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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ralph MooreThree Score ... CD
WJ3, 2019. New Copy ... $11.99 16.99
A long-overdue return as a leader for tenor genius Ralph Moore – an artist who first blew us away when he appeared on the scene in the 80s, but who hasn't gotten this sort of time in the spotlight in many many years! The passage of time hasn't dimmed Ralph's genius at all – as the record bursts forward with the kind of joyous colors and tones that always made us such big fans – and which, in a way, made Moore's appearance on the scene almost a tenor equivalent to the work of Bobby Watson on alto – a whole new voice for a new generation – straight ahead, but filled with positive energy and a very strong spirit – such that he always seems to play with a warmth and soul that really sets him apart. The group here is superb – a quartet with Eric Reed on piano, Gerald Cannon on bass, and Willie Jones III on drums – the last of whom deserves a huge "thanks" for producing the record and getting Ralph back out in the lead. Titles include the Moore originals "Donny", "Three Score", "Blues Alliance", and "623 C Street" – and Reed tunes "Carol", "Another Time", and "Una Mujer Muy Elegante". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Justin RobinsonAt First Light ... CD
WJ3, 2019. New Copy ... $11.99 16.99
Justin Robinson seems to be more of a visionary here than usual – part of a new level of maturation we've seen in his music in more recent years – a move from being an already great saxophonist to being a strong leader and writer as well! The album's way more than the sum of its parts – thanks in part to a wealth of original compositions by Robinson, which propel the whole group forward with a unified spirit – one that often has all members of the quartet contributing equally, instead of just supporting the leader! Justin's tone on alto is still sharp and soulful, but also seems to have more depth than usual – and the rest of the group features Sharp Radway on piano, Ameen Saleem on bass, and Jeremy Bean Clemons on drums. Titles include "Lamentations For R & D", "Love Thy Father", "It Rained All Day In Rio", "Paula", "At First Light", and "Inner Limits". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Isaiah ThompsonIsaiah J Thompson Plays The Music Of Buddy Montgomery ... CD
WJ3, 2020. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wonderful record from pianist Isaiah Thompson – a player who wins us over even more than usual with this set of tracks from the pen of Buddy Montgomery! Most folks know Buddy as the lesser-known bassist brother of Wes Montgomery – part of the original Montgomery Brothers group – but Buddy's also got a hell of an ear for a tune, as the batch of material here will attest – all songs taken in wonderful new directions by Isaiah and his trio! Philip Norris handles the bass, with the sort of strong, forward sounds that Buddy would love – and Willie Jones III is on drums, and gets a bit of help from Daniel Sadownick on percussion – but it's clear that the real vision here is that of Thompson, whose arrangements are as fresh as his deft, blocky style on the keys – almost a revision of older soul jazz modes, but in a really personal way – on titles that include "Muchismo", "Hob Nob With Brother Bob", "Budini", "Aki's Blues", "Here Again", "1000 Rainbows", and "Ruffin It". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Teodross AveryHarlem Stories – The Music Of Thelonious Monk ... CD
WJ3, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
It's not unusual for a saxophonist to serve up a record of music by Thelonious Monk – but the approach here from Teodross Avery is nicely different, in part because his natural sense of warmth really transforms the music and makes it his own! Avery blows both tenor and soprano sax – and while some tunes evoke an older reed relationship to Monk, most of the tracks have these fresh arrangements that are very much in the spirit of Teodross' own compositions – nicely fluid, with maybe some of Monk's angles dampened a bit and delivered by two different groups – one with Anthony Wonsey on piano, Corcoran Holt on bass, and Willie Jones III on drums – the other with DD Jackson on piano, Corcoran Holt on bass, and Marvin Bugalu Smith on drums. Titles include "In Walked Bud"," Trinkle Trinkle", "Boo Boo's Birthday", "Evidence", "Teo", "Monk's Dream", and "Ugly Beauty". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Willie Jones IIIMy Point Is ... CD
WJ3, 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Over the years, the name of Willie Jones III has really become one that makes us want to stop and check out a record – and this time around, not only does the set feature Jones' name on the front – but the quintet also includes great performances from Ralph Moore on tenor, Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Eric Reed on piano, and Buster Williams on bass! With a lineup like that, Reed just can't miss – and the record takes us back to the kind of instant classics we were hearing from Henderson, Moore, and Reed twenty years back – but given that sort of special vision that makes Willie both a great drummer and leader, one who's evolving into a one-man powerhouse of jazz – given that he also produces and releases his records himself. And yet there's nothing smalltime about this set – especially with Henderson and Moore in the lead, the latter of whom is always a treat to our ears. Titles include "Manhattan Melodies", "My Point Is", "The Wind Of An Immortal Soul", "The Maze", "Blues For Dat Taz", and "Early Morning". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gregory TardyIf Time Could Stand Still ... CD
WJ3, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Gregory Tardy almost makes time stand still with the strength of this set – the kind of record that really reminds us what the saxophonist can do when he's given the chance – both as a leader, and a player – and as a writer, too – with strong original material that really has the album knocking it out of the park! Tardy's developed a nice sense of bite in his tone over the years, but uses it in subtle ways, too – a gentle current of darkness that never overstates itself, but really has a gentle power on the record – as Gregory blows with a core combo that features Keith Brown on piano, Alexander Claffy on bass, and Willie Jones III on drums – plus guest trumpet from Alex Norris on two tracks. Titles include "Absolute Truth", "A Great Cloud Of Witness", "The Message In The Miracle", "Blind Guides", "It Is Finished", and "If Time Could Stand Still". CD

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