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Chico BuarqueConstrucao ... CD
Philips (Brazil), 1972. New Copy .... $14.99
If you've ever been wondering which album to get by Chico Buarque – this is it! The record's a stunning batch of sophisticated sides, done in collaboration with Roberto Menescal, and with help from Jobim and MPB4! The album builds on the style of Buarque's excellent late 60s songwriting, and adds in some of the more complicated approaches to arrangement that were being developed in Brazil at the end of the 60s – in a way that pushes Chico's work to the next level, and which makes this record sit right up there with work at the time by Jobim or Edu Lobo. Titles include "Samba De Orly", "Valsinha", "Acalanto", "Deus Ilhe Pague", and "Construcao". Really beautiful – with a lot of soul, and a great sound! CD
(Note: the CD has a few slight dips in sound at times, very brief and nothing major – and this is an issue with the original mastering of the record.)

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Paco De LuciaAlmoraima ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1976. New Copy .... $18.99
A brilliant 70s set from guitarist Paco DeLucia – one that really shows him stretching out with even more pride and power than before – finding that really unique groove that was part jazz, part flamenco, but really something very special of his own! Paco's got a highly rhythmic way with his guitar – using the instrument almost as much as a drum in some passages – while still being able to carve out these complicated passages on the strings, with dynamic energy that few American players might be able to match. Ramon De Algeciras plays second guitar on the record, but most of the music is from Paco's own instrument – and titles include "Rio Ancho", "Plaza Alta", "Ole", "Llanos Del Real", "Almoraima", and "Cueva Del Gato". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paco De LuciaFantasia Flamenca De Paco De Lucia ... CD
Philips (Spain), 1969. New Copy .... $18.99
A flamenco fantasy from the legendary Paco De Lucia – one served up with a sound that's a lot more revolutionary than you might guess from the title and cover! Sure, the style is rooted in older Spanish modes – but Paco's approach here is really freewheeling and personal – strongly informed by acoustic guitar changes in the US scene in the 60s, as well as a sense of jazz – then brought back to traditional sounds to really set the whole thing on fire! Paco's dexterity on the guitar is amazing – as is his sense of rhythm – which changes brilliantly throughout the course of each tune, to always keep things on edge amidst his cascades of acoustic notes. Titles include "Celosa", "Lamento Minera", "Aires De Linares", "Mi Inspiracion", "Guajiras De Lucia", and "El Tempul". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paco De Lucia & Ricardo Modrego12 Canciones De Garcia Lorca Para Guitarra ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1965. New Copy .... $18.99
Sublime early work from guitarist Paco De Lucia – working here with Ricardo Modrego on second guitar, in a wonderful batch of new readings of the work of Federico Garcia Lorca! The tunes are all instrumental, but have a richness that goes beyond words – amazing guitar interplay pulled from flamenco roots, but turned towards new Spanish modes of the 60s – light years from earlier recordings by cats like Sabicas, yet performed with a similar sense of prowess. Titles include "Anda Jaleo", "Zorongo Gitano", "Los Peregrinitos", "Las Tres Hojas", "El Vito", "Cafe De Chinitas", and "Los Cuatro Muleros". CD

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Paco De Lucia Y Ramon De Algeciras12 Hits Para 2 Guitarras Flamencas Y Orquesta De Cuerda ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1969. New Copy .... $13.99
A lovely little take on the flamenco sound of Spain – one that pairs the guitar of Paco De Lucia with that of Ramon De Algeciras, and adds in a bit of larger orchestrations as well! The tunes are hardly "hits" in the American mode – more famous numbers that are recast beautifully here in the instrumental interplay of the two acoustic musicians – working with a complexity that's mindblowing, yet a sense of focus that really drives the record forward with a lot more power than most of their contemporaries. The orchestrations are relatively lean – no brassy cliches here – and are really used mostly to flesh out the sound a bit, with some nice richness around the edges. Titles include "Celos", "Los Pescadores De Perlas", "Tango De La Rosa", "Si No Me More", and "El Amore De Laura". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eumir DeodatoInutil Paisagem (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1964. New Copy Gatefold .... $32.99
Beautiful airy bossa! This album's a 1964 session of straight piano bossa tracks by Deodato, with production by Roberto Quartin – and a sound that's a lot more mellow and fragile than his other records from the time! Deodato is amazingly restrained in his playing, and sticks to only piano – with backing that is extremely light and subtle. Roberto Quartin was the artistic director on the session, and the album includes a lot of the same whimsical touches he brought to his work on the Forma and Quartin labels. The set's filled with loads of great tracks like "Insensatez", "O Morro Nao Tem Vez", "Samba Do Aviao", and "Amor Em Paz". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gilberto GilLouvacao (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Philips/Soul Jazz (UK), 1967. New Copy .... $22.99
A brilliant early moment for the young Gilberto Gil – a set recorded right before his jump into the Tropicalia movement, but with a sound that's already pretty darn unique! The style here has Gilberto singing upfront and playing acoustic guitar – in a mode that's certainly rooted in bossa nova, but which really moves past its basic approach – showing some of the deeper, darker, more sophisticated tunes you'd find in similar early music by Nara Leao or Gal Costa! The songwriting is superb – of the sort that already had many others picking up some of Gil's important early tunes for their own recordings – and there's a nice nod to deeper Brazilian roots in some of the arrangements, particularly the regions that were sometimes pushed into the corners of the culture. Arrangements are by Dori Caymmi and others – and titles include Gil's classic "Roda", which was covered by many artists, but done brilliantly here in the original – plus "Lovacao", "Maria", "Ensaio Geral", "Lunik 9", and "Procissao" – all early classics! Also includes 2 great bonus cuts – Tom Ze's moody "A Moreninha", and Gil's own bossa groover "Minha Senhora". CD
(Beautiful package, too – in a hardcover, book-like jacket!)
Also available Louvacao ... LP 24.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Pierre Henry/Michel ColombierMesse Pour Le Temps Present ... CD
Philips (France), 1967. New Copy .... $18.99
Fantastic! This classic bit of funky electronic French stuff has been showing up in bits and pieces on various compilations over the past few years (most notably the cut "Psyche Rock", which has some sample history to it), but this is the full release of this amazing collaboration between electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier – a soundtrack for a full length ballet of groovy electronic pieces that sounds as fresh today as it did back in the late 60s! It's great all the way through, and many tracks have the same feel as the famous "Psyche Rock" – funky, chunky, and bristling with electric energy. Other tracks have a very spare electronic sound – there's odd bubbling sounds, cool funky beats, and some very groovy melodies. CD

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Nara LeaoNara '67 (Vento Do Maio/Nara 1967) ... CD
Philips/El (UK), 1967. New Copy .... $6.99
One of the loveliest of all the bossa singers is caught here in some superb arrangements by Oscar Castro-Neves, Maestro Gaya, and Dori Caymmi! This loaded compilation of material features the entirety of Nara Leao's classic self-titled Phillips album from 1967 and the album Vento De Maio – both excellent records that showcase a move away from simple bossa nova into the work that would make her one of the key figures of the Tropicalia scene! The tracks have a wonderful feel – with moments that are rootsier than your average bossa record, and others that are baroque enough to hint at the direction Nara would take a year later with Rogerio Duprat. Production is excellent, and Edu Lobo even guests on the track "De Onde Vens". 23 tracks in all! Other titles include "Quem Te Viu Quem Te Ve", "Vento De Maio", "Maria Joana", "A Praca", "Um Chorinho", "Lancha Nova", "Inspiracao", "No Corado Da Saideira", "Camisa Amarela", and "Se Voce Quiser Saber". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rita LeeBuild Up ... CD
Philips/El (UK), 1970. New Copy .... $6.99
The first solo album by Rita Lee – cut back when she was a member of the groundbreaking Tropicalia trio, Os Mutantes! The album's got a very different feel than her work with that group – and has Rita stepping out as a sophisticated pop singer, almost in the way that Nico did on the Chelsea Girl album, after leaving the Velvet Underground. Arrangements have a weird twisted edge – as Rita makes her way through a set of originals and a few covers, in an almost deadpan, ice-blond mode that reminds us of some of Jane Birkin's early work. Arrangements are by the great Rogerio Duprat, and titles include "Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu", "Prisioneira Do Amor", "Hulla Hulla", "Tempo Nublado", "Precisamos De Irmaos", and "Calma" – plus a nice cover of "And I Love Him". CD
Also available Build Up – Serie Estreia ... CD 15.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mama LionPreserve Wildlife (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips (Mexico), 1972. New Copy Gatefold .... $9.99
Wow, here's a group with a heck of a fitting name – and man, we KNEW we recognized that voice – it's Mama Lion, fronted by Lynn Casey, who provided the singing voice for the Kelly McNamara character in Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls! Preserve Wildlife is a crazy good rock album with densely grooving soul & funk influences, but it's really a showcase for Lynn's powerhouse vocals. She gets much more down and dirty, wailing away on these tunes in a manner that's waaaaaay more feral than it was on Stu Phillip's compositions for the classic Russ Meyer sleazefest. The group plays so hard, that if the piano and keys weren't so prominent in the mix it'd be closer to a hard rock sound. As is, it's more of a feverish, hard grooving take on blue & soul. Opens with a blazing cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" and gets more incendiary from there! Other tracks include "Be Bad With Me", "It's Only A Dream", "Mr Invitation", "Cry", "Sister, Sister (She Better Than A Man)", "Candy Man" and more. And in case you find the whole thing too subtle (ha!), the inside photo is a literal presentation of the group name. Yep. CD
(Comes a great little LP style sleeve!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul MauriatMore Mauriat/Prestige De Paris ... CD
Philips/Vocalion (UK), 1966. New Copy .... $16.99
Two groovy sets from Paul Mauriat – both recorded in the magic year of 1966! More Mauriat really has Paul opening up with some hipper 60s sounds than usual – taking on a whole bunch of American pop tunes of the time, and retuning a French orchestral approach towards leaner, meaner modes – almost a soulful strings sort of vibe at times – although at others, definitely scored by Mauriat with the kind of French soundtrack styles we love in his music – especially in his great use of electric harpsichord on many of the tunes! Titles include "Bang Bang", "Black Is Black", "Sunny", "Guantanamera", "Lara's Theme", and "Reach Out I'll Be There". Prestige De Paris returns Mauriat to the songs of his homeland – classic French tunes from the more romantic previous generation – often done here with full strings and a relatively florid approach that's a bit different than some or Paul's worldwide hits. Titles include "Sous Le Ponts De Paris", "La Mer", "Moulin Rouge", "Les Feuilles Mortes", "La Seine", and "Fascination". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hermeto PascoalMusica Livre De Hermeto Pascoal ... CD
Philips/Bomba (Japan), 1973. New Copy .... $29.99
Quite possibly the clearest moment of genius ever from the legendary Hermeto Pascoal – a tremendous album that helped reshape instrumental Brazilian music for many years to come! At one level, the record shares a sound with some of the fuller, richer orchestrations going on in the post-bossa years – especially the work of Edu Lobo and Marcos Valle – but at another, it's filled with the kind of inventive instrumental interplay that's always made Hermeto so great, but which has never come off so perfectly as it does here! As you might expect from Pascoal, there's some especially great reed passages – crafted in a flurry of colors and tones – but there's also a warmer, more flowing quality to the whole album – less of the dark notes and pointy edges that show up often in Hermeto's work from later years. Bits of strings help the whole thing glide tremendously – and the record's a genre-busting blend of jazz, Brazilian roots, and complicated arrangements – unlike anything else we've ever heard, and still one of our favorite albums of all time! Titles include "Bebe", "Asa Branca", "Carinhoso", "Plin", "Gaio Da Roseira", and "Sereiarei". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Elis ReginaElis Regina In London (limited hardbox version) ... CD
Philips/Universal Sound (UK), 1969. New Copy .... $19.99
Elis Regina hits the London scene of the late 60s – with amazing results that make the album one of her best from the early years! The style here is still quite bossa-oriented, but backings are done by Peter Knight – who'd worked with Scott Walker and some of the other hip British singers at the time – so the sound's a bit different than Elis' Brazilian records, too. Knight's quite sensitive to Regina's way of interpreting a tune – and he nicely follows the soaring, jazzy vibe that Roberto Menescal had given her at home. But the groove's also a bit more open and fluid too – with some slight Brit Easy touches that really send the whole album home! Titles include a great version of "Upa Neguinho", plus "O Barquinho", "Zazueira", "Giro", "A Volta", "Corrida De Jangada", "Watch What Happens", and "Wave". CD
(Nice package too!)

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Claudette SoaresClaudette Soares (1967) (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1967. New Copy .... $32.99
Beautiful early work from Claudette Soares – a really lovely album of bossa-styled material, but sung with a slightly deeper edge too! The arrangements are wonderful – uncredited on the cover, but really a masterpiece in understatement – that carefully balanced mix of emotion and sadness with jazzier currents, which graced some of the best Brazilian records of this type from the time! Soares sometimes sings with a fuller feeling, but often keeps things in this well-pitched manner that really suits the careful instrumentation and all of its wonderful dark tones and colors. Titles include "Vim", "A Noite Da Ilusao", "Balada Do Tempo E Da Vida", "Nos", "Rosa Dos Ventos", and "Tao Doce Que E Sal". CD

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Tamba TrioMiraculous Tamba Trio (Tempo/Tamba Trio/Avanco) ... CD
Philips/El (Brazil), 1962/1963/1964/1966. New Copy .... $13.99
Nearly 3 albums' worth of music from the legendary Tamba Trio – one of the grooviest groups in the 60s bossa years in Brazil! The trio are quite unique – in that they not only play upbeat bossa rhythms, but also harmonize along with their grooves – in a soaringly sublime quality that really electrifies the tunes! Most of their lyrics are jazzy and somewhat scatted – kind of an added layer of music on top of the core jamming of piano, bass, and drums – and the production on these key 60s sides really helps their sound hit just the right level – a heavenly sound that's occasionally augmented by added percussion, flute, or guitar. The CD is one of the best introductions to their work we've ever seen – as it features material from the 60s albums Tempo, Tamba Trio, and Avanco, plus the rare Brasil Saluda A Mexico single – a whopping 26 tracks in all, with titles that include "Reza", "Tamba", "Batida Diferente", "Influencia Do Jazz", "Nos E O Mar", "O Amor Que Acabou", "Tristeza De Nos Dois", "Negro", "Rio", "Yansa", "Moto Continuo", "Barumba", "Danielle", "Pregao", "Boranda", "Consolacion", and "Morte De Um Deus De Sal". CD

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Tamba TrioTempo (limited hardbox version) ... CD
Philips/Universal Sound (UK), 1964. New Copy .... $19.99
The stuff of legend – and one of the greatest albums ever from Brazil's Tamba Trio! The group have a sound here that goes way beyond standard bossa jazz – in that amidst the piano, bass, and drums, the trio also harmonize vocally too – swirling together the lyrics, which are often wordless, in these cool jazz riffs that are really amazing – soaring out above the instrumentation, to create a whole new layer of grooves! Arrangements are by the group's pianist, Luiz Eca – who really reaches a high point in his musical development here – and titles include the classics "Boranda", "Barumba", and "Consalacao" – plus "Yansa", "Moto Continuo", "Nuvens", and "Pregao". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Caetano VelosoMuitos Carnavais ... CD
Philips/Polygram (Brazil), 1977. New Copy .... $15.99
Lively album that mixes Caetano's rich songwriting style with a hard percussive base, which gives the tracks a fast jumpy feel, and gives even more power to Caetano's strong voice. There's little psychedelic bits, with good guitars that get noisy in parts, but there's also a warm MPB feel to the LP. Kind of hard to describe, but another unique bit of brilliance from one of the true geniuses of pop music in the 20th century. Tracks include "Um Frevo Novo", "Chuva, Suor E Cerveja", "Cara a Cara", "Qual e, Baiana?", and "La Barca". CD
Also available Muitos Carnavais (Japanese paper sleeve edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD 24.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousTropicalia – Ou Panis Et Circencis (remastered edition) ... CD
Philips/Universal (Brazil), 1968. New Copy .... $22.99
A landmark album – not just in Brazilian music, but in all modern music in general! The set's a legendary manifesto for the Tropicalia movement in Brazil – and features key works by all the leading musical luminaries in the movement – including a few later stars who are heard here at their most edgey! The work is as groundbreaking today as it was at the end of the 60s – a brilliant testament to the power of artists to really break down boundaries in art and music, and find a way to mix the political with the popular at the same time. Titles include a fantastic version of Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso singing "Baby", the "Tres Caravelas" duet between Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, Gil's great reading of "Bat Macumba" with Costa and Veloso, Nara Leao singing "Lindoneia", Os Mutantes performing "Panis Et Circenses", Gilberto on "Geleia Geral, Caetano doing "Coracao Materno, and Rita Lee, Gal Costa, and Caetano Veloso singing "Enquanto Seu Lobo Nao Vem". Brand new remastering – approved by Caetano Veloso himself! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousPigmaliao 70 – Original Soundtrack ... CD
1970. New Copy .... Around June 11, 2014
One of the greatest of all Brazilian soundtracks! This early gem from the Globo TV series of soundtracks features a sublime mix of easy, breezy, and funky tunes – all with that hip end-of-the 60s Brazilian sound we love so much! Arrangements are by Antonio Adolfo, Erlon Chaves, and Jose Briamente – and the set features some wonderful work by artists who are really under-represented in the current reissue market. Tracks include "Pigmalio 70" by Erlon Chaves, and in another version by "Umas e Otras" (aka Marcos Valle), plus "Tema De Cristina", "Tema De Nando E Candinha", and "Os Povos" by Erlon Chaves, "A Feira" by Jackson Do Pandeiro, "Ao Redor" by Claudette Soares, "Pendulo" by Egberto Gismonti, "Tema De Kiko" by The Youngsters, and "A Feira" by Wilson Das Neves. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Johnny GriffinNight Lady ... CD
Philips/Universal (Germany), 1964. New Copy .... Just Sold Out!
A rare European gem from Johnny Griffin – recorded in quartet formation with backing from the rhythm trio of the Clarke Boland Big Band! Johnny was working with the trio in the bigger group at the time, but he gets plenty of space to state his case here – stretching out on hard-bitten, almost-modern solos that are some of his most adventurous to date on record – supported strongly on the album's longish tracks by Francy Boland on piano, Jimmy Woode on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums! There's a quality to Griffin's tone that's incredible – urgent, edgey, but never too far out – completely in command of itself, and able to run free, but without wasting at note at all – unlike some of his over-stretched European solos of later years. The set features beautiful long readings of Boland's "Night Lady" and "Old Stuff", plus Griffin's "Scrabble", and versions of "Summertime", "All The Things You Are", and "Little Man You've Had A Busy Day". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New AssagaiZimbabwe ... CD
Philips/Keyhole (UK), 1971. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the hippest blends of African roots and psychedelic sounds ever – a tremendous record from the UK scene at the start of the 70s! The group is a unique blend of the jazz elements of the Blue Notes group from South Africa – Mongezi Feza on trumpet, Dudu Pukwana on alto and vocals, and Louis Moholo on drums – with some rock touches from guitarist Fred Coker, and Ghanian elements on percussion and vocals from Terri Quays! Most of the other players have strong jazz backgrounds, and because of that the set's got a style that's different than the usual Afro rock outing of its type – more far-reaching and cosmic overall, with some especially great passages from Feza, Pukwana, and Coker. Jade Warrior make a guest appearance too – and titles include "Barazinbar", "Wanga", "La La", "Dalani", "Bayeza", "Sanga", "Come Along", and "Kinzambi". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Serge GainsbourgHistoire De Melody Nelson (deluxe edition) ... CD
Philips/Light In The Attic, 1971. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Fantastic stuff – and a record that may well be the greatest ever from the mighty Serge Gainsbourg – high praise indeed, considering the greatness of Gainsbourg's other music! The album is one long suite built around a spare, electric bass-driven theme – a slow funk riff that's been sampled countless times over the years, and which has gotten the album continuous play on both sides of the Atlantic for many many years. The mighty Jean-Claude Vannier handles the arrangements, and Serge mutters the lyrics over the top, in a raspy loud whisper – while the funky rhythms dart in and out of odd washes of sound, and unusual eerie sounds. There's a very strong soundtrack feel to the album, as waves of music envelop the lyrics – tripped out in funky beats that have become legendary over the years, thanks to some very famous samples! Titles include "En Melody", "Cargo Culte", "Ballade De Melody Nelson", "Valse De Melody", "Ah! Melody", and "L'Hotel Particulier". Wonderful US version too – with a 40 page deluxe booklet that features extensive notes on the album – and a 1971 interview with Gainsbourg! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Serge GainsbourgL'Essential Des Albums Studio – 14 Albums Originaux 1958 to 1987 (12 CD set) ... CD
Philips/Universal (France), Late 50s/1960s/1970s/1980s. New Copy 12CD .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Amazing music – at an equally amazing price! The set features every studio album ever recorded by Serge Gainsbourg – monumental sounds that completely transformed the world of French music in the 60s and 70s, and have gone on to have a global impact well into the 21st Century! The sounds here are amazing right from the start – a mix of jazz, Latin, and other hip modes – all set to playfully sinister lyrics by Serge – which get even better as the 60s move on, and Gainsbourg dips into fuzz, funk, and other amazing elements to push out some far frontiers in his music! The 70s sees some great electronics, classic collaborations with Sly & Robbie, and gives way to some surprisingly great 80s material towards the end of Serge's too-short career. Box features 14 albums on 12 CDs – with records that include Du Chant A La Une, No 2, L'Etonnant Serge Gainsbourg, No 4, Gainsbourg Percussions, Initials BB, Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg, Histoire De Melody Nelson, Vu De L'Exterieur, L'Homme A Tete De Chou, Aux Armes Et Caetera, Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles, Love On The Beat, and You're Under Arrest. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Gracinha LeporaceGracinha (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1968. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Great early work from singer Gracinha Leporace – a vocalist you might know from her later work in Bossa Rio, or her recordings with husband Sergio Mendes! Even at the start, Gracinha's a hell of a singer – a vocalist who's capable of all the coolness of the bossa era, yet still richly expressive in all the right ways – with a jazzy flourish at times that's perfect for the album's lively backings from Oscar Castro Neves! Instrumentation includes some sweet organ lines with a Walter Wanderley sort of groove – plus other moments that use woodwinds in this really lovely way – almost echoing some of the early Deodato charts. The whole thing's wonderful – a real lost bossa treasure – and titles include "Prece", "Cancao Da Desesperanca", "Ultima Batucada", "Rancho De Ano Novo", "A Saudade Fez Um Samba", "Sem Saida", "Cantiga", and "Em Tempo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Joao Mello with Tamba TrioA Bossa Do Balanco (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1963. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An overlooked singer from 60s Brazil – working here with some great bossa backings from the Tamba Trio! The trio usually sing on their own early records, but they step aside on the vocal tip, and let Joao handle all the lyrics on the set – while they provide their own great instrumentation arranged by Luiz Eca, who's got a way of mixing melancholy moods with subtle bossa grooves! Joao Mello plays a bit of guitar alongside his vocals, and the record also features this haunting flute work from bassist Bebeto – whose lines really complete the moody feel of the record. Titles include "Jogado For a", "Um Sonho Para Dois", "Gostoso E Sambar", "Voce Vai", "Faz De Conta", "O Maior Nao", and "Amor E Paz". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Emilio SantiagoComigo E Assim/O Canto Crescente/Guerreiro Coracao ... CD
Philips/Universal (Brazil), 1977/1979/1980. New Copy 3CD .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A trio of wonderful records from Emilio Santiago – all of which capture him at a key point in his career! Comigo E Assim is a classic batch of jazzy soul from Santiago – one of his best – with sweet 70s arrangements by the likes of Joao Donato, Sivuca, Roberto Menescal, and Antonio Adolfo, all of whom craft a slightly funky style that works wonders with Santiago's vocals. If you've ever bought one of his later, sleepier albums, this is the one to start with – as the record's a great batch of tracks that lives up to the notoriety he's had over the past few years with the international groove scene. Titles include "Nega", "Comigo E Assim", "E Hora", "Danca Mineira", "Preconceito", "Te Cuida, Rapaz", "No Balanco Do Trem", and "Quando Chegares". O Canto Crescente is a wonderful gem from Emilio Santiago – soaring and hip all the way through! After some of his earlier funkier work, this may well be the best full album ever cut by Santiago – thanks to some warm jazzy arrangements from the likes of Antonio Adolfo and Meirelles, both of whom really make the set sparkle with a warm electric piano groove! Emilio's vocals are great – soulful and sophisticated at once, perfectly fitting with the light jazzy changes of the tracks, giving them the right dose of honest emotion. Titles include "Rola Bola", "Recado", "Logo Agora", "Caridade", "Bufete E Cascudo", "Trocando Em Muidos", and "Quase Sempre". Guerreiro Coracao captures Emilio Santiago in a sweet live setting – one that really brings out the sharpest crackle in his music! Titles include "Diariamente", "Perdao", "Pela Metade", "Guerreiro Coracao", "De Repente", "Mistura", "Dama Da Noite", "Minhas Madrugadas", and "Anuncio Classificado". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Antonio AdolfoAntonio Adolfo (1972) (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1972. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
One of Brazil's grooviest arrangers ever – stepping out here in a rare 70s album that's even more seductive than his previous work! The style's got a vibe that's a bit hipper than some of Adolfo's bossa-baroque records – as you might guess from the image on the cover, which is a good reference to the sexy slink on most of the grooves within! Adolfo's lead vocals are out front much more than before – often with this ernest singer-songwriter quality that we never would have expected – and the backings are a blend of acoustic and very subtle electric modes – with some especially nice use of electric bass at a slow-stepping pace, in ways that almost give Antonio a Brazilian variant of a Serge Gainsbourg groove at times. Titles include "Essa Chuva", "Correto", "Venice", "Tenho Andado Despreocupando", "Espacos Entre Espacos", and "Terminando Esse Disco". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Wilson Das NevesSamba-Tropi (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1970. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Heavy drums, and some great grooves throughout – a wonderful album from percussionist Wilson Das Neves, and maybe his best record ever! The album's more funk than the samba in the title – although the best numbers have a little bit of both – almost an instrumental take on the same territory as Jorge Ben at the end of the 60s, with wickedly riffing guitar and some nicely heavy drums. The lineup is an all-star one – Dom Salvador on piano, Ze Roberto on organ, and trombone from Ed Maciel – and the arrangements are handled by Erlon Chaves, with the same funky approach as his own great music! There's loads of great originals on the record – including "Essa Moca Ta Diferente", "Sarro", "Repouso", and "Bebete Vao Bora" – plus versions of cuts like "Venus", "Evil Ways", and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", all done as groovy instrumentals. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De LuciaFuerte Y Caudal ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1973. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
One of our favorite albums ever from the legendary Paco De Lucia – and a set that really has the guitarist coming into his own – stepping past even his rich flamenco roots, and coming up with a new style that's practically a genre unto itself! Paco's sense of imagination here is wonderful – freed up from any previous expectations, and really set loose on the strings of the guitar – coming up with an amazing blend of rhythm and melody in these fast flurries of notes – at a level that's as passionately powerful as it is breathtaking from a sheer technical perspective. Ramon De Algeciras joins Paco on two tracks, but most numbers are solo – and titles include "Fuente Y Caudal", "Entre Dos Aguas", "Plaza De San Juan", "Los Pinares", and "Cepa Andaluza". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De LuciaHispanoamerica ... CD
Philips (Spain), Late 60s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Spanish guitarist Paco De Lucia takes on a host of tunes from Latin America – but definitely makes them all his own, thanks to a wonderfully fluid approach to guitar! Instrumentation is just acoustic guitar, with additional help on the instrument from Ramon De Algeciras – and Paco's in fine form throughout – playing with a rich, complex line that leaves us completely breathless as it darts in and out – sometime seeming to step miles from the original structure of the tunes, yet still always hanging onto the melody in the end! Many tunes are familiar, but the versions here are completely fresh – and titles include "Siboney", "Alma Corazon Y Vida", "La Paloma", "Cielito Lindo", "Y Todo A Media Luz", and "Granada". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De Lucia Y Ramon De AlgecirasDos Guitarras Flamencas En America Latina ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1967. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A pair of Spanish guitars take on the sound of Latin America – as the great Paco De Lucia and partner Ramon De Algeciras run circles around a host of traditional and folklore tunes! The pair of guitars are very dynamic – and handle both complicated rhythm and melody throughout – with a dexterity that's not only amazing because of Paco's youthful powers on his instrument, but also because the pair of players can work together so seamlessly too! Titles include "El Jarabe Tapatio", "Manana De Carnaval", "Granada", "Malaguena Salerosa", "Tomo Y Obligo", and "Fina Estampa". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Neyde Fraga with Walter WanderleyBalancando (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1964. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A really wonderful set of bossa nova vocals – one that features singer Neyde Fraga working with the keyboard talents of the great Walter Wanderley! Walter later cut a famous record for Verve with Astrud Gilberto – but this sweet little set is a real prequel to that album, and features Wanderley trying out a whole host of wonderful grooves with Fraga – almost all of which feature his sparkling Hammond organ in the lead! Fraga's a singer with a bit more punch than Astrud at times, which works great for Walter's jazzy style – and the set's filled with bubbling groovers that include "Diz Que Fui Por Ai", "Doce Amor", "Samba No Balanco", "Questao De Moral", "Balanco Do Mar", "Sambou Sambou", and "Amanhecendo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Rita LeeBuild Up/Hoje E O Primeiro Dia Do RestoDa Sua Vida/Atras De Porto Tem Uma Cidade (3CD set) ... CD
Philips/Universal (Brazil), 1970/1972/1974. New Copy 3 CDs .... Out Of Stock
The first three solo albums from Os Mutantes singer Rita Lee – all work that really follows in a great vibe from her key contributions to the Tropicalia scene! Build Up has Rita stepping out as a sophisticated pop singer, almost in the way that Nico did on the Chelsea Girl album, after leaving the Velvet Underground. Arrangements have a weird twisted edge – as Rita makes her way through a set of originals and a few covers, in an almost deadpan, ice-blond mode that reminds us of some of Jane Birkin's early work. Arrangements are by the great Rogerio Duprat, and titles include "Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu", "Prisioneira Do Amor", "Hulla Hulla", "Tempo Nublado", "Precisamos De Irmaos", and "Calma" – plus a nice cover of "And I Love Him". On Hoje E Primeiro, Lee is clearly the star of the show – singing all lyrics with a much fiercer vocal approach than on her earlier solo album – pushing things hard to keep up with the jamming keyboards of Arnaldo Baptista and guitar of Sergio Dias – both of whom are working with the energy that would show up in the Mutantes styles in the years after Lee departed. One of the most compelling aspects of the record is the structure of the tunes – less conventionally rockish overall than the direction Os Mutantes were moving towards – and still with that strong dramatic flair that Lee always provided when in the group. Titles include "Vamos Tratar Da Saude", "Amor Branco E Preto", "Superficie Do Planeta", "Teimoisia", "Tapupukitipa", "Beija Me Amor", and "Frique Como". On Atras Do Porto, Lee hits a sort of space rock sound, with a weird set of materials that sort of mixes an early 70's space rock guitar sound with Wings-like production for a more pop feel. Our Portuguese is terrible, so we can't read the lyrics and get hip to the concept, but the inside cover has the band looking kind of like refugees from Spinal Tap or something. With the cuts "Tem Uma Cidade", "Menino Bonito", "Mame Natureza", and "Eclipse Do Cometa". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Luiza MariaEu Queria Ser Um Anjo (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1975. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Compelling work from this overlooked Brazilian singer of the 70s – an artist who's got a vibe that's quite different than most other material we've heard from that scene at the time – especially more mainstream MPB! Luiza's got this way of running deep with her vocals – a quality that certainly seems influenced by some of the hipper American female singers of a few years before, with undercurrents of roots and blues which are then taken in a more Brazilian style overall – although often set to smaller group arrangements that follow in a similar spirit, especially the work on guitar. The vocals are almost expressive in a Maria Bethania way – but with a very different twist – and most songs are originals, with titles that include "Tao Quente", "Maya", "Nao Corra Atras Do Sol", "O Anjo", and "Miro Giro". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Marilia MedalhaMarilia Medalha (1968) (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1968. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Simply stunning sounds from Marilia Medalha – one of the most inventive Brazilian singers of the 60s, working here in a really special set of arrangements from Rogerio Duprat! Medalha's already great on some of her other records of the time, but this set knocks it out of the park with lots of very cool touches from Duprat – the kind of complex musical moments that mix modernity and rootsy elements in a style that he was using more famously with some of the bigger artists on the Tropicalia scene! Marilia's style of singing is a bit more in the mode of Brazilian music from the previous generation, but Rogerio really transports her to a special space with his instrumentation – which puts the record in the same hip territory as work by Gal Costa or Nara Leao from the time. Titles include "Tres Cavaleiros", "Jogo De Viola", "Gloria", "Arrependimento", "Sao Paulo Meu Amor", and "Cancao De Marta E Romao". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Claudette SoaresGil Chico Veloso Por Claudette (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1968. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A legendary moment in the history of MPB – as older Brazilian singer Claudette Soares turns towards the work of groundbreaking singer/songwriters Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Chico Buarque! The set was recorded in the heart of the Tropicalia years – and although the record isn't as crazy as any of Gil or Caetano's work from the time, there's some definite Tropicalia influences running through the set – which is a real chance for Claudette. Plus, the legendary Rogerio Duprat arranged the whole album – with the finesse and care that he brought to some of the great albums by Gal Costa, Nara Leao, and Veloso from the same time. Features the tracks "Clara" and "Yemanja", performed with Gilberto Gil in the lead – plus other tunes that were written by the three, and which seem to have them participating in the instrumentation. Titles include "Mancada", "Frevo Rasgado", "Lia", "Januaria", "Deus Vos Salve Esta Casa Santa", "Lua Cheia", and "Remelexo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Claudette Soares & TaiguaraPrimeiro Tempo (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1966. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A really beautiful early album from Claudette Soares – one that's maybe a bit more collaborative and experimental than most of her other work! The set features Soares singing alongside a young Taiguara – an artist you might know best for his later, more experimental work – but who here works as a great male foil for Claudette's vocal energy – sometimes working in duet form with the female singer, as they trade off lines beautifully – sometimes stepping out on his own, and really surprising us with his solo strength. The record's got some spoken bits, in which one singer or another introduces a tune – which furthers the sense of collaboration of the record, as does the live recording quality as well. We're guessing that if our understanding of Portuguese was better, we'd get more of the concept – but it's more than great enough at face value on its own. Titles include "Canto De Osshana", "Tempo De Humor", "Mila", "Pra Voce/Precisco Aprender A Ser So/Estrada Do Sol", "Samba Tempo", and "A Banca Do Distinto". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New BandidoBandido (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips (Mexico), 1973. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A killer funky rock group from early 70s Mexico – one that plays with some sweet jazzy touches too! The sound here is a bit like the jazz rock of the US and UK scenes – with soulful lyrics that really find a nice home amidst the jamming guitars, brassy horns, and funky rhythms at the bottom! And in fact, there's a familiarity to some of the tunes – a groove that makes you say "dang, where have I heard this one before" – but only because the quality level of the album's so high, these cuts should have been bigger on the global scene! Titles include the groovy "Pobre Ecologo", which has some nice organ – plus "Libertad Ahora", "Dama De Invierno", "Un Nuevo Dia", "Manana", and "Exhortacion". CD
(Comes a great little LP style sleeve!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Paco De LuciaEl Duende Flamenco De Paco De Lucia ... CD
Philips/Universal (Spain), 1972. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
The album may have "flamenco" in the title, but in the hands of Paco De Lucia, the style is something else entirely – a richly personal vision of music – played by Paco with incredible deftness on the guitar, yet with a way that's never trying to show off, or bury feeling with any overdone sense of technique! Instead, De Lucia creates this really special sort of magic on the instrument – unlocking amazing tones and colors with effortless ease – all with the energy you might expect from a free jazz musician on the instrument, yet always directed in a tuneful, musical way. The album's a key early accomplishment from Paco – and although some tracks have light additional strings, these are used very gently to shade in the background, and still leave the set with the feeling of a solo album overall. Titles include "Percusion Flamenca", "Barrio La Vina", "De Madruga", "Cuando Canta El Gallo", "Canestera", "Punta Del Faro", and "Farolillo De Ferria". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Luiz HenriqueA Bossa Moderna De Luiz Henrique (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Think (Japan), 1964. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
The title is perfect for the sound of this early set from Luiz Henrique – as the music is definitely the modern bossa promised in the title, and almost even groovier than some of Henrique's later American work for Verve! Luiz sings and plays guitar throughout – and often hits this wonderful mode that's equal parts samba and jazz, with lots of cool little inflections in both the vocals and instrumentation! The approach is a bit more lively than the usual bossa session, but never overdone as well – as Henrique keeps this perfect balance throughout, and really underscores the more sensitive emotions of the tunes with his very personal vocals. Luiz should have been a much bigger talent at the time – and this rare gem is proof that he was definitely one of the most striking talents on the Brazilian scene of the 60s. Titles include "Vagamente", "Balanco Do Mar", "Paz De Amor", "Se Amor E Isso", "Samba Skindim", "Toc Toc", and "Vou Andar Por Ai". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Orlando Julius & The Afro SoundersOrlando Julius & The Afro Sounders ... CD
Philips/Voodoo Funk, 1973. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
An uber-rare album from Orlando Julius & The Afro Sounders – recorded at Ginger Baker's studio in Lagos and originally (apparently quite scarcely) released by Philips in 1973 – wonderful stuff and on par with the excellent material the group recorded in the handful of previous years! The sound is terrific, still fresh and live sounding, but recorded with the best studio technology Julius had access to to date. The drums and percussion are prominent in the mix and so is the bass – with punchy, soulful brass, organs and passionate vocals. Wonderful! Tracks include "Yio Si Da Miliki Beat", "Afro Instrumental", "Osika Ranti", "Buje Buje", "Aseni" and "Kete Kete Koro". CD
(CD version comes with a great hardcover book-like package that includes liner notes by Orlando Julius.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Roswell RuddBlown Bone (plus bonus track) ... CD
Philips/Emanem (UK), 1967/1976. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
A rare Japanese-only album from trombonist Roswell Rudd – one of his few full length statements of genius from the mid 70s! The album's got a very collaborative feel overall – one that takes off from some of Rudd's better-known work of the "new thing" era, but opens things up tremendously with more of a relaxed loft jazz sort of approach. Players shift somewhat throughout the set, and the instrumentation mixes Rudd's work on trombone and percussion with soprano sax from Steve Lacy, trumpet from Enrico Rava, voice from Sheila Jordan, tenor from Tyrone Washington, and electric piano from Patti Brown. There's a deeply personal vibe to the whole record, one that reminds us a bit of the spirit of Rudd's great Flexible Flyer album – and titles include "You Blew It", "Blues For The Planet Earth", "Cement Blues", "Bethesda Fountain", "Street Walking", and "Blown Bone". CD also features one more bonus track – the beautiful "Long Hope", recorded in 1967 with Karl Berger on vibes, Robin Kenyatta on alto sax, Lewis Worrell on bass, and Horacee Arnold on drums. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Ebo TaylorTwer Nyame (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Philips/Disques Dessinee (Japan), Mid 70s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
An early gem from Ghana legend Ebo Taylor – a smoking little set with a really hypnotic feel overall! The tracks here are all nice and long – and build energy with kind of a minimal layering of sound – an approach that's different than some of the longer Nigerian jams you might know from the time, but with a style that's equally compelling – especially give the great use of guitar and keyboards! These instruments are heard to best effect on the sublime "Peace On Earth" – a tune that features this wonderful other-worldly electric piano – ringing out with tones that are almost vibes-like at times, and which almost have a Sun Ra-ish sort of quality. Also great is "Atwer Abroba" – a tune with some funky horns riffing along with the tight percussion, and captivating vocal refrains over the top. The title cut, "Twer Nyame", has wonderfully chromatic guitars – really let loose, and allowed to build slowly – creating this warm electric energy on the tune! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Serge GainsbourgHistoire De Melody Nelson (French pressing) ... CD
Philips (France), 1971. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Fantastic stuff – and a record that may well be the greatest ever from the mighty Serge Gainsbourg – high praise indeed, considering the greatness of Gainsbourg's other music! The album is one long suite built around a spare, electric bass-driven theme – a slow funk riff that's been sampled countless times over the years, and which has gotten the album continuous play on both sides of the Atlantic for many many years. The mighty Jean-Claude Vannier handles the arrangements, and Serge mutters the lyrics over the top, in a raspy loud whisper – while the funky rhythms dart in and out of odd washes of sound, and unusual eerie sounds. There's a very strong soundtrack feel to the album, as waves of music envelop the lyrics – tripped out in funky beats that have become legendary over the years, thanks to some very famous samples! Titles include "En Melody", "Cargo Culte", "Ballade De Melody Nelson", "Valse De Melody", "Ah! Melody", and "L'Hotel Particulier". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nara LeaoSamba, Festivais, E Tropicalia (14 CD set) ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 1960s/Early 70s. New Copy 13 CDs .... $249.99
Amazing music from Nara Leao – all of her classic albums for Philips from the 60s, packaged together in one sweet set – along with a bonus 2CD set of rare material, a booklet, and lots of bonus tracks as well! Nara during this time was a completely unique singer – an artist with roots in bossa, but inflected with a folksy depth, and more than enough sophistication to help make her a key figure in the Tropicalia movement as well! This package brings together everything that makes Leao so wonderful – dark albums from the mid 60s that really set a whole new tone for MPB – a few live performances that show Nara's collaborative and spontaneous side, and some important late 60s material that already show a tremendous evolution as an artist. Each album is in its original artwork, with bonus tracks on individual CDs – and albums include Nara (1964), Opiniao De Nara, O Canto Livre De Nara, Show Opiniao, 5 Na Bossa, Liberdade Liberdade, Nara Pede Passagem, Manha de Liberdade, Vento De Maio, Nara (1967), Nara Leao (1968), and Coisas Do Mundo. Plus, the bonus 2CD set features lots of obscure cuts from singles and other unusual sources – 33 more numbers that include duets with Maria Bethania, Chico Buarque, Quinteto Violado, and Fagner – and lots of other solo tracks too. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vinicius De MoraesA Bencao Vinicius – A Arca Do Poeta (20 CD set) ... CD
Universal (Brazil), Late 50s/1960s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 20CDs .... $399.99
Vinicius De Moraes is an artist with the soul of a poet, but a hell of a recording career too – one that spans the earliest years of bossa nova, which he helped to create – and runs through some tremendous collaborations in the 60s and 70s as well! This wonderful set brings together all the important Vinicius De Moraes albums for Philips – including a number that have never been on CD before – recordings that take on a wonderful range of styles and different approaches, each very well suited to the nature of the specific projects, or the lyrical needs of the master! Some of the most important records here are the collaborations – including early Black Orpheus work with Jobim, Afro-Sambas with Baden Powell, and later duets with Toquinho – but there's also important soundtracks, music and poetry projects, and some very rare material too! The collection features two separate CDs of rare material, unusual cuts, and singles – Pela Luz Dols Olhos Teus 1 & 2 – plus the individual albums Orfeu Da Conceicao, Vinicius & Odette Lara, Vinicius Caymmi No Zum Zum, De Vinicius E Baden with Ciro Monteiro, Os Afro Sambas, Vinicius Poesia E Cancao Ao Vivo Vols 1 & 2, Garota De Ipanema soundtrack, Jesus Cristo Superstar, Vinicius Canta Nossa Vilha Gabriela, Vinicius & Toquinho (1974), Vinicius/Toquinho (1975), Deus Lhe Pague, Antologia Poetica, 10 Anos De Toquinho & Vinicius, Ump Pouco De Ilusao, and A Arca De Noe Vols 1 & 2. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nina SimoneBaltimore (Japanese pressing) ... CD
CTI (Japan), 1978. New Copy .... $13.99
A real standout 70s set from Nina Simone – a one-off date for CTI Records, done with a sound that's different than her earlier work for RCA, Philips, and Colpix! The groove here is often as soul-based as it is vocal jazz – thanks to arrangements from David Matthews, who brings a similar sound here to his other work with Esther Phillips in the decade – another older singer who'd hit some very hip territory at the time. The groove here is very much like Phillips' best for Kudu – smooth and soulful, but in ways that still retain all the rasp and character of the lead vocals. Titles include a sublime reading of Randy Newman's excellent "Baltimore", plus "The Family", "My Father", "Music For Lovers", "Rich Girl", and "Balm In Gilead". CD
(Blu Spec CD.)
Also available
Baltimore ... LP 19.99
Baltimore ... LP 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Scott WalkerClimate Of Hunter ... CD
Virgin (UK), 1984. New Copy .... $12.99
A key slice of Scott Walker genius – and his only recording from the 80s, cut on the heels of a re-discovery of his older music, but a far step ahead than anything Walker had done before! Climate Of Hunter is far darker than the famous Philips albums – and carries with it echoes of his last few tunes with the re-formed Walker Brothers in the late 70s – a bleaker look at life than ever before, but one that's still touched with the sense of poetry that Scott always brought to his work, and sung in that godlike voice we love so much! Instrumentation carries a definite feel of the time – with some echoes of British post-punk production, especially in the way the drums and guitar are recorded. Yet there's also a timeless quality to the album here too – and each year past its release settles it more warmly into the classic and better-known Scott Walker catalog. Surprising guest appearances on the set include Evan Parker, Ray Russell, Mark Isham, and even Billy Ocean – and titles include "Rawhide", "Dealer", "Track 3", "Sleepwalkers Woman", "Track 5", and "Track 7". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Sylvia TellesVoce E Eu ... CD
Universal (Brazil), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy .... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Beautiful bossa by one of the first singers to really embrace the genre – the lovely Sylvia Telles, represented here by some of her best tracks from the late 50s and early 60s! Sylvia initially started as a singer with a bit more of the romantic flourishes of the postwar generation in Brazil, but soon became greatly enamored of the new bossa sound at the end of the 50s – and used her wonderfully clean, fluid style to really work magic with the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and others! This set combines tracks from Telles' years at Odeon and Philips – and features titles that include "Dindi", "Lobo Bobo", "Perdido De Amor", "Estrada Do Sol", "Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar", "Caminhos Cruzados", "Tu E Eu", "Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce", "Por Causa De Voce", and "Voce E Eu". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Nina SimoneSilk & Soul (expanded edition) ... CD
RCA, 1967. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
One of Nina's first for RCA – a mixture of jazz and soul tunes handled with some classy arrangements by Sammy Lowe, most of which feature nice electric bass work at the bottom by Gene Taylor! Taylor's bass gives the tracks a nice "dip" that's not exactly funky, but does provide a strong kick that keeps things moving along nicely – in a way that points towards the direction Nina would take in the 70s, and which makes this album a fair bit hipper than some of her Philips work! Nina's not as over the top as on other records, but still lays it out quite hiply – and tracks include "Consummation", "Go To Hell", "Love O Love", "It Be's That Way Sometime", "Turn Me On", and "Some Say". CD features bonus tracks "Save Me" and "Why Must Your Love Well Be So Dry". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New VariousJazz Club – Psychedelic Jazz – The Best Mindblowing Spaced-Out Jazz Grooves ... CD
Jazzclub (Germany), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy .... Out Of Stock
Psychedelic Jazz galore – a wonderful look at the hip blend of funky grooves and tripped-out production that emerged at the end of the 60s! The sounds here are every bit as amazing now as they were a few decades back – a genre-busting blend of electric instrumentation, chunky rhythms, and weird techniques – all mixing up elements from soul, funk, rock, Latin, and other sources into a really unique sort of groove! The work here is both from the US and overseas – pulled from Universal-owned labels like MPS, Chess, and Philips – and the package does a great job of mixing key examples of the genre with some other under-reissued gems. 16 tracks in all – including "The Squire" by Mike Nock, "The Fuzz" by Roy Ayers, "Burning Spear" by Jimmy Smith, "Summertime" by Gabor Szabo, "Zoom" by Volker Kriegel, "Uwiii" by Wolfgang Dauner, "The Moving Finger" by Dorothy Ashby, "Big Family" by Free Orbit, "Love Me" by Johnny Teupen, "Ganges Delta" by Okko, "Misty Purple" by Kuhn Brothers & The Mad Rockers, "Guru-Vin" by Don Sebesky, and "Season Of The Witch" by Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger. CD