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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Francois De RoubaixLes Secrets De La Mer Rouge ... LP
Transversales Disques (France), 1967/1975. New Copy (reissue)... $29.99 41.99
Really beautiful soundtrack work from French genius Francois De Roubaix – music for the same program, but from two different periods – brought together to illustrate the constantly-evolving brilliance of the music of De Roubaix! The first half of the set features instrumentals from the original 1967 show, which focused on the underwater secrets of the Red Sea – and Francois uses mostly acoustic elements, but with a weirdly watery vibe – percussion, acoustic guitar, flute, and other instruments – all given this really cool, moody sort of approach – really evoking the feel of the depths, but in ways that are very unique! The music from 1975 has more of the electronic elements that De Roubaix was experimenting with at the time – but still uses a lot of acoustic percussion and woodwind bits – tying into the sound of the first recordings, but with a slightly different vibe. This LP is the first time the material has ever been on vinyl – and titles include "La Mer La Nuit", "Les Plus Belles Perles Du Monde", "Generique", "Enterrement De Said Ali", "Celima", "Hadji", "L'Enlevement", "Desert", and "Amina". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Luc FerrariPhotophonie ... LP
Transversales Disques (France), Late 70s/1980s/Early 90s. New Copy ... $29.99 47.99
A range of never-issued recordings by sound wizard Luc Ferrari – all pulled from his personal archive! Side one features the very extended "Photophonie" – done for a photographic exhibition, and with a sound that's in the noisier, more striking side of the electronic spectrum at the start – then moves into these moodier, more open passages that have voices that slip in and out of the mix – almost like these whispering demons in conversation. "Il Etati Une Fois" is another long piece – one that seems to take real joy in its mix of obscure electronic textures and more pointed tones – followed by the very short "Trans-Voices", which at 52 seconds is almost a compression of the ideas of "Photophonie". Last up is "Leica" – a work with this building cyclical wave of electronic sound, and a feel that's almost like a creation from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop! LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno NicolaiDefense De Savoir ... LP
RCA/Transversales Disques (France), 1973. Sealed ... $14.99
A cool little soundtrack from Bruno Nicolai – penned for a French film instead of an Italian movie – and with a sound that's a bit different than usual! Nicolai makes nice use of some sweeter themes here – a hint of the modes you might find in Michel Legrand or Francis Lai in the 70s – which lightens things up a bit at the start, before some darker, moodier moments creep into the mix – underscoring the film with some more traditional Giallo elements – those tense, spine-tingling styles that Bruno developed with his frequent partner, Ennio Morricone. There's some isolated piano and guitar lines that have a stark, scraping sort of feel – used to great effect on some of the more upbeat numbers – and a few standout bits have electric bass kind of rumbling up from the bottom, which creates a nice sense of urgency. Titles include "La Verite", "Le Pouvoir", "Theme De Juliette", "Sans Espoir", "Concert A La Cour", "Tango Express", and "Tourbillon Final". LP, Vinyl record album
(Recent reissue, still sealed with obi.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Pierre HenryUn Monde Lacere ... LP
Transversales Disques (France), 2008. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The legendary French electronic composer Pierre Henry was 80 when he created this piece – but the sound of the music is very much close to his roots – and recalls the kind of striking combinations that Henry brought to the postwar world of musique concrete! The work was recorded in collaboration with artist Jacques Villegle, whose pieces often involve things ripped up and re-assembled – a feel that really comes through here in the strange array of sounds that are created and shuffled by Henry – elements that, like all of his classic creations, are very difficult to locate in any sort of exact source of location. That doesn't men that the music is very abstract – as Pierre always goes for these very distinct elements that really leap right out of the recording – but there's this really unusual quality that verges between electric and acoustic, and which maybe goes back to the true roots of electro-acoustic music. The album features one long piece – "Un Monde Lacere" – composed and performed by Henry at studio Son/Re in 2008./ LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bernard ParmegianiRock ... LP
Transversales Disques (France), 1982. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Never-released music by electroacoustic legend Bernard Parmegiani – created in his incredible studio, pictured on the front cover – and issued here for the first time ever! The sounds were created for a film in the early 80s – and they feature Parmegiani working on a beautiful range of keyboards and other electronic sources – on titles that are usually short, and which provide this great link between the serious sounds of Bernard's roots (he was a member of the GDM group), and the more contemporary schlock use of keyboards in horror films. There's nothing schlock here though – and there's also maybe nothing rock, either, despite the title – and the whole thing is a mindblowing musical journey, with tracks that include "Depart", "Rencontre Brisson", "Serge Sur L'Ile", "Serge Assomme", "Deux Rockers", "Alba & Serge", "Serge & Lola", and "Sortie Cafe Sous La Pluie". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ennio MorriconeUccidete Il Vitello Grasso E Arrostitelo ... LP
CAM/Transversales Disques (France), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A gem of a record from maestro Morricone – even if it wasn't one of his most famous sets at the time – a soundtrack that really brings together that effortless balance of darkness and light that makes some of the best recordings by Ennio Morricone so wonderful! The set's got a few numbers with beautifully pronounced rhythms – not entirely groovers, but kind of these chunks of sound that work together to move things nicely – balanced by more mellow, spacious tunes that make tremendous use of a spare flute line, or tinkling piano! Edda Dell'Orso provides just a bit of wordless vocals – and titles include "Lungo La Stradina", "Al Confini Della Follia", "Uccidete Il Vitello Grasso", "La Fredda Lama Del Coltello", and "Scivolando Nel Buio". Also includes two unreleased bonus tracks! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gianni MarchettiIl Magnifico Tony Carrera ... LP
CAM/Transversales Disques (France), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A great one from Gianni Marchetti – the Italian composer we know best for his work on The Wild Eye, but who sounds equally great on this set too! The best tracks have a heavy rhythm at the bottom – not really funky, but kind of mod, and a bit more off-kilter on the slower numbers – which makes for a really compelling sound, especially next to some of the set's unusual instrumental twists. A number of the tracks feature the vocal chorus 4+4, conducted by Nora Orlandi – and they sing in a sweet and moody style that nicely offsets the groovier work by Marchetti. Titles include "Psico Classico", "Amore In Controluce", and "Psico In Controluce" – done in a number of variations, including some which are previously unreleased! LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition!)

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