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✨✧ Marcus BaramGil Scott Heron – Pieces Of A Man (hardcover) ... Book
St Martins, 2014. New Copy ... $5.99 26.99
A vivid biography of one of our favorite musical talents of all time – filled with details about the life and struggles of Gil Scott-Heron that we might never have learned otherwise! If you know these pages, then you'll definitely know Gil's music – a groundbreaking mix of jazz, soul, and politics that really shaped the black identity in the 70s – but despite the fame of those records, there's a lot more behind the man and his music – and author Marcus Baram really does a great job of getting to the heart of things. The book is especially useful in tracing the path to Scott-Heron's recordings of the 70s, and his own perception of his performance and process – and the whole thing remains detailed over the course of Gil's too-short 62 years on this planet. 305 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Steven BlushNew York Rock – From The Rise Of The Velvet Underground To The Fall Of CBGB ... Book
St Martins, 2016. New Copy ... $6.99 34.99
That's quite a cover photo on the book – and the interweaving of key talents in the image really gets at the style of the narrative within! Author Steven Blush delivers a decidedly one-sided document of the New York scene from the late 60s onward – a picture of countless creative musicians, working alongside each other to create sounds that would go onto transform a generation – often in ways that were strongly inspired by the city itself. The book is less of a long story, than a history that encapsulates moments, focuses on figures – and even lays out groups in some index-styled passages – showing their strengths and weaknesses, and often augmenting the text with countless comments from singers and musicians who were part of the scene. In a manner similar to other rock books in recent years, Blush allows plenty of space for other folks' voices – sometimes almost making the whole thing feel like an oral history of the New York scene, but one that's directed by his own choices and sense of structure. The softcover book is almost 500 pages long, and has a fair bit of black and white photos too. Book
(Spine has a small remainder mark.)

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Jean A BoydDance All Night – Those Other Southern Swing Bands Past & Present ... Book
Texas Tech University Press, 2012. New Copy ... $6.99 39.95
A massive look at the world of western swing in the 30s and 40s – a huge book that really gets past the big names, as you might guess from the "other" in the title! The first big part of the volume looks at southwestern swing bands up to the end of WWII – with individual chapters on sections of Texas and Oklahoma, which are then broken down into sections on the groups – bands led by Jimmy Heap, Billy Boyd, Roy Newman, Ocie Stockard, Doug Bine, and many others. The second section looks at bands after the war – with sections on repertory bands and crossover bands – the last of which even leads up to a few more contemporary groups. There's also a whole section on transcriptions with analysis – and lots of pictures near the end too. 361 pages, softcover. Book

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✨✧ Joshua Clegg CafferyTraditional Music In Coastal Louisiana – The 1934 Lomax Recordings (hardcover) ... Book
Louisiana State University, 2013. New Copy ... $8.99 45.95
A detailed look at one of the most compelling strands of the legendary field recordings of Alan Lomax – his 1934 foray into the rich musical culture of Southern Louisiana! Although some of the Lomax recordings have been brought out and examined under the spotlight in just about every way possible, these recordings have remained a bit more obscure – and finally get full exposure here – in a detailed volume that moves through each recording one by one, presenting the artist, the setting, the lyrics, and a larger critical examination of the work – almost like some giant book-length presentation of liner notes for the 1934 Louisiana field recordings. Not for the feint of heart, but if you've got interest in the farther reaches of cajun music, you'll find plenty here to love – as the hardcover book is 346 pages, and overflowing with notes and information. Book

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Gary Calamar & Phil GalloRecord Store Days – From Vinyl To Digital & Back Again (paperback) ... Book
Sterling, 2010. New Copy ... $10.99 14.99
Somebody's finally gone out and written a book about one subject we can really get behind – the Record Store – and not only that, they've done a beautiful job with the entire package too! The book takes a look at the importance of the record store – not just historically, but culturally as well – with an especially important focus on the need for stores in the digital age, as a way of keeping both the music, and interest in the music, alive and well for generations to come! As you might guess from the subtitle, authors Calamar and Gallo have a bit of an agenda in their portrait – but they really pave the way with some great recollections of record stores past, incredible bits not just from folks who owned and worked in stores, but also from famous shoppers, artists, and collectors too. And even cooler, the book is filled with lots of great photographs – wonderful images of old stores in color and black and white, plus lots of great sidebar bits that help draw a focus on key issues in record retail. If you, like us, get a bit of a rush every time you walk into a record store, then you'll be sure to get an equal rush from this book – a wonderful tome that's one we can send home to our parents, and finally show them we've got a career worth a bit of respect! 238 pages, hardcover, and really beautifully done. Book

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Chamber Of ChillsChamber Of Chills Vol 3 – November 1952 to September 1953 – Issues 14-19 (hardcover) ... Book
PS Artbooks (UK), 1952/1953. New Copy Book ... $9.99 47.99
One of the amazing horror comics published by Harvey Comics in the pre-code years of the early 50s – and a publication that was noted for its wealth of creepy stories and equally chilling images! Harvey may have been the home to Casper the ghost, but on the horror tip they were something else entirely – publisher of some of the most gruesome material in the years before comics got cleaned up in the mid 50s – with some of the best artists as well! Some of these stories are a clear attempt to copy the more famous style of EC Comics, but the Chamber Of Chills material also has a charm that's all its own – a rough approach to stories, which often leads to wonderfully lurid artwork – handled in this volume by Rudy Palais, Lee Elias, Rocke Mastroserio, Bob Powell, Don Perlin, Al Avison, Howard Nostrand, Jack Abel, and others – in stories that include "The Spider Man", "Vengeful Corpse", "Nightmare Of Doom", "The Living Mummies", "Black Passion", "Terrorvision", and more. 256 pages, full color, and hardcover. Book

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Lawrence BlockBorderline (hardcover) ... Book
Hard Case Crime (UK), 1958. New Copy ... $4.99 23.99
Early pulp from mystery writer Lawrence Block – pulled from a time when he was just getting started, and wasn't afraid to use the sort of grittier styles that were popular in magazine fiction of the period! The story is set on the Tex/Mex border, in Juarez and El Paso – and in a way, has some of the vibe of the film Touch Of Evil – especially in the sense that the main character's in a world where just about anything goes, and which provides a great backdrop to the narrative! The book's got a professional gambler, a sex show worker, and a crazed killer with a razor – and that's only just the tip of the iceberg – as the real charm with Lawrence Block really comes from the way he weaves the whole thing together, with prose that continually leaps of the page, but without any of the outdated cliches of some of his contemporary. This hardcover edition is 249 pages, and also includes three vintage Block stories from his years writing for the pulps. Book
(Spine has a small remainder mark.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BlutchTotal Jazz (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2018. New Copy ... $14.99 19.99
Very vivid jazz comics from French cartoonist Blutch – all of which originally appeared in the overseas Jazzman magazine – and work really well here together! Blutch's work is different than most jazz cartoons you'll ever see – as he really puts things out there – either hitting the reader with a real love of jazz musicians, or with an emotive response to the music itself. Some strips are just "thanks" to an artist or show – while others deliver biting commentary on the state of jazz – often with a hand that's a bit heavier than you might see in an American publication, and we mean that in the best way possible – at least in the best examples here. Some are wordless, while others almost have a sense of dialogue that seems inspired by the vintage work of Jules Feiffer in the Village Voice. A few strips are maybe a bit culturally awkward, but those are more than made up for by others that are right on the money – and the book features 85 pages of comics, plus a bit of text too. Book

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