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Brendan Burford, edSyncopated – An Anthology Of Nonfiction Picto Essays ... Book
Villard, 2009. New Copy ... $4.99 16.95
Non-fiction comics at their best – a really great little book that features a range of different material, all of it great! We're not familiar with most of the artists here, but the work is wonderful – and ranges from personal to historical to situational stories – including a history of postcards, a look at contemporary Coney Island, a meeting with a 60s photographer, and many other tales from the personal lives of the artists. The drawing is great, and the storytelling even better – very mature, fully-formed stuff – from artists who include Jim Campbell, Brendan Burford, Paul Karasik, Alec Longstreth, Dave Kiersh, Nate Powell, Nick Bertozzi, and others. Book is 153 pages, softcover, and black and white. Book

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Gary Calamar & Phil GalloRecord Store Days – From Vinyl To Digital & Back Again (paperback) ... Book
Sterling, 2010. New Copy ... $10.99 14.99
Somebody's finally gone out and written a book about one subject we can really get behind – the Record Store – and not only that, they've done a beautiful job with the entire package too! The book takes a look at the importance of the record store – not just historically, but culturally as well – with an especially important focus on the need for stores in the digital age, as a way of keeping both the music, and interest in the music, alive and well for generations to come! As you might guess from the subtitle, authors Calamar and Gallo have a bit of an agenda in their portrait – but they really pave the way with some great recollections of record stores past, incredible bits not just from folks who owned and worked in stores, but also from famous shoppers, artists, and collectors too. And even cooler, the book is filled with lots of great photographs – wonderful images of old stores in color and black and white, plus lots of great sidebar bits that help draw a focus on key issues in record retail. If you, like us, get a bit of a rush every time you walk into a record store, then you'll be sure to get an equal rush from this book – a wonderful tome that's one we can send home to our parents, and finally show them we've got a career worth a bit of respect! 238 pages, hardcover, and really beautifully done. Book

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Martha CamarilloFletcher Street (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2006. New Copy ... $3.99 39.95
A beautiful portrait of Fletcher Street in Philadelphia – an inner city street with the same issues as many others – poverty, crumbling housing stock, neglect – yet one with a difference, too, as its residents board and ride horse within the neighborhood! The tale of Fletcher Street is one of hope – as photographs that might normally document a site of loss and frustration are instead presented as moments of pride and empowerment – with a stunningly unique aesthetic of inner city kids riding horses through the ghetto. Done in the same great style as other photo books on Powerhouse, but with a real difference – and an oversized volume that features full color images throughout. Book

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All Music GuideOld School Rap & Hip Hop ... Book
AMG, 2008. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A guide to essential Old School Rap & Hip Hop from team at the indespensible All Music Guide – featuring more than 500 music reviews of important records by Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, NWA, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and so much more – plus reviews on soul and funk LPs that were instrumental in the creation of hip hop, from ESG, The Emotions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marva Whitney and many more! The book is divided into 2 parts, The Roots Of Rap and Digging In The Crates, and organized alphabetically. Paperback, 166 pages, with several reviews per page. Book

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