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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kev BrownBrazil Dedication (10-inch EP) (colored vinyl) ... LP
Low Budget, 2013. New Copy .... $16.99
A Brazil-influenced 10-inch EP from hip hop production wiz Kev Brown! IKev's never hurting for inspiration, as he's one of the most diverse and dependable hip hop instrumentalists out there, but what's come of his trip to Brazil is particularly wonderful. Innovative, too! He's not taking the easy route and pairing hip hop beats with bossa, or trying his hand at baile funk sounds – he's doing his own thing here – in his own distinctive way. He builds up from Brazilian samples on some tracks, while others are Brazil inspired – and it's a warm, breezy experience all the way. Includes "The Great", "Montenegro", "Clima Tropical", "Language Barrier", "Exclusivo", "Nao!/Now", "Bela Musica", "Baile Black (Remix)" and more. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousLagos Disco Inferno 1975 to 1981 – 12 Red Hot Slices From The Golden Era Of Nigerian Disco ... CD
Academy, Late 70s. New Copy .... $12.99
Frantically funky club from Lagos – an amazing collection of post-Fela work from the Nigerian scene, lots of it with the kind of uptempo grooves you'd expect from the "disco" in the title! Yet the sound here is hardly the type you'd find over at Studio 54 – as most cuts here still veer more strongly towards Afro Funk than glittery disco – lots of heavy percussion, bumping basslines, and rough production – the kind of gritty grooves that makes tracking down records like this so great! There's definitely a bit more tightness in the instrumentation than a few years before – but things are never slick or commercial – and the overall feel is almost like some of the Banda Black Rio or Uniao Black funk coming from Brazil at the same time. Titles include "Hang On" by Nana Love, "Boogie Trip" by Doris Ebong, "Bad City Girl" by Grotto, "Don't Put Me Down" by Pogo Ltd, "Everybody Get Down" by Asiko Rock Group, "Boogie Train" by Paradise Stars, "Take Life Easy" by Christy Essien, "Boredom Pain" by MFB, and "Rover Man" by Emma Dorgu. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Erasmo CarlosCarlos, Erasmo – Erasmo Carlos (1971) (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Philips/Polysom (Brazil), 1971. New Copy (reissue).... Out Of Stock
Erasmo Carlos sounds even cooler here than usual – still working with tunes penned with his brother Roberto – but also taking on music by Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, and Marcos Valle too! There's a heady undercurrent to the record that's maybe a filtering-through of an earlier Tropicalia vibe – a mode that Erasmo never embraced, but which leaves its impression in some of the more striking arrangements here – especially in the way things trip out at all the best times! Fuzzy guitar and offbeat production really add a lot to the set – and titles include "Maria Joana", "Agora Ninguem Chora Mais", "26 Anos De Vida Normal", "Cica Cecilia", "Mundo Deserto", "Sodoma E Gomorra", "Masculino Feminio", and "De Noite Na Cama". LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Maucha Adnet & Helio AlvesMilagre ... CD
Zoho, 2013. New Copy .... $14.99 15.99
Maucha sings and Helio plays – in a sweet set that makes for a wonderfully warm and stripped down batch of Brazilian vocals! The album's got a sound that's a bit different than the usual bossa outing – given Helio's rich touch on the piano, which isn't afraid to go for bolder notes at times – and given the freer runs that Adnet sometimes takes on vocals – not always, but sometimes with a force that reminds us that she's a great jazz singer on other material too. Maucha plays a bit of percussion on the record – but most of the sounds are just vocals and piano, on titles that include "Waters Of March", "Gabriela", "O Cantador", "April Child", "Canto Triste", "Tico Tico No Fuba", "Milagre", and "Vale Do Ribeira". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Chico Buarque/Nara Leao/Maria BethaniaQuando O Carnaval Chegar ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 1972. New Copy .... $19.99
A fantastic soundtrack recorded in the immediate post-Tropicalia years – featuring some of the best early 70s work by Chico Buarque, Nara Leao, Maria Bethania, and others! The cover has a mad image with Buarque, Leao, and Bethania in top hats and shiny uniforms – and the music follows up with a similarly lively spirit – samba-esque, with other touches of rock and jazz production that give the work an expansive and trippy feel. Roberto Menescal handled the arrangements – and titles include "Cacada" by Chico Buarque, "Mais Uma Estrela" by Nara Leao, "Soneto" by Orquesta De Cordas, "Soneto" by Nara Leao, "Partido Alto" by MPB-4, "Formosa" by Nara Leao & Maria Bethania, "Baioque" by Maria Bethania, and "Cantores De Radio" by Chico, Naria, and Maria together! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Altamiro CarrilhoEnsaio ... CD
Warner (Brazil), 1992. Used .... $8.99
Smoking sounds from this legendary Brazilian flautist – a really stripped-down session that's easily one of the greatest documents of his talents we've ever heard! The performance was done for the TV show Ensaio, and has that wonderfully personal feel of most of the program's recordings – with a very strong focus on Altamiro's amazingly complex, yet melodic lines on flute – and backing by a small and lively samba combo. Titles include "Rio Antigo", "Saudade De Padua", "Aeroporto Do Galeao", and "Lamentos" – plus some longer "Pot-Pourri" tracks. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Joao Donato/Eumir DeodatoDonato-Deodato ... LP
Muse, 1973. New Copy (reissue).... $9.99
The legendary meeting of the two biggest Brazilian keyboard talents of the 70s – Joao Donato and Eumir Deodato – coming together in beautifully funky formation! The sound is a great blend of the moody electric work of Donato's classic Quem E Quem album, and some of the fuller, funkier grooves on Deodato's work for CTI – served up here in a double-keyboard blend with help from a host of great guest musicians! Other players include Randy Brecker on trumpet, Romeo Penque on flute, Mauricio Einhorn on harmonica, and Michael Gibson on guitar – plus plenty of percussion from Airto and Ray Barretto, who both join in to round out this all star session. Tracks are nicely long, and very jamming at times – and titles include the funky "Whistle Stop", plus "Where's JD", "Capricorn", "Nightripper", and "Batuque". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ensemble NovoBlue Night ... CD
Frosty Cordial, 2013. New Copy .... $10.99
A new ensemble, but one with a strong influence from older Brazilian modes – especially the best bossa jazz styles of the 60s! The group's got a sweet approach that mixes vibes in with bossa grooves – a really nice change from the usual, and backed up by more classic elements on acoustic guitar and tenor sax! The sound's wonderfully stripped-down, and recorded in a very basic style – so that there's none of the too-smooth feelings you'd get from other contemporary bossa outings – which leaves a really nice sense of personality and expression from the instruments. Behn Gillece plays vibes and Tom Moon plays tenor – and titles include "Andorinha", "Tristeza", "Wind", "Berimbau", "Grace Engine No 1", "O Sol Nascera", and "Boranda". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barbara EugeniaE O Que Temos ... CD
Oi (Brazil), 2013. New Copy .... $18.99
A beautiful debut from singer Barbara Eugenia – a contemporary Brazilian singer, but one who really seems to find a way to let classic modes ripple through her music – a style that really takes us back to some of our favorite female singers of the 60s – yet served up with an approach that's also completely grounded in the 21st Century! The backings are often a bit airy – maybe even trippy – and although Eugenia's vocals are processed a bit around the edges, they have this force that comes through very strongly – in ways that are different than some of her gentler contemporaries, but which are also free of some too-emotive modes that might sound false. The whole thing's almost a return to that great moment when Brazilian music first fell in love with the legacy of The Beatles – yet also has a definite modern twist too – and titles include "O Peso Dos Erros", "Roupa Suja", "Coracao", "Porque Brigamos", "Ugabuga Feelings", and "You Wish You Get It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gilberto GilGilberto Gil Ao Vivo (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Polygram (Brazil), 1974. New Copy .... $18.99
A great new version of this excellent live set from 1974 – one that adds 5 extra tracks to a record that's already one of Gilberto Gil's best! Gilberto is playing here in a fairly stripped down form, and the recording focuses mostly on his soulful singing and choppy acoustic guitar – although there is a larger group on a few tracks that plays electric guitar and keyboards, but never in a way that interferes with Gil's presence as the leader. The set has the same moody feeling as his rare 1971 LP in English – done with a stripped down sound, and lots of haunting extended tracks that echo with a deeply personal quality! The performance includes a long version of the track "Joao Sabino", plus Joao Donato's "Lugar Comum", Caetano Veloso's "Sim, Foi Voce", and the tracks "Abra O Olho" and "Heroi Das Estrelas" – plus bonus tracks "Copo Vazio", "Dia De Festa", "Cibernetica", and "Dos Pes A Cabeca". Great stuff, and although it's a live album, it's still one of Gilberto's best records from the 70s! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
GraveolaEu Preciso De Um Liquidificador ... CD
Mais Um Discos (UK), 2013. New Copy Gatefold .... $11.99
A sweet bit of Brazilian experimentation that recalls all the inventive spirit of the work of Caetano Veloso and the Tropicalia generation – put together with lots of great twists and turns, and a spirit that's both playful yet straightforward as well! These guys mix things up as much as the "liquidifacador" in the album's title – yet never make the music sound gimmicky at all – and instead really crest on that great wave of Brazilian experimentation that seemed to begin over a decade ago, yet which few folks are doing this well any more! Like Veloso's best music, the songs have a sense of heart that goes way beyond the boundaries of language – and which shows that Graveola isn't just being clever for clever's sake. Titles include "Blues Via Satellite", "Desdenha", "Farewell Love Song", "Kg De Pao", "Babulina's Trip", "O Cao E A Ciencia", "Lindo Toque", and "Desmantelado". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New JoyceCurriculum ... CD
Discobertas (Brazil), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... $24.99
Rare early work from Joyce – a much-needed collection that brings together all the hard-to-find early bits recorded by this fantastic Brazilian singer – songs from compilations, live albums, singles, soundtracks, and other obscure sources! The 20 track set is a real treasure trove if you love Joyce (and we certainly do!) – a way to hear some of these overlooked gems from the initial years of her career – cuts that often show a slight bossa influence, but which also bring in some more complicated modes too – a few trippy touches here, some jazzy inflections there – all wrapped up with the sound that's set Joyce apart from her contemporaries for years. The package has notes that list the source for each track – and titles include "Kyrie", "Andrea", "Copacabana Velha De Guerra", "Dia De Vitoria", "Olhos Feiticeiros", "A Vez E A Voz Da Paz", "Sei La", "Peba & Pobo", and "Pessoas". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Os CanibaisOs Canibais ... CD
Rozenblit/Mr Bongo (UK), 1967. New Copy .... $16.99 18.99
A weird and wild little record from Os Canibais – at first glance, a familiar rockish set from late 60s Brazil – but upon deeper listening, a nicely tripped-out album in all the right places! Os Canibais have a touch of the Jovem Guarda groove – that Brazilian style of copping bits of Anglo rock from up north – but like some of the hippest South American acts at the time, they find ways of making the familiar sound very odd – weird little twists and turns on guitar, organ, and even production – already great on their covers of familiar tunes – but even wilder on their own numbers, which definitely have a psych quality right away – especially on the organ, which is really moody and dark! Titles include "Nosso Romance", "Se Voce Quer", "A Praca", "Ao Meu Amor", "Lindo Sonho", and "O Prego". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Philippe Baden PowellBrazil – Piano Masters Series Vol 2 ... CD
Adventure Music, 2012. New Copy .... $8.99 15.99
A striking solo set from Phillipe Baden Powell – much bolder and more expressive than his previous album – even though the overall feel is a lot more stripped-down too! Baden's got a very sharp approach to the keys of the piano – working here in a range of tones that's really breathtaking – a stark palette of sounds that's recorded with just the right sort of depth to let all of his most subtle touches come through. As befits his roots, the tunes are a mix of Brazilian numbers and jazz standards – plus a few original compositions as well – and titles include "Canto Triste", "Consolacao", "Prologue", "The Meantime", "Loro", "Choro Para Metronomo", "Ending", "Giant Steps", and "Vista Chinesa". CD
Also available Brazil – Piano Masters Series Vol 2 ... CD 8.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Philippe Baden PowellBrazil – Piano Masters Series Vol 2 ... CD
Adventure Music, 2012. Used .... $8.99
A striking solo set from Phillipe Baden Powell – much bolder and more expressive than his previous album – even though the overall feel is a lot more stripped-down too! Baden's got a very sharp approach to the keys of the piano – working here in a range of tones that's really breathtaking – a stark palette of sounds that's recorded with just the right sort of depth to let all of his most subtle touches come through. As befits his roots, the tunes are a mix of Brazilian numbers and jazz standards – plus a few original compositions as well – and titles include "Canto Triste", "Consolacao", "Prologue", "The Meantime", "Loro", "Choro Para Metronomo", "Ending", "Giant Steps", and "Vista Chinesa". CD
Also available Brazil – Piano Masters Series Vol 2 ... CD 8.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ze RamalhoZe Ramalho Canta Beatles ... CD
Discobertas (Brazil), 2011. New Copy .... $15.99
A beautiful take on the music of The Beatles – done in a completely different style than the originals! The tunes here are all famous numbers from the glory days of the fab four, plus a few later solo songs too – but Ze Ramalho performs them all in a mellow, stripped-down setting that often just features his vocals and guitar in the lead, with some occasional extra supporting instrumentation – all at a level that's way more Brazilian than British! A few of the later compositions add in some bigger backings, but never too slick or commercial – and a few others feature some great forro-styled accordion – an instrument that we're not sure the Beatles ever used in their own recordings. And best of all are the vocals – which have all the aging, raspy charm you might expect from Ramalho's image on the cover. Titles include "Golden Slumbers", "If I Fell", "Carry That Weight", "Your Mother Should Know", "Dear Prudence", "Beware Of Darkness", "Isn't It A Pity", "It Don't Come Easy", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "I Need You", and "In My Life". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ronnie VonA Misteriosa Luta Do Reino De Parassempre Contra O Imperio De Nuncamais (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Polydor/Polysom (Brazil), 1969. New Copy (reissue).... $24.99
Great late 60s work from Ronnie Von – an under-appreciated Brazilian rocker, and one with a sound that sits nicely between the Jovem Guarda generation and some of the headier groups to come in the 70s! There's a nice array of psychedelic influences at play here – strong echoes of British work of the time, but used in much more sophisticated ways than any Jovem Guarda acts – never a simple copycat approach, but also never as arty as some of the Tropicalia recordings of the time either. Ronnie's voice has a depth that allows some nice changes in mood from track to track – lightly lyrical one moment, a bit darker and more tripped-out the next – bringing a sense of variety to the record that almost recalls Caetano Veloso during the time, but a bit more rockish overall. Titles include "Atlantica", "Dindi", "De Como Meu Heroi Flash Gordon", "Foi Bom", "Rose Ann", "Comeci Uma Brincadeira", and "Mares De Areia". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRough Guide To Psychedelic Brazil (with bonus CD) ... CD
Rough Guide, 1970s/2013. New Copy 2CD .... $13.99 14.98
A killer collection of work that digs deep into the trippiest sounds of Brazilian music – that great wave of experimentation started in the Tropicalia years, carried on strongly well into the 70s – and even into more recent years as well! Brazilian music is a surprising wellspring of psych modes – and often, their take on the genre is quite different than American and Anglo modes – often a bit more subtle, less self-indulgent, and without any sort of rockish posturing – which really makes work like this a great revelation! Titles include "Cantando Ciranda Na Beira Do Mar" by Siba, "Nordeste Oriental" by Lula Cortes, "O Jarro" by Baby Do Brasil, "Renata" by Liverpool, "Mini Box Lunar" by Amarelasse, "Piri" by Reza Brava, "Ca Pra Nos" by Lucas Santtana, "Anthropologica II" by Marconi Notaro, "Lindo Toque" by Graveola, "Obnoxious" by Jose Mauro, "and "Alergico De Flores" by Laranjua Freak. Also features a full bonus album, too – the modern psych sounds of Jupter Maca – a full reissue of the album A Setima Enfervesencia from 1996. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New JoyceFeminina ... CD
1980. New Copy .... Around June 11, 2014
Beauty, pure beauty! This is one of Joyce's greatest albums – and it features the lovely brazilian singer/songwriter performing in a spare stripped-down setting that's very similar to that used on her famous Agua e Luz album from the same time. The sound quality is incredible, and it's a fantastic mix of sweetness, fragile lyricism, and dark brooding emotion. If you buy just one Joyce album in your life, this might well be it! Includes the cuts "Feminina", "Essa Mulher", "Coracao De Crianca", "Aldeia De Ogum", "Compor", and "Misterios". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Quarteto NovoQuarteto Novo ... CD
1967. New Copy .... Around June 11, 2014
A landmark album that changed a generation of Brazilian musicians – a sublime instrumental collaboration between Airto, Hermeto Pascoal, and 2 other great musicians of their generation! The sound is quite unique – almost a modern recasting of older rootsy modes – taken into the complicated jazzy territory of Airto and Pascoal's best work of the early 70s, but done in an even more stripped down mode! Airto plays percussion, Pascoal plays flute, Geraldo Vandre handles guitar, and Theo De Barros is also in the group – and there's a groove that's impossible to describe accurately, but which you'll instantly recognize as archetypal! Includes the legendary tracks "Misturada" and "Vim de Santana" – plus "Sintese", "Canta Maria", "Canto Geral", and "O Ovo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New AzymuthAurora – Remixes & Originals ... CD
Far Out (UK), 2011/2013. New Copy 2 CDs .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great reworking of this sweet sweet album from Azymuth – served up in a package that features the core original album, plus all the great remixes that came afterward! The core record is heavy Fender Rhodes from Azymuth – sounding almost better here than we've heard them for years! There's a stripped-down, all-classic feel that takes us right back to the group's best work of the 70s – partly because Jose Roberto Bertrami sticks to Fender Rhodes exclusively on the set – using the classic keyboards with a righteous vibe that really brings a hell of a lot of soul to play! And there's also a bit of Incognito help on the production, which helps ensure just the right sound – nothing too modern, nor too gimmicky – just pure Brazilian fusion all the way through – proof that the old ways are still often the best. Titles include "In My Treehouse", "Isso E Partido Alto", "Carnaval Legrand", "Diz No Pe", "Meu Mengo", "Crazy Clock", and "Aurora". The remixes really take off strongly – and push the group's jazzy roots into rich new territory for the clubs – on cuts that include "Aurora (4 Hero rmx)", "In My Treehouse (We Are The Horsemen rmx)", "Ta Nessa Ainda Bicho (Maddslinky rmx)", "Carnaval Legrand (Opolopo rmx)", "Diz No Pe (Kirk Degiorgio rmx)", "Crazy Clock (LTJ Xperience rmx)", and "Ta Nessa Ainda Bicho (Zed Bias 4 x 4 rmx)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Victor Feldman Featuring Tom ScottYour Smile ... LP
Choice, 1974. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Quite possibly the funkiest album that Victor Feldman ever recorded – a sweet little cooker from early 70s Cali – recorded with some great help from Tom Scott on sax and flute! Victor plays both piano and vibes, and there's a warm funky glow to the whole set – kind of a CTI vibe, but taken a bit more stripped-down and indie too – especially on the cuts with a bit harder edge. Other players include Chuck Domanico on bass and John Guerin on drums – and titles include the killer "Your Smile", plus "Rock-A-Vibabe", "Quietly", "I Love Lucy", "Crazy Chicken", "Minor Catastrophe", and "Brazilian Fire". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some wear & light staining.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Gilberto GilGilberto's Samba ... CD
Sony (Brazil), 2014. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the best records we've heard from Gilberto Gil in many, many years – a stripped-down session that focuses on his voice and guitar work – in a style that takes us back to Gil's earliest days in music! The album feels like some lost session that Gilberto might have recorded in the 60s – before his Louvacao debut – done with mostly just a bit of light percussion from the enigmatic Domenico, plus some help from Moreno Veloso – who also co-produced the record as well, with that great sense of space he always brings to his own music too. A few cuts feature extra touches – a bit of accordion, or some flute from Danilo Caymmi – but the main focus is on Gil, who hasn't sounded this great in years – still able to capture our imagination when he works in a straightforward style like this. Titles include "Milagre", "Um Abraco No Joao", "Tim Tim Por Tim Tim", "Eu Sambo Mesmo", "Aos Pes Da Cruz", and "Desde Que O Samba E Samba". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Madlib & OthersMadlib's Medicine Show No 2 – Flight To BrazilBrazilian Funk, Psych, & Jazz Mixed By Madlib (limited edition) ... CD
Madlib Invazion, 2010. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Madlib takes his Medicine Show to the air – his Flight To Brazil – an 79 minute mix of Brazilian funk, psychedelia, prog and jazz from the past few decades! The set sort of finds Madlib in Beat Konducta mode, mixing myriad found sound grooves into his own tropical mind frack – from percussion heavy jams to jazzy keys, acoustic string buzzes and earthy folk funk to hazy psychedelic madness and tripped out proggy sounds! Medicine Show No 2 has nine untitled tracks, each essentially a mini suite of grooves from Madlib's Brazilian crates. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 ... LP
A&M, 1966. Used .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The start of a legend – and the very first album by Sergio Mendes' Brasil 66 group, proudly brought to the world through the godlike talents of a young Herb Alpert! Sergio was no stranger to the recording studio by the time of this set, but the record marked a real shift in his music – a change from the mostly-instrumental bossa modes he first forged back in Brazil, and a shift to warmer, sweeter pop with a nice sunny California finish – done through unique production techniques and the group's trademark two-lady lead vocals! The sound is tremendous, and is possibly heard in its purest form here – simple, focused, and given that near-perfect A&M sound through Herb's production skills. Titles include the classics "Daytripper", "Aqua De Beber", "O Pato", "Berimbau", "Mas Que Nada", and "The Joker". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Caetano VelosoCaetano Veloso (1967) (180 gram LP with bonus CD) ... LP
Philips/Lilith (Italy), 1967. New Copy LP & CD (reissue).... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the building blocks of the late 60s Tropicalia scene in Brazil – and a standout solo debut from the young Caetano Veloso! The album's got an approach that's as dynamic and trippy as its cover image might imply – the same amazing blend of sounds and styles you'd hear on contemporaneous records by Gal Costa or Os Mutantes – served up with similar wit, wisdom, and charm! Caetano's vocals are amazing throughout – filled with raspy power that goes beyond the barriers of language – and the production has loads of surprising elements tripping through the mix – some rootsy, some slightly orchestrated – but with a softer approach that resonates strongly with more psychedelic use of organ and guitar. The album's as powerful today as it was decades ago – an essential recording that holds up beautifully year after year! The kickoff track is "Tropicalia" (surprisingly enough!), and the album is a non-stop ride through gems like "Alegria, Alegria", "Onde Andaras", "Paisagem Util", "Ave Maria", and the groovy "Soy Loco Por Ti America", written by Gilberto Gil. LP, Vinyl record album
(LP comes with bonus CD of entire album.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousBlack Feeling Vol 2 ... CD
Freestyle (UK), 2011. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A funky compilation from a single group of players – the second Black Feeling set on Freestyle – with Lance Ferguson of The Bamboos leading a killer group of modern funk players from the Oz scene with fierce love of classic Afro, Latin and otherwise furiously funky sounds from across the globe! It's just as great as volume 1 – and the range is even wider and more impressive! They cover funk and soul classics from the underground and from broad daylight – taking on Bob James and Kool & The Gang, plus trips to Brazil, Jamaica for takes on Jorge Ben and Jackie Mittoo, and some fun leftfield turns! Here's hoping there's a Volume 3! Includes "K-Jee", "Cosa Nostra", "Nautilus", "Give It Up", "Oboe", "Song For Suzy", "Featherbed Lane", "Mystic Brew", "Daffy's Dance" and more – each credited to a different group! 12 tracks on the CD. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Stan Getz with Joao GilbertoBest Of Two Worlds ... CD
Sony (Japan), 1976. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A wonderful return ot the sounds of Brazil for Stan Getz – a 70s album that reunites him with Joao Gilberto, but in a style that's somewhat different than the pair's older Verve recordings! The sound here is looser, freer – more in that breezy Brazilian mode that evolved out of the initial bossa years – and Stan's tenor sounds great in the setting, with those loose yet heartfelt lines we love so much from this period! Joao's great too – somehow even more "present" on the record than before, with that amazing ability to do so much with so little – as on some of his own great 70s recordings. Miucha contributes some English language vocals to the record alongside Joao's Portuguese ones, and Oscar Castro Neves handled the arrangements with a nicely stripped-down style that has plenty of focus on the percussion and rhythms. Titles include a sublime English language version of "Aqua De Marco (Waters Of March)", plus the tracks "Double Rainbow", "Falsa Bahiana", "Ligia", "Izaura", "Eu Vim Da Bahia", and "E Preciso Perdoar". CD
(Blue Spec CD2.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Jards MacaleSo Morto – Burning Night ... CD
RGE/Discobertas (Brazil), 1970. Used .... Out Of Stock
A crucial set of work from the overlooked Jards Macale – one of the hippest cats in Brazilian music during the 70s, heard here on one of his best early albums! The music here is really at the crossroads – a combination of the folksy edge of the 60s work of Geraldo Vandre, mixed with some of the trippier elements of the generation that would be best represented by Lula Cortes, all set free by some of the rich waves of energy that sprung from Brazil in the wake of the Tropicalia movement! Macale's got a way of really personalizing the tunes with both his vocals and guitar work – and the overall presentation moves from intimate to expansive with effortless ease. Titles include "Sem Essa", "So Morto", "O Crime", and "Solucos". CD also features a huge amount of bonus tracks – 10 more numbers that include "Gotham City", "Let's Play That", "Poema Da Rosa", "Revendo Amigos", "Orora Analfabeta", and "Rua Real Grandeza". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Os BrazoesOs Brazoes ... LP
Moi J'Connais (Switzerland), 1969. New Copy (reissue).... Out Of Stock
A tripped-out batch of tracks from Brazil! These guys mix together a bit of funk, a bit of psych, and touches of Jorge Ben-like soul – into a blend that's really groovy all the way through, and which will be sure to please any fan of the Samba Soul groove! Jorge Ben's influence is all over the set – filtered through some garagey production that makes the tracks sound rawer than any of Ben's own work, and which give the guitars a nice fuzzed out edge. The whole thing's almost psychedelic at times, but has a fair bit of soul as well – and titles include "Gotham City", "Que Maravilha", "Carolina, Carol Bela", "Modulo Lunar", "Volkswagen Blue", "Feitico", "Espiral", and "Momento B/8". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Return To ForeverComplete Columbia Albums Collection (Romantic Warrior/Music Magic/Live The Complete Concert) (5CD set) ... CD
Sony, Late 70s. Used 5CD .... Out Of Stock
An amazing triple-header – a set that features three full albums from Return To Forever – one of which is a triple-length set! First up is Romantic Warrior – one of the hardest-jamming Return To Forever albums – recorded with the post-Brazilian lineup that includes Chick Corea on keyboards, Stanley Clarke on bass, Lenny White on percussion, and Al DiMeola on guitars. Corea's very firmly in the lead – stretching out in heavy keyboard romps that really take off into space – propelled by fierce drums from White, heavy bass from Clarke, and a bit of tippling guitar from DiMeola. Next is Music Magic – a further extension of the Return To Forever vibe that helped Chick Corea find some of his best energy of the 70s! The style is still as tightly focused as before, but also opens up with a bit more soul, too – trading some slight moments of jamming for a CTI sense of funk – a mighty nice move that makes this album one of our all-time favorites by the group! Gayle Morgan plays some very cool organ and mini-moog next to Chick's wide array of keyboards – and Joe Farrell serves up wonderful tenor, soprano sax, and flutes – which really help shape the sound. Last up is Return To Forever Live – The Complete Concert – a vastly-extended exploration of this legendary 70s group at their best! The triple-length package offers the ensemble plenty of room to open things up – long tracks that stretch out with the boundless energy that Chick Corea first brought to the group, yet also coming together with the sort of soulful focus that really makes this second chapter so great too! Chick plays a huge host of keyboards, almost more than we can imagine being on a single stage – Fender Rhodes, minimoog, Arp, clavinet, and more – and Gayle Morgan also plays more keys, but more importantly lends some soulful vocals to the outing. CD
(Barcode has a cutout mark.)

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New CorduroyVery Yeah – The Director's Cut – Complete Compositions 1992 to 1996 (Dad Man Cat/High Havoc/Out Of Here/Quattro) (4CD set) ... CD
Acid Jazz/Cherry Red (UK), 1990s. New Copy 4 CDs .... Out Of Stock
Four classic albums by this hip UK group – all with rare bonus tracks too! First up is the wonderful Dad Man Cat – our favorite record by one of the best funk records to ever come out of England! On this great debut album, Corduroy are a tight funky combo, with an organ and clavinet mod sound that still holds up damn well over the years. Their songwriting is great, and the groove on the set push way past the stock acid jazz riffing of the early 90s. Best example of this is "Skirt Alert", a cut that begins with an amazing drum break, then grooves into a Brazilian-inflected funk number, in the manner of Earth Wind & Fire's use of the idiom. Other tracks include "Chowdown", "How To Steal The World", "Electric Soup", "Money Is", and "Six Plus One". CD also features six bonus demo tracks! High Havoc is a real shift for Corduroy, who are opening their sound a lot here from earlier releases – showing that the group was way more than just one of London's many retro funk combos at the beginning of the 90s. The set includes the sublime track "Something In My Eye", a breezy bossa number that would almost put Brasil 66 to shame, and which we can guarantee will have you hitting the repeat button on your CD player again and again! Other tracks include "The Corduroy Orgasm Club", "Breakfast In Love", "Nobody Move", "Very Yeah", "Clearing Up Music", "Lovely Lonely & Loaded", and "The Frighteners". CD features 9 more bonus tracks – some previously unreleased! Next is Out Of Here – a record that's still heavily steeped in the 60s territory of previous releases, but one with a bit more of a mod feel overall! There's lots of heavy Hammond and guitar in the mix, and the vocals have a warm appeal too – kind of a blue-eyed soul take on mod London modes – served up here with a sound that's arguably tighter and more soulful than lots of current work of this nature! Corduroy was always a group that never fully got its due – and with records like this under their belt, they were easily one of the hippest acts on the Acid Jazz imprint at the time. Titles include "Don't Wait For Monday", "Practice What You Preach", "Magic Carpet", "January Woman", "Mini", "Motorhead", "Along The Rooftops", "End Of The Rainbow", and "Red Mercury". CD features 7 more bonus tracks – a number of unissued demos! Last up is Quattro – Live In Japan 1994 – a great little live set from Corduroy – recorded late in their career, but with the stripped down funky feel of their best early work! The album was recorded in Japan – but the groove is pure London jazz funk all the way, with a tight mix of keyboards and riffing guitars, electrically grooving in a very soulful way. Includes versions of "Skirt Alert", "Something In My Eye", "Mini", "Money is", "London, England", "Electric Soup", "E Type", "The Frighteners", and "Chow Down". CD

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New Francis Hime & GuingaFrancis & Guinga ... CD
Biscoito Fino (Brazil), 2012. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A beautiful pairing of mature Brazilian talents – working here in a setting that makes both of them shine even brighter than usual! The set features just piano from Francis Hime and guitar from Guinga – and vocals from both – often trading back and forth alongside their instruments, in a stripped-down setting that's wonderfully moody, and really opens up some darker corners in their music! The change is especially great for Guinga – maybe one of the most personal records he's ever cut – and is also a real difference from some of the fuller arrangements you might hear on Hime's larger-format records. Titles include "A Ver Navios", "Mar De Macarana", "Doentia", "Saci/Parintintin", "Cambono/Anoiteceu", and "Saudade De Amar". CD

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New Herbie Mann & Tamiko JonesMann & A Woman ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1966. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A really unique collaboration between fluteman Herbie Mann and soul singer Tamiko Jones – a vocalist who's always a really special talent, and who has an equally great ear for jazz as well! That style works perfectly here – as the vibe is somewhere between Herbie's Latin and Brazilian-styled sets for Atlantic, and some of the groovier jazz of the 60s – particularly the styles influenced by hip soundtracks of the time. Arrangements are very fresh, and even make familiar tunes pop nicely – thanks to work on the charts from Joe Zawinul, Melba Liston, and Jimmy Wisner. But the really special talent here is Tamiko – who sometimes sings lyrics, sometimes works wordlessly in a really cool mode – on titles that include "A Man & A Woman", "O Barquinho", "It's Time That You Settled Down", "Sidewinder", "Day Tripper", "Sunny", and "How Insensitive". CD

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New Marconi NotaroNo Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios ... CD
Rozenblit/Mr Bongo (UK), 1973. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Folksy psychedelia from early 70s Brazil – a wonderful little album by poet/singer Marconi Notaro, done in collaboration with the team of Lula Cortes and Ze Ramalho, with a feel that's similar to their own classic Paebiru! The feel here is quite loose at times – almost improvised percussion and guitar bits jangling together – but a few other numbers get more rock-based and electric, making for weird shifts in mood that continue to keep the record on edge. Everything's quite trippy overall, and made even more so by the production techniques – which are simple, but really effectively used to abstract out some of the best elements. Titles include "Anthropologic", "Ode To Satwa", "Symphony In RE", "I Have No Imagination To Trade Wives", "Oh Greedy Life", and "Desmantelado". CD

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New Rubinho E Mauro AssumpcaoPerfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei ... CD
Tapecar/Discos Mariposa (Argentina), 1972. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A bit trippy, a bit groovy – and a very compelling little set from the Brazilian duo of Rubinho & Mauro Assumpcao! At one level, the record's got an earthy feel that matches the cover image of the pair climbing out of a tree without their shirts on – but at another level, there's often echoes of some of the funkier modes coming into Brazilian music at the time – a slight Samba Soul influence that mixes well with the earthy, sometimes personal vocals of the duo. In a way, there's almost a similarity here to early work by Os Novos Baianos – who seem to inhabit a similar space – and like that group, these guys have a sound that's got plenty going on, even if you can't completely understand it! Titles include "Ta Tudo Ai", "Debandada Geral", "A Montanha", "Bloco Da Visao", "Os Olhos", "Sozinho Nao Estou", "Quero Companheira", and "Pe Na Estrada". CD

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New Caetano VelosoQualquer Coisa ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 1975. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A really overlooked album from Caetano Veloso – one that's quite different than the more experimental modes of records like his Tropicalia sets, or his Araca Azul record – but with a unique charm that makes it every bit as special as those! The set's quite stripped-down and personal – and really has Veloso getting back to basics – in ways that are a bit like his UK album from 1971, but more upbeat and positive too. The tunes are really thoughtfully presented, with spare backing that puts Veloso's amazing vocals right out front – heard to especially wonderful effect on the album's English-language readings of three late Beatles tracks – "Eleanor Rigby", "For No One", and "Lady Madonna". All titles are great, though – and tunes include "Nicinha", "La Flor De La Canela", "Drume Negrinha", and "Samba E Amor". CD

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New SatwaSatwa (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Rozenblit/Mr Bongo (UK), 1973. New Copy (reissue).... Out Of Stock
A tripped-out set of acid folk guitar from Satwa – featuring Brazilian psychedelic folk genius Lula Cortes, in a feel that's very much like his own great work of the time! Satwa is one of the sweetest sets of psych folk jams we've heard in ages – with a mostly-instrumental, wholly mesmerizing sound spun by Lula on sitar and partner Lailson on 12 string guitar – a rich acoustic blend that's even deeper and more enigmatic than music of this type from the American scene! There's a bit of guest lead guitar on one track by Robertinho Do Recife – and titles include "Satwa", "Can I Be Satwa", "Alegro Piradissimo", "Lia A Rainha Da Noite", "Apacidonata", "Amigo", "Atom", "Blue Do Cachorro Muito Louco", "Valsa Dos Cogumelos", and "Alegria Do Povo". LP, Vinyl record album