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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Birdy Nam NamBirdy Nam Nam (CD & DVD) ... CD
Kif/Uncivilized World, 2005. Used ... $1.99
A diverse set of tripped out, funky, jazzy and spare beatcraft from French DJ collective and DMC champs Birdy Nam Nam – sometimes separate but equal in the aforementioned characteristics, sometimes all mixed up within the length of a track – a blend of beats, scratches, synths and live instruments the mixes in deft fashion! The sounds range from vintage synth and Rhodes funk, to tripped out, laidback spare atmospherics, to busier scratch funk, to jazzy soundscapes, They do it all well, and most importantly, bring a bunch of divergent styles together without betraying a solid, cohesive groove! Titles include "Read For War Ready For Whut?", "Body, Mind, Spirit", "Too Much Skunk Tonight", "Kind Of Laid Back", "Jazz It At Home", "New Birth", "Escape", "Rainstorming", "Mitigation", "Engineer Fear", "We Drummin" and more – plus the bonus tracks "New Steps/Breaking Barriers" and "From Here To There". CD version also includes the track "Strategy Pattern", and a PAL DVD with live performance footage and more. CD
(DVD is NTSC format, Region 5.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Harlem Pop TrottersHarlem Pop Trotters (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
Kif/Underdog (France), 1975. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99
A massive bit of funk – and from 70s France, no less! These guys clearly come from a jazz-based background – and have absorbed some of the best electric influences of their time – working in a keyboard-heavy mode that's clearly inspired by Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, and George Duke – yet also kicking up a groove that's a bit more down and dirty, and more in the instrumental funk mode overall. The sound of the set's incredible – really raw, riffy, and filled with plenty of snapping hard grooves – and the used of the keys is sublime throughout, changing mood from track to track, but always staying funky! Titles include "Penwick", "Marathonic", "Ergocentric", "La Moto Verite", "Psychocross", "Ring Modulator", "Plongee Synthetique", "Kayak", and "Cache Catch". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz LiberatorzClin D'Oeil ... CD
Kif/P-Vine (Japan), 2007. New Copy ... $22.99
One of the hippest French albums we've heard in years – a laidback blend of hip hop and jazz that really lives up to the cover's homage to the legendary Black Jazz label! The Jazz Liberatorz have a great way with a groove – a style that's openly flowing and instrumentally jazzy – a bit like the vibe we first came to love in Tribe Called Quest, but almost even better given that much of the instrumentation is played live! Most tracks have warm keyboards rolling along with the beats – and the rhythms are often gently acoustic in nature, with a depth of soul that sets these guys apart from most of their contemporaries. Guests on the record include J Sands, Lizz Fields, Sadat X, Apani B Fly, Fat Lip, and T Love – and titles include "Indonesia", "The Process", "Genius At Work", "I Am Hip Hop", "Ease My Mind", "Clin D'Oeil", "The Return", and "Speak The Language". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy BraggRoots Radicals & Rockers – How Skiffle Changed The World (hardcover) ... Book
Faber & Faber (UK), 2017. New Copy ... $8.99 29.95
You'll know Billy Bragg as a singer/songwriter, but he's also a surprisingly strong historian and author here – giving us a vivid look at the rise of skiffle bands on the UK scene at the end of the 50s! Skiffle was something that never played as strongly on our shores, but was inspired by American blues and folk – influences that younger UK artists used to create raw acoustic music that was heavy on rhythm, and a great contrast to the overproduced pop of England's post-war years! Long before the Beatles and the Stones, skiffle bands were the hippest things going in the British underground – and Billy Bragg does a great job of tracing the movement and showing its impact – something that's long overdue in the annals of music writing that's often too America-centric on the influences of British rockers in the 60s. 431 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martin Kuchen & Landaeus TrioMind The Gap Of Silence ... CD
Clean Feed (Portugal), 2020. New Copy ... $13.99
A fantastic record from saxophonist Martin Kuchen – and a set that has us really reevaluating his talents, with a new sense of soul and spirit we've never heard before! The setting is relatively spare – and Kuchen dominates the proceedings on soprano, alto, and tenor saxes – while Mathias Landaeus plays piano with some analog delay, alongside Johnny Aman on bass and Cornelia Nilsson on drums – both players who follow the lead of Landaeus, and give Kuchen plenty of space to shine in the spotlight! What Martin does with this space is wonderful – blowing with a style that has an edge, borne from the more avant work of the past, but also given this mellower sense of soul that almost has him coming across like an avant Ben Webster – a bit boozy and beaten, but with an undeniable spark that shines through with every note. Brilliant, and unlike anything we think we've heard before – on titles that include "Love Flee Thy House", "Sounds & Ruins", "Sorkifsta", "Mind The Gap Of Silence", and "East Hastings Satian Slow Stomp". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sebastian Strinning/Julian KirshnerDripping The Eye ... CD
Jaki, 2020. New Copy ... $11.99
Improvised duets between drummer Julian Kirshner and saxophonist Sebastian Strinning – and a record that begins with a non-stop explosion of energy, before moving into some more subtle, tentative improvisations between the pair! Kirshner is great on both fronts – able to keep up with the fast flurries of notes that come from Strinning when he's on fire – but then moving with a more spacious, adaptive style of percussion as the reed notes space out and get more open-ended, especially when Sebastian moves to bass clarinet. Titles include "Sternpicker", "Flooded Skiff", "Chocablock", "Oakum", and "An Anchorman's Dwelling Place". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKinshasa 1978 (with CD & download) ... LP
Crammed (Belgium), 1978/2020. New Copy ... $18.99 23.99
A really cool idea for a record – one that first features unreleased tracks recorded in Kinshasa in 1978, on a special bonus CD – then adds in vinyl versions of reworks of the original recordings done for the project! The originals are fantastic – very percussive and melodic at the same time – with a raw quality that's completely wonderful, and which really shows the special sort of vibe that was going on in the city during the period. Konono weigh in with a fantastic early cut – "Kin 78 One" – and other tracks include "Kin 78 Four" by Sankayi, "Kin 78 Three" by Orchestre Bambala, and "Kin 78 Two" by Orchestra Bana Luya. The reworks are all handled by Martin Meissonnier, and mix the original sounds with touches of contemporary elements – yet never in a way that sounds too electronic – maybe more in a spirit that tries to imagine what the originals would sound like if recorded today. Titles include "Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir" by Sankayi, "Roots Of K" by Konono No 1, "Animation" by Orchestre Bana Luya, and "Animation Kifuti" by Orchestre Bambala. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRock & Roll Scene (2020 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Decca (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2LP ... $34.99
A really haunting set of British rock and roll from the end of the 50s – one that mixes together American-styled numbers with some really unique British tunes! The styles here include guitar-based rock that's definitely copping a US groove – plus other strands of music pulled from the skiffle and pop scenes of the time. Titles include "La Dee Dah" by Jackie Dennis, "Too Hot To Handle" by Michael Cox, "Pretty Little Pearly" by Jackie Dennis, "Rock Island Line" by Lonnie Donegan, "Transistor Sister" by Robb Storme, "Turn Me Loose" by Mort Shuman, "It's Shaking Time" by Freddie Starr & The Midnighters, "Foxy Little Mama" by Little Tony & His Brothers, "Whole Lotta Woman" by The Most Brothers, "Colette" by Billy Fury, and "My Baby's Crazy Bout Elvis" by Billy Boyle. LP, Vinyl record album
(UK Record Store Day limited edition pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSing Christmas & The Turn Of The Year – The Live Christmas Day 1957 Broadcast On BBC Radio ... CD
Rounder, 1957. Used ... $12.99
Music from Shirley Collins, Brian Newey Skiffle Group, the Haddo House Choir, Charlie Bate, Wisbech Children's Choir, Ewan MacColl, Hollinwood Girls' Choir, Wisbech Grammer School, Malcolm Pope, Katie Graham, Seamus Ennis & more. CD
(Punch through barcode, case has a clear promo sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousWamono A to Z Vol 1 – Japanese Jazz Funk & Rare Groove 1968 to 1980 (180 gram pressing) ... LP
180g (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A fantastic dip into the world of Japanese funk during the 70s – a great place to start if you don't want to slap down big money for expensive imports – and a set that's also got a fair bit of obscure numbers in the lineup, even if you have some of the material from this time! The collection's got a specific ear for a groove – and often focuses on tracks that mix US styles of jazzy funk with specific Japanese styles of instrumentation – a wood flute here, a bit of koto there – all used in very cool, very groovy ways – and in a setting that's still very appealing if you're a fan of more familiar funky jazz from the 70s! Titles include "Incitation" by Monica Lassen & The Sounds, "Soran Bushi" by Toshiiko Yonekawa, "Touch Of Japanese Tone" by Takeo Yamashita, "Cloudy" by Chikara Ueda & The Power Station, "Downtown Blues" by Chumei Watanabe, "Sidewinder" by Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos, "Sniper's Snooze" by Masahiko Sato and Jiro Inagaki, and "Hanagas Onda" by Kifu Mitsuhashi. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Hailu Mergia & Dahlak BandWede Harer Guzo ... LP
Awesome Tapes From Africa, 1978. New Copy 2 LPs (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Maybe the coolest music we've ever heard from Ethiopian keyboard legend Hailu Mergia – a late 70s session that has his organ lines sounding even groovier than ever, on some sweet tracks that also bring in a fair bit of funk to the grooves! The style is much more in an Ethiopiques vein than some of Mergia's later music – with his own floating keyboard lines wrapped nicely around bolder notes on trumpet and sax, and some additional electric piano too – all moving in this moody, soulful territory that's really wonderful! Most of the record is instrumental, but there's some occasional vocals too – more in a chorus mode that goes along with the grooves beautifully – on titles that include "Bati Bati", "Embuwa Bey Lamitu", "Wede Harer Guzo", "Minilbelsh", "Anchin Kifu Ayinkash", "Sintayehu", and "Yenenesh Wey". LP, Vinyl record album
(Great 2LP pressing – with bonus insert of notes!)

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