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Aaron CohenMove On Up – Chicago Soul Music & Black Cultural Power ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2019. New Copy ... $16.99 20.00
A tremendous achievement from music writer Aaron Cohen – a book that finally gets at the deeper, richer story of Chicago soul – the spirit of empowerment and pride that have always made us so honored to be part of the Windy City legacy! Cohen picks up where other soul writers have left off on Chicago – really looking at the shifts into the 70s, which included greater ties to the means of production, and an increased role in the social agenda as well – all part of an evolution in songwriting styles, production techniques, and the growing power of the full length album over the 7" single! Cohen looks at many key figures of the time – Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan & Rufus, Curtis Mayfield, Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – and the very well-researched book is a delight to read throughout – easily the deepest work that Cohen's ever given us. 234 pages, softcover, with some black and white images – and a selected discography too. Book

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✨✧ Paul SteinbeckMessage To Our Folks – The Art Ensemble of Chicago ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2017. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A much-needed look at the genius of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago – one of the coolest, most compelling groups to emerge in the great wave of avant jazz in the late 60s – and one who continued to give the world a lifetime legacy of groundbreaking music! There's been plenty written on the group over the years, but author Paul Steinbeck really takes things further – by bringing his own musicological training to play with the performances of the group – expanding our understanding of their sounds with rich interpretation of key moments – balanced out nicely by a fuller history of the group and its individual members – and their importance both on the American and global jazz scenes during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The book is a very hefty read – 346 pages, with a fair bit of notes and references that show the huge amount of work that the author put into the project. 346 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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✨✧ William SitesSun Ra's Chicago – Afrofuturism & The City ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the most unique books to ever look at the music of Sun Ra – and one that's very near and dear to our hearts, given that the role of Chicago is seen as vital to the development of the music! The book digs very deep into Ra's early years – time that isn't covered in as much details as in other projects – and the book paints a picture of the city that's as vivid as the jazz legend himself – showing how postwar Chicago did a lot to shape the early sounds and ideas of Ra – which were then shaped the man himself. William Sites comes at the project from a different perspective than most music writers – which makes for a very fresh volume that may well open up whole new territory in the exploration of jazz and community. 313 pages, softcover, with black and white images. Book

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John CorbettListener's Guide To Free Improvisation ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2016. New Copy ... $11.99 15.00
A much-needed book for the open-minded listener – a well-written volume from jazz critic John Corbett – and one that's bound to widen your ears to a whole new realm of listening! The book's pocket-sized – maybe so that you can sneak it into a club when visiting a free jazz concert – and it's written in a style that's both personal, but very directive – with a full understanding of the complexities that come into play when listening to improvised music, and a guide towards facing some of the more difficult challenges involved! Corbett clearly loves this music, but without any sort of high ideals – none of the too-cool-for-school modes that are usually standard with the avant garde, and instead this very down to earth approach that shows the listener that they've got all the tools needed to enjoy the music themselves. The goal here (one we can totally endorse) is to bring the listener face to face with new and challenging sounds – but in a way that allows them to instantly contextualize them too – yet without having to carry years of jazz or musical experience into the process. The book is divided up into easy-to-digest sections – and penned with a surprisingly warm style too. Book

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✨✧ John CorbettPick Up The Pieces – Excursions In 70s Music (hardcover) ... Book
University Of Chicago, 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Writer John Corbett has given us words on a huge variety of musical styles over the years – a fair bit of them left field and avant – but this time around, he's tackling the full range of 70s rock, pop, and soul music – in a huge book that's unlike anything he's ever written before! First off, the large volume is very personal – part listening autobiography, part paean to the musical giants who shaped the decade, and part hindsight record review of all the amazing sounds that were created during the 70s! The book follows the decade with year-by-year chapters – yet it's hardly a history at all – as Corbett picks key songs and albums as touchstones for each year – partly because of their impact, but more because of the power they had for him as a listener. The albums run the gamut – from Nursery Cryme by Genesis, to Les Stances A Sophie by The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, to Pink Moon by Nick Drake – and songs include "Sex Machine" by James Brown, "School's Out" by Alice Cooper, and "Long Time" by Boston. 496 pages, hardcover. Book
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✨✧ Governor's State University Jazz BandGovernor's State University Jazz Band Live (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Governor's State University/P-Vine (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A really wonderful album of obscure jazz recordings from the Chicago scene of the 70s – way more than just the usual school band record, as the tracks here are mostly originals, and performed by a very inventive group of musicians! Governor's State University was a very hip place at the time – a public college at the end of the main train line running through the south side of Chicago – which made the school a place of great opportunity and expression for the city's African-American community. Rather than a junior college, GSU had higher levels of learning – and had an especially strong jazz program, as you'll hear in this set – which features both sextet performances and work by a larger ensemble – both imbued with some of the best creative legacy of the Chicago scene. Things never go far outside, but there's definitely a deeper understanding of musical reaches taking place here – and the core quartet features Walter Henderson on cornet, John Pate on piano, Eugene Vineyard on tenor, Ronald Askew on guitar, Jeff Simon on bass, and Curtis Prince on drums. These players are in the larger group – which also features William Howell and Gerald Myrow on trombones, Vincent Carter and Steele Seales on saxes, and Kenneth Brass and Melvin Williams on trumpets. Titles include "Crabmeat", "Song For Suzanne", "Keishaz", "Give It One", "Listen Here", and "Spanish Samba". CD

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✨✧ Wadsworth A JarrellAfricobra – Experimental Art Towards A School Of Thought ... Book
Duke University Press, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic look at this revolutionary art movement from Chicago – one whose birth and growth matched that of the AACM in the city, but which was also maybe much more tied to the streets and the people! Although Africobra's been celebrated in galleries and museums over the years, the movement got its start in 1968, during a big moment of pride and power – and made as many contributions to the city's communities as it did to the upper echelons of its art world. The story and theory of Africobra is told here by Wadsworth A Jarrell – one of the movement's founders – in a beautiful book that's filled with full color images and examples to illustrate the text. 292 pages, softcover. Book

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