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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John BarryCotton Club ... LP
Geffen, 1984. Very Good ... $2.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve. NOTE – vinyl is nice, but has a mark across side 1 that lightly clicks during the last five songs.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John BarryEnigma – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ... CD
Decca, 2001. Used ... $1.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John BarryFour In The Morning ... LP
Roulette, 1965. Near Mint- ... $3.99 7.99
A relatively serious score by John Barry – written for this mid 60s British social film that starred Judy Densch, Ann Lynn, and Norman Rodway. The scoring is incredibly sensitive – much more so than Barry's usual bag – with a solo reed instrument on many tracks, over orchestrations that often use quite a bit of percussion. Titles include "Coffee Talk", "Norman's Return", "Lover's Clasp", "River Ride", "Four In The Morning", and "Lover's Tension". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some splitting in the top seam, with a small peeled spot from tape removal.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John BarryIpcress File ... LP
Decca, 1965. Very Good+ ... $11.99
One of the greatest soundtracks ever from the great John Barry – a set of tracks that echoes some of his famous modes from James Bond films, yet also has a unique quality all its own! Barry's got a strongly jazzy sensibility here – and spaces out some great instrumentation with the same sensibilities used in the equally great music for The Knack! Staff aren't listed, but there's clearly some great Brit jazz players in the lineup – given the record's key use of vibes and tenor solos – as well as this very cool slow-plucked guitar with a noisy, echoey quality. The sound is brilliant – everything you'd hope for in the best 60s soundtracks – and titles include "The Ipcress File", "Alone In Three Quarter Time", "A Man Alone", "If You're Not Clean I'll Kill You", "Goodbye Harry", and "Alone Blues". LP, Vinyl record album
(Maroon label stereo pressing. Cover has a bottom center split, light surface wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John BarryMore Things Change – Film, TV, & Studio Work 1968 to 1972 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $14.99 20.99
Our favorite chapter in the long and storied career of film score legend John Barry – music from a moment when he'd moved past the fame of his earlier James Bond soundtracks, and started hitting territory that was even more mindblowing overall! Barry was already great with Bond, and as those films moved on, he developed this amazing ear for more sophisticated, subtle elements – which unfold here at a level that easily puts the composer/arranger in territory of much more lauded studio and sound library talents! There's still some catchy vocal tunes in the mix – but what's even more striking is Barry's evolved sense of sound and timing – so that familiar instruments can sound all weird and unusual – yet still tuneful too – almost as if he were running over to the European avant garde to borrow a few sonic ideas, then fold them into the groovier numbers included within. The set features some of our favorite John Barry tracks ever, mixed with other more obscure numbers that are equally great – tunes that include "Follow Follow", "The Adventurer", "Highway 101", "The More Things Change", "Theme From The Appointment", "Fun City", "Midnight Cowboy", "Theme From Romance For Guitar & Orchestra", "We Have All The Time In The World", "Afternoon", "Theme From The Persuaders", "Lion In Winter", and "Who Will Buy My Yesterdays". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John BarryZulu (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Quartet (Spain), 1964. New Copy ... $20.99 29.99
A really unusual soundtrack from the great John Barry – maybe not what you'd expect for a British film set in the 19th Century! A large part of the soundtrack have these great brooding orchestrations – the kinds of passages that Barry would often unfurl in a James Bond film when the big evil devices were being put into place, or when the lair of a villain was first exposed – all these wonderfully well-crafted tones in the orchestrations with an especially strong ear for the lower end of the spectrum. And then, the second half of the set moves into even ore unusual territory – songs that have maybe a touch of South African swing, but with a mod 60s style, and lots of electric guitar – a very startling change, but a groovy one too, and making for some wonderfully swinging numbers! Titles include "Wagons Over", "Big Shield", "High Grass", "Monkey Feathers", "Zulu Maid", and "Stamp and Shake". Expanded CD set features the full album in stereo and mono, plus five bonus tracks – almost 80 minutes of music! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Barry & Nancy SinatraYou Only Live Twice ... LP
United Artists, 1967. Near Mint- ... $9.99
A great little James Bond soundtrack – written for one of the lesser-remembered Bond films, but filled with nice moments! There's a darker, moodier feel here than on some of Barry's other Bond scores – lots of stretched out tracks that have a bit more space than usual, and odd instruments punctuating the themes with an eerie, other-worldly edge that almost reminds us of some of the best Italian thriller work from the time. Nancy Sinatra sings a very moody title track – and other tunes include "Takana's World", "The Wedding", "Mountains & Sunsets", "A Drop In The Ocean", "Bond Averts World War Three", and "The Death Of Aki". LP, Vinyl record album
(80s Liberty pressing. Cover has light surface wear, small sticker on the back.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Barry/Adam FaithBeat Girl (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/El (UK), 1960. Used ... Just Sold Out!
One of John Barry's first true moments of genius – recorded back when he was the leader of a fab little instrumental combo called the John Barry 7, and was tagged to do some soundtrack work that would forever change the rest of his career! The album's got some incredible instrumental tunes that mix electric guitar and beatnik jazz in a mode that's keeping with the juvenile delinquent theme of the film – with some strings sneaking in to cheese things up a bit, but in a great way that only makes the tunes sound even better! Adam Faith sings vocals on "The Beat Girl Song", "Made You", and "I Did What You Told Me" – and other tunes include "Blues For Beatnicks", "Blondie's Strip", "Beat Girl", "Time Out", "The Sharks", and "The City 2000 AD". This El UK edition includes bonus tracks by Gillian Hills, The John Barry Sound and Adam Faith. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Barry/Matt MonroQuiller Memorandum ... LP
Columbia, Mid 60s. Near Mint- ... $9.99 14.99
A sweet little soundtrack by John Barry – very different than the full-on style he used for James Bond – but equally groovy in its own sort of way! The music was written for a spy thriller starring Alec Guiness, George Segal, and Max Von Sydow – a moody film that's handled here by Barry with a spacey quality that's mighty nice – lots of isolated instruments floating along, sometimes with weird effects that are almost watery – all in a space that's somewhere between Barry's work for The Knack, and that new sense of space that Morricone was bringing into 60s soundtracks. The result is a real treasure – one of Barry's best film scores – and titles include "Autobahn March", "Downtown", "Oktober/Walk From The River", "Quiller Caught/The Fight", "Quiller & The Bomb", and the theme "Wednesday's Child", sung by Matt Monro. LP, Vinyl record album
(Reissue released in 2000.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Barry/Shirley BasseyGoldfinger ... LP
United Artists, 1964. Near Mint- ... $14.99
The soundtrack that put John Barry over the top – and to many, THE James Bond soundtrack! The album chills from the first notes of the haunting title theme – the majestic "Goldfinger", sung by Shirley Bassey with a tone that's as dangerous as a razor-sharp hat spinning through the air! Barry then takes over with some wonderful instrumentals – a blend of crime jazz, mood pieces, chase themes, and more – all peppered with that dark dark Bond theme that we love so much! Titles include "Into Miami", "Teasing The Korean", "Alpine Drive", "Bond Back In Action", "Gassing The Gangsters", and "Death Of Goldfinger". LP, Vinyl record album
(Black label stereo pressing.)

Exact matches11
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Barry/Shirley BasseyMoonraker ... LP
United Artists, 1979. Very Good+ ... $14.99
Bond goes into space, but Barry stays on the ground – in one of the lesser-remembered James Bond soundtracks of the 70s! The film followed on the Star Wars boom, and had lots of space effects, but Barry keeps things mostly orchestral here – not going for the electronics or sound effects you might think. Shirley Bassey sings 2 versions of the "Moonraker" theme – one straight and one disco – and titles include "Bond Smells A Rat", "Bond Lured To Pyramid", "Bond Arrives In Rio", "Flight Into Space", and "Space Lazer Battle". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light edge wear.)

Exact matches12
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John BarryKnack & How To Get It ... LP
United Artists, 1965. Sealed ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An incredibly groovy soundtrack that's also one of the best-ever scores written by John Barry – a masterpiece of jazzy scoring that never gets old! There's some wicked use of Hammond in the main theme – played by Brit jazzer Alan Haven – a catchy little groove that dances nicely as the record unfolds – over rhythms that feature a snapping snare that's equally great! Barry brings in just a touch of the James Bond boldness, then mixes it with these warmer jazz leanings – all in a blend that's quite unique, and which easily makes the score one of our favorites of the 60s. A young Michael Crawford sings a great vocal version of the theme – "The Knack" – and other tracks include "Photo Strip", "Doors & Bikes & Things", "Ecstasy", "Three On A Bed", and "Blues & Out". LP, Vinyl record album
(US stereo pressing, still sealed. Shrinkwrap has a hole in front from sticker removal. Cover has light razor marks.)

Exact matches13
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John BarryMore Things Change – Film, TV, & Studio Work 1968 to 1972 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Our favorite chapter in the long and storied career of film score legend John Barry – music from a moment when he'd moved past the fame of his earlier James Bond soundtracks, and started hitting territory that was even more mindblowing overall! Barry was already great with Bond, and as those films moved on, he developed this amazing ear for more sophisticated, subtle elements – which unfold here at a level that easily puts the composer/arranger in territory of much more lauded studio and sound library talents! There's still some catchy vocal tunes in the mix – but what's even more striking is Barry's evolved sense of sound and timing – so that familiar instruments can sound all weird and unusual – yet still tuneful too – almost as if he were running over to the European avant garde to borrow a few sonic ideas, then fold them into the groovier numbers included within. The set features some of our favorite John Barry tracks ever, mixed with other more obscure numbers that are equally great – tunes that include "Follow Follow", "The Adventurer", "Highway 101", "The More Things Change", "Theme From The Appointment", "Fun City", "Midnight Cowboy", "Theme From Romance For Guitar & Orchestra", "We Have All The Time In The World", "Afternoon", "Theme From The Persuaders", "Lion In Winter", and "Who Will Buy My Yesterdays". CD
Also available More Things Change – Film, TV, & Studio Work 1968 to 1972 ... CD 14.99

Exact matches14
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Barry/Elephant's Memory/The Groop/NilssonMidnight Cowboy ... CD
United Artists/EMI, 1969. Used ... Out Of Stock
A sublime soundtrack from John Barry – common, to be sure, but also a wonderfully-crafted set that goes way beyond the stereotypes of his work for the James Bond films! The record is probably best known for Nilsson's famous version of the Fred Neil tune "Everybody's Talkin" – which is great in itself – but it's Barry's own work on the title theme that we totally love. "Midnight Cowboy" is a darkly turning slowly pondering tune that will haunt us until the day we die – performed here on the original number with a sad-tinged harmonica that unites both the country of Joe Buck's roots and the sleaze of the love generation. The tune's great – and is matched here by the whimsy of "Florida Fantasy", and the Barry tracks "Fun City" and "Science Fiction". But also, Barry acted as the overall music director for the film – and used some tracks from the hip group Elephant's Memory, plus others by The Groop – but offbeat acts who really fit the spirit of the film. The record's almost worth it just for the cut "Old Man Willow", a really tripped-out longer track from Elephant's Memory – swirling around in organ and hippie vocals, and oddly echoing the main Barry theme of the set at times! CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John Benson Brooks with Cannonball AdderleyAlabama Concerto ... LP
Riverside, 1958. Very Good ... $14.99
A groundbreaking album – not only for Cannonball Adderley, but for the jazz concerto format, used to strong effect here in this excellent modernist composition by John Benson Brooks! The album's based on a number of historical and mythical southern themes – and although it gets a bit hokey at times, the work of Adderley and Art Farmer on the solo sections really opens up the piece and gives it a deep sense of soul. The setting is a drummer-less small group, with Barry Galbraith on guitar, Milt Hinton on bass, and Brooks on occasional piano – and themes include "The Loop", "Trampin", "Little John Shoes", "Milord's Calling", and "Rufus Playboy". LP, Vinyl record album
(Standard blue label Bill Grauer Productions pressing, RLP 12-276, with microphone logo and deep groove. Cover has some wear and aging, light fraying at the sides, and some splitting in the top seam with some small tape remnants.)

Possible matches16
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barry MilesFusion Is Barry Miles ... LP
Gryphon, 1978. Near Mint- Gatefold ... $3.99 7.99
A brilliant little record, and one that really lives up to the heady claim of its title! The lineup here is spare, but the sound is really full – swelling with complicated colors, images, and tones that delight us with each new track – a masterpiece in understatement, and one of the most perfectly realized blends of acoustic and electric jazz instrumentation from the late 70s! The sound is really a perfect "fusion" of modes – with guitar from Vic Juris and keyboards from Barry Miles dancing alongside the bass of John Burr and drums of Terry Silverlight – never too jamming or too rock-influenced, but always filled with energy and a sense of imagination. Titles include the beautiful "Tandoori" – a stone jazz dance groover with some great scatted vocals alongside the guitar – and other tracks include "Sunrise", "Streams", "Routes", "Follow Me", and "Country Miles". LP, Vinyl record album
(Direct-To-Disc edition in an all beige cover.)

Possible matches17
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barry MilesZapple Diaries – The Rise & Fall Of The Last Beatles Label (hardcover) ... Book
Peter Owens (UK), 2015. New Copy ... $4.99 26.95
A really cool look at a label that was maybe one of the hippest things the Beatles ever did – the short-lived Zapple imprint – which was part of their main Apple label, but dedicated to more experimental work from a variety of musicians and writers! The imprint is perhaps best remembered as the home of more avant recordings by John & Yoko, and by George Harrison – but it also presented material by Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Charles Olson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and other key underground figures – a legacy that would have been enormous, had it continued. The book is put together by Zapple label manager Barry Miles – and includes loads of photos and images too – studio shots, ads, and a lot more elements that help bring this lost label to life once again! 272 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

Possible matches18
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sammy Rimington & Barry MartynOf Days That Have Gone By ... LP
GHB, 1988. Near Mint- ... $4.99
With Sammy Rimington on clarinet, Dave Donohoe on trombone, Malcolm Horne on banjo and guitar, John Johnson on string bass, and Barry Martyn on drums. LP, Vinyl record album

Possible matches19
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Barry Ulanov/Tadd DameronAnthropology ... LP
Spotlite (UK), 1947/1948. Near Mint- ... $11.99
Recordings from 1947 by Barry Ulanov & His All Star Metronome Jazzmen, with Fats Navarro on trumpet, John LaPorta on clarinet, Charlie Parker on alto, Allen Eager on tenor, Lennie Tristano on piano, Billy Bauer on guitar, Tommy Potter on bass, and Buddy Rich on drums, with Sarah Vaughan on vocals; plus three tunes recorded in 1948 at the Royal Roost by Tadd Dameron & His Orchestra with Allen Eager and Wardell Gray on tenor, Curley Russel on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums. LP, Vinyl record album
(70s Spotlite pressing in a non-gatefold cover with title in a different font. Cover has light aging, but looks great overall.)

Possible matches20
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul Bley GroupLive At Sweet Basil ... CD
Soul Note (Italy), 1991. Used ... $11.99
Paul Bley on piano, John Abercrombie on guitar, Red Mitchell on bass, and Barry Altschul on drums. CD
(Out of print.)

Possible matches21
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Monty NormanDr No – Original Soundtrack ... LP
United Artists, 1962. Near Mint- ... $11.99
The first James Bond soundtrack – pre-John Barry, but already showing Bond music as a genre unto itself! Monty Norman handles the music – and brings together some cool Caribbean sounds with familiar jazz riffs – a blend that showcases the Jamaican setting of the main narrative, but also paves the way for lots of spy jazz to come! Titles include "James Bond Theme", "Under The Mango Tree", "Jamaica Jazz", "Dr No's Fantasy", "The Boy Chase", "Love At Last", and "The Island Speaks". LP, Vinyl record album
(70s mono orange label pressing. Cover has minimal wear, some tape on bottom corner.)

Possible matches22
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sonny StittI Cover The Waterfront ... LP
Cadet, 1960s. Near Mint- 2LP Gatefold ... $14.99
A very nicely selected 2LP set of tracks from Stitt's oft-overlooked years at Argo/Chess! The tracks have him in great company that includes the pianists Barry Harris, John Young, and Ronnie Matthews – and if you know Stitt's style from the time, you know that his choice of piano player made a very important difference in the sound of his playing. Most of the cuts are easily blown quartet material – with a lot of creative imagination applied to tunes that would otherwise be top-snooze material in the hands of a lesser player. Titles include "Ko Ko", "It's Hipper Than That", "A Natural Fox", "Wee", "Reed & A Half", "Flame & Frost", and "A Minor Sax". LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange label pressing in the textured cover. Cover has a cutout notch, light surface wear, and some edge wear.)

Possible matches23
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ SwingtetSwingtet ... LP
Claremont, 1982. Near Mint- ... Just Sold Out!
Musicians include Chuck Hedges on clarinet, Chuck Calzaretta on vibes, Bobby Roberts on lead guitar, John Defauw on rhythm guitar, John Barry on bass, and Wayne Jones on drums. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

Possible matches24
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousCome Spy With Us – The Secret Agent Songbook ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $9.99 18.99
Seminal spy sounds from the 60s – a treasure trove of spy-themed tunes, and one that features loads of material you might not hear otherwise! The set doesn't feature the big hits from the James Bond films, and instead includes all the great little records that sprung up in the wake of those movies – cool jazz, vocal, and instrumental records that sometimes feature weird reworkings of more famous soundtrack numbers, sometimes lesser-known cuts from b-grade films, and sometimes fresh new spy numbers on their own! The style ranges from groovy guitar numbers to blaring jazzy tracks to slinky steppers that find a very cool balance between suspense and swing. Titles include "Dr Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine" by The Supremes, "The Last Of The Secret Agents" by Nancy Sinatra, "Theme From Danger Man" by Red Price, "A Man Alone" by John Barry, "Deadlier Than The Male" by The Walker Brothers, "Burke's Law" by Wynton Kelly, "We Should've" by Cleo Laine, "Our Man Flint" by Billy Strange, "Theme From Where The Spies Are" by Jimmy Smith, "The Liquidator" by Shirley Bassey, "I Spy" by Roland Shaw, "Come Spy With Me" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and "High Wire" by Brian Fahey. CD

Possible matches25
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJames Bond – Greatest Hits ... LP
Liberty, 1960s/1970s. Near Mint- ... $24.99
A nice collection – a set that not only features instrumental Bond themes by John Barry Monty Norman, and others – but also some vocal numbers by Wings, Shirley Bassey, Louis Armstrong, Tom Jones, and Nancy Sinatra! LP, Vinyl record album
(Early 80s New Zealand pressing. Cover has light wear.)

Possible matches26
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMainstream Funk – Funk, Soul, & Spiritual Jazz 1971 to 1975 ... CD
Mainstream/We Want Sounds (UK), Early 70s. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
Funky jazz and a touch of soul – all pulled from the short-lived but legendary Mainstream Records – home to a whole host of hip artists in the early half of the 70s! Mainstream picked things up from Impulse, Prestige, and other soulful labels of the 60s – allowing jazz musicians to stretch out with a new sense of expression, but often in ways that hit a mighty nice groove – kind of a 70s update of the soul jazz modes of the generation before, but with a few spiritual jazz touches too! You'll know a few names here from older Blue Note recordings, and they've got an updated 70s vibe, and are matched with some hip younger talents too – all in a great array of grooves that's superbly selected throughout. Titles include "Inner City Blues" by Sarah Vaughan, "M'Bassa" by Lamont Johnson, "Last Tango In Paris" by Blue Mitchell, "Betcha Can't Guess My Sign" by Prophecy, "Family Affair" by Dave Burrell, "Right Off" by John White, "Betty's Bossa" by Johnny Coles, "Little Heart Of Pieces" by Barry Miles, "Quiet Afternoon" by Buddy Terry, "Matrix" by Mike Longo, and "It's The Right Thing" by Pete Yellin. CD

Possible matches27
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSomething Weird's Greatest Hits (yellow vinyl pressing) ... LP
Modern Harmonic, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $32.99 34.99
Something weird, and something very cool too – a set that brings together a whole host of strange and unusual tunes from the glory days of exploitation cinema! These cuts are all from a time when the b-movie underground was playing it fast and loose – trying to get more folks into the theaters with some ultra-sleazy themes – which resulted in wilder music than you might have heard in movies just a few short years before! The package is presented by Something Weird – the video company who've reissued lots of these exploitation films over the years – and the package is kind of a "best of" their on-screen efforts – as it also includes some spoken passages from films, which further make the tunes sound great. The package is divided up into themes – Psychedelic Hippie Freak Out, Rock O Rama Go Go, Deliriously Demented Ditties, and Sleazy Swinging Sounds – with work by Johnny Hawksworth, John Barry, The Group, The Love Generation, Joe Bisko, Alan Hawkshaw, Lee Dowell, The Penny Arcade, Billy Lee Riley, Betty Dickson, John Gabriel, Neil Patrick, Meg Myles, and The Huntington Astronauts. LP, Vinyl record album

Possible matches28
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousTeen Dance Music From China & Malaysia ... CD
Thrift Score, Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $16.99
Here's a pretty groovy set of tunes – and all scored at a thrift store in California by the compilers! The album's filled with tunes pulled from obscure albums of instrumental music from Southeast Asia, circa late 60s/early 70s – mod and swinging instrumentals that are going for a serious western pop kind of sound. There's lots of different styles running through the mix – from guitar or organ-based instrumentals, to soundtrack-type numbers with a John Barry or Morricone feel, to other tracks that mix together Latin rhythms and other groovy 60s touches. There's not a lot known about most of the artists on the set – but that also is one of the things that makes it pretty darn compelling! Titles include "Themes From James Bond" by The Stylers, "For A Few Dollars More" by Man Chau Po Orchestra, "Tabu" by The Sound Of Silverstones, "Indecipherable" by The Polar Five, "Funny Funny A Go Go" by The Brothers Hawk, "Chella-La" by The Stylers, and "Enjoy Yourself" by The Stylers. CD
(Out of print.)

Possible matches29
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousBack To Mine – Orbital ... CD
DMC/Razor & Tie, 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Music from John Barry & His Orchestra, Lee Perry & The Upsetters, DSR, Eon, The Tornados, Severed Heads, Orbital, Gert Wilden & Orchestra, P.J. Harvey, The Selecter, Earth Leakage Trip, The Divine Comedy, Falguni Pathak, Hyper-On-Experience, Susan Cadogan, Jethro Tull, Tangerine Dream, Plaid,and Robert Mellin Orchestra CD
(Out of print.)

Possible matches30
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousBritish Soul Vol 2 ... CD
Goldmine (UK), 1960s/Early 70s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
26 tracks from Timi Yuro, Steve Aldo, John Andrews, Long John Baldry, Bobby Bennett, Elkie Brooks, Jack Hammer, Samantha Jones, Karol Keyes, Koobas, Mike Patto, Helen Shapior, Mike Vickers, Barry Benson, PJ Proby, Dany Chandelle, Soulmates, West Five, Barry St John, Kenny Lynch, Spice, Mark Loyd, Gene Latter, Jimmy James, and Carl Douglas. CD
(Out of print.)

Possible matches31
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jack Kerouac & OthersJack Kerouac – 100 Years Of Beatitude ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A really cool little collection – and one that only has partly to do with the beat-era writings of the legendary Jack Kerouac! Jack does appear on the set, and there are some spoken passages by some of his contemporaries – but the sprawling 2CD set does a heck of a lot more to illuminate the vibe of the time – by bringing together jazz vocal and instrumental tracks that were key to the beats, as well as a whole bunch of beatnik-related recordings – some by authentic acts, some by others who were a bit more tongue in cheek – doing their own thing to throw their hat in the ring in the pre-hippie generation! As with other collections on Bear Family like this, the presentation is wonderful – great notes and a fantastic choice of songs – 52 tracks in all, with work by Babs Gonzales, Three Bips & A Bop, King Pleasure, Big Jay McNeely, John Barry, Shel Silverstein, Lenny Bruce, Slim Gaillard, Ken Nordine, Kenny Clarke, Paul Gayten, Oscar Brown Jr, Carl Sandburg, Charlie Parker, The Bee Hives, Louis Nye, Mamie Van Doren, Bing Day, Bob McFadden, Joel Hall, Don Morrow, Lambert Hendricks & Ross, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Evans, and Jack Kerouac himself! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Carlo SavinaGoldsnake Anonima Killers ... CD
Digitmovies (Italy), 1966. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
That's Goldsnake, not Goldfinger – but the soundtrack here from Carlo Savina is very much inspired by the James Bond music of the 60s – and served up in a great range of spy, mod, and crime jazz styles! The main theme gets a vocal reading at the start, but is transformed into other groovy instrumentals throughout – and balanced with some more mod jerk and shake-styled instrumentals that are heavier on electric bass and guitar, with overall results that may well be groovier than the best work that John Barry did for 007! CD features 17 tracks in all – and is an overlooked gem from the 60s spy spoof years. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Chris Washburne & The Syotos BandFields Of Moons ... CD
Jazzheads, 2010. Used ... Out Of Stock
Chris Washburne on trombone and tuba, John Walsh on trumpet and flugelhorn, Ole Mathisen on tenor and soprano saxophone and clarinet, Barry Olsen on piano, Leo Traversa on electric bass, Diego Lopez on drums, and Cristian Rivera on percussion. CD
(Penmark through barcode and a small index sticker on the spine.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Marvin Hamlisch/Carly SimonSpy Who Loved Me ... LP
United Artists, 1977. Near Mint- ... Out Of Stock
Carly Simon makes a big appearance here – singing the hit title track "Nobody Does It Better" – one of the highest-charting Bond film tunes of the 70s! But our favorites are the instrumental songs – handled by Marvin Hamlisch here with a sound that's perhaps a bit more Hollywood than John Barry, but still pretty nice overall – and with a bit less of the sentimentality that you might expect from Hamlisch's other hits of the 70s. Instrumental titles include "Ride To Atlantis", "Mojave Club", "The Tanker", "The Pyramids", "Eastern Lights", "Anya", and "Bond 77". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cutout hole, some wear and aging, and some clear tape at the corners.)

Possible matches35
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Mike HurstIn My Time – Recordings, Productions, & Songs 1962 to 1985 (4CD set) ... CD
Strawberry (UK), 1960s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic package of work from British singer/producer/arranger Mike Hurst – a huge talent who's not that well known on our shores, but who had a hand in a huge amount of classic recordings in the 60s and 70s! This set is a huge introduction to Mike's many talents – and although we know one or two of his full albums, and see his name on many famous records, it's clear that we only were seeing the tip of the iceberg compared to the material on this set! CD1 brings together early singles that Hurst recorded under his own name, at a time when he was a catchy singer trying to break into the world of British pop. CD2 features two rare albums issued by Capitol at the start of the 70s – Home and In My Time, both of which show this really strong development of Mike as a singer/songwriter, with his own production strengths helping things out even more! CD3 and CD4 really open things up – as they bring together a huge amount of classic Mike Hurst work behind the scenes – working as producer and songwriter with a host of legendary talents and ultra-hip British acts – artists who include PP Arnold, Barry St John, Warm Sounds, Murray Head, Chris Farlowe, Alan Bown, Spencer Davis Group, Marsha Hunt, Bobby Lee, Nirvana, Colin Blunstone, Hardin York, The Move, Fingertips, Fumble, Fancy, Nolan Sisters, and many others – some of whom are represented here by songs that appear here for the first time. 92 tracks in all – with very detailed notes! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Annie RossAnnie Ross Sings A Handful Of Songs (plus Gasser/Cranks/bonus tracks) ... CD
Ember/El (UK), 1964. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
An overstuffed package of work from Annie Ross – one that features a few key albums, plus some rare bonus tracks too! First up is A Handful Of Songs – which has Ross recording as a solo act back in England after leaving her famous group with Dave Lambert and John Hendricks! The style here is a bit like some of the solo work that Ross cut in the US at the end of the 50s – particularly her sides for Pacific Jazz – not as vocalese and solo-oriented as the sort of recordings that first got her noticed, but still a lot more dynamic than most straighter jazz singers of the time! Arrangements are pretty groovy overall – nicely jazzy, and penned by Johnnie Spence – also produced by John Barry, who really helps keep the right sort of "punch" in the set. Titles include "Fly Me To The Moon", "Nature Boy", "A Lot Of Livin To Do", "Like Someone In Love", "A Handful Of Songs", and "All Of You". Next is A Gasser – one of Annie Ross' rare albums as a solo act away from her trio with Jon Hendricks and Dave Lambert – and a great little session cut with small combo jazz backing, which gives the song a nice swinging edge! Zoot Sims is the main soloist on the tunes, Russ Freeman lays down piano tracks to set the mood – and other players include Jim Hall, Monte Budwig, Mel Lewis, and Bill Perkins – all of whom contribute wonderfully to the album, and give it a nicely grooving west coast finish. Titles include "I Was Doing Alright", "You Took Advantage Of Me", "Lucky Day", "Lucky So & So", and "Nobody's Baby". 2CD set also features material from the London cast recording of Cranks – which features Ross with Anthony Newley – plus some songs with Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross – and the tune "Let's Fly" by Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers, which was written by Ross. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousGood As Gold – Artefacts Of The Apple Era 1967 to 1975 (5CD set) ... CD
Apple/Grapefruit (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 5CD ... Out Of Stock
A fascinating look at the farther reaches of the Apple Records empire during its ill-fated run – not the familiar records by non-Beatle artists, like Badfinger or Billy Preston – but instead a wide range of really surprising artists, who all had relationships to the Apple empire in very different ways! CD1 features Lost Sessions & Singles – material recorded during the earliest days of the Apple imprint, but which never saw the light of day at the time – some overlooked gems by Brute Force, Grapefruit, Timon, Contact, Mortimer, and Drew & Dy. CDs 2 and 3 are maybe some fo the best known parts of the pie – singles and other cuts that were issued at the time, but which are still pretty darn obscure – work by Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman, The Misunderstood, Turquoise, Joker, Coconut, Gallagher & Lyle, The Perishers, Rawlings & Huckstep, The Cups, Coconut Mushroom, The U, Focal Point, and others too! CD4 features work recorded at the upgraded Apple studios in the early 70s – tracks by Linda Lewis, Pagliaro, Tim Hardin, Fanny, Contact, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Stealers Wheel, Badfinger, John Howard, Tony Hazzard, and Mike McGear. And CD5 features The Ghosts Of Baker Street – some of the material recorded as demos in the very early Apple studio – cuts by Barry Alexander, Robert & Miles Priestley, Focal Point, Jackie Lomax, Drew & Dry, Jack Hollingshead, and George Alexander. CD comes with a huge booklet of notes to open up these very lost recordings – and the whole thing features a massive 107 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousHalcyon Days – 60s Mod, R&B, Brit Soul, & Freakbeat Nuggets (3CD set) ... CD
Strawberry (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
A really well-titled compilation – one that gets at the special mix of music that was happening in the London mod scene of the 60s – a blend of styles that's way different than was going on here in the US at the time! There's certainly some bigger names on the collection – but the real appeal is the way those artists mix with others that never crossed the Atlantic back in the day – jazz singers, blues artists, ska/rocksteady singers, and even some UK soul artists who round out the collection and really help make a bridge between different styles! Most tunes are upbeat and pretty darn groovy – supported by a big booklet of notes that offers details on every one of the 87 artists within – a large lineup that includes Duffy Power, Richard Kent Style, Ronnie Jones, Zoot Money, Trendbender Band, Barry St John, The Chantelles, Bo Street Runners, Mark Wirtz, Rainbow Ffolly, Katch 22, Heinz, The In Crowd, Belfast Gypsies, Kevin King Lear, Artwoods, Pretty Things, Creation, David Bowie, Barney J Barnes, Rupert & The Red Devils, Andy Ellison, Plastic Penny, Australian Playboys, The Shame, Truly Smith, The Alan Bown, and many others. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousShe Wants You – Pye Records' Feminine Side 1964 to 1970 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Fantastic Brit girl pop from the 60s – from one of the labels who did it better than most! Pye Records was famously home to Petula Clark, but the company had lots of other wonderful female singers in its lineup – and over the course of the 60s, they continually set the tone for new standards in British music – taking on all the right inspirations from American pop and soul, but also delivering the goods with that uniquely English style of arranging and producing – always with an extra punch that makes every one of these tracks a gem! The set's got a really good range of material – a few bigger names, and lots of more obscure singers – including a few heard here in earlier years, before moving onto more rock-based work in the 70s. The insides of the booklet are as lively as the cover – great images of the singers, rare records, and other vintage materials – alongside 25 tracks that include "Adam Can You Beat That" by Dana Gillespie, "I Can't Break The Habit" by The Ferris Wheel, "Lost Summer Love" by Lorraine Silver, "I Run To Hide" by Anita Harris, "I Want You" by Jeannie & The Big Guys, "Run To Me" by Glenda Collins, "Seven Letters" by Margo & The Marvetts, "Thank Goodness For The Rain" by Peanut, "Hollywood" by Jackie Trent, "Rain" by Petula Clark, "Question" by Sandra Barry, "The Life That I Lead" by The New Faces, "Dark Shadows & Empty Hallways" by Tammy St John, "Your Kind Of Love" by The Breakaways, and "How Can I Hide It From My Heart" by Maxine Darren. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rudy ValleeOn The Air ... LP
Totem, Early 40s. Sealed ... $6.99
Includes complete Sealtest programs from October 31, 1940 with John Barrymore; and from March 19, 1942 with Joan Davis, John Barrymore, and Charles Laughton. LP, Vinyl record album
(70s issue.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CrusadersOngaku Kai – Live In Japan ... LP
Crusaders, 1981. Near Mint- ... $11.99 16.99
With guests Alphonso Johnson, Barry Finnerty, Roland Bautista, and Rafael Cruz. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve and insert. Cover has edge wear and a Digital Recording sticker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousAnd They Danced The Night Away – 40 Classic Disco Hits ... CD
Debutante/Polygram (UK), 1970s/1980s. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Music from Cameo, Kool And the Gang, Yvonne Elliman, Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony, Stylistics, Hi-Tension, Gwen Guthrie, the Brothers Johnson, Barry White, Giorgio Moroder, Clubhouse, Alicia Bridges, Teena Marie, Junior , Yvonne Fair, Ohio Players, and more. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Coleman HawkinsHawk Flies (Hawk Flies High plus singles) ... LP
Riverside/Milestone, Mid 40s/1957. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold ... $11.99
A nice set that brings together Hawk Flies High plus earlier material from 78s! The core record is a key album in the reintroduction of Coleman Hawkins in the late 50s – recorded in a style that still bears a lot of traces of earlier years, but at a time when Hawk was being claimed as a key influence by a variety of younger modernists! The set's got a sense of freedom that's really surprising – especially on the longer numbers, which unfold with some playful instrumental twists that seem to come especially from trumpeter Idrees Sulieman and trombonist JJ Johnson – both of whom are great on the record. Other players include Hank Jones on piano, Barry Galbraith on guitar, and Oscar Pettiford on bass – and titles include "Juicy Fruit", "Think Deep", "Blue Lights", "Sanctity", and "Chant". Other material is from 40s 78s – very nicely presented! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light ring wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Buck HillBuck Stops Here ... CD
Muse, 1990. Used ... $8.99
Damn great tenor work from Buck Hill – recording here in a well-matched combo that also features the great Johnny Coles on trumpet! Coles' sound is really nice at this point in his career – a bit more biting and human than the polish of some previous sides – in ways that sound especially great when he's wailing in the frontline next to Hill's raspy tenor. The rhythm section has plenty of life too – Barry Harris on piano, Ray Drummond on bass, and Kenny Washington on drums – and producer Houston Person brought a nice sense of "room" to the session, recording these guys in ways that beautifully showcase their collaborative presence. Titles include "Brakes", "Wip Wap", "Someone Like That In Your Life", "RH Blues", and "You Don't Know What Love Is". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie JeffersonLetter From Home ... LP
Riverside, 1962. Near Mint- ... $11.99 14.99
The beginning of a whole new chapter of greatness for singer Eddie Jefferson – a record that took his older style of putting words to jazz solos, and updated it nicely for a new generation in the 60s! Eddie's got a rootsy look on the cover, but the sound here is snappingly hip and sophisticated throughout – a cool soul jazz take on vocalese that's right up there with the best solo work by Jon Hendricks, and sung in a similarly raspy style. The group shifts a bit from track to track – between small combo and larger ensemble arranged by Ernie Wilkins – and players include Clark Terry and Joe Newman on trumpets, Johnny Griffin on tenor, James Moody on alto and flute, Junior Mance and Joe Zawinul on piano, and Barry Galbraith on guitar. Titles include some great original lyrics by Jefferson on the tunes "Soft & Furry", "Keep Walkin", "Things Are Getting Better", and "Back In Town" – and equally great vocals on versions of "Letter From Home", "Billie's Bounce", and "Night In Tunisia". LP, Vinyl record album
(OJC pressing. Cover has light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Elliot Lawrence with Lee Konitz, Charlie Shavers, & OthersSoundflights Into Jazz Vol 2 ... LP
Air Force Reserve, Late 50s. Very Good+ ... $9.99
A very cool set – short radio pieces put together by the Air Force – with announcer Jim Lowe and a core band led by Elliot Lawrence – with solo stars that show up on each episode! This volume features appearances by Charlie Shavers, Lee Konitz, Osie Johnson, Woody Herman, Larry Brown, and Barry Galbraith. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a small mark from a sticker in one corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Big MillerDid You Ever Hear The Blues ... LP
United Artists, Late 50s. Very Good ... $13.99 16.99
Nice obscure set of blues material recorded for United Artists – featuring the little-known Big Miller performing a set of 11 compositions from the pen of Langston Hughes. The backing on here is similar to that of a Jimmy Rushing album from the same time – as it includes arrangements by Budd Johnson, and small group playing by trad-oriented musicians like Chet Amsterdam, Barry Galbraith, Vic Dickenson, Al Cohn, and Jimmy Cleveland. Tracks include "Cool Saturday Night", "Five O'Clock Blues", "Did You Ever Hear The Blues?", "Lament", and "Got To Live". LP, Vinyl record album
(Mono red label with deep groove. Vinyl has light sleeve marks. Cover has a small split on top, light aging.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousJammy's From The Roots 1977 to 1985 ... CD
Greensleeves, Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 20.98
Crucial work from the mighty King Jammy – nearly a decade's worth of productions involving a host of key artists on the Kingston scene – set up with a quality that really helps Jamaican move forward at the underground, after a burst of global fame in the 70s! Jammy's got this nicely rootsy vibe here – not roots reggae, although there's some of that here – but an evolved version of indie production that makes this work such a great antidote to some of the major label material that was flooding the market at the time – righteous sounds from the streets, by artists who were still working hard to uncover new modes and fresh sounds! The choice of cuts is great – and titles include "Pablo in Moonlight City (12" mix)" by Augustus Pablo, "Fally Ranking" by Johnny Osbourne, "Tonight Is The Night To Unite" by Black Uhuru, "It A Go Dread" by Barry Brown", "Life Hard A Yard" by Natural Vibes, "Boom-Shack-A-Lack" by Junior Reid, "Children Of Israel" by Frankie Paul, "Liberation" by Junior Delgado, "Conscience Speaks" by Black Crucial, "Mr Landlord" by Half Pint, "Please Officer (12" mix)" by Earl Zero, "Jah Fire Will Be Burning" by Hugh Mundell, and "Youth Man" by Noel Phillips. 32 tracks on 2CDs. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousLet's Do The Boogaloo ... CD
BGP (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $9.99 18.98
A set that really gets at the full spectrum of the boogaloo groove – not just the Spanish Harlem sounds of the Latin Soul generation – but also the deeper roots of the style from across the USA! "Boogaloo" is a term that most folks use to refer to that New York uptown fusion of Latin rhythms and soulful vocals – and while the NYC styles were key to its fame, the music also burst forth from lots of points west, too – and came together in a flurry of fast rhythms, jazzy instrumentation, and hard-driving vocals that made for a completely infectious blend! This package is a fantastic testament to that mad musical moment – and is overflowing with a selection of gems that goes way past the obvious – not the Fania Records catalog that usually shows up on other boogaloo releases, but a huge batch of tracks from small labels and indie singles too. Titles include "Skate Boogaloo & Karate Too" by Lee Harris, "Block Party" by Jimmy Castor, "Boogaloo #3" by Roy Lee Johnson, "Do The Boo-Ga-Loo (part 1)" by Tom & Jerroo, "Playing It Cool" by Hector Rivera, "Ready Steady Go" by Prince & Princess, "Bar Kays Boogaloo" by The Bar-Kays, "What I Feel" by Richie & The PS 54 School Yard, "Have Some Boogaloo" by Timmy Thomas, "Bugalu" by Charlie Palmieri, "Boogaloo (part 1)" by The Bob & Earl Band, "Me & You Doing The Boogaloo" by Lou Courtney, "Boogaloo Zoo" by Shirley Butler, "Bugaloo Party" by Harold & Connie, "Boogaloo Investigator" by The Exotics, "Funky Funky Boogalo" by Jimmy Brown, and "Let's Do The Funky Boogaloo (part 1)" by Barry Jones. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNothing But A House Party – The Birth Of The Philly Sound 1967 to 1971 ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $9.99 18.99
Some folks might associate Philadelphia soul with the famous Gamble & Huff productions of the 70s disco years – but the city was already overflowing with great music in the years before Philadelphia International – as you'll hear in this totally groovy set! Philly was making as much great soul music in the 60s as Detroit, Chicago, and New York – thanks to an earlier musical framework that was set up by the city's big pop hits of the late 50s – which provided plenty of labels, studios, and other facilities for Philly's ever-growing array of soul talents, too – so much so that by the end of the 60s, the city was turning into a destination for singers outside of town – almost as much of a musical magnet as studios in Memphis or Muscle Shoals! This set does a great job of bringing together both aspects of that scene – wonderful homegrown talent, mixed with outsiders to really took off in the new Philly sound of the 60s – a joyous, positive, upbeat approach that worked wonderfully well for a variety of artists. Titles include "Your Fool Still Loves You" by Oscar Weathers, "It's All Over But The Shouting" by George Tindley, "You've Been Untrue" by The Delfonics, "Ain't Nothing But A House Party" by The Show Stoppers, "Peace To You Brother" by Lou Johnson, "Christine" by Executive Suite, "Help Me" by Honey & The Bees, "You Got What I Need" by Freddie Scott, "Rainmaker" by The Moods, "Keep On Striving" by Moses Smith, "That's The Price You Have To Pay" by Brenda & The Tabulations, "What You Gave Up" by The Continental 4, "Every Day Is A Holiday" by The Intruders, "Standing In The Darkness" by The Ethics, and "Girl You're Too Young" by Len Barry. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Coleman HawkinsReevaluations – The Impluse Years ... LP
Impulse, Early 60s. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A nice overview of Hawkins' 60s work for Impulse, accompanied by Ray Nance, Bill Berry, and Snooky Young on trumpets; Lawrence Brown and Urbie Green on trombones; Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Benny Carter, Phil Woods, and Charlie Rouse on saxophones; Barry Harris, Duke Ellington, Dick Kats, Tommy Flanagan, and Hank Jones on piano; Buddy Catlett, Aaron Bell, Major Holly, Jimmy Garrison, George Duvivier on bass; Eddie Locke, Sam Woodyard, Jo Jones, and Shelly Manne on drums; and Willie Rodriguez on percussion. LP, Vinyl record album
(Impulse pressing. Cover has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Niney The ObserverRoots With Quality – Reggae Anthology ... LP
Observer/17 North Parade/VP, 1970s. New Copy 2LP ... Out Of Stock
An astounding collection that brings together work from a roots reggae legend! Niney's productions stand as some of the strongest benchmarks for golden era roots reggae, with his ability to fuse heavy rhythms with righteous messages and some of the better vocal performances that these singers would turn in for any producer. This great double LP set pulls together some of his biggest numbers as well as great versions, dubs, discomixes and a few hard to get alternate versions for a hefty showcase of one of the elite in Kingston's roster of master producers. Backing is by the Soul Syndicate, the Aggrovators, the Revolutionaries, the Cimarons and Steely & Clevie, with 28 tracks in all, including "Blood & Fire" by Niney, "Whole Lot Of Fire" by Big Youth, "Rascal Man" by Delroy Wilson, "Rasta No Born Yah (ext)" by Sang Hugh & The Lionaires, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner/Clap The Barber" by Michael Rose, "I Need Your Loving" by Slim Smith, "Rock On" by Gregory Isaacs, "Silver Words" by Ken Boothe, "Warrior" by Johnny Clarke, "Chant It Down" by Freddie McGregor, "No More Will I Roam (ext)" by Dennis Brown, "Materialist" by Horace Andy, "Moses" by Jacob Miller, "Temptation, Botheration & Tribulation" by the Heptones, "Lover's Race" by Sugar Minott and "Thank You Mama" by Barry Brown. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousBorn To Be Together – The Songs Of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil ... CD
Ace (UK), 1960s. New Copy ... $9.99 18.99
One of the greatest songwriting partnerships of the 60s – featured here in a great mix of soul, rock, and vocal numbers from the time – including a fair number of unusual versions of hits from the team of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil! Weil's got a style that's sometimes a bit deeper than her contemporaries – and when mixed with Barry's strong sense of punch in a tune, has a way of bringing some surprising sophistication to pop music – little emotive moments that peek out from more hook-heavy numbers – but all without ever sounding lachrymose or overblown. As part of that quality, lots of these tunes have some great New York-styled production – that uptown balance of emotion and class – and as with other titles in Ace's excellent songwriter series, the notes alone are almost worth the price of admission – given all the historical detail, cultural commentary, and cool images. Titles include "New World Coming" by Mama Cass, "Love Is Only Sleeping" by The Monkees, "Angelica" by Scott Walker, "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love" by Gene Pitney, "Love Him" by Doris Day, "Good Good Lovin" by Bobby Hebb, "You Baby" by Len Barry, "Born To Be Together" by The Ronettes, "This Is A Love Song" by Bill Medley, "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by The Happenings, "Shape Of Things To Come" by Slade, and "Proud" by Johnny Crawford. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Benny GolsonBest Of Benny Golson ... CD
Concord/OJC, Late 50s. Used ... $3.99
Featuring Art Blakey, Ray Bryant, Paul Chambers, Kenny Dorham, Ray Drummond, Art Farmer, Tommy Flanagan, Curtis Fuller, Gigi Gryce, Barry Harris, Eddie Henderson, JJ Johnson , Wynton Kelly, Marvin Smitty Smith, Arthur Taylor, and more. CD
(Punch through barcode.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousShaolin Soul Episode 1 – Everybody's Talking About The Good Ol Days (with bonus CD) ... LP
Because (France), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2LP ... $24.99 28.99
An amazing collection of some of the original tracks that Wu-Tang has sampled over the years! No over-used Puffy beats here – and the set's a great batch of rare soul tracks nicely pulled together! The set features 21 tracks – including "Trouble, Heartaches, & Sadness" by Ann Peebles, "Let's Straighten It Out" by OV Wright, "I'll Never Grow Up" by The Charmels, "Mellow Mood" by Barry White, "In The Rain" by The Dramatics, "After Laughter" by Wendy Rene, "The Way We Were" by Gladys Knight & The Pips, "Children Don't Get Weary" by Booker T & The MGs with Judy Clay, "Little Ghetto Boy (live)" by Donny Hathaway, "Could I Be Falling In Love" by Syl Johnson, and "Ain't No Sunshine" by Lyn Collins. LP, Vinyl record album
(Features a bonus CD of the entire album!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nancy WilsonAll In Love Is Fair/Come Get To This ... CD
Capitol/ (UK), 1974/1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A pair of great Nancy Wilson albums from the mid 70s in a single set! All In Love Is Fair is a sophisticated album of soul tracks arranged and produced by Gene Page, in a string-heavy, slightly-funky style that reminds us of Gene's work with Barry White at the time! The tracks are all pretty hip – and include titles written by Stevie Wonder, Johnny Guitar Watson, Thom Bell & Linda Creed, Billy Page, and Tennyson Stevens. No standout singles, but plenty of nice moments, and a good side of Nancy's career that isn't always given that much exposure. Titles include "Tell The Truth", "Try It, You'll Like It", "All In Love Is Fair", "There'll Always Be Forever", and "You're As Right As Rain". Come Get To This is a real sweet soul gem from '75. It also has arrangements and production by Gene and Billy Page – who give the record a great smooth 70s soul finish, and a feel that's a lot more unified than some of her other efforts from the decade. Nancy sings some great versions of "If I Ever Lose This Heaven" and "Come Get To This", plus the original tracks "Houdini Of The Midnight Hour", "Like A Circle Never Stops", "Boogeyin All The Way", and "Happy Tears". CD

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