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Sell Collectible Vinyl Records, Albums

Our website and mail order departments are open, but our Chicago retail outlet is currently closed. Since the store is not open, we will not be handling any walk-in buying of used records or CDs. Online buying will be in a limited capacity, with limited staff.

We are always looking for vintage vinyl records, old records, collectible records, hard-to-find records, and rare vinyl from the pre-1950s through today! If you have questions about your collection don't hesitate to contact us so we can arrange an appraisal.

Sell Your Records and CDs

Sell Your Used CDs, LPs, Vinyl Records, & Albums

Dusty Groove regularly purchases used vinyl records, LPs, 7" and 12" singles, and CDs from our customers and we pay top dollar for vintage, rare, obscure, one-of-a-kind, and hot items in the genres we love such as jazz records, soul records, hip hop records, funk records, R&B records, blues records, Latin, French, gospel, classical, and many others.

In and Around Chicago — Visit Our Store

Dusty Groove Chicago Record Store & Warehouse
Buying Hours: No in-store buying at this time (except as shown)
1120 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622 USA
Near Ashland and Division Streets (View Map)

All sellers must have a valid Drivers License or State ID Card, as required by the City Of Chicago

We buy used vinyl records and used CDs in our store every day, so feel free to stop during our daily buying hours with anything in the styles we like to buy that you might have to sell.

Our Chicago record store is located at just south of Division Street with ample street parking — and we'll have someone ready to help you carry your records if you have a lot for us to look at.

If you have a fairly large collection to sell it's usually a good idea to call ahead so that we can make sure that we're ready for you. Also, if you want to sell to us at hours other than these regular buying hours, please phone us a few days in advance, so that we may schedule a buyer at a different time.

We also make house calls for high-quality collections — call 773-342-5800 or email to make arrangements.

Outside the Chicago Area

We travel the world in search of good record collections — both CD and vinyl records — but we always have to schedule a visit in advance. The best first step is to email with some details of your collection — and we can take it from there.

If you just have a smaller number of CDs to sell, please see the Sell Used CDs Form which makes the whole process very easy.

Sell Your Used CDs To Dusty Groove.

Also, we do purchase vinyl records through the mail — but it's kind of a tricky business, so pay attention to these details!

  • First off, the records have to be in tip-top condition — as it's usually not worth dealing through the mail for dirty or scratched up records.
  • Secondly, the records have to be somewhat valuable — as the cost of shipping can be high, so it's usually not worth dealing with records that are only worth a dollar or two.
  • Thirdly, we do not accept unsolicited shipments of used vinyl — and any vinyl shipped to us must be proposed and negotiated in advance, so that we can be fair to all parties involved.

We make quotes in advance for any proposed records sold to us via the mail — in a series of email exchanges that can serve as a record for both parties involved. However, in order for us to make the most accurate quotes on your items, it is important that we have as much information on hand as possible.

Remember, we do make house calls and trips across the country for very large collections. Obviously, the cost of such a trip is not cheap so we only do so for large or valuable collections — and we're always happy to discuss that with you if you feel that you have such a collection.

Mailing Used Records & Used CDs

If you are serious about selling records to us through the mail, you must first send us a list of the titles you have available with the following details:

  • Format (LP, CD, 12", 7", etc.)
  • Artist/title/label details
  • Accurate condition grades of the items, based on those listed in grades for used vinyl & CDs. It is important that the grades are as accurate as possible, as a record's condition determines how much we pay for each item. A VG+ album is always worth more than an album in VG- condition — and we pay accordingly for the items. When grading, please use a bright incandescent (not florescent) light — of very direct beam and high wattage. A desk lamp with a regular light bulb usually works best.
  • With used CDs, we require a disc to be scratch-free, and the booklet to be in very good shape (no rips, tears, grime, or missing pages.) Please check the back of all CDs carefully under a bright light — and look for any scratches or marks before submitting a title.
  • As much information as you can regarding the pressing details for the items — reissue, original pressing, special package, and so on. For example, if you are selling us an older jazz album on Blue Note, let us know if the album is a New York pressing, a Liberty pressing, a 63rd street pressing, etc. This is a complicated matter, and it affects the price we can offer for a record.
  • Note any major defects to the item — particularly cosmetic ones — please let us know about these in detail.

We then respond to your list with a series of quotes on the items which you are always free to accept or dismiss. If you agree to our offers, you then send the records to us at your own expense for final confirmation of the stated conditions and pressing details. At that point, if all the items meet with your proposed grades and pressing details, we pay you for the items in the form of a check or a store credit at Dusty Groove. The choice is up to you, and we want to be as fair as possible — the main thing is that we work out all details in advance, so that there's no surprises at the end of the transaction.

Styles We Like To Buy

Used Vinyl Record Albums, LPs, and Singles

We really love vinyl of all types - so feel free to bring us anything you might have to offer! We're always looking for:

  • Jazz Vinyl Records - bop, hardbop, soul jazz, spiritual jazz, funk, fusion, European, Japanese, Brazilian, Mosaic sets
  • Soul/Funk/R&B/Disco Vinyl Records - on LP, 45/7" single, or 12" singles - the more of a rare groove and obscure the better - including Motown, Northern Soul, modern soul, blues, funk, disco, steppers music, Philly soul, Chicago soul, deep soul, southern soul, sample tracks, house music, deep funk, and other styles
  • Hip Hop Vinyl Records - especially more unusual material from the old school through the 90s - old school, early hip hop, small label releases, true school, Rawkus, and more
  • Rock Vinyl Records - especially more obscure styles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s - psych, garage, prog, experimental, industrial, punk, post-punk, noise, and more
  • Brazilian Vinyl Records - especially bossa nova, Brazilian jazz, MPB, samba, and other 60s, 70s, and 80s styles
  • Latin Vinyl Records - especially Latin soul, Latin jazz, boogaloo, salsa, descarga, charanga, and mambo - from the 40s through 80s
  • World Music Vinyl Records - especially African, ethnographic, and other unusual non-pop styles
  • Vocal Vinyl Records - especially jazz singers of the 40s through the 80s, bebop, torch, scat - and more unusual artists
  • Avant Vinyl Records - electronic, 20th century classical, experimental, musique concrete
  • Soundtrack Vinyl Records - especially 60s and 70s, and Italian, French, and other imports
  • Classical Vinyl Records - we purchase a small amount of these, but do pay well for high-quality items

Sell Vinyl Record Albums, LPs, and Singles like this to us today!

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