy trio – saxophonist Jorgen Mathisen, bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen, and drummer Andreas Wildhagen! Side one features the blistering "Momentum" – a tune that's awash in these sheets of notes and textures from Jorgen on tenor – with maybe a bit of a break in the middle for the bass, before Mathisen then takes on a more pointed, spiritual journey on his horn! Side two features three shorter tracks – "Gaining", "Maintaining", and "Snake Ballad" – which have even more abstract sonic expression from the group! LP, Vinyl record album

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Kjetil Moster/Jeff Parker/Josh Abrams/John HerndonRan Do ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
Tenorist Kjetil Moster works here with a great trio of musicians from the Chicago scene – Jeff Parker on guitar, Josh Abrams on bass, and John Herndon on drums – the last of whom comes as a bit of a surprise on a date like this! Yet the drums are often a very important part of the sound here – as they're sometimes full-on and rhythmic, other times more muted but a strong part of the structure of the performances – which allows for some especially creative moments from Parker and Moster, who find these really cool ways to bring unusual sounds from their instruments together! Abrams is a delight, as always – definitely much more on the avant side of his spectrum – on titles that include "Dig Me Out", "Orko", "Pajama Jazz", "Anicca", and "Island Life". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gard Nilssen's Acoustic UnityLive In Europe (3LP & 3CD set) ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2018. New Copy 3LP & 3CD Gatefold ... $55.99
A trio of live performances from this excellent trio – material recorded in Oslo, Ljubljana, and the North Sea festival – brought together here in a really wonderful package! The first record features just the trio – Gard Nilssen on some incredibly dynamic drums, working with Petter Eldh on bass and Andre Roligheten on tenor and soprano sax – a group who really find a new way to open things up past the original trio mode of Sonny Rollins in the 50s, but without the oft-trod territory of the familiar avant power trio too. The group is joined by Fredrik Ljungkvist on tenor and clarinet on the second album – and we always love Fred's work on any session, this one included. The final record features a quintet – with the presence of Jorgen Mathisen on tenor and clarinet, and Kristoffer Berre Alberts on alto, tenor, and baritone – which really ups the reed power of the album! A heck of a lot of music in one short space – all free, but nicely structured into songforms too. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno Parrinha/Luis Lopes/Ricardo JacintoGarden ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. Used ... $6.99
... CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jonah Parzen-JohnsonI Try To Remember Where I Came From ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
A totally cool combination of musical elements – baritone sax and analog electronics – both played here by Jonah Parzen-Johnson with a style that's unlike anything else we can think of! Sure, saxes and electronics have come together before – ever since Richard Tietelbaum and Anthony Braxton first recorded together back in the 70s. But there's also a very different vibe here that comes both from the baritone, and its deeper sonic range – and the way that Jonah uses his electronics, sometimes with flutteringly rhythmic elements that really make the music shimmer, but without overwhelming it at all. He's also not afraid to blow straight and soulfully at times too – which is especially great when the electronics are more abstract – and throughout, the album's full of these revelatory moments that make the whole thing a delight. Titles include "These Shoulders Those Shoulders", "Cabin Pressure", "I Have Questions", "What Do I Do With Sorry", "Guns Make Us Murderers", and "Too Many Dreams". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Susana Santos Silva/Torbjorn Zetterburg/Hampus LinIf Nothing Else ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2015. New Copy ... $13.99
A wonderful continuation of the spirit of the previous collaboration between trumpet and flugelhorn player Susana Santos Silva and bassist Torbjorn Zetterberg – but a record that also adds in a cool extra element with the organ of Hampus Lindwall too! The music has this spacious, open quality – these tonefull lines from Silva which flow out in space, but which also have a quality that's not nearly as cold as, say, an ECM session of this type – thanks to the always-amazing, always-soulful work of Zetterberg on bass – who gives the record an organic grounding, which is then supported by Lindwall's lines on organ. And we're not exactly sure what type of organ he's using, but at times it almost feels like a pipe organ – as the sounds have both a depth, and sense of presence that really makes the music unique – even at points when his contributions are very low on the sonic totem pole. Titles include "Stop Chords", "Fiddling", "Distance", "First Initiative", "Second Initiative", "One Note Each", and "One Note Song". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
SiriusAcoustic Main Suite – Plus The Inner One ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. New Copy ... $13.99
A record as enigmatic as its title – slow-building sounds crafted by the trumpet of Yaw Tembe and percussion of Monseiur Trinite – both musicians we don't know at all, but who really find a special space with this album! The sound is very open and spacious – much more in an ECM legacy than the usual releases on Clean Feed – but also with a sound that's individually its own, and which isn't trying to copy the ECM style at all. Percussion is often very spare and stark – not loud, but striking – and the performance appears to be live, in a space that also allows for lots of room echo to expand the individual elements. Titles include "A Kind Of Jester's Kindness", "Delta", "Trial", "King Before Kings", "Inner Suite Three Magnificent Ride", and "No Body". CD

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Martin SpeicherShapes & Shadows ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2007. Used ... $4.99
... CD

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Starlite Motel (Alberts/Saft/Flaten/Nilssen)Awosting Falls (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. Near Mint- ... $14.99
A group who've got a pretty heavy sound for such a poetic name – hardly the lightness you'd expect from the stars – and instead a full-on wave of improvised sound from a mixed electric and acoustic lineup! The group features Kristoffer Berre Alberts on alto and tenor, Jamie Saft on lapsteel and organ, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten on electric and acoustic bass, and Gard Nilssen on drums and electronics – all players who use their instruments here more with a sense of sound texture than musicality – sitting in a space between improvised jazz and noise, almost echoing some older New York downtown modes at times. Titles include "A Beautiful Nightmare", "The Art Of Silence", "The Prince Of The Face Of The Bull", "Suspended Veil", and "Minnewaska". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tree Ear (Hemmingway/Strinning/Troller)Witches Butter ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2018. New Copy Gatefold ... $28.99
The album's got a wild west cover, but a rock solid free jazz pedigree – as the music is performed by the trio of Gerry Hemmingway on drums, Manuel Troller on guitar, and Sebastian Strinning on tenor and bass clarinet! The sounds within are often very spacious and open – sometimes working with a very subtle approach, so that the resonance between each element is so gentle, it's sometimes hard to tell where one instrument ends and the other begins! A few points are a bit more wild – there's certainly a few breakout improvisational moments on the set – but the record's real charm is the careful slow brewing of sonic elements, on titles that include "Kill Button", "Big Blind", "Third Man Walking", "Range Of Hands", and "Reraise". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sao Paulo/Chicago Underground with Pharoah SandersPharoah & The Underground – Primitive Jupiter ... LP
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2014. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The legendary Pharoah Sanders joins the Chicago/Sao Paulo Underground – and the result is one of the most striking records in years from everyone involved! Pharoah blows with this really open, searching sort of tone – wonderfully concerned with sound texture at points, and not nearly as straight a some of his other sessions in recent decades – definitely drawing strong inspiration from the freewheeling work of Rob Mazurek on cornet, flute, and electronics – with additional electronics from Guilherme Granado. Drummer Chad Taylor provides a firm grounding for the experiments – as does bassist Matt Lux – and the group gets some Sao Paulo touches touches Mauricio Takara, who also plays percussion as well. Tracks are all relatively long – cosmic and open, with a stunning mix of acoustic and electric elements – and titles include "Spiral Mercury", "Primitive Jupiter", "This One's For All Mothers", and "Asasumamehn" – two of which are not on the CD! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Slow Is PossibleMoonwatchers ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2017. Used Gatefold ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD

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