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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart BakerCover Art Of Studio One Records (hardcover) ... Book Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2011. New Copy ... $19.99 49.95
Incredible images from one of the most legendary reggae labels ever – the mighty Studio One, home to decades of classic music, put together with equally-classic images on the record covers! The book is maybe even more of a treasure than some other album art books you'll find – because over the years, many of the Studio One images were pretty watered-down on the market – either pressed up on poor paper that never stood the test of time, or cropped and cribbed from for mainstream reissue packages – but never with the same sort of beauty you'll find in these images! The book is done in the same totally great style as other Soul Jazz books – and features full album images on 12" by 12" pages – all in brilliant color, too. There's some helpful notes at the beginning, and throughout in a few spots – and the book is super-heavy, and 216 pages in all – with some smaller images at the back. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gary Calamar & Phil GalloRecord Store Days – From Vinyl To Digital & Back Again (paperback) ... Book Book
Sterling, 2010. New Copy ... $10.99 14.99
Somebody's finally gone out and written a book about one subject we can really get behind – the Record Store – and not only that, they've done a beautiful job with the entire package too! The book takes a look at the importance of the record store – not just historically, but culturally as well – with an especially important focus on the need for stores in the digital age, as a way of keeping both the music, and interest in the music, alive and well for generations to come! As you might guess from the subtitle, authors Calamar and Gallo have a bit of an agenda in their portrait – but they really pave the way with some great recollections of record stores past, incredible bits not just from folks who owned and worked in stores, but also from famous shoppers, artists, and collectors too. And even cooler, the book is filled with lots of great photographs – wonderful images of old stores in color and black and white, plus lots of great sidebar bits that help draw a focus on key issues in record retail. If you, like us, get a bit of a rush every time you walk into a record store, then you'll be sure to get an equal rush from this book – a wonderful tome that's one we can send home to our parents, and finally show them we've got a career worth a bit of respect! 238 pages, hardcover, and really beautifully done. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martha CamarilloFletcher Street (hardcover) ... Book Book
Powerhouse Books, 2006. New Copy ... $3.99 39.95
A beautiful portrait of Fletcher Street in Philadelphia – an inner city street with the same issues as many others – poverty, crumbling housing stock, neglect – yet one with a difference, too, as its residents board and ride horse within the neighborhood! The tale of Fletcher Street is one of hope – as photographs that might normally document a site of loss and frustration are instead presented as moments of pride and empowerment – with a stunningly unique aesthetic of inner city kids riding horses through the ghetto. Done in the same great style as other photo books on Powerhouse, but with a real difference – and an oversized volume that features full color images throughout. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Captain VideoCaptain Video Collected Works – Issues 1 to 6 – February to December 1951(hardcover) ... Book Book
PS Artbooks (UK), 2013. New Copy ... $9.99 48.00
Crazy comics from the early days of TV – the surprisingly great Captain Video comic, done in support of the campy television show of the same name! The book presents the first six issues of the rare comic book – all with great color reproductions, and a vividness that surpasses any vintage issues you might find – if you can afford them at all! And the stories and art are way better than you might guess – as the comic came from Fawcett, home of Captain Marvell and some other top-shelf publications – and not just a quickie knockoff press. Comics legend Roy Thomas provides great context for the material in his introduction – and the long issues feature excellent artwork by George Evans, who'd later do more famous horror material for EC Comics. The book is full color, hardcover, with heavy paper – almost 300 pages in length, and even features all the original ads from the comics too! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mick HoughtonBecoming Elektra – The True Story Of Jac Holzman's Visionary Record Label ... Book Book
Jawbone, 2010. New Copy ... $8.99 29.95
A wonderfully detailed story of one of the coolest record labels ever – a book that really gets at the huge range of folk, blues, psych, and other wonderful sounds issued by Elektra Records! The tome is massive – big enough to feature a lot of full color pictures, but with a much stronger emphasis on text than usual for this sort of volume – with an especially deep look into the early days of Zac Holzman, and his initial love of pre-rock modes before the bigger shift to more popular Elektra modes of the late 60s. The book is over 300 pages, and is past the halfway mark before The Doors even come into the picture – which really gives you an idea of the kind of detail involved, The book also features a full Elektra discography in the back – at least until the point at which Holzman left the label – and the whole thing's honestly one of the best accounts of a label's formation we've ever read. 304 pages, oversized, with some color images. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Critique Special EditionIssue 132 – Rare Jazz EP Special ... Book Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2006. New Copy ... $22.99
A great introduction to one of the rarest sides of the jazz vinyl spectrum – the smaller 7" EP recordings that were issued heavily by US and European labels in the 50s and 60s! Although some of these sides featured work from full length albums, a good many of the – especially in Europe – featured exclusive tracks that were often eclipsed by the bigger releases, and which make for some of the most unusual work by the artists involved. This well-done issue of Jazz Critique offers a great overview of this under-collected side of jazz vinyl – and features an initial section with many EP covers in color, then fuller discographical listings in black and white, with session, date, and player information! Important details are all in English, with added commentary in Japanese – but whatever your language, there's plenty interesting stuff here to hip you to more music! This EP section takes up most of the magazine – over 100 pages – and the rest is articles and reviews in Japanese. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Critique Special EditionIssue 157 – Piano Trio In Europe ... Book Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2010. New Copy ... $19.99
A huge guide to the jazz piano scene in Europe – put together here as a special issue of Jazz Critique magazine! The first half of the issue stands as a large discography, filled with listings for obscure releases we might not have seen otherwise – mostly contemporary recordings from the past decade or two, but featuring work by some of the greatest European pianists of the time. There's a special focus on trio dates – as you'd guess from the title – and each listing includes English language text on the players, songs, label, and other details, plus images of the album – followed by more text in Japanese. The second half of the book-like publication features regular Jazz Critique magazine content – with a similar use of English at times in the details of releases – and the front of the issue has a nice color section, with images of lots of album covers too! 260 pages. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Critique Special EditionIssue 171 – All About Roland Kirk ... Book Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2013. New Copy ... $19.99
An issue of the Jazz Critique magazine – but one that also stands as a special discography on the music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk! More than half the issue is devoted to listings of all of Kirk's key albums – not just a huge range of dates as a leader, including a few rare ones we'd never seen – but also appearances on other records in other groups – making for a true portrait of all the contributions that Roland made in his all-too-short years on the planet! The book follows the style of other Japanese discographies – with album cover art, session details, titles, and other info in English – then larger text in Japanese – and in addition to listings for over 132 releases, the book also has a section on all the odd instruments Kirk played over the years, and a nice color section at the front. Magazine is book-style, 262 pages long, and also features regular Jazz Critique magazine content in the back. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Critique Special EditionIssue 175 – Miles Davis ... Book Book
Jazz Critique (Japan), 2013. New Copy ... $22.99
A special issue of the Japanese magazine Jazz Critique – one that's more of a Miles Davis discography than anything else! The first half of the magazine is a discography that features 109 different releases by Davis as a leader – along with personnel, titles, and recording information in English, alongside images of the album covers – and including studio releases, live dates, and even some rare collectables too! Each listing takes up a page or more, and also includes notes in Japanese – and the rest of the magazine follows in a similar format, with more Japanese articles on Miles, then also some listings for newer releases by other artists. Plus, there's also a nice color section at the start – with images of Miles Davis releases, including some rare overseas titles – and some other jazz albums as well. 256 pages, and more like a book than a magazine! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vernon JoynsonTapestry Of Delights Revisited – The Ultimate Guide To UK Rock & Pop Of The Beat, R&B, Psychedelic, & Progressive Eras (2 volume edition) ... Book Book
Borderline, 2014. New Copy 2 Volume Hardound Se ... $266.99 299.99
The ultimate version of the most complete reference on psychedelia ever compiled – the legendary Tapestry Of Delights – served up here in an oversized, two volume, hardcover version – limited to only 600 copies in the printing! Together, the books total over 2000 pages, with insanely detailed discographical information that also includes news on reissues or repressings, current values for many records, and lots of images, including many in beautiful color! There's never been a book like this – and the package, although expensive, is well worth it if you're the sort that spends a lot of time and money tracking down super-rare British records – especially since most of them usually run for a lot more than this two volume set. Super-heavy, hardcover, and way more detailed than the previous editions – almost double the content! Book
(Limited to 600 numbered copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
McSweeney'sMcSweeneys Issue 27 ... Book Book
McSweeneys, 2008. New Copy ... $5.99 24.00
One of the coolest issues of McSweeney's to date – a special slipcover that features three different books inside! Our favorite is Autophobia – a sketchbook by Art Spiegelman that's a great change from some of his higher-concept projects – not only a great way to see his talents evolve in action, but also work with a much more free-floating sense of connection – like his earlier underground comix material! A second book is Lots Of Things Like This – which features graphic art from William Steig, Saul Steinberg, Roy Art Lodge, Leonard Cohen, David Mamet, Joe Brainard, Raymond Pettibon, David Shrigley, and many others. And the last book is the main one – with fiction by Ashlee Adams, Liz Mandrell, Mikel Jollett, Stephen King, and Larry Smith. A really great package – and proof again that McSweeney's is one of the most inventive presses around! Book