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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alessandro AlessandroniAfro Discoteca Reworked EP ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1978/2020. New Copy ... $13.99
Four fantastic tracks from the Afro Discoteca record by sound library genius Alesseandro Alessandroni – all reworked in contemporary versions, yet in a way that never loses the funky charm of the originals! There's a real respect for classic styles going on here – partly because the choice of remixers is so strong, the project features just the right sort of artists to keep things right, while still also adding in their own contributions too – maybe some extra keyboards or subtle electronic elements that never get in the way of the original tribal disco inspiration! Titles include "Afro Voodoo (Bovisa rmx with Calibro 35)", "Afro Darkness (Pad rmx)", "Afro Discoteca (Jolly Mare lifting)", and "Afro Darkness (LUCA quirky version)". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Daniela Casa/Remigio DucrosBaterasso/Canottaggio ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy (reissue)... $18.99
We're not sure how to translate "Baterasso" – but to us, the word may well just mean "funk" – as the tune's this funky monster with heavy drums, a great-paced bassline, and these claps that move all up and down the groove alongside some percussion! "Canottaggio" has this mix of drums and percussion at the start that begins a bit like "Jungle Fever" – but then the tune takes on all these cool keyboard touches that really mark it as funky nugget from the Italian sound library scene of the 70s! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 350 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Silvano D'AuriaLa Mano Lunga Del Padrino (Long Arm Of The Godfather) (with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1972. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
This Godfather's got a mighty long arm – and a mighty groovy sound, too – one that includes some great leaping rhythms bubbling up with basslines, and plenty of fantastic vocals from both Edda Ell'Orso and I Cantori Modern! Edda sings in that wordless breezy style she brought to some of her best Ennio Morricone soundtracks – and I Cantori Modern often scat along in a cool harmony-drenched style that's pretty wonderful too – and instrumentation includes a bit of light flute, sweet Hammond, and fuzzy guitar – in a very nice blend that only gets stronger on the mostly instrumental tracks that dominate the second half of the record! Titles include "Raffica", "Fuga In La Minore", "Sabina", "Streap", and "Porto Cammelli". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes CD of the album with bonus tracks!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno LauziUn Posto Ideale Per Uccidere – Badabadaba/Incontro ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1971. New Copy (pic cover)... $19.99
A killer cut from a rare Italian soundtrack – the mighty "Badabadaba" – a weirdly scatting vocal number that's almost in the territory of the classic "Mah Na Mah Na"! The track's got this fast-riffing acoustic guitar that really drives the rhythm – while a jazzy male lead and female accompaniment scats along in a mixture of counting and wordless vocals! "Incontro" is also nice and jazzy – a bit mellower, with sweet organ bubbling, and a great flute line in the lead! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 400 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mario Molina with Edda Dell'OrsoAsh/Gli Angeli Del 2000 ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... $18.99
Two of the grooviest tracks from the soundtrack to Gli Angeli Del 2000 – one of the best musical moments from Mario Molina! Edda Dell'Orso sings in the lead on "Ash" – but the tune is funky, and Edda's actually singing real lyrics – not the wordless vocalizations she usually does with Ennio Morricone! The tune's got a strutting bassline over the drums, and some mighty nice horns – and it's backed by the main theme of the soundtrack, which has a mix of groovy guitar, funky drums, and chimes that seems very inspired by the Messe Pour Le Temps Present of Pierre Henry! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 300 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno NicolaiGeminus ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... $29.99
Bruno Nicolai is at the top of his game here – really working magic for the soundtrack to this extended late 60s mini-series for Italian television! The music sums up all the best Nicolai modes of the time – some of those Morricone-like moments of mellow groove, mixed with starker striking sounds, balanced by some especially catchy jazz elements that really make the whole thing sparkle – in ways that are almost a more serious presentation of ideas that Bruno brought to sexier comedies! Vibes, organ, and guitar all figure in nicely at certain points – and the soundtrack's awash in very cool tunes – including a few lyrical numbers near the end. Titles include "Tema Barocco", "Teorema", "Larve", "Le Voice", "Sogno", "Catacombe", "Notti Romane", and "Avventure Notturne". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gianni SafredFuturibile – The Life To Come ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1978. New Copy 2LP (reissue)... Just Sold Out!
A really great set of Italian electronics – a set that's maybe known better to Americans than most of the generation, due to a surprising 70s release on Folkways Records! Yet this set is quite different than the more academic electronics that usually grace that label – and echo more that shift towards moogier modes that would really crest in the Italian clubs of the next decade – still here more in a sound library mode, but turned towards nice little tunes that move between spacey instrumentals and keyboard groovers! Gianni Safred plays a range of different instruments – minimoog, polymoog, Arp Odyssey, Fender Rhodes, and Roland keyboards – layering the electronics in a way that's nice and warm, and surprisingly soulful at most moments too. Tracks include "Jazz Computer", "Future City Traffic", "Electronic Brain", "Supermind", "The Life To Come", "Disco Satellite", "Autumn 2001", and "Robot Party". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Piero UmilianiFate Had Planned It So/Just Tell Me ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1968. New Copy (pic cover)... $19.99
Two great vocal numbers from Piero Umiliani – the kind of strong English language tunes he used to kick off his best soundtracks of the 60s! Both of these were from the film Orgasmo – and Lydia MacDonald does a great job on "Fate Had Planned It So" – a tune that has cool organ alongside stepping basslines, in the best Umiliani way! "Just Tell Me" is a bit more upbeat and jerky – a nice mod groover with male vocals from Wess – a soul singer that we don't know at all, but who does a great socking soul job with the tune! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Piero UmilianiParanoia ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1968. New Copy Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
Fantastic music from the great Piero Umiliani – one of Italy's greatest soundtrack composers, and definitely at the top of his game here! The music was recorded right around the same time as Umiliani's legendary work for Sweden Heaven & Hell – and there's a similar mix of styles going on here – a strong leadoff track with female vocals, groovy swingers with a nice degree of jazz, some excellent use of organ, and some really cool mellower numbers that have this subtle sonic power that's really wonderful – often again dosed with some nice use of organ! The score features 16 tracks in all – with subtitles that really give you an idea of the groove – including "pop jazz", "bossa", "psychedelic suspense", "samba jazz", and "jazz pour l'action". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousNuda – 21 Exciting Cuts From The Italian Sexy-Comedy Disco Scene 1975 to 1981 ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $36.99
That's a sexy lady on the cover, and there's lots of sexy sounds within – music from a whole new generation of Italian soundtrack genius – a time when disco influences were being used to transform some of the groovy modes that always made Italian film scores so great! The disco styles here are mostly in the rhythms – as lots of the instrumentation follows in ways that reference early 70s Italian cop and crime – and, to a lesser extent, some of the mod and bossa styles of the late 60s – all handled by the cream of the crop of the Italian film world, mostly with an instrumental approach! The set list is great, and really brings together the best examples of the genres, and avoids some of the cheesy, clunky tunes that sometimes got in the way on larger soundtracks – which makes for a cool compilation that really packs one hell of a punch! Titles include "La Settimana Bianca" and "Classe Mista" by Gianni Ferrio, "Taxi Girl" by Pulsar Music Ltd, "Scusi Lei E Normale" by Franco Micalizzi, "La Sposina" by Nico Fidenco, "Sette Ragazze Di Classe" by Fabio Frizzi, "L'Insegnante Balla Con Tutta La Classe" by Walter Rizzati, "La Liceale" by Vittorio Pezzola, "La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali" by Alessandro Alessandroni, "Grazi Nonna" by Enrico Simonetti, and "L'Infermiera Di Mio Padre" by Giacomo Dell'Orso. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Stelvio CiprianiFemina Ridens ... LP
CAM/Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wonderful soundtrack from Stelvio Cipriani – penned for this 1969 Italian thriller with psycho-sexual overtones, and done with music that has elements of both! At some points, Cipriani has all the erotic touches of his best early 70s work – but at others, he uses late 60s modes that evoke Morricone and Piero Umiliani, especially the latter's playful use of instrumentation in his more outlandish soundtracks! The music grows a bit more tense as the film moves on, but usually has a sense of lightness overall – and a number of tracks feature wordless vocals, sung either by Edda Dell'Orso or I Cantori Moderni. Titles include "Week End With Mary", "Love Symbol", "Hot Skin", "Chorus & Brass Fugato", "Rendezvous In The Castle", "Femina Ridens", "The Run In The Alley", and "The Shower". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Stelvio CiprianiOrgasmo Nero (Sequence 1, 3, & 5) ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1980. New Copy (pic cover)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Three great tracks from this later soundtrack by 70s maestro Stelvio Ciprani – all of them pretty darn wonderful! The "sequence 1" variation has this slow-building mix of percussion that's nicely exotic, but touched with some of the warmth of Stelvio's more famous crime and erotic scores of years before – while the "sequence 3" and "sequence 5" variations on the flipside offer up both funkier and moodier moments too! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited edition of 400!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Peppino De Luca & I Marc 4Dorian Gray – Rito A Los Angeles/Dorian Gray (shake 3) ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1970. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Two of the funkiest tracks from the Italian film version of Dorian Gray – both real standouts in a store that was mostly moody and spooky overall! The movie was titled Il Dio Chaimato Dorian – and really shines with "Rito A Los Angeles", a tune with heavy romping drums and lots of cool distorted organ lines – which kind of chomp along with the groove! I Marc 4 handled all the performance for both tracks – and "Dorian Gray (shake 3)" is like one of the best bits of exotic funk from their own great records. 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nico FidencoMake Love On The Wing/Sweet Disco Funky – Emanuelle E Gli Ultimi Cannibali ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), Late 70s. New Copy (pic cover)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A track from one of the more savage Emmanuelle films of the 70s – and pretty darn groovy! "Make Love On The Wing" is an upbeat clubby track – lots of romping drums at the core, and vocals from Ulla Linder that have a slightly creepy take on the usual disco diva mode! The clubby vibe continues on "Sweet Disco Funky" – an upbeat instrumental from a different film – La Via Della Prostituzione – done with this fast-riffing guitar over relentless basslines – while eerie voices and snakey strings pepper the tune! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 400 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Nora OrlandiA Doppia Faccia ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Mindblowing work from Nora Orlandi – one of the few major female film composers on the Italian scene, and a talent that we always rank right up there with the male greats of the golden days! This set has a real Morricone-like balance of darkness and light – although the style is different than Morricone's, with maybe a more open ear for variance across the tracks in the set – even though there's a strongly unified feel to the whole thing – this beautiful journey in sound that begins with the first vocal track, ends with the last one – and moves nicely through a mix of mod groovers, creepier numbers, and both jazzy and avant moments – all arranged and conducted by Robby Poitevin, with lead piano by Nora herself! The limited vinyl reissue features two unissued tracks, plus great notes from Orlandi on the back. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Giuliano SorginiOcculto ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A pretty wild collection of horror film work from Italian composer Giuliano Sorgini – pulled from the farther reaches of the low-budget film industry of the 70s – but still completely at the top of the game from a musical perspective! There's a really nice mix of modes going on here – tunes that are sometimes funky (including one great drum break), and often nicely spooky – but with that great ear for lower-end sounds that often marked some of Sorgini's more experimental work, used here in styles that are delightfully tuneful, even when creepy! Titles include "Sabbath", "Telecinesti", "Messa Nera", "Nella Foresta", "Nella Nebbia", and "Oscuri Presagi". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEsterno Notte Jazz – Late Night Jazz & Cool Breaks From Untapped Italy Film Music Archives 1962 to 1969 (180 gram pressing – with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1960s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Modern jazz from the Italian scene of the 60s – all of it recorded for film and soundtrack use, and almost none of is released before! The music here shows not just the fantastic advances in film scoring in the 60s, but also the overlooked growth of jazz in Italy at the same time too – shifts in sounds and styles that continue to amaze us – even if most of the commercial recordings never got much global circulation at the time! And these sounds are even more unusual and special than those – recorded by names that you'd recognize as both musicians and composers – and mostly presented in small combo modes that resonate strongly with rare Italian jazz records of the period. Titles include "Tempo Di Charlston" by Enrico Simonetti, "I Nostri Mariti" by Armando Trovajoli, "Amarsi Male" by Silvano Spadaccino, "Un'Ora Per Vivere" by Nino Tassone, "Desideri D'Estate" by Gino Peguri, "La Curruzione" by Giovanni Fusco, "La Donna E Una Cosa Meravigliosa" by Perio Piccioni, "La Ragazzola" by Romano Mussolini, and "Una Jena In Cassaforte" by Gianfranco E Gian Piero Reverberi. LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies – pressed on 180 gram vinyl and with bonus CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alessandro AlessandroniSangue Di Sbirro (180 gram pressing – with bonus track) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1976. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... Out Of Stock
One of the funkiest soundtracks we've ever heard from Alessandro Alessandroni – a set that clearly shows he'd been listening to the score for Shaft, as well as a host of 70s sound library music too! There's lots of great Italian cop/crime grooves on the set – done at an understated level that's almost better than more familiar work of the genre – often strongly focused on the core rhythms, which are lean and plenty darn funky – bad-stepping with instrumentation that's often small combo funky jazz more than it is the bigger orchestrations of American cop scores. Titles include "Cop's Blood", "Amusement", "Duke Soul Jazz", "Tema Di Susie", "Club Jazz", "Palance", "Knell", "Sbirro In Fuga", and "Luxury". Features the never-issued bonus cut – "Tema Di Susie #2 (suspance version)". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alessandro AlessandroniSpontaneous (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1974. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Stunning rare work from Alessandro Alessandroni – a soundtrack talent who first flourished in the 60s, but really hit his stride in the sound library scene of the 70s! Alessandroni has a great way here of mixing the warm and the sweet, the funky and the melodic – tunes that are short and simple, but always pretty darn groovy – with a sweet, slinky style that's a great extension of the funkier modes of both French and Italian cinema at the start of the 70s – well-placed basslines that really set the score, peppered with just the right bits on guitar or keyboards – and never overdone, so that the grooves are spacious enough to really let you appreciate all the right touches! Titles include "Watergate", "Mitzi", "Sunny Coast", "Pure Nature", "Blue Waves", "Young America", "High Class", "Meadows", and "Life Tree". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sandro BrugnoliniSuperground (180 gram vinyl) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
Some of the trippiest sound library material we've ever heard from Sandro Brugnolini – in part because the core group here is a psychedelic combo, which might have led to a few of the tracks being used in a short animated film on Sharon Tate and Charles Manson! Yet as with most of the great sound library albums of the time, the music is way more than conventional – as guitar, organ, bass, and drums are arranged, recorded, and produced in very unusual ways – with a really open ear towards the fuller, larger sound – which includes great effects and other elements along the way! The whole thing's very groovy – kind of mid 60s Italian mod soundtrack styles meeting the psychedelic generation – and titles include "Kissing", "Villa Polanski", "Sharon Tate", "Hip Now", "Lovable", "Petting", "Under Funeral", and "Malattia". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Santa Maria RomitelliAldo E Ulla/Beat Del Panfilo ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... Out Of Stock
Two very groovy tracks from the score to the film Top Sensation – both of them great! "Aldo E Ulla" has snapping drums and this very cool organ – moving between melody and this cool squishy sound across the keyboard – all in a way that reminds us of the great use of the instrument by Piero Piccioni! "Beat Del Panfilo" is fuller and funkier – even harder drums that romp along nicely, while a fuller horn section blasts out majestically with a cool mod groove! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 400 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Giuliano SorginiTelecinesi (full, drums) ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
A massive drum break track – presented here in two different versions! The full take on "Telecinesi" has spooky electronics at the start, before the drums come in and make things all hard and funky – as more electronics and keyboards move all over the top, as if the Phantom Of The Opera somehow got his hands on a moog! The "drums" version has no other instrumentation at all – just the massive drums all the way through! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 400 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Piero UmilianiQuiet Place To Kill (10 inch LP) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1969. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Overlooked genius from Piero Umiliani – a relatively sort record for a soundtrack, but one that packs a hell of a punch on all of its wonderful cuts! Umiliani is in his best late 60s mix of modes here – with some incredible keyboards at a few points, jazzy bossa bits on others, and even some really great vocals from Shirley Harmer on the jazzy title cuts – which almost could be the sort of thing that John Barry would use to start one of his famous James Bond soundtracks! That track is titled "You" – presented here in two versions – alongside "Paranoia M3", "Paranoia M40", and "Paranoia Sequence 1". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Piero UmilianiStudio Umiliani – Rare & Unreleased Tracks From The Sound Workshop Archives 1967 to 1983 (with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A totally cool set from Piero Umiliani – an Italian composer who was so inventive, he had to create his own studio just to find a space to express all of his many ideas! And while Umiliani's more experimental side has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, a lot of the tracks here are in his jazzier, groovier mode – the sort you'd know from his famous 60s soundtrack work – with lots of organ, Fender Rhodes, moog, and other keyboards from Umiliani – and some great guest appearances that include saxes from Enzo Scoppa, trumpet from Cicci Santucci, Fender Rhodes from Enrio Pieranunzi, and even a bit of vocals from I Cantori Modern! The tracks here were all recorded by Piero on his own – some were used on soundtracks, some on sound library albums, and a number are previously unissued – and together, the whole thing features lots of rare work from this genius that we'd never heard before. Titles include "Rakto E L'Oroso Tema Moog", "Petra Tema Jazz", "L'Invasione Dei Folletti", "Le Cascate Di Iguacu", "C'En Una Fantasma Nel Mio Letto M68", "Risaie", "Millenni", "Grand Canyon", "Il Burattinaio M8 + M9", and "Non Mollare". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEsterno Notte Giorno D'Estate – Open Air Grooves, Daytime Breaks, Sunny & Scat Beats From The Italian Untapped Film Music Archives 1969 to 1978 (180 gram pressing – with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Sunny grooves with a fantastic sound – music that echoes some of our favorite Italian soundtracks of the 60s and 70s – but most of it previously unreleased! The work here is from undertapped sources of the period – not some of the oft-compiled songs from the Italian soundtrack/sound library reissue scene of the past decade or two – but instead lots of fresh tracks that really throw open the gates – with strong quality tracks that are awash in lots of groovy elements! Music is both acoustic and electric, often with a fair bit of jazz or bossa nova influences – and in contrast to some sound library collections that go for the darker side of the spectrum, these tracks are all as warm as you might guess from the title. Tracks include "Don Milani" by Alessandro Alessandroni, "Cugine Mie" by Nico Fidenco, "Gideon" by Alberto Baldan Bembo, "Camorra" by Manuel De Sica, "Pensiero D'Amore" by Mario Migliardi, "Gisposta A Tutto" by Gianni Marchetti, "Mondo Di Notte Oggi" by Gianni Oddi Gianni Dell'Orso, "Un Uomo Dalla Pelle Dura" by Carlo Pes, and "Verso La Droga" by Sandro Brugnolini. LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies – pressed on 180 gram vinyl and with bonus CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEsterno Notte Vol 2 – More Jazz-Funk, Late Nite Breaks, Cinematic Prog & Psych From The Italian Untapped Film Music Archives 1968 to 1978 (180 gram pressing – with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Freaky funk from the Italian scene – exactly the kind of grooves that will open your ears if you think that funky sounds can only come from American soul bands or jazz musicians! The music here is filled with heavy drums, tight basslines, and lots of other groovy instrumental touches – offbeat keyboards, riffing guitars, and other instrumentation that's sometimes given these odd psychedelic touches by the studio maestros who were putting together the cuts at the time – some of which were used in obscure soundtracks, and a number of which appear here for the first time ever! This isn't the overly-familiar film music territory of other collections – and instead, most of this music is completely fresh – even for the longtime collector – presented in a great package that includes the cuts "Anastasia Mio Fratello" by Piero Piccioni, "Un Uomo Dalla Pelle Dura" by Carlo Pes, "La Mano Lunga Del Padrino" by Silvano D'Auria, "L'Arbitro" by Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis, "La Liceale Nella Classe Dei Ripetenti" by Gianni Ferrio, "L'Altro Dio" by Alessandro Alessandroni, "Giovane Clan" by Sandro Brugnolini, "La Profonda Luce Dei Sensi" by SEverino Gazzelloni, and "Calamo" by Claudio Tallino. LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 500 copies – pressed on 180 gram vinyl and with bonus CD!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousEsterno Notte Vol 3 – The Ultimate Italian Cinematic Prog & Urban Jazz-Funk Collection 1974 to 1979 (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
A great entry in this very groovy series – one that shifts the title a bit from previous volumes, and which also moves the music a bit too – but all while staying pretty darn funky! The set's got much more of a 70s soundtrack vibe than some of the other entries – loads of great keyboards, heavy basslines, riffing guitar, and other elements that are often used in ways that remind us of the bigger blacksploitation and crime/cop work of the decade – but cooler, hipper, and a lot more obscure! Titles include "La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali" by Alessandro Alessandroni, "Addio Ultimo Uomo" by Franco Godi, "Uragno Sulle Bermuda" by Stelvio Cipriani, "L'Occhio Dietro La Parete" by Pippo Caruso, "A Pugni Nudi" by Franco Bixio/Fabio Frizzi/Vince Tempera, "Le Evase" by Pippo Caruso, "La Sbandata" by Domenico Modugno & Gianni Oddi, "Afrika Erotika" by Alessandro Blonksteiner, "Nove Ospiti Per Un Delitto" by Carlo Savina, and "Maladolescenza" by Pippo Caruso. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alessandro AlessandroniForever ... CD
Four Flies (Italy), 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
New material from the legendary Alessandro Alessandroni – one of the key forces in helping define the sound of Italian film scores in the 60s and sound library material in the 70s – still alive and well here, and working in a style that's maybe a more intimately focused presentation of his talents! The maestro handles lead instruments throughout, echoing all of the special solo sound he'd use on soundtracks – both under his own name, and with other composers, like Ennio Morricone – and the set features Alessandroni on guitars, keyboard, recorder, mandolin, and accordion – plus some of his famous whistling work too! The set was produced by his son, who handles some other instruments too – and there's light touches of strings on a number of tunes. Titles include "My Moon", "Una Favola", "The Milky Way", "Walking On The Lane", "Melody On The Hill", "A Waltz Under The Stars", "Summer Of Emotions", "Drive To Nowhere", and "Rhino Poaching". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dancefloor StompersLibrerie Musicali ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 2018. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A cool little funky group – one that's so influenced by the sound library scene of the 70s, they even styled this album like one of those records from back in the day! The tunes are almost all instrumental – heavy on drums and funky basslines, and filled with guitar, organ, electric piano, and lots of other groovy touches – all with a very strong 70s vibe in the overall approach and production! Things are nice and simple – and these guys avoid some of the cliches of other groups who go for this territory, but maybe push too hard. Titles include "Rapina Alla Brinks", "Pop Shake Beat", "4 Dita E Una Pistola", "Country Ride & Boat Chase", "Double Pimp", "Romance", and "Armando's Walk". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Luciano MicheliniMorte Sospetta Di Una Minorenne ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), 1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A sweet electric score from Luicano Michelini – and one that we might almost point to as an early entry in the keyboard sound of Italian horror films! The style's not as proggy or rockish as Goblin – and Luciano borrows maybe a bit of funk from some of the cop/crime scene – yet the main focus is on the electric instrumentation, with lots of basslines and keyboard flights to really set the mood, often with a spare style that's much more 80s than you'd guess from the date! Some moments almost evoke a spooky church organ – but played faster, on 70s keyboards, in a way that really abstracts the horror film standard. Titles include "Death Warning", "Gettin Closer", "Blind Murder", "Too Young To Die", and "Killer Tango". LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ Daniele PatucchiLa Dimostrazione/Elikiller ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Two rare soundtrack grooves from Daniele Patucchi – both pretty darn funky! "La Dimostrazione" has this great combination of funky drums and really dark piano – kind of brooding while the drums roll along – then giving way to this starker passage that has stepping strings setting up the groove over the drums! "Elikiller" is a bit more fluid and jazzy – complex, but grooving nicely – as keyboards slide in over these oddly-vamping rhythms in a really great way! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 300 copies.)

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✨✧ Giuliano SorginiAfrica Oscura – Afro-Dark Electronic Percussions ... CD
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A really great record that definitely lives up to its title and cover – a set that's sort of a cool 70s take on exotica modes from years past! The music here is almost all performed by Giuliano Sorgini – who plays drums and lots of percussion, then adds in electronics too – using keyboard lines to shape the sounds alongside the rhythms, or occasionally making these sound effects that heighten the exotic vibe of the songs! A few tunes verge on funk, but most have a dreamier exotica vibe – and titles include "Miraggio", "Notte Nella Savana", "Senza Scampo", "Sacrificio Umano", "Voodoo", "Agguato", "Viaggio Nel Deserto", "Oasi Nella Giungla", and "Africa Oscura". CD

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✨✧ Piero UmilianiBaba Yaga – Open Space/Slogan ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 1973. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
Piero Umiliani at his funkiest – with two great tracks from the Baba Yaga soundtrack! "Open Space" has a killer bassline at the start, with fast breaking drums – then moves into this cool moogy keyboard part that fills the groove and gets all cool and moody over the top! "Slogan" has a jazzier vibe overall – but then strings step in and echo the rhythm, while the drums get all this freedom to dance around the kit and really open things up! Plus, there's more moogy magic too! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited edition of 500 – in sleeves that are varied!)

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✨✧ Dedy Dread with Olivia RuffDon't Wanna Wake Up/The Rebel (rmx) ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), 2020. New Copy (pic cover)... Out Of Stock
A moody bit of contemporary soul – a set that's got downtempo beats dancing with a mellow bassline – with Olivia Ruff moves between styles of raspy and sweet in presenting the vocals! "The Rebel" is a bit more of a dubby number – crisply stepping along a groove that's maybe more in like with Dedy Dread's name, while Olivia handles the vocals! 7-inch, Vinyl record

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✨✧ Piero Montanari/Roberto ConradoProperly/Acromatic ... 7-inch
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
"Properly" has these really fast drums right from the start – maybe electronic, maybe not – although the rest of the groove has a sweet electric vibe – kind of moogy elements that move up and down the scale to match the funkiness of the tune, cut up by a nice bit of funky guitar! There's lots more guitar on the flipside – as "Acromatic" almost feels like an Italian sound library copy of some Meters instrumental – from the funky bassline, to the timing of the groove, to the nicely scratchy guitar! 7-inch, Vinyl record
(Limited to 350 copies.)

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