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XUnusual grooves from around the globe -- Afro Funk, Bollywood soundtracks, Turkish rock, gamelan, ethnographic/field recordings, sitar sounds, and more!



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Umoja707 ... CD
Awesome Tapes From Africa, 1988. New Copy ... $6.99 9.98
Catchy soul from the South African scene of the 80s – music that's much more different than some of the more world music-oriented exports that were hitting our shores at the time! You might actually be able to play the music of Umoja right next to some of your more familiar American soul of ... read more CD
Also available 707 (with bonus dowload) ... LP 9.99

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MatataWild River ... CD
President (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $3.99 19.98
Swirling Afro soul from Matana – with lots of African rhythms and heavy percussion laced with some trippy elements from the psychedelic scenes in the US and UK! Matana arrived in London, via their native Kenya in the early 70s – and rather seamlessly blended elements of soul, and on ... read more CD

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Ravi ShankarThat Which Colours The Mind ... CD
El (UK), 1950s. New Copy ... $8.99 13.99
Influential ragas from the Ravi Shankar – centered around the hypnotic recordings Ravi made with producer George Avakian in '57 – plus and additional '54 recording, plus Ravi and Ali Akbar Khan numbers culled from the UNESCO Anthology Of Indian Classical Music from the mid 50s. Great ... read more CD

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Om Alec KhaoliSay You Love Me ... CD
Awesome Tapes From Africa, 1985. New Copy ... $6.99 9.99
An awesome tape from Africa, but a set that also shares lots with the American soul scene of the 80s too – as Om Alec Khaoli draws heavily on the bass and beat-heavy club sounds the time! The tracks were recorded in Soweto and Johannesburg, but have a groove that's strongly electric soul ... read more CD
Also available Say You Love Me ... LP 9.99

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Pax Nicholas & The Netty FamilyNa Teef Know De Road Of Teef ... CD
Daptone, 1973. New Copy ... $5.99 14.99
An Afro Funk treasure from the 70s – a rare album recorded by Pax Nicholas, a singer and percussionist who was part of Fela's legendary Africa 70 band! The album's got a sound that definitely echoes that heritage, but with a groove that's pretty weird too – more stripped down than most ... read more CD

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Djelimady Tounkara & Super Rail Band InternationalAllo Bamako – Malian Dance Music Of The 1970s ... CD
Oriki (France), 1970s. New Copy ... $8.99 16.98
Incredible grooves from the Malian scene of the 70s – all long tracks that spin out with amazing rhythms and a great undercurrent of funk! There's a flowing, spun-out quality to most of these numbers – as percussion builds along with guitar and kora, in ways that create a hypnotic, ... read more CD

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AntibalasAntibalas ... CD
Daptone, 2012. New Copy ... $5.99 14.99
Amazing sounds from one of the best funky combos anywhere – ever! Antibalas have certainly risen to fame in the years since we first heard their Afro-styled grooves – working famously in the Fela musical, and reaching generations of ears with their own brilliant records. Yet ... read more CD

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MandingoPrimeval Rhythm Of Life ... CD
Parlophone/Elemental (Spain), 1973. New Copy ... $6.99 14.98
A groundbreaking mix of exotica, Afro Funk, and electric 70s production – the first album from Mandingo – a tight, thumpingly savage barrage of jungle rhythms and sterling electronics! The record's a landmark from the Brit easy scene, but it's also got an amazing funky sound that sets ... read more CD
(Limited edition!)

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King Ayisoba1000 Can Die ... CD
Glitterbeat (Germany), 2017. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
New work from this legendary Ghanian singer – an artist who also plays the guitar-like kologo, but in the company of a fierce amount of percussion! The album's got an approach that really comes on strong – mixing older modes with a slightly contemporary crackle – a bit like the ... read more CD
Also available 1000 Can Die (180 gram pressing – with download) ... LP 19.99

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VariousLight & Sound Of Mogadishu ... CD
Jazzaggression/Afro 7 (Estonia), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $8.99
A totally smoking set of tracks from the Somali scene of the 70s – and maybe the coolest East African music we've heard from the time! The material here is all from a small label that was spun off an appliance store – and the imprint had a really great ear for recording these acts in ... read more CD

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SomiPetite Afrique ... CD
Okeh, 2017. New Copy ... $7.99 11.98
Somi sounds even better here than on her previous records – and we really loved those a lot – taking a stronger step into the world of American jazz and soul, which he handles with effortless ease – thanks to some excellent musicians on the session, and some really well-penned ... read more CD
Also available Petite Afrique ... CD 7.99

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Ahmed Malek & FlakoElectronic Tapes ... CD
Habibi Funk (Germany), New Copy ... $7.99 15.98
Quite an unusual package – one that brings together unheard electronic experiments from Ahmed Malek – the Algerian composer who's better-known for more famous soundtrack material in the 60s and 70s! The music here is all from rare tapes that were Malek's own experiments, and are ... read more CD
Also available Electronic Tapes ... LP 13.99

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VariousZanzibara 7 – Sikinde Vs Ndekule – Mlimani Park Orchestra & International Orchestra Safari Sound ... CD
Buda (France), Mid 80s. New Copy ... $7.99 15.99
A Tanzanian battle of the bands – on this sweet little set that features two of the biggest dance orchestras of the 80s! The ensembles in Tanzania at the time were far more than just musical acts – as most were funded by larger organizations, and had either a political or economic ... read more CD

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VariousZanzibara 6 – Mtendeni Maulid Ensemble ... CD
Buda (France), 2011. New Copy ... $7.99 15.99
A timeless blend of traditions – music with Sufi religious origins, performed by a contemporary Zanzibar group who are part of the small living legacy of the style! There's a really slow-building and hypnotic feel to the long tracks in the set – a mix of ensemble vocal performances and ... read more CD

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VariousZanzibara 3 – Ujamaa Le Son Des Annees 60 En Tanzanie ... CD
Buda (France), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $7.99 15.99
Zanzibar dance grooves from the nation-building Ujamaa years of the late 60s – all done in a style that's somewhat different and a bit more laidback than work from neighboring scenes at the time! Most of the numbers here build up a base with percussion, bass, and a handful of guitars – ... read more CD

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VariousEthiopiques Volume 12 – Kirba Affaa Xonso: Konso Music & Songs ... CD
Buda (France), 2001. New Copy ... $8.99 16.99
One of the rootsier CDs in the Ethiopiques series – a set of work from the Konso subculture, mostly spare numbers performed on the kihayta, a really haunting stringed instrument that's vaguely like the lyre. Most of the tracks feature the kihayta, along with vocal and percussive ... read more CD

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VariousEthiopiques Volume 10 – Tezeta: Ethiopian Blues & Ballads ... CD
Buda (France), 1970s. New Copy ... $8.99 16.99
Excellent stuff – even if this volume isn't as funky as other numbers in the Ethiopiques series! Instead, the tracks are soulful and bluesy numbers – half vocal, half instrumental tunes, with a really dark approach, and backings that are spare and extremely haunting. The vocalists are ... read more CD

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VariousEthiopiques Vol 7 – Mahmoud Ahmed: Ere Mela Mela ... CD
Buda (France), 1975. New Copy ... $8.99 16.99
Another great volume of Ethiopiques! Volume 7 of Ethiopiques series is another expanded re-issue of an LP by Mahmoud Ahmed originally released in 1975. Though there seems to be an abundance of songs by Ahmed from 1975 on volumes 1 and 3, we can't find any overlap with the songs on this album. ... read more CD

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VariousEthiopiques Vol 3 – Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969 to 1975 ... CD
Buda (France), Late 60s/Mid 70s. New Copy ... $8.99 16.99
Volume 3 of this Amazing collection of Ethiopian pop/jazz/soul recorded 1969-1975. Volume 3 is more clearly influenced by American soul music than other volumes – and the songs mix more traditional Ethiopian styles with grooves of the JBs and Curtis Mayfield variety. A great place to start ... read more CD

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Kante Manfila & Sorry BambaClash Mandingue – Manding Dance Music Of The 60s ... CD
Oriki (France), 1960s. New Copy ... $7.99 16.98
A killer blend of Latin and African rhythms – topped by Kante Manfila's amazing work on guitar, which is produced with a range of weird and wonderful sounds! There's a quality to this music that's beyond easy description – a 60s blend of African roots and outside influences – ... read more CD

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