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Outside sounds in many styles -- musique concrete, electro-acoustic, minimalism, and many other experimental and avant modes!


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✨✧ Eero KoivistoinenMuusa Ja Ruusa ... CD
Svart (Finland), 1971. New Copy ... $12.99
One of the most unusual albums we've ever heard from Finnish reed legend Eero Koivistoinen – a set of music composed for children – but with a wild sound that must have sent more than a few kids running from the room back in the 70s! Koivistoisen's reeds are only part of the sound here – as there's larger orchestrations from the UMO Jazz Orchestra, some electronics from the University Of Helsinki music studio, and even lots of weird sound effects and animal noises – which only seem to make the whole thing sound even more unsettling! There's a bit of voice at points – the music was based around the poetry of Kirsi Kunnas – but most of the sounds are instrumental, and only seem to get weirder and wilder as the album moves on. Titles include "Fanfaari Kinkulle", "Pikku Paimen", "Sammakkokeitto", "Jussin Talo", "Ville Ja Valle", and "Herra Pii Poo". (Jazz, Out Sound) CD
Also available Muusa Ja Ruusa ... LP 21.99

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✨✧ Ennio MorriconeL'Istruttoria E'Chiusa – Dimentichi ... LP
Contempo (Italy), 1971. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $19.99
One of the darkest, moodiest soundtracks we've ever heard from Ennio Morricone – even in comparison to some of his atonal horror work of the 70s! The vibe here is almost 20th Century avant chamber – a bit like work from Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova, but even more experimental – as odd bits of sound samples are filtered through these dark sonic textures, string parts, and electronics – all with a style that's very musique concrete overall! Tracks are much longer than usual for a soundtrack too – and the record has an experimental greatness that really stands apart from the film. Titles include "Disordini", "Ordini", "Ergastolo", and "Memento". (Soundtracks, Out Sound) LP, Vinyl record album
(Hand numbered, limited edition of 500!)

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✨✧ AlterationsVoila Enough! ... CD
Unheard Music Series, Late 70s/Early 80s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Noisy work from the post-punk underground of the UK – a seminal group that features Steve Beresford, David Toop, Peter Cusack, and Terry Day – all playing in a mix of improvised music, industrial noise, sonic experimentation, and other fragments of other genres. The album's got an incredible energy that is sure to get this re-release of the material the attention it finally deserves – and it fills in an important link between disparate strands of musical expression that were coming together at the time, but which have kind of been shuffled out separately in the history books. 15 tracks in all, selected and annotated by Toop himself! (Jazz, Out Sound) CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Alan Hovhaness/Lou HarrisonSymphony No 2 Op 132 (Mysterious Mountain)/Lousadzak Op 48/Symphony No 2 (Elegiac) – Keith Jarrett/Dennis Russell Davies/American Composers ... CD
Music Masters, 1989. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Ligeti/Kurtag/Dillon/Dusapin/Sciarrino/BerioWorks For Solo Viola – Sonata/Jelek Zeichen Op 5/Siorram/Inside/Tre Notturni Brillanti/Sequenza VI – Garth Knox ... CD
Naive (France), 1995/1996. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
(Out of print. Includes original slipcase!)

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✨✧ Eivind Aarset/TortusaI Know This Place – The Eivind Aarset Collages ... CD
Jazzland (Norway), 2016. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An unusual collaboration between avant musician Eivind Aarset and ambient soundsmith Tortusa (aka John Derek Bishop) – a set that has Tortusa creating whole new sound collages from previous recordings by Aarset, in ways that really take the music to very abstract, offbeat territory – some of those earlier, more electronic and soundscape-oriented styles that we first heard from Norway's Jazzland label! The dark tones and currents of Eivind's inspiration are still firmly in place – and Aarset also plays a bit of new guitar on the record – but the clear vision here is Tortusa's, who finds new ways to open up hidden aspects of these sounds. Titles include "This Again", "I Know This Place", "Take It From Here", "There's So Much Static", "Selective Hindsight", and "Maybe You Still Do". (Jazz, Out Sound) CD

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✨✧ Various1979 Il Concerto – Omaggio A Demetrio Stratos ... CD
Cramps (Italy), 1979. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A huge gathering of musicians and music lovers – all brought together in memory of singer Demetrio Stratos, who passed away unexpectedly in 1979! The stylistic range is as huge as the audience – who appear to number in the tens of thousands in the photo on the back cover – and the set mixes some of the proggish and experimental contemporaries of Stratos with other groups who show just how much creativity was taking place in Italy at the time – bits of jazz, some proto-punk, and lots more – on titles that include "Danzanello" by Area, "Basta Basta" by Kaos Rock, "Nedro Sul Bianco" by Adriano Bassi, "Coesione" by Venegoni & Co, "Il Funerale" by Angelo Branduardi, "Bomba O Non Bomba" by Antonello Venditti, "Cardini Solfeggio Parlante" by Giancarlo Cardini, and "Figlia" by Roberto Vecchioni. (Rock, Out Sound) CD

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