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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Black Cat MysteryBlack Cat Mystery Vol 3 – February to December 1953 – Issues 42-47 (hardcover) ... Book
PS Artbooks (UK), 1953. New Copy Book ... $9.99 47.99
Some of the coolest horror comics of the 50s – the legendary Black Cat Mystery from Harvey Publications! Harvey was maybe only second to EC in terms of gore and gritty story content – and these issues are awash in great work from the pre-code years of horror comics – the kind of unbridled, unregulated writing and artwork that left plenty of kids shivering under their covers in the postwar years! The stories can be incredibly creepy at times – often without any sort of happy ending or redemptive plot twist – and the artwork is filled with ghouls, demons, and other supernatural forces – all presented here in great color reproductions of the original valuable comics. This volume features artwork by Joe Certa, Al Eadeh, Don Perlin, Rocco Mastroserio, Bob Powell, Warren Kremer, Manny Stallman, Howard Nostrand, Lee Elias, and others – and stories include "Devil Drums", "My Husband The Cat", "Eternity", "What Was The Discovery", "Insomnia", "Disc Jockey", and more. 256 pages, full color, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chamber Of ChillsChamber Of Chills Vol 3 – November 1952 to September 1953 – Issues 14-19 (hardcover) ... Book
PS Artbooks (UK), 1952/1953. New Copy Book ... $9.99 47.99
One of the amazing horror comics published by Harvey Comics in the pre-code years of the early 50s – and a publication that was noted for its wealth of creepy stories and equally chilling images! Harvey may have been the home to Casper the ghost, but on the horror tip they were something else entirely – publisher of some of the most gruesome material in the years before comics got cleaned up in the mid 50s – with some of the best artists as well! Some of these stories are a clear attempt to copy the more famous style of EC Comics, but the Chamber Of Chills material also has a charm that's all its own – a rough approach to stories, which often leads to wonderfully lurid artwork – handled in this volume by Rudy Palais, Lee Elias, Rocke Mastroserio, Bob Powell, Don Perlin, Al Avison, Howard Nostrand, Jack Abel, and others – in stories that include "The Spider Man", "Vengeful Corpse", "Nightmare Of Doom", "The Living Mummies", "Black Passion", "Terrorvision", and more. 256 pages, full color, and hardcover. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Forbidden WorldsForbidden Worlds Collected Works Vol 4 – July 1953 to January 1954 – Issues 19-25 (hardcover) ... Book
PS Artbooks (UK), Early 50s. New Copy Book ... $9.99 47.99
Dig creepy comics? This book is full of them – a wealth of wonderful issues of the legendary Forbidden Worlds series from the 50s – a groundbreaking publication that set a whole new standard for horror and sci fi stories at the time – and a great companion to the legendary Adventures Into The Unknown, also from the same publisher! The volume is very well done – and features rare 50s comics in very vivid color – filled with stories of ghouls, demons, spirits, and other supernatural forces – all penned at the very high ACG level – which means thoughtful plotting, and a real sense of story structure. Even the original ads and text pages are included – and these issues feature artwork from Bob Forgione, George Klein, Edvard Moritz, Harry Lazarus, Al Wenzel, Ken Bald, and others. 288 pages, hardcover, and full color! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Toshihiro BabaEasy Listening Disc Collection ... Book
Shinko Music (Japan), 2015. New Copy ... $28.99
Finally! The world of easy listening gets its own sort of special disc guides – similar to the kinds of books we've seen for jazz, soul, psych, and other styles over the years! This one focuses on the warmest, mellowest sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s – with listings of 500 different records that are really well-chosen – the kind of special easy listening and instrumental records that get way past the soppy or snoozy – and which are the kinds we've always featured in our Now Sound section. All listings feature an album cover image in color, plus English listings of song titles, label, dates, and a few other specifics – next to a review of the records in Japanese. Like other "disc guide" titles from Japan, there's plenty here to enjoy even if you can't read the language – and this book is especially useful for its focus on CD reissues of these albums, as well as having a true global view of easy sounds too. 1975 pages, softcover, and full color throughout. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
William S BurroughsPlace Of Dead Roads ... Book
Fourth Estate (UK), 1983. New Copy ... $5.99 11.00
An overlooked gem from beat legend William S Burroughs – a book from the early 80s, a bit later vintage than his initial classics – but one that was also penned at a time when he was completely at home with his style! Plus, Burroughs is also more confident with his subject matter, too – there was obviously less chance of any sort of obscenity issue at the time than back at the start of the 60s – so this book is perhaps a bit more "out" than some of his others, especially given the story's setting in the old west. Yet as you can imagine from Burroughs, the book is anything but a conventional western – and instead explodes with all the sci fi currents and offbeat wit you'd expect. The names of the key characters are almost enough to hint at the vibe of the story – The Nihilistic Kid and The Crying Gun – and the softcover book is 268 pages. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dark ShadowsDark Shadows – The Complete Original Series Vol 5 (hardcover) ... Book
Hermes, 2012. New Copy ... $10.99 49.99
Pretty great horror comics from the early 70s – the surprisingly long, healthy run of Gold Key's Dark Shadows comic books – which actually ran longer at the newstand than the show did on TV! The comic's strength comes from some great talents – 50s horror artist Joe Certa, still hard at work to give the images a nice edge – and DC Comic scribe Arthur Drake, who penned some of the weirder comics of the silver age – on board to give these stories a bit more of an edge than you might expect! The hardcover book does a great job of presenting the material – including covers of the comics – and features issues 29 through 35, plus additional text – all in a full color, 192 page volume! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Renee Hytry DerringtonFormica Forever ... Book
Metropolis, 2013. New Copy ... $8.99 39.99
Formica may seem like an everyday surface to some – but at the time of its creation, it was a pretty revolutionary development – one that allowed household and business spaces to step free from longer-term care – giving the workers and residents lots more time to pursue their hopes and dreams! That bright promise of Formica is presented beautifully here – in a lovely history of the product, complete with dozens of vintage images that range from magazine ads to promotional flyers – to some higher-end projects in Formica from the art world! The book's beautiful – as stylish as an interior design magazine from the 60s – with a special color by color section in the middle, including writings by John Updike, Margarate Atwood, and others – on pages that are also perforated and can be folded! The first half of the book is in English, and awash with these images and text – and the second half offers more images, and text in six other languages. 408 pages, softcover, and beautiful color throughout! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mick Farren & Dennis LorenClassic Rock Posters – 1952 to 2012 – 60 Ans D'Affiches Rock (hardcover) ... Book
Editions Stephane Baches (France), 2012. New Copy ... $29.99 39.98
More than 500 classic music posters, many unseen for years – in a lavish full-color book that presents the chronological evolution of the genre! The book follows vivid images from early rockabilly through 60s garage, soul, and and psych, through 70s arena rock and punk, to 80s and 90s indie, and beyond – all with beautiful full page reproductions of the work, in a heavy book that's as well-done as we might hope! There's also a fair bit of text and information in French – helpful, but only if you read the language – but that small thing is hardly an issue – as the main appeal of the book is the visual content! Almost 300 pages, full color throughout, and very heavy. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart L GoosmanGroup Harmony – The Black Urban Roots Of Rhythm & Blues ... Book
University Of Pennsylvania, 2005. New Copy ... $5.99 24.95
Group soul harmony gets some great treatment here – in a well-done book that follows the music from the street corner to the airwaves – all with a thoughtful mixture of oral history and the larger issues of the time! Author Stuart Goosman focuses especially on harmony groups on the Baltimore and Washington DC scenes of the postwar years – with a lot of detail on The Orioles, one of the first great groups in the tradition – and some of the smaller acts of the period as well – and the book begins with the initial postwar rise in the format, then looks at the huge wave of group harmony during the doo wop years. Although an academic book, the tone is never dry – and the oral history material really illuminates the music a great deal. 291 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Drew Hardin & The Editors Of Hot Rod MagazineHot Rod Magazine – All The Covers (hardcover) ... Book
Motorbooks, 2010. New Copy ... $8.99 35.00
A hefty look at Hot Rod magazine – from the time the publication started in the postwar years, through its big time in the 60s, to its surprisingly durable run up to more recent years too! The book promises all the covers of all the issues through that run – and it definitely delivers that, but adds in way more than just a simple pastiche of cover art – with year-by-year details on the magazine, and a manner of presentation that makes things very lively – through other image, and a focus on some of the ultra-cool images from the classic years. 255 pages, hardcover, and heavy and glossy throughout! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Beth LesserDancehall – The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture (softcover) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2008. New Copy ... About June 1, 2017 (delayed)
You've heard the music, now get the book! A beautiful, beautiful book by Beth Lesser, accompanying the excellent Dancehall compilations issued on Soul Jazz, a weighty tome loaded down with mountains of amazing large format photos, bios of artists, and a history of dance culture in Jamaica that dips to depths you likely haven't reached before! You may have seen Lesser's excellent book on King Jammy, this one ups the ante, delivering a knockout punch sure to please any reggae fan, or make one out of you if you aren't already! Over 200 pages in a format that's the size of a boxed LP set and will sit just as nicely on the shelf next to your records as it will on your coffee table! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul LevitzLittle Book Of Wonder Woman (paperback) ... Book
Taschen, 2015. New Copy ... $7.99 9.99
Amazing images from decades of the Amazon princess – pulled from early Wonder Woman comics, publications in the silver age, and lots of later issues as well – all wrapped up in a really beautiful package that hardly deserves the "little" in its title! Instead, this thing pops like a much bigger art book – particularly Taschen's oversized volumes on DC, as this one's handled in a similar, but smaller manner – with wonderfully well-chosen pictures, and running commentary from Paul Levitz – who once ran DC, and has plenty of insight to offer. 190 pages, full color. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mick MiddlesFactory – The Stroy Of The Record Label ... Book
Virgin (UK), 2009. New Copy ... $6.99 16.50
The complete story of one of the greatest record labels of the UK scene – the Manchester imprint that opened the door for Joy Division and New Order, then went onto explode even more at the end of the 80s with work from Happy Mondays and the new club underground! Yet Factory was always more than just a record label – it was an idea, an aesthetic, a lifestyle – all helmed by the legendary Tony Wilson, who left a career as a TV presenter to become one of the hippest guys in the post-punk universe! Factory was always rife with as many issues and scandals as it was sheer creative talent – and this big book gets at all of it, in a way that also shows that one side of the spectrum probably couldn't have existed without the other. 452 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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